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Blogging Inside Wire- Things You Wish To Have Known Before Setting Your Blog "I wish…” Is this what you think and feel as you reflect back on your blogging tenure? If yes, then you are not alone in the league. Several bloggers find themselves in a similar fix while they evaluate the efforts they have put in through their blogging span. Blogging isn’t a one-day ball. You work every day, commit mistakes every day and learn from these mistakes every day, and eventually figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. But as you look back, you wish if somebody could have told you about all these before you began your first blog. Right? Absolutely! We regret not doing this before, but this post will throw light on some essentials which every blogger must know about before beginning the blogging spree. •

Consistency is the Core Mantra: Being inconsistent can hurt your traffic. Keep blogging in a consistent manner or else, you won’t be able to maintain your traffic. Pump up your blog with content and see your number of visitors surging.

Savor Some Social Instincts: If you have just set up your blog, Google might not even notice you. In this scenario, you need an alternate traffic source, and nothing can work wonders like social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. Just share your content, befriend people, post discussions in like-minded communities, and message other users and get loads of free traffic. And in case you have some money to spare, you can make use of Facebook and StumbleUpon ads to buy traffic.

Mailing Lists Are Big Help: Mind it! Emails are the best source for valuable traffic. Gone are the days when you could rely on RSS feed burners because lately, people have stopped using them. May be this is why Google has shut down its feed burner. So start collecting your emails today! They can be a great source of comments, likes and of course, traffic.

What Goes Online Stays Online: Once you publish some content it will stay over the web forever? Yes! So, be careful about anything and everything you put up on your blog. It can create, or even destroy, your online brand identity. Ensure whatever you publish over the web is a masterpiece, because once anything goes wrong it will stay on the internet forever! It might also impact your income.

Grabbing Attention is Easy, Maintaining it is Tough: Thanks to the numerous internet marketing techniques available, you can easily increase the traffic influx on your site, but it gets trickier when it comes to maintaining these visits. Getting repeat visits isn’t easy. You need to be constant in your approach and consistent in what you write and share. Be loyal to your readers, they will be loyal to you.

Content Length Concerns: The traffic on your blog is directly proportional to the length of your content. Yes! Write detailed posts which are targeted at solving problems and helping the readers with their issues. It will not only generate interest amongst your readers but will

also improve your SE rankings. Google treats content as the king and when you take a closer look at pages listed on Page One of Google, this fact is further exemplified. Each of these pages has minimum of 2000 words of content.

Write as you Speak: Admit it! You might fall asleep while attending your lectures, but you never fall asleep while conversing with your friends. The same is applicable with your readers. They will prefer reading conversational posts over those with a monotonous tone. This will increase reader engagement. Here are some tips to make your content conversational: a. Make use of words like ‘you’ and ‘I’. b. Ditch long paragraphs and use line breaks. Don’t leave your readers worked out! c. Don’t be formal in your tone. Remember, you are writing a post and not an essay. d. Italicize words and phrases. It adds a conversational feel to the content.

At the End of the Day, People Matter the Most: That’s the crux of the story. As people start their blogs they usually think about visitors and conversions. They don’t pay heed to their readers. But, it’s high time you shift your focus. Think of numbers, but differently. Concentrate more on the number of comments, likes and reader emails which you receive. You might not earn bucks but you will definitely earn better engagement, more visits and loyal readers. Rest will follow.

Better late than never! If you feel any of the aforementioned suggestions can help you in rocketing your blog’s success to new heights, try them today! About Author: Rick Brown is an acclaimed tech blogger, who provides consulting services to new bie entrepreneurs for iPhone Apps Development services. He simply suggests his clients to hire iPhone developers from expert agencies for high-end development.

Blogging inside wire things you wish to have known before setting your blog  
Blogging inside wire things you wish to have known before setting your blog  

We regret not doing this before, but this post will throw light on some essentials which every blogger must know about before beginning the...