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The New 3G Friday Times No. 1/2010

5th November 2010

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Class 3G on Facebook INTERNET – 3G has reunited itself after it has dismissed for more than 3 years as a Facebook group has been created for them. The group entitled „Class 3G 2006 SMKBL‟ was created “about a week ago” according to Facebook. It was created by ex-3G member, Rick Daeg Langet to reunite all members of class 3G since many of them are always spending their time on the Internet idling on Facebook as they have been addicted to it. According to Rick, the group was created out of the blues because he saw the link that says “Create Group”, thus being bored, he started all the crap to build the group. Soon after, almost all the members of 3G were invited to join the group. The admins of the group were identified, they are Ralph Balan and Eunice Lau, class monitor and assistant of 3G, Achang Libat, who was 3G‟s nut and Rick Daeg, the founder. They have vowed to sacrifice their time to keep up the group for reasons only known to themselves. There are allegations that among the reasons were that they were bored. Members are allowed to post anything on the group‟s page, and are forced to comment and like to anything that is posted. When asked to comment on the creation of this group, founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was unavailable to be contacted at time of press.

3G Friday Times Renewed SOMEWHERE – Due to the suspension of 3G Friday Times (3GFT) 4 years ago, the editorial team has decided to publish a new paper to continue to keep the members of the public updated on recent issues. The paper was branded „The New 3G Friday Times‟ to commemorate the old publication. It‟s pro-tem editor Rick D. is proud to see the paper come back to life after so many years. “Many of the readers have been left hanging since the suspension,” he said during the publishing of the first edition of the paper. He called upon the ex-journalists to return and work for the publication. Some of the journalists are reported to be as far as Malacca and Terengganu while others are still at home ground, still stuck in the same school. He also urged more of 3G class members to join the editorial, to write more crap and bullshit for the bored readers. Interested individuals who wants to join the publication can contact the editor on Facebook at the Class 3G 2006 SMKBL group.

Have you seen him? FACEBOOK – The admins of the Class 3G 2006 SMKBL group has been searching for the last member to join them. He is known as Cranston ak. Mason, one of the good-looking guys in 3G last time (unsure whether he is still good-looking). He is reportedly to be in UNIMAS with Vance Hesler and does not have a Facebook account. Members are urged to help him set up one so he wouldn‟t be left out.

VACANCY The Editorial is looking for individuals interested in the following posts :

Journalists Graphic Designer Editors Kepohs Drink-makers Please submit your resume’ to the Class 3G 2006 SMKBL group on Facebook.

Fresh : The group as seen on Facebook

Contact us : Facebook – Class 3G 2006 SMKBL

The New 3G Friday Times Issue 1 - 5th Nov  

The premiere edition of The New 3G Friday Times

The New 3G Friday Times Issue 1 - 5th Nov  

The premiere edition of The New 3G Friday Times