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The EMSI analysis of the region’s economic growth attributable to FSCJ was determined to be $123.5 million annually, based on income due to College operations. Additionally, spending by FSCJ’s non-local students (about 14 percent of its student body) amounts to about $12.5 million. Academic credits earned by FSCJ students translate into higher earnings for students and increased output of businesses. The added income that can be attributed

to these academic credits is estimated to be around $1.5 billion a year. The results of this study demonstrate that FSCJ is a sound investment from multiple perspectives. The college enriches the lives of students and increases their lifetime incomes. It benefits taxpayers by generating increased tax revenues from an enlarged economy and reducing the demand for taxpayer-supported social services. Finally, it contributes to the vitality of both the local and state economies.

FSCJ affects the local economy through: its local purchases, including wages paid to faculty and staff; the spending of students who come from outside the region; and the increase in the skill base of the local workforce.

Earnings by Education Level in Florida

Annual Benefits to Florida Public Due to FSCJ Students ($ Millions)

< High School

Added income $231.8

High School Yea


Associate’s Bachelor’s Master’s

Social savings $10.5






$100K $120K

The College’s socioeconomic impact was reported as part of a March 2013 comprehensive study that addressed the economic impact of all 28 state colleges and community colleges. “The Economic Contributions of the Florida State College System,” was commissioned by the Florida College System Foundation and the system’s Council of Presidents, and conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. The report detailed the role that the Florida College System and, specifically, Florida State College at Jacksonville, plays in promoting economic development, enhancing students’ careers and improving quality of life. FSCJ’s service area includes Duval and Nassau counties.


Annual Report 2012-2013  

Florida State College Foundation Annual Report

Annual Report 2012-2013  

Florida State College Foundation Annual Report