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Richard Arthur Kelo Helping To Grow Businesses

Imagine this scenario: you have started your own business and you are doing relatively well. You have finally started generating income; you have a business plan that will work for the foreseeable future; you’ve hired some extra employees to help with the daily tasks of your office; maybe you even finally have actual office space. As your company continues to grow, it becomes more exciting and you feel more and more capable until suddenly, you feel you might be entering unfamiliar territory. Now you are looking at financial documents that you don’t understand. You’ve entered some area of taxation that you’ve never heard about. You are juggling accounts and documents and spreadsheets that you suspect are only clear to those with an MBA in finance. Congratulations! Your business has grown to the point that you are no longer a ‘small business’. But you are also at the point where you are no longer capable of handling your financial situation on your own and the consequences of handling this component of your business incorrectly are steep—fines ,audits, maybe even jail time.

This is the point where you need to bring in a financial expert to your permanent team. Yet, even finding the right person for the job is a task that you feel unqualified for. In these instances, you need someone like Rick Kelo (official account on Twitter) to help you get a hold of your financial situation before it gets the best of you. Specialists such as Rick Kelo are recruit tax and financial specialists to help growing businesses. At the point where you need someone to step in and help you find an accountant, you can reasonably claim that your business has taken off. You should feel proud. What tax recruitment specialists do is find a financial expert who not only understands your company and rick keloyour situation, but who also fits in with your business’s cultural climate.

• Tax recruitment specialists focus on finding the right match between a company and a financial expert and retention rates are one of the ways in which they measure their own personal success. Most recruitment firms are able to boast around a thirty or forty percent retention rate for this sort of job placement. However, TaxScout, the firm for which Rick Kelo works, is able to boast one of the highest retention rates in the country: 70%. • For more information, visit the Rick Kelo official account on LinkedIn.

Rick kelo – helping to grow businesses