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Although the Scheidel Foundation does not provide direct financial or administrative support for these scholarships, it has recently funded a scholarship advisor at FSCJ to actively monitor student achievements, and provide additional support and guidance to increase retention rates. “Having a case worker on campus to work with our scholars has proven to improve the rates of admissions and retention,” said Shielah Overholser, managing director of the Scheidel Foundation. “I believe this resource has revived enthusiasm for the program among the Jacksonville community’s agencies.”


We Invite You to Invest in Our Students’ Futures

Anastasia Robinson

Destiny Bronson

Jessa Jordan

FSCJ recent graduate, aviation operations degree

FSCJ student, currently earning an associate degree

FSCJ student, currently earning an associate degree

“Receiving this scholarship allowed me to focus on making good grades and studying rather than having to worry about the stresses of life. To the Scheidel family, I say thank you very much.”

“Every day I wake up happy to know that I can go to school and everything is taken care of. I’m very happy the Scheidel family was so generous to give me, and other people, the opportunity to go to college.”

“Without the Scheidel scholarship I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dream. I want to be able to further my education. It means everything.”

Your generous gift will support our scholarships and programs that directly impact students’ lives. To learn more about the many ways you can give to the Foundation, please contact Maggie Hightower, Interim Executive Director, at (904) 357-8896. Florida State College Foundation is an IRS Approved 501 (c)(3).

Annual Report 2012-2013  
Annual Report 2012-2013  

Florida State College Foundation Annual Report