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Industrial Fire Protection: An Overview Fire safety is a serious responsibility. Poor safety practices and lack of planning can pose a serious threat not only to businesses and its employees, but also to the entire community in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire risk assessments: Fire risk assessments will help businesses make sure that their fire safety procedures, prevention measures, and fire protection plans are all in place. This involves a methodical look at their premises, the activities carried on there, and the possibility that a fire could spark and impact those in and around the location.

Processes involved in fire risk assessments include:     

Identifying hazards Identifying people at risk Evaluating and protecting the premise from risks Instructing and training employees Reviewing existing fire risk assessment procedures

Keep in mind that businesses should allocate enough time to properly carry out fire risk assessments. They must consider inspecting the entire premises, including outdoor location even if they are rarely used.

Fire service challenges ďƒ˜ Fire operations take place in timesensitive environments. Delaying a process, even slightly, especially during critical phases, can have adverse effects on the entire operations and the outcome. Delays caused by poorly located hydrants, unclear alarm information, and weak communication systems will have a ripple effect on the other phases of a fire operation, allowing the fire to grow exponentially.

Securing additional fire protection equipment Fire service operations can be of great help, however, businesses may need extra fire safety equipment to mitigate the fire in case of an emergency. These come in many forms, from fire hoses and sprinklers to signs and fire extinguishers. Fire Foe Corporation, a New York based family-owned business, provides reliable solutions to businesses’ fire-related problems. The company offers a complete in-house service on all the products they sell. Fire Foe Corporation also provides helpful tips and information about fire safety and fire equipment maintenance. Their team’s combined experience enables them to provide a world-class service to clients.

Industrial Fire Protection: An Overview