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RGBAND We say RGBand is a Blues Review. In fact what this band does ain’t just playin’ the Blues, it’s playing it its own way. No excuses. It’s been a too long time debate on how people should or should not play Blues. RGBand took a step away from that and wanted to be as true as possible as the Blues music should be. And this makes the Blues still beating and well alive and it becomes natural to influence it with other kind of music we love like Surf, Rock N Roll or Rockabilly, Boogaloo and even Latin. This is how RGBand plays and it is not something happened overnight, it took years of performing live, working on details and different musicians through the years to get at the combo you see on stage today: Riccardo Grosso - vocals and harmonica (played with Johnny Sansone, John Fhol, Adam Gussow, Andy J.Forest, Smoky Greenwell, when he lived in New Orleans, and more) Stefano Pagotto - guitars (played with I Belli di Waikiki, a Tiki Rockabilly band toured Europe and USA several times) Massimo Fantinelli - bass (played with Paul Jones, Dick Henckstall Smith, Guido Toffoletti, Alexis Korner and opened for John Mayall and more) Marco Manassero - drums (Sean Carney, Eric Blume. Terry Harmonica Bean, 19th Street Red, Greg Izor, Marco Pandolfi and more) This band, today, keeps its identity focusing on a live repertoire mixing tunes like Jockey Full Of Bourbon (by Tom Waits) with some old blues tunes re-arranged like their really latin Mellow Down Easy version or an interesting Hot Barbecue with a burning Boogaloo harmonica. Stefano’s “rockabillish” guitar and the laid back fat and groovy bass from Massimo, with the jumping drummin’ of Marco and the powerful vocals and burning harmonica of Riccardo, make RGBand an entertaining show. 100% Garaunteed. “Man! Oh Man! It was great to hear Feel It In Your Heart and the other tunes sound so good! I hope we can be in the same show, so I can listen to you live!” Charlie Musselwhite “Man, you sounded great!” Johnny Sansone “Riccardo has to be considered definitely a pro! He scared me!” Adam Gussow


RGBAND This band has been playing for a long time all over the Europe and have been on some of the finest stages around, like the American Vintage Cars Show event called “Piazza Viva” in Tenero (Switzerland), or the world famous Friuli D.O.C. in Udine (Italy), one of the finest wine and food tasting event with live music in North Italy for sure. Feature in some nice Events and Festival in Italy this band every time jump on stage does its job with energy and having a lot of fun up there. People see it, but most important: PEOPLE FEEL IT. The only way to enjoy the band is come to their show (no show is like the one played the night before, RGBand play it old school). Get ready because in 2013 RGBand is gonna publish their fourth album, first to be a whole original music CD.

About published music, RGBand had three CDs recorded. 1. Wrong Cocktails: an album with 11 of the most interesting tunes from RGBand’s repertoire. It has been recorded live-in-studio in 2006 at Life Music in Pordenone, ITALY and it is the first sold album. 2. Baby Whiskeys. A 6 tunes CD, it’s the following of “Wrong Cocktails” with different takes of 6 on 11 tunes, published due to crowd demands. 3. Two Swords and a Glass of Wine. It’s their first live album. RGBand recorded this album back in 2009 before Riccardo left for New Orleans for a while. It was recorded in RGBand’s hometown and capture the live-ingredient of the band: the people.



RGBand - Official PressKit 2012 2013  

Riccardo Grosso - vocals and harmonica Stefano Pagotto - guitars Massimo Fantinelli - bass Marco Manassero - drums ww...