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Gen. Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025 6521 Nieman Road, Shawnee, KS     www. 

Commandant Marcia Sands   

                                                                                    Editor John Sims  Volume 11 Issue 4    April, 2011 


Commandants message

    Marines, it is with regret that I have to announce that, for personal  reasons,  Mike DeBauche has resigned as   It looks like the summer heat is finally starting to wane a bit and give us some welcome cooler

It is with great sorrow that wethe saidactivities goodbyeoftoour onedetachment of our original members commandant.  I am, therefore, filling the position.  weather. As I’ve said before, are and just most-valued heating up. We are this month. J.O. Smith passed away recently and was given a hero's sendoff by twenty-eight coming into our busy season with the racetrack activities, parades, and of course, Toys for members of our detachment, the Overland Park Police Department, as well as family and Elections are this month.  Please attend the April meeting to vote for new officers.  Our May meeting will include the  Tots in November and December. friends. Rest in peace Marine! You performed your duties well and have earned your eternal Installation of Officers and dinner.  I encourage everyone to attend and to bring your spouse.  There are only a few  reward. You will not be forgotten. events each year that include spouses, so this is an opportunity for them to get to know us and each other, and to get  Volunteers are still needed for the racetrack at the end of the month. Please contact Marine At our officer’s meeting this month, the subject of volunteerism was discussed. I am requesting a feeling of the camaraderie that we, as Marines, sometimes  take for granted.  O’Connor if you help during this time period. this is our major fundraiser each member to can get involved in “something” duringRemember, the year. Whether it be parades, fund- for the detachment year. items Also, we some or parades coming up. let’s Marine will give raising, VAVS, or for justthe bringing for have our raffles Platoons Forward, all Sands make an Things are getting busy in the next several months.  We have a fundraising event coming up on April 28th, the day after  us an update at our meeting. These arethe an excellent for us to Marines get some exposure attempt to contribute to the community, league, oropportunity our fellow Marines. are known our April meeting, at Rawhide Harley Davidson in Olathe.   There are two parades coming up in May.  They are both  for “getting the joband done” and I our applaud those who do respond in the community support on-going recruiting efforts. to the needs of the detachment. right here in the area, so it should be easy for many of you to attend.  Details are in this Mail Call.    We will be working  Let’s ALL get involved! th  and 5th, raising funds for our detachment.  Our June meeting is also a picnic, and the  at the Speedway on June 4 This last month, we participated in the Overland Park POW/MIA awareness event. My and thanks Please check out our fund-raising opportunities contained in the newsletters. The pens wooden dog tags make excellent gifts, considering the holidays are rightdown around corner go out to Marine Campbell for her assistance in setting up and tearing the the event. This Poker Run is coming up this summer.  (they’re closer than you think). These items are being provided by members of our detachment event continues to alert our community that there are still those presumed missing and held in who are donating their time to make them available to help the detachment. Year‐round events include Fallen Marine ceremonies, collecting items to send to our Marine units in Afghanistan  captivity from past wars. Hopefully the heat wave will break soon and cooler weather will prevail. Remember as fall (Platoons Forward), fundraising, and supporting the New Century Young Marines.      approaches, season tournament is right around the corner; fallthose festivals Don’t forgetOUR to bring anyheats itemsup. youThe cangolf to the meeting for Platoons Forward to assist and their associated parades; Veterans Day activities; and of course the culmination of our The above events are just some of those that bring us together in fellowship, working for a common cause.  I know  ‘boots on the ground’. We cannot let them feel we are not thinking of them and supporting yearly activities: Toys for Tots. I’m proud to be part of this detachment and of each and every that I, personally, have gotten to know many of you by participating in these events.  I challenge each one of you to  them. Also remember that the 50-50 raffle begins this month. It is just another way to help member. pick an event and volunteer your time.  You’ll find that it is worthwhile and fun, at the same time.  When we help a  our detachment raise funds in order to continue our good work for the League and our Marine or a Marine’s family, we are supporting the mission of the Marine Corps League.    communities. Semper Fi!  Semper Fi. Mike DeBauche Marcia Sands  Commandant


General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025 Vol 11, No. 4 April 2011 pg 2

Please convey info. on sick and distressed to Chaplain Reyes at 913/432­3688.    As always, I stand ready to be of any assistance that any of you may need.  Semper Fi  Gonzalo Reyes  Chaplain ­ Gen Oppenheimer Detachment 

New Century Young Marines                               

Upcoming Events  First of all, we want to thank you again for the $200 to help send our, Cpls King and Sutton, to Junior Leadership School in Dayton, Oh. That will be held June 18-16. I will be driving them to the location and volunteering as an adult leader. :-) I expect we are going to have a really great time while the 2 Young Marines learn a lot in the week they will be participating. May 7, we are participating in the Gardner City wide garage sale, we will also have a bake sale. This will be a fund raiser for our unit. June 8 our Young Marines will be doing the Color Guard at the T Bones game in KCK. The first Fri-Sunday in June we plan to have our unit campout at Hillsdale Lake May 21 we will be marching in the Turkey Creek Parade in Merriam, Ks As you know, we have formed a Kansas Battalion. Jim Welchert (New Century) is the Btn CO, Ed White (Tornado Alley-Wichita) is the XO and myself (New Century) is the Adjutant We are also working on a Battalion campout. No details set just as of yet.

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11 , No. 4

April 2011 pg 3

Fallen Marines

There is no finer compliment than being called a United States Marine. It represents the highest honor & tradition bound together with courage & sacrifice on behalf of all mankind. Our Fallen Marine Honor Guard had the distinct honor of performing at the services of these marine who have answered the call.

No such thing as a former Marine From remarks by General James F. Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps, at the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Birthday Ball, San Diego, CA, 6 November 2010: "I set the policy about two weeks ago -- there's no such thing as a former Marine. You're a Marine, just in a different uniform and you're in a different phase of your life. But you'll always be a Marine because you went to Parris Island, San Diego, or the hills of Quantico. So there's no such thing as a former Marine."

January & February 2011 • • • •

Jan 22 - Sylvester Weitkamp (one of our new members in this last year) Jan 25 - Paul R. Carpenter, MD Feb 2 - Alva Byars (one of ours, of course) Feb 7 - John M. Kissane

March 2011 None to report.

April 2011 None to report.

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 4

Any member who is aware of a Marine or his family in need is asked to first submit a request in writing to Marine Pat O’Malley, of our Financial Assistance Review Committee, including a statement of the purpose, a cost estimate and the time period. Pat’s email is; his address is 12412 Flint, Overland Park, KS 66213-2120. A volunteer is still needed for the Community  Activities position if you are interested, please   contact  Commandant Marcia Sands@  913­ 341‐4339;  The website of the Marine Corps League on the National level is    

To have items sewn on to your covers and shirts, contact Marsha Davey at 913/268-1017 (10409 W 53rd St. in Shawnee); To have alterations done on your dress blues, contact Louise Bland at 913/831-4647 (10149 Edelweiss Circle in Merriam – near 75th & Switzer)


We, Marine Corps League Detachment 1025, have been conforming with the seasonal change the same as the active duty Marines. So we are now in the summer season and will wear the short-sleeved shirt (no tie).

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

: COMMANDANT: Marcia Sands JUNIOR VICE: John Byrnes J.A.G.: Rick Hinrichs PAY./ADJ.: Steve Yoakum CHAPLAIN: Gonzalo Reyes SGT. AT ARMS: David Yurkovich

VA Volunteer Services: Help in Clinics, Escort Patients, Bingo & Activities, Shuttle Drivers, etc….  Volunteer Orientation:  Every Wed  9a.m‐11a.m. RM M1‐271  816‐922‐2025 ext 135   

Or: Mr. Art Peter at 816- 331-4622 (MCL Deputy VS at KC VA Med) BRING THE FOLLOWING NEEDED ITEMS TO OUR MEETINGS: 

April 2011 pg 5

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 6

Volunteer Opportunity  Shawnee American Legion Post 327, puts out 1200 flags on Veteran's graves, in 6 different cemeteries Dan Land - 913-631-4856 is the coordinator for Memorial Day.

He said he would welcome any help the Marine Corps League could give. If the Detachment members would like to help, they should contact him.

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 7

This month in Marine Corps History 3 April 1945: On Okinawa, Marines of the III Amphibious Corps continued to make good progress all along their front, clearing Zampa Misaki and seizing the Katchin Peninsula, thus effectively cutting the island in two. By this date (D+2), III AC elements had reached objectives thought originally to require 11 days to take. 5 April 1947: Five Marine guards were killed and eight wounded when attacked by Communist Chinese raiders near the Hsin Ho ammunition depot in Northern China. This last major clash between Marines of the 1st Marine Division and Communist forces occurred shortly after withdrawal and redeployment plans from China were issued for the 1st Division and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing on 1 April. 10 April 1959: Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn, Jr. was named as one of the original seven Project Mercury astronauts selected for space training. The seven astronauts, all volunteers, were selected by NASA from an initial group of 110 leading military test pilots. Three years later, on 20 February 1962, Col Glenn would become the first American to orbit the Earth. 12-13 April 1918: Marines of the 4th Brigade suffered their first gas attack on the night and early morning hours of 12-13 April when the Germans bombarded the 74th Company, 6th Marines near Verdun with mustard gas. Nine Marine officers and 305 enlisted Marines were gassed and evacuated, and 30 Marines died from the effects of the gas shells which hit in the middle of the reserve area cantonments in which they were sleeping. 15 April 1962: Marine Corps operational involvement in the Vietnam War began on Palm Sunday when HMM-362 with its Sikorsky UH-34s arrived at Soc Trang in the Delta south of Saigon. The task unit was called "Shufly" and its first operational employment involved lifting Vietnamese troops into battle. 18 April 1983: One Marine Security Guard was killed and seven were wounded when a large car bomb exploded just outside the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Lance Corporal Robert McMaugh was standing guard at Post 1, just inside the front entrance when the bomb exploded outside the door. The explosion killed 61 people including 17 Americans. LCpl McMaugh was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on 26 April. 21 April 1951: Marine carrier-based airplanes made their first aerial contact with enemy planes over the Korean front lines. Captain Philip C. Delong shot down two YAK fighters and 1st Lieutenant Harold D. Daigh destroyed one more and damaged another in the heavily defended Pyongyang-Chinnanpo area. Both pilots were with VMF-312 flying from the USS Bataan. 27 April 1805: First Lieutenant Presley N. O'Bannon, who with seven other Marines was part of a force of Greeks and Arabs led by American Consul William Eaton, raised the United States flag for the first time over a conquered fortress of the Old World at Derne, a stronghold of the Tripolitan pirates. Two Marines were killed and one wounded in the assault on the walled city. 28 April 1993: The last A-6E Intruder departed from Marine Corps service. Marine All Weather Attack Squadron 332 transferred the last Marine A-6E to St. Augustine, Florida, and prepared for the squadron's transition to the F/A-18D and eventual movement from Cherry Point to Beaufort, South Carolina.

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 8

Spotlight on Marine Corps History

A South Vietnamese helicopter is pushed over the side of the USS Okinawa during Operation Frequent Wind, April 1975. The helicopter, which carried two Vietnamese officers, a woman and two children, had to be disposed of to make room for the extensive Marine Corps helicopter operation helping to evacuate the city of Saigon. (Official Marine Corps Photo

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Submitted by Marine Reyes  

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 9

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 10


Have you ever wished that along with the  memories, photo's and other items that you  cherish of your Marine Corps career, you had a  beautiful plaque of that special unit that you  served in?   




Well, now you can!  Marine Dennis Armstrong one of our detachment  members is an expert at custom woodworking as you can see!  He has  graciously offered to make custom plaques (about 12" x 24") for any or all of                                                                                                                                        our membership.  Keeping in the Marine Corps brotherhood tradition, he is  only going to charge our detachment for the actual materials, he is providing  his talent at no charge!  He can be reached at 913‐244‐7302. 



Gentlemen & Ladies,  

This fund raiser couldn't be easier and its beneficial to everyone you know including yourselves!  The  coupon book only cost you or a neighbor $5.00 and as you can see with the first coupon with a purchase 

of just $50.00 you or your neighbor gets their $5.00 back and has a whole book of valuable grocery  coupons! 


And the best part is our Detachment gets to keep $4.00 from each book sold!  I have already bought 20 books, let's get going and knock this fund raiser out of the park!!~   

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 11


As we begin to enjoy our Spring weather in the 60's and 70's, let us not forget  about our brothers and sisters not only  in harm's way but, having to endure  some of the most awful weather on this  earth!!


Isadore Hoehn VFW Post #7397 Two years ago Post 7397, VFW began a program called Platoons Forward.  They continue this great work  providing comfort items to Infantry Platoons and Companies deployed to remote mountain top Combat Out    Posts.  Some of these items that we take for granted are listed below.  •

Hygiene Items ‐ Wipes, soap, razors, shaving cream 

Candy ‐ Gum, hard candy, gummy bears, skittles 

Snacks ‐ Mixed nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, power bard, fruit bars, granola bars 

Ground coffee, creamers and sugar packets 

Hand Warmers: For gunners sitting in open turrets holding the cold medal of their weapons all night

Books and Magazines ‐ Paperback books, Outdoor magazines 

Bring your donated items to our monthly meeting. 

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 12

It is very important that you support our advertisers. The rate to advertise in the Mail Call is just $40.00 per year for 12 issues.                                                

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

Available to Rent 

Available to Rent 


2011 pg 13

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment #1025

Vol 11, No. 4

April 2011 pg 14

I encourages submissions of any announcements, pictures, stories, to the editor from detachment members. Deadline for all submissions by the 10th of every month. I would like to thank Marine Gonzalo Reyes for the contribution to our Humor page this issue. Ooorah, job well done Gonzalo! Remember, if you are involved in any community service work on behalf of our beloved Marine Corps, please send me a photo and some information for the Mail Call. Email: or Call: John Sims @ 913.530.2535. Mail Address: 14004 west 72nd Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66216. REMEMBER


One final request, PLEASE BRING YOUR DUES TO THE MONTHLY MEETING WHEN THEY ARE DUE! Our next meeting is on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011, and will start at 1900 hours. Don’t forget to bring items for Platoons Forward, and any raffle items you would like to donate. See everyone at the meeting. Semper Fi, John Sims - Mail Call Editor

MAIL CALL April 2011  

Commandant Marcia Sands Marines, it is with regret that I have to announce that, for personal reasons, Mike DeBauche has resigned as command...

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