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Who You Rockin’ With? Para La Gente Drops a Shiny New Album! By Vanessa Garcia


ara La Gente’s highly anticipated new album, People Living Growing, is out and about, and it’s been well worth the wait. As the tracks infiltrate your eardrum you won’t be hearing an angry, political collage of tracks. PLG’s new album represents the musical maturation of the band, serving you the sounds they’ve spent years to seek. “This is a new PLG,” explains bassist Zach Stahl. “We build on the foundation of drum, base, and guitars.” Their shift in members has also tightened the evolved sound of the group with the addition of a second guitarist, AHA, tossing in afrofunk, flemenco, and reggae influences. Frontman Cambio delivers his always rhythmic and colorful lyrics, painting stories of childhood memories, and late night rehearsals. PLG added extra shine to their tracks with the help of guest artists including Bocafloja from Mexico City, DJ Spinobi of Ozomatli, Lady Keys from Puerto Rico, Jack Pres from Atlanta, E Sic of Realization, Hanif Wonder of Animal Farm,Paul Protius, and 831’s own Alex Lee, The Brassmatics, and Shannon Michelle Burton. PLG stays true to it’s hip hop roots and heavy guitar riffs, while mingling with a dollop of move ya body synthesizers, rude boy skank, hard hitting horns, keys, and Dj cuts. Drummer Omar Murillo adds, “I think all of our sounds are in this album. We’ve all got way different influences.” PLG has definitely found their sound, and it’s been making love to my eardrums since. These Are the Times is the group’s anthem track, dropping a lyrical story of PLG’s journey as a band, while Past Forward forces your noodle to contemplate the existence of mankind with audio clips from

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

Michael Cremo’s Forbidden Archaeology, and title track People Living Growing, featuring E. Sik of Realization, ponders the plethora of lives a song can take. Much of People Living Growing was a collaborative effort, not only with guest artists, but with the guidance of producer Andy Zenczack of Gadgetbox Studio.

“Good music comes from reflections of life experiences,” Back from a nine month sabbatical, laboring the birth of this album, PLG will take up a four day tour with comrades Realization and Aces, who helped the quintet with booking and marketing during the making of their album. After which they’re on to Mexico for a three week tour with Bocafloja, bringing live hip hop to the country with a slew of international acts, not to mention they’ll be as backing up other emcee’s along the way as well. Para La Gente has come a long way since their emergence in 2003. People Living Growing demonstrates their musical evolution as artists. “Good music comes from reflections of life experiences,” explains guitarist Leon Gomez. This latest album includes tracks which might not have been expected of PLG, and pulls if off smoothly, soulfully, and professionally. If PLG has set the bar this high for themselves now, I can’t wait to see what the next one has in store. Check them online at


do as well as they do. One night Roman read us some prose that he’d written. The crowd was blown away, and then the band seamlessly segued into the next song, which perfectly commented the words he’d just read us. The band members will sometimes tell stories, and I’ve never heard the same story twice, even when going to consecutive shows. You can tell that these guys are really enjoying what they’re doing. Another thing you might notice when you go to a Counter Clockwise show, is that drinking, in particular whiskey, is a big part of the show. In fact, if you visit their MySpace page, you’ll notice the “Powered By Whiskey” slogan right away. When asked why whiskey, Roman explained, “Well for me, I can’t stand the taste of vodka. Jager is like, instant blackout. Rum is instant anger, it just turns me into an angry pirate. Whiskey enhances my superpowers, it turns me into this crazy happy, crazy guy. The song ‘Drink’ explains it all.”



lot of bands have a central focus, a message, if you will. With Counter Clockwise, the focus is about good times, life experience and making every show into a party. Jason, Counter’s guitarist says, “We’re a party band, we just want to get along and have a good time with everyone.” Greg, the bassist of the group tells us, “I’d say our message is don’t shit from nobody, f---in’ heavy riffs, killer rhythms. We’re not like, f--- you to the government or f-- you to this or that cause. It’s all about good times and experiences we’ve had. It’s a positive message.”

Asked about their most memorable show, the band can’t pick just one. “Every show is memorable some way, we could down the list of shows we’ve played and pick some memorable moment from each one. Playing at The Pound in San Francisco, playing Bloodfest here at Jose’s. The bar made $4000 dollars just

Every band has their reasons for playing their music, whether it’s the hope of fame and fortune, or a desire to entertain. So what makes Counter Clockwise tick? Why do they do what they do. “I do it for the constant hard on.”, says Roman. “Yeah, I would say the fans. When you’re playing stuff that you wrote, and the crowd is singing it back to you, it does give you a hard on man. It’s awesome.”,elaborates Jason. “Writing and rehearsing is great, we have a lot of fun with that, but getting out there, playing live and kicking ass, words can’t describe it. I wouldn’t give that up for the world.”,adds Greg.

“If you want to read into the lyrics, it’s life, it’s living. It’s not too emotional, none of that oh I’m hurt, feel sorry for me. It’s more upbeat, it’s like going in with no regret. It’s about doing things without thinking, but knowing that there’s consequences you have to pay. To me, our music boosts the integrity.”, says lead singer Roman Samoan. Counter Clockwise came together like a line of dominoes falling into place. Jason met Reggie through an ad, Reggie met Greg at Wise Music, and Greg met Roman at Costco. “Yeah, I met Roman at Costco, and he was just oozing rock & roll, and I asked if he was a singer, and like 10 seconds later we had exchanged numbers and whatever.”, says Greg. “And then, a week after we had our first practice with Roman, we played the Monterey Rock and Art Festival, and that was the summer of ‘06 and it was a good show, yeah.”, adds Jason, the band’s guitarist.


The band is currently beginning to realize their rock star dreams, as they should be just returning from a West Coast tour. Touring has long been one of the dreams of the band members, along with playing arenas and large festivals like Ozzfest. However, if money and resources were no object, Roman says his dream gig would be, “To have NASA throw us up into outer space. Playing in outer space, playing on the moon, that’s just like a crazy outrageous fantasy gig.” The arenas are definitely the next step for the band though. “I’d love to play at the Budokan in Japan, especially if Ozzy was there.”, says Jason.

that night, it was great. There was a show we played in Sacramento, there were literally 4 people there, and half of them weren’t there for the band. But even that show, I’d say had a good memory, because one of the guys there drove all the way out there from San Francisco just to see us play.”, says Roman. “Definitely the power of MySpace there.” Having been to several Counter Clockwise shows myself, I can say that the band is definitely right in saying that each show is memorable. This isn’t a band who performs the same routine every night. The interaction with the crowd is one thing that I see very few bands

Counter Clockwise will be wrapping up a tour of the West Coast when this issue goes to print, before returning to the Central Coast. For updated show dates and tour info, you can find them at If you’d like to see videos of the band, check out com/user/CounterClockwise2006.

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

Y&T: Dave Meniketti By Ryan Pagan

word spread and coverage of the band grew, they were eventually signed and the legend began. When asked about the differences between breaking into the music business then vs. now, Meniketti responded, “If you could get on radio, one way or another, in at least half the markets across the country, you were doing pretty good. Now there’s the internet, and more ways to get your music out there, but I don’t know, I think it’s more difficult to make a big impact on the market now. It used to be that all rock music was incorporated together. Sly and The Family Stone would play on the same radio station with Led Zeppelin. Now it’s all categorized, and it’s harder to make an impact. You’ve got to get satellite radio or internet radio to find a station like that now. I’m glad I got in when I did.”


Speaking on the music industry today, Meniketti says, “When we first started, before we got real popular, we were selling a few hundred thousand records, which now would be great, but then everyone was striving for gold

Another thing that Y&T have in common with the rockers of the 60’s is that they came together out of a love for music and a desire to write and perform original rock music. In a pre-internet age, they would make flyers and rent halls to play in, and proceed to sell out the halls playing their music and forming their very own music scene in the Bay Area. As

at least, 500 thousand records. And we got to play with guys who were going gold, going platinum, and eventually became just as much of a draw as some of those guys, and eventually more of a draw than some of them. During the 90’s, outside of the real major bands in the grunge scene, or the alternative rock scene, bands weren’t doing that kind of business.” Now there’s a much stronger emphasis on the

ave Meniketti has been shaking the Earth with his band Y&T (Originally known as Yesterday & Today) since 1974. Growing up in the bay area during the 60’s, he and his fellow band members were exposed to some of the greatest rock music in history on a regular basis. Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and other iconic lead guitarists were becoming mainstream fixtures, and rock music’s popularity was at an all time high. Meniketti used to listen to the radio with a reel to reel recorder and record anytime he heard something he liked and listen to it again and again. The lessons of that era were not lost on the members of Y&T, whose live show is and has always been, one of the best live concert experiences going. They believe that there is no substitute for going to a live show, that the energy and connection between the fans and the band simply cannot be translated to a recording.

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

visual aspects of a band or artist, which is different than when Y&T were starting out. A stronger emphasis on pop stars and the prominence of hip hop in the 90’s and early 2000’s saw rock music take a back seat for a while, and the crowds during those eras were quite a bit smaller than the rock crowds seen in the 70’s and early to mid 80’s. In recent years though, rock music is seeing a bit of a revival, and the crowds are beginning to show up again. Meniketti sounds energized when he talks about the resurgence of live rock shows in recent years, especially in Europe. He says, “I love playing in Europe, there’s beautiful things to see, and having all these people in other countries who know your music and like your music, it’s a great feeling.” As of this writing, Y&T was actually touring Europe for the month of June before coming home to the states for a 4th of July show here locally in Hollister. Why Hollister, after a tour of Europe? “We didn’t know until just a few years ago, just how big of a rock crowd there was on the Central Coast. I mean, it’s California, and Californians are rockers, but there is just this amazing swell of people from the Central Coast who come to our shows. Anywhere in California is like the Bay Area to us, man.”, explains Meniketti. Y&T have been touring and recording for 35 years, and if they have their way, that won’t be stopping anytime soon. Meniketti says, “There’s an energy you get from the crowd.... we’ve never lost it. We still feel like kids when we get out on stage. You’ll hear about people retiring and not knowing what to do with themselves. If we had to give something up, it would be anything but performing live shows.” The longevity of the band can be attributed to many things, from the strength of the live show to the connection with their fans. At the band’s website, http://www., the band members regularly visit the forums and respond to fans’ question and feedback. That level of interaction with fans isn’t something you’re likely to find amongst most major rock bands and is just another thing that makes Y&T’s popularity so enduring. Meniketti says, “We have something that’s real, I think. When you come see us, I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t get their money’s worth and then some. There’s that energy, when you hear it, when you feel it.... there’s just that connection.” Y&T will be performing in Hollister on July 4th at the Pepper Tree Ranch Amphitheater, and can be found online at


dice que es tan feliz cuando suena, y nada es lo que parece. Un concepto bien realista y a la ves romántica para los que sonamos vivir nuestras ideas y deseos. Ultimamente, la banda recibió el honor de ser el tema de un articulo y entrevista en la revista Peoples en Español. Fueron presentados con mucho respeto y profesionalidad al gusto de todos los fans de la banda, y de los fans del movimiento rock Latino en Los Estados Unidos. Siguiendo con el disco, otra canción que me gusto fue una que le bajo un poco al tempo. Se llama Campo Santo, es un tema triste que relata lo

CURANDEROS By Adrian Nevarez


uranderos ya tienen tiempo sonando fuerte en el underground de Los Angeles. Se han gandado un respeto masivo entre los que conocen el moviemiento Angelino. Es por eso que hoy en dia no puede haber sorpresa que Curanderos esta tocando con bandas fuertes de México como Lucybell. En el 2003 sacaron al mercado un disco titulado Evolución Show que los convirtio en una banda que cargaban con ellos un futuro prospero y una positividad de talento que formaron una anticipacion entre el publico. Ahora en el 2009 estan estrenando un disco nuevo titulado simplemente Curanderos con Suave Records. El disco esta lleno de canciones bilingues

desde sus titulos hasta las letras que pronuncian todo un sentido moderno pero con ligas firmemente grabadas en las raices del rock universal. En particular me gusto la canción Tonight en donde dice que esta noche ella sera la silueta y que el sera el arquitecto no importa lo que diga el otro. El disco tiene una muy producción y un sonido que hace resonar una idea progressiva y sencilla. Las tocadas de Curanderos estan creciendo y se estan volviendo en un espectaculo especial por los rumbos de ambos paises. En Inglés, son competitivos con cualquier banda, y en Español, son una evolución mas a la dirección del crecimiento del rock alternativo Latino. En la cancion Dream,

que el quiere cuando se muera. Quiere que lo dejen cantar, sonar, llorar, y le pide a su mujer me imagino, que so se asuste aunque ese viaje esta difícil. No se me hizo oscura la canción a pesar del tema tan temeroso, pero me gusto que tocen esa idea de morirnos por al final nada y nadie es eterno. Es grueso el hilo que tejemos en nuestras vidas diaria. Pero, también hay luz cuando una banda como Curanderos brilla desde el underground. Un lugar difícil, des animador, un laberinto que parece no tener fin ni salida. Estos momentos para Curandero es uno de esperanza no solo para ellos, si ni que también un respiro para otras bandas que podrían seguir sus pasos.

Giovanes Restaurant continues its raise as the Salinas valleys number one venue for music, booking and even greater number and variety of musical acts. Recently Giovannes installed new stage lighting to better enhance live performances. Upcoming shows include Mystic Roots, Hero Shot, and Local “Rock En Español” power house “Ángel Ambulante” will rock the house!. Other much anticipated shows will feature Led Zepplin tribute band Heartbreaker, which is probably the best known Zep tribute band in the world, opening the show will be local teen sensations and classic rock tribute band August Sky for a perfect combination of class rock acts. August 15th Giovanes hosts the apuesta por el rock , a battle of the bands final competition featuring local band competing for prizes. Giovanes is hosting open blues jam sessions on July 9th, 30th, and August 9th, so come bring your guitar voice and join the fun and great italian cuisine.

Giovane’s Italian Restuarant San Juan Grade Road. 831-444- 6717 8

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

In hearing their music I sensed an authenticity in their melodies, subjects, and instrumentation. They seem very competitive with any American band of the same genre. Some of their inspirations come from bands like Camila, Boys Like Girls, and Cash Cash and those inspirations sets up the tone for the style they deliver so fluently. So off they go and like everything in the world today, there comes the time for promotions and to push your passion to the masses. The name of their new EP is called SO GLAMOUROUS BABY and its set to release sometime very soon this year. It features production by Arturo Dosamantes at Casino Records. Also like everything else in the world, things comes together with great effort and at times much difficulties. Holding a band together, recording a record, and performing are no different. How does She Like Daylight hold it together? “Well first of all were all friends since infancy. Carlos and Polan are brothers born in Arizona. When they came to live in Hermosillo they made friends with Javier, Antonie, and Chito. Eliab also came to Hermosillo from Arizona and that’s how we met him. The most important thing is our friendship and the desire to compose and make something fun and different. The most difficult thing has been to find the support in order to get ahead but were always doing our best and working together.” In looking ahead people have different views as to what type of future is waiting for them or simply what we would like to happen in that future. She Likes Daylight keeps that concept nice and simple and properly romantic. “We would like to be able to do this our entire lives. We would like to have an enormous booking schedule and tours everywhere. We would envision ourselves doing that together. Because we feel that we were born to do this, born to be together giving everything of ourselves for the show.”



n the multiple types of heat of Hermosillo Sonora Mexico there is a six piece band that goes by the name of She Likes Sunlight. Right on that infamous highway 15 where the sun is relentless and the influences from Arizona pours in on a quick 5 hour drive, She Likes Daylight has soaked up all of its phenomena and is a product of the cycle on that desert. It just goes to show us how hard and how much time it takes to develop a band. “We’ve been working together as musicians for six years, but as a project composing and preparing for shows it’s been six months.” All Latinos that enjoy rock are aware that it is not native to Mexico, it has grown and developed in all its greatness there, but it’s still a misunderstood concept to many traditional Mexicans. So, how hard has it been to gain acceptance there? “The response has been positive since we launched the single My Girl. The truth is that Hermosillo has not seen anything from our genre of rock pop with beats and lyrics talks about love. So were proud that they support us.” Every band understands all to well the vibe in their own city. “The public here likes electronic and pop rock. There are a lot bands that use electronics, but we have not met a band that does what we do.”

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

Each member of She Likes Daylight is bilingual. It’s not at all rare to hear bands from Spanish speaking countries rocking out in English. Is there logic behind that or is it just a preference? “It’s a strategy. Eliab, Carlos, and Polan have lived for years in the United States and that’s why they have that bilingual accent. We hear a lot of music in English and we do it because we really believe it will open more doors for us internationally.” With that approach one wonders if it alienates Spanish speaking fans and if it fills the air with that putrid smell of nationalism in the arts. “Well, we have had more of response from the United States. But because of that acceptance there, we have seen our support in Mexico grow as well, but we won’t complain. Mexico has offered us many things to grow with, but that public in the United States received us with arms wide open. Every comment and hello that they send us is very well appreciated by us because it so very positive. They say, ‘Come to Minnesota! Or ‘When are you coming to Washington’? Or, ‘Were waiting for you in California’? We get the same in Mexico but not as often.” With all of that demand coming from the U.S, we want to know if you’ve ever played shows out here. “Up to this point we have not had the financial support to make the trip. But our vision is developing there and we hope that a label or a manager takes interest in us in order to make that happen.” At the end of the day, She Likes Daylight has a sound that could resonate in that pop rock genre. Songs like Backyard, Baby Can I, Five Steps Away, and My Girl all have the power to make an impact side by side with any of those current American bands. The playing field is not always level, but I’m glad that She Likes Daylight is not trying to use the fact that they are a Mexican band as a crutch. They are going after all types of audiences strictly on the merits of their music. You have to respect that.


Band ShowCase

Showcasing the best music of Monterey Bay together shows were at parties around all sides of Lake Tahoe. Now the band is located in Santa Cruz and plays shows all over the place. Adam Pierce writes songs for the band based off of experiences. Nothing to Lose is a song in which Pierce seems to be angrily singing to someone. The brutal song was written to his ex at the time, but apparently things can still work out after break-ups. Adam is now married to that same ex that he so brutally dissed publically in their song.

3UPFRONT Santa Cruz

By Rose Fellom- Morris


apid drum fire and pumped up guitar strums, booming bass plucks and a vocalist who sings about ex-girlfriends and dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration, this is the formula. The solution is a local band that should not be taken lightly. Forget your vodka redbull, just go see 3UpFront live in Santa Cruz or at other local venues and get your energy batteries recharged for days. 3UpFront consider themselves categorized as “California Skate Punk Rock” which guitarist Dave Montanari says is a genre that describes them better than plain old punk, “It’s more of a melodic style of punk rather than a thrashy 3 chord guitar style.” He explains that the bands influences range from Pennywise, Bad Religion, and NOFX across the board to Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana. “We teeter on punk but its melodic, we like to call it California Skate Punk Rock because it is punk music but refined… we write some pretty punk songs.” The band started in Lake Tahoe in 1997 with only a bassist and drummer and that were known as Beaver Brigade. Later Montanari joined drummer Jake Whitelaw and the bassist at the time , They had decided they wanted to take their music to a more serious level. They had already written many songs but did not have a singer. Adam, 3UpFront’s current vocalist joined after going to a band practice to watch. He liked what he was hearing and had been in bands previously, so he came to their next practice to try out his vocal chords on their tracks. Montanari thinks Adam also fit well with the band for social reasons, “The three of us were goofy and have humorous personalities, besides the music I think he was attracted to that.” When they began playing all


They have created three albums since 1998, their latest titled “And Jake” being the one that they are most proud of. The guys took their time recording and would take notes and more notes on what they needed to change until they felt there was nothing left to refine. They have their own homegrown record label 317 records because they want to do it independently if possible. Currently playing all over California and a few of the surrounding states they now even have a fan base in Japan, Germany, and Sweden thanks to the internet.

ing music to the people, Realization also wants to start what they call a spiritual revolution. They hope that their lyrics are freely integrated into the psyches of their listeners. They encourage people to choose peace over violence or aggression when difficult situations or conflicts arise in life. In a time where financial problems are on everyone’s mind because of the flailing economy, the band wants you to stop agonizing over issues like money. “People aren’t in the right state of mind,(being concerned over) paying bills… In this world, nothing goes your way, you have to find your own..escape the mindset of the everyday, be a real person, don’t just worry.” says Isaac, who takes credit for bringing the new band together after their split from 40831. His opinion is that it may be one of society’s main dysfunctions that “we don’t know how to say hi to a stranger.” Reggae has a certain influence over their musical style yet they also fuse hip-hop beats, lyrical combinations, and some crazy samples including what sounds like a church choir in Equalizer. According to Isaac, something that makes the band’s sound especially unique is that they have a d.j. and live instruments working together on stage which makes it seem like you are listening to an album.


Isaac describes the meaning behind Sleeping Lion, “ Deep inside you you have an angry beast that is sleeping. When the beast is sleeping let him sleep, don’t cross a line, don’t anger people...carry yourself as a peaceful person. Yeah, I’m a peaceful loving person, but when I see things that are offensive I have to maintain (that peacefulness) regardless of what happens at that moment, people gotta be learnin’ to control themselves.”

By Rose Fellom- Morris

Check out Realization’s music and a list of their upcoming shows at



magine a sleeping lion in a tranquil African savannah, warmed by the morning sun. Birds are singing and the air is still. Yet somewhere deep inside the sleeping lion lurks his beastly nature, ready for a deathly strike if hungry or provoked. Realization’s Sleeping Lion is an anthem that expresses the band’s ideology that it is best to stay as peaceful as possible. Besides just bringing appeal-

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009



ave Stavi, the up an coming band from Salinas have come a long way in its short eight month history. Already recording and releasing an ep, and embarking this summer on mini tour of Northern California playing coffee shops, Hot Topics locations, The band is enthusiastic their music, the ep and a future in music. Since forming Stavi Savi have developed a strong local following, with strong turnouts at preformences and have opened shows for noted touring bands , such as , Neblina, La theoria , Innerfire and more recently opening the show for the the Story To Tell Tour at the Fox Theater in Salinas Ca, with LA band Fatima, and Mexican bands Kill Aniston, and Misterequis. The band was founded by long time friends Isreal(drums) Jorge(Vocals/ Lead guitar/ song writer) both self taught musicians, and Darkness(bass) Alex(Rhythm guitar), together they produce music influenced by Blink – 182, La Plebe, live shows are energetic performences of originals, both in english and in spanish, and covers to a much enthusiastic crowd. The band will be completing in an upcoming battle of the bands called “ Apuesto por el Rock” at Giovanes restuarant in Salinas. Check them out at SONSOLES LOS ANGELES By Adrian Nevarez


n el Otonio del 2006 se dio a nacer una banda que buscaba un sonido unico entre las cumbres competitivas del movimiento Angelino. Se formalizo con el nombre de Sonsoles y arranco la mezlca de musica Latina en sus varia-

Live En Vivo Magazine July 2009

dos sabores. Con su primer disco a la venta y unos anos de experiencia, Sonsoles se recuerda de sus momentos mas orgullosos. “Nuestro momento de mas orgullo es cuando ganamos el concurso de Tu Ciudad Y Tu Musica. Teniamos apenas un par de meses como banda y les ganamos a bandas mas establecidas que la nuestra localmente. Tambien la vez que abrimos el show con Poncho Sanches.” La banda tiene mucha ambicion de crecer y de no ser limitada por nada en el mundo. Con sus corazones rugiendo, sus ojos a los cielos, y tremedas ganas de luchar por un sueno, Sonsoles rapaidamente reconoce sus motivaciones en el espectaculo. “Aparte de la musica y las presentaciones, tambien las luchas, los obstaculos, y nuestros errores nos mantienen motivados.” Los miembros de la banda nos comunican desde varios lugarses del Latino America. Con esa diversidad es obvio que la musica sera tocada y compuesta con differentes elementos y posiciones del mapa. “Todos tenemos diferentes gustos de musica. Pero, todos compartimos el amor por la musica Latina y con eso podemos moldearnos como banda. Y asi cada uno de nosotros traemos nuestra propia influencia asi al proyecto.”

pero si han gozado de viajes a Chicago y Sacramento. Se podria decir que Sonsoles produce canciones para moverse y bailar. En la cancion A Brindad se siente la cumbia revuelta con una guitarra rockera. Un coro cantado que carga el sentido de un rock latino combinado con los versos llenos de un rap importado del caribe. En verdad se puede decir que esta cancion nos lleva por un viaje por todo Latino America en cuatro minutos. Sus playas, montanas, rios, arboleras, y por supuesto sus pasiones en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Otra de las canciones que me llamo la attencion fue la del titulo Escapar. Se sintio la salsa, el rock, la cumbia, y el sabor latino nacido tal vez en un pueblo escondido pero cerca del alma. Cada dia se estan juntando bandas nuevas con distintas ideas artisticas. El foro se abre para que las expresiones llenen el aire libre de nuestras conciencias. Sonsoles tiene su propia direccion, buena produccion, un divertimiento natural, al final del dia es una muy buena banda para que todos bailen olvidansose por lo menos unos momentos de lo dificil que en veses la vide puede ser.

The Riot Society King City, Ca Escuchando la musica senti varios de los elementos que Sonsoles describe como grandes influencias en sus pasiones por la musica. “Tenemos canciones donde podran escuchar la mayoria de nuestras influencias como Santana, Ozomatli, RATM, Hector Lavoe, Pearl Jam, AR Rahman.” No cabe duda que la banda brinca varios generos de musica, pero tambien sorprendiente es que Sonsoles se avienta con el rap. Al preguntarles si ese elemento de Sonsoles sorprende a la gente en los show me contestan, “Si, la gente se sorprende pero es bienvenidoy abrazado por el publico. Es el cumbre de nuestro show cuando Cien Fuegos (el rapero) esta en el scenario tomando las riendas. Pero no se de que se sorprende el publico mas, cuando comienza su rap o de que canta muy bien la Guajira.” Sonsoles sigue su lucha en Los Angeles orgullosos de sus promotores locales como A&M Entertainment que constantemente le abren las puertas del ambiente a las bandas en los mejores sitios de la ciudad. Aun no han tocado fuera de los Estados Unidos

By Rose Fellom - Morris


ing City California has a claim to fame thanks to local band The Riot Society. They present a collection of frequencies. Songs vary from hard, pure and fast punk/ska to a more laid back vibe where sublime-like sounds inspire the eardrum. Shallow Grave is a tune that is mosh-pit worthy and slightly frightening, while their song Highlife is comparable to relaxing on a towel in the sand with a beer on a nice day by the oceanside. Heavily tattooed, X, the drummer gives the double F-you fingers on their website. Julian Chavez comes with deep bass melodies while bassist Peter Sanchez shreds on the guitar. Together as a band for six years, yet spending time away from each other off-and on, The Riot Society is back and ready to rock the house. They are doing a west coast tour this summer and starting in October will be joining the Shoot Em Down! Tour. Check out their website at



TO PLACE AN AD CALL 1-800-655-3084 1111 North Main St. · Salinas, CA. 93906


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July 2009  

July issue Live En Vivo Magazine