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“MAIL CALL” Gen. Larry Oppenheimer Detachment, Marine Corps League Overland Park, KS Commandant Bob Patterson, Commanding Volume 7 Issue 3, March 2008

Calendar Our next regular meeting will be this Wednesday, March 26th, from1900 at American Legion Post 327, 6521 Nieman Rd. in Shawnee.

New Members Marine Steve Thomas was welcomed aboard as part of our Detachment.

Support for our Troops At this time of rebuilding & continuing conflict in Afghanistan & Iraq, please remember in prayer: Those who gave their lives and our President, and our men and women serving in these nations, along with our Allies working alongside us in Afghanistan and the Gulf – for their safety and for their work with the local peoples in the renewal of their nations.

Sick and Distressed Please remember all our sick and distressed members or family in your prayers. Marine J.O. Smith is quite ill and is continuing to receive chemotherapy treatments. James will receive cards at his home at 8109 West 54th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66202-1174. Marine Loueta Tostrud has had replacement knee surgery. Cards may be sent to Loueta at 6001 West 69th St., Overland Park, KS 66204-4241, or you may email her at Loueta will be off work for several more weeks.

Marine Don Ingram had back surgery, and was present at our February meeting. Marine Joyce Campbell is very grateful for all the expressions of support and sympathy shown by our members at the time of her mothers’ passing, and previous to this, during her mothers’ illness. Pat Maes, wife of Marine Remy Maes, has a hernia in her stomach; at this time, doctors have determined that it is too risky to operate. Overall, she is feeling better. Cards may be sent to them at 621 Meadowlark Circle, Raymore, MO 64083-8197. Marine Hunt is at The Manor of Grace Gardens, Room 222, 5201 West 143rd St., Leawood, KS. 66224. Bob is doing very well, and cards may be sent to him here, or you may call the office at 913/685-4800, and ask to be transferred. Please feel free to visit Bob. Marine Emil Anderson has inoperable and incurable prostate cancer. Emil and Dolly can be contacted at, and cards may be sent to them at 6117 Mission Drive, Mission Hills, KS 66208-1250. They will be very grateful for visits, however please call them first at 913/362-0482. They are also in need of volunteers who can work on their spring lawn preparations. Marine Nancy Pendleton Spoor will greatly appreciate calls (913/381-1833) and cards sent to her at 7628 Conser, Overland Park, KS 66204. She now has someone who lives there and who can assist her with her shopping, etc. Nancy’s email is Nancy is doing better. Marine Earl Alderson is getting around on a wheelchair and a walker at the Shawnee Gardens Nursing home, 6416 Long, Shawnee, KS 66216. Earl’s in room 118-A. Please send cards. Earl is doing OK. Please convey info. on sick and distressed to Chaplain Lalumondier at 913/492-8978.

Marines in Need There were no Marines in Need during this recent period. Any member who is aware of someone in need is asked to first submit a request in writing to Marine Pat O’Malley of our Financial Assistance Review Committee, including a statement of the purpose, a cost estimate and the time period. Pat’s email is, and his address is 12412 Flint, Overland Park, KS 66213-2120.

Fallen Marine Program There were no ceremonies since our February meeting.

Nominations for our Officers serving from May, 2008 Marines DeBauche, O’Connor and Reyes are this year’s nominating committee. There are 29 of our members who are eligible to be nominating; so far, we have one candidate for each position. More members, especially those who have not yet served as an officer, are urged to commit themselves to being accepted for nomination. The list of nominees will be presented at our Wednesday meeting, and more nominations may be accepted from the floor.

Fund Raising Activities Our activities at the Kansas Speedway will be on the week-ends of April 26th & 27th and September 27th and 28th.

Marine Corps Scholarship Golf Tournament The local MCSF Chapter is gearing up for this September. Our local Chapter’s website is:, and the national site is There will be 2 flights this year, with a goal of a minimum of 200 golfers. The September event will be Monday, the 15th, very likely at St. Andrew’s course in Overland Park. More volunteers are needed for the 15th. The final net results for our 2007 Tournament was $78,917.00. Oorah!!!

Good of the League Marine Begley let it be known to us at our February meeting that, as a result of a Fallen Marine Ceremony led by Marines DeBauche and Reyes in January, much praise was given by the family and friends of Marine Sgt. Glennon Aldrich, who was duly remembered at this Ceremony. Marine Aldrich’s brother, (a retired Sgt. Major), his two sons, and 10 Korean and WWII veterans, including Marine Begley, were very impressed how this Ceremony was carried out and were very effusive in their appreciation. Keep up the good work, Fallen Marine Committee members!!! Marine Gonzalo Reyes is a candidate for the office of State Commandant. Let us come out to the State Convention (which we’re hosting) in June and support Gonzalo. This is info. from Gonzalo: The following veterans are eligible to receive eye care and eyeglasses from VA Med Centers: Veterans rated 10 % or more service-connected for any condition; veterans rated service-connected for an eye condition that requires corrective lenses; former prisoners of war; veterans enrolled in a VA –approved Vocational Rehabilitation Training Program, and veterans in receipt of increased VA nonserviceconnected pension based on need of regular aid. For more info. on VA eye care, contact your local VA Med Center. More info. on veterans’ benefits is in the March 8th issue of The Best Times magazine. In a related item which was discussed at our February meeting, the ashes of thousands of deceased veterans have been discovered in containers on mortuary

and hospital shelves at various places throughout the nation. These remains have been there, in many cases, apparently for decades. In support of the Missing in America Project (MIAP), Marines DeBauche and Reyes met with Cong. Moore’s Veteran’s Affairs Officer to present their concerns on behalf of our Unit. A national effort is underway to give these veterans a proper and dignified burial. Marine Joe Elliott has produced sharp-looking business cards for members at a cost of $15 for 100. The proceeds will go towards our Marines in Need Committee. The State of Missouri has issued a Vietnam War Medaillon; veterans who served in Vietnam may receive more information from Adj/Paymaster Hinrichs. There are benefits for persons who served in the U.S. Military prior to January, 2002. These Social Security benefits are credited for the years of active duty through 2001. Up to $1200/yr. of earnings credit can be received. This is credited at the time when application is made; bring in your DD-214 to the Social Security office. You must ask for this benefit to receive it! See This benefit is not just for retirees. Marine Mike Swearingen has requested two certificates to honor local Eagle Scouts. Mike also announced that the Jr. NROTC class of cadets at Shawnee Mission North is again qualified to compete in the national competition at Pensacola, FL. Marine Hinrichs announced that a teen-ager recently found $120 laying about in the Shawnee Mission area; he wants to present our Unit with $100. Rick will provide an update. The Spring Conference of the Midwest Division, Marine Corps League, will be held at Watertown, S.D. from April 18-20. More information will be available at our meeting. For the Department of KS, MCL Convention, the Hilton Garden Inn on College Blvd. will be our venue. The date is Saturday, June 21st, 2008. Let us each strive to recruit a new MCL member by the March meeting. An additional area website for Marines is: Check it out. To look up fellow Marines from across the nation, go to If you don’t have a computer, any of the area libraries can provide you with the opportunity to use the internet at these facilities. Thanks to Marine Hinrichs for the information on the above web site.

Other items More members are needed for our Color Guard. This will facilitate our being able to provide our Color Guard for various ceremonies, as some Color Guard members may not be able to be at an event on a given day. Please sign up with Marine J.O. Smith at our Wednesday meeting.

Editor Dave Altum of The Sunflower “Scuttlebutt” advises that the annual donation for mailing and expenses is now due. Any member who wishes to contribute $5.00 or more as a Booster is asked to send this to: Air Capital Det. # 773, Attn: Howard Runft, American Legion, 101 E. 31st Street, South, Wichita, KS 67216-1002. Make checks out to Department of Kansas, MCL. If you have any raffle articles, please bring them to our Wednesday meeting, where they’ll be raffled off in support of the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund, Marines in Need, etc. Life Memberships Dues are as follows: Age Group 0-35 36-40 41-50 51-60 61-Over

Currently $400 350 350 250 125

As of Jan. 09 $500 400 400 300 150

To become a Life Member, you must already be a Regular Member in Good Standing. Volunteers are needed to head up committees for the Young Marines and Community Outreach. The uniform for all who participate in the Fallen Marine Program is the khaki shirt with blue trousers. The American flag patches shall be in gold trim on the khaki shirts. Marine Richard Hinrichs is soliciting ideas to enhance our website – – Please submit these to Marine Hinrichs at, ph. 913/648-1029, or at our Wednesday meeting. Our site has had over 45,000 hits so far!

Khaki and Blues Uniform Ordering Procedure Members who wish to have khaki shirts should first contact Marine Clinton, who can obtain these from Henderson Hall at the rate of $17.90 for long sleeves and $15.40 for short sleeves. These are the issue shirts; the creighton’s are more. Uniform Items Marine Cammack has on hand the following items: covers, emblems, collar ornaments, and shoulder patches. Call Chuck at 913-492-6520, to be properly outfitted. As for name tags, contact Marine Rich Hinrichs at 913-648-1029.

Websites & Email, Etc. The website of the Marine Corps League on the National level is and our Detachment’s website is Anyone receiving a paper newsletter, but has email, please email our Adjutant at with the subject of

“email newsletter�. Thanks. This newsletter was printed by Marines Cast & Marsolek

MAIL CALL March 2008  

Our next regular meeting will be this Wednesday, March 26th, from1900 at American Legion Post 327, 6521 Nieman Rd. in Shawnee. At this time...

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