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Tomorrow’s Community Leaders FSCJ

students Stephanie Hughes, 28, and Keith Walters, 30, are excellent examples of how the College can help students realize their dreams and build a hopeful, prosperous future. After high school, both were working in jobs that did not require a college degree, but were providing income and serving the purpose of being gainfully employed. However, Hughes and Walters both came to the same conclusion when those jobs were no longer viable, rewarding pathways to their futures: They needed to get a college education. That’s when they decided to investigate FSCJ’s programs and enroll. And, just as important, they learned about how the Foundation could help them reach their educational goals by applying for and being awarded scholarships and other financial aid. Here are the compelling stories of their journeys to earn college degrees – and learn a few valuable life lessons along the way!

“It was clear to me early on that Stephanie was not only reading the class assignments, but devouring them in a way I seldom see. She would come to class excited about every topic and always had extremely insightful things to say. Stephanie quickly learned to think like a real scientist! I think Stephanie was most passionate when we talked about poverty and nutrition, food security and eating local foods. She really made some excellent connections between locally grown food and the jobs for small farmers.” -- Professor Dan Husband, Ph.D.


Annual Report 2012-2013  
Annual Report 2012-2013  

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