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Top 10 iOS App Categories That Buzzed iOS App Industry The success of Angry Bird, iShoot, and Temple Run, at iTunes does not require any evidence. The world of iOS applications is still waiting for an app to replicate the success story of Angry Bird. So, you can make a difference with your application. With iOS, you can make all kinds of applications. Noticeably, there are twenty-three categories, which let the user choose application as per the utility. Here are top ten categories that you can opt for developing an application. #1 Books In this category, you can create an application, which can surprise book lovers. Your app should have something unique to make people buy your application. There are some top rated applications like iBooks, GoodReads, Kindle, AudioBooks, Weird Facts 1000, and Nook. #2 Business This category gets few applications for review. Therefore, you can create an app and submit in this category. However, your app should be useful for entrepreneurs. #3 Games It is one of the most crowded categories because it has created billionaires. You will have to face the toughest form of competition while submitting a gaming app in iTunes. Your game should not replicate any other game and void the guidelines of App Store review. #4 Entertainment After game, this category accommodates the majority of best selling applications. You just need to understand the vacuum of this category and find the key to get approved. #5 Music You can really make money by creating an interesting music application for iOS users. In this way, your application should have an extra element of making people mad for using the app. #6 Education This category also accommodates a large number of applications, especially for kids. The users of iOS corresponding devices use educational apps to enhance the knowledge & understanding of their kids. #7 Medical Well, it is surprising that this category sells very expensive applications as much as $159 per app. However, it still has some unique applications like iDream, Vision Test, and Best Diet Foods, which are available as freebie.

#8 News This category is flooded with applications, submitted by news agencies & newspaper organizations. While making a news application, you can create an app to work as a bridge between news provider and the reader. Considerably, it will make iOS users install your application in their devices. #9 Social Networking Though, there is not much scope for success in this industry but the creative developers have made their mark with apps like Whatsapp messenger, WeChat, Skype For Phone, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter for iPhone. #10 Travel This is also a nice category to create application. You can easily create a ticket booking application and submit in iTunes. Now, you can choose your category to create an application and become a billionaire just by hiring iOS developers India. In this way, you should focus on creating a qualitative application for your website because there millions of app are still waiting for acceptance from Apple. The uniqueness will play a vital role in the eventual acceptance of your app. The iPhone apps development should be of high standards because the quality and uniqueness will pave the way for the approval from iTunes. You will have to follow all guidelines and tips before submitting your app in App Store for review.

Top 10 ios app categories that buzzed ios app industry  

The success of Angry Bird, iShoot, and Temple Run, at iTunes does not require any evidence. The world of iOS applications is still waiting f...

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