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The Knightly Scroll Richwoods High School

Volume 1 No. 2

May 16, 2011

Osama Is Pronounced Dead By: Alexis Howes

Osama bin Laden is dead Americans have been waiting for 9 years, 7 months, and 20 days after the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers to catch this man called Osama Bin Laden. U.S forces shot him

mansion just outside Abbottabad in northwest Pakistan. With on May 1st 2011 in a

great pride U.S citizens gathered outside the White House to celebrate. At the site of the twin towers many gathered to remember this mass-murderer who nearly killed three thousand people. Osama bin Laden was the son of Mohammad bin Laden, one of the county’s wealthiest business leaders. Mohammad died in a helicopter

crash in 1968, and his children inherited the billionaire’s construction empire. Osama bin Laden, was 13 at the time and took over three million dollars of it, which he used to go to college. He earned a degree in civil engineering from King Abdul-Aziz University in 1979. Bin Laden gained a reputation as a troublemaker; there was a time that he was placed under house arrest in Jedda, the first terrorist attack in December 1992 was an explosion of a bomb at a hotel in Aden and that has believed to be traced back to Osama. In October 1993, eighteen American troops were killed while on a peacemaking mission in Somalia; Bin Laden was almost giddy about the deaths also. Coincidentally Osama bin Laden

and Hitler died on the same day. May 1st, 1945 Germany announced that Adolf Hitler was dead, then that same date 66 years later, Osama bin Laden was also announced dead. Osama’s hatred for America became well known when he hijacked four

commercial jets and flew them into the World Trade Centers then an hour later one was flown into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The other one did not hit their target, crashing in Western Pennsylvania instead.

This closes the chapter for the number one terrorist. We can now cross off one of our top ten priorities in the war against terrorism. Osama bin Laden was just the first in a long time but this is the first step in creating a better and whole nation.

the many other challenges teens face today and ways to prevent our youth from dropping out and hurting society and them selves. As our youth suffersit idly by and watch them decay. In the future, how can we say we did our best to foster up a generation of successful leaders? As we age, the young life that is now our youth is going to be running in the government? Could you

say you are happy with what has become of them and your country? Remember ifyou stand for nothing you will fall for anything. Take action today and a stand against dropping out of school to protect our livelihood for future generations to come.

Checking In To Dropping Out

Out of School By: Brittnay Smith Is it your life long dream to work at McDonalds the rest of your life? How would it feel to be stuck in the lower pay? American teens are forced to face this reality every day when they choose to drop out of school. The future of our youth and our country ride on education and without it every one suffers. If we continue to fail our youth of today or economy and government will fail as well. High school drop out rates are at an all time high that is nearly 6.2 million students from

records in 2007. Students from schools all over the country drop out of high school everyday and never return. You could almost consider this an epidemic. Why are students dropping out at such high rates? What are the causes of dropping out? What can we do for future dropouts, and what can we do for those in our society who have dropped out and want to return to school? Every school day almost seven thousand students drop out every day. That adds up to annually being about 1.2 million students for each year will not graduate with there scheduled class. This may cause a resultin

fewer less productive societal adults into the economy every year. There for every year, family income is lower and economic income suffers as well bringing

less money into our federal system. Students may drop out for many reasons. Some of the main causes could be teen pregnancy, drugs, and expulsion due to fighting and illicit and illegal activities. These activities occur in every school across America. Reasons on dropping out depend widely on the individual students situation at home and at school. Preventive measures should be in place to help teens stay in school. These certain types of programs should have more dedication to them from the students, providers and educators that are employed. Many suggested devices that can be used. Tutoring, allowing the student individual help that they feel they are not getting in class and is causing them to fail. Alternative schooling may be another option for some students. These are some of

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2 Editorial Livin’ it Up, Drinkin it Down When under pressure can you say no?

Have you ever tried alcohol before? How much have you consumed throughout your high school career? If you have or even if you haven’t, are you aware that the rate of teen alcoholism is between the ages of 12- 20? Statistics say, one in every six seniors and high school dropouts had high school history of drinking at least once a day. A long with one in six high school students who drink go on to abuse other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, speed or heroin. A lot of people don’t know the affects it has to your body. People get caught up in the moment and think they’re about just having a good time but there are many risks. Such as, high-

risk sex, violent behaviors and car wrecks. Some of the other affects are alcohol poising, your organs can become “immature” and not function the way they should, you can have an irregular heartbeat which may cause it to stop, you can go into a coma or even have seizures. And these are just a few examples, there are so many more that people don’t realize that or possibly don’t even care when they go out to have what they think is going to be a “good time”. It would be helpful for teens if their parents set rules. Parents allow social activity to be exposed. Setting a curfew, which they have to be home. Or having a family dinner or outing that they must attend to, to keep them out of trouble. Check on them frequently. Watch and talk to them about whom your kids hang around. Younger kids are hanging out with older people old enough they might be able to buy them alcohol. A danger of drinking is not being able to recognize when you have had a too much to drink. Not all drinks have the same alcohol content and the body reacts differently. For example, if you haven’t eaten anything it can cause you to vomit. Becoming dehydrated becomes a lot more common. Having a drink first

thing when you wake up you probably have a problem. If you can’t go a minute without a drink the effects you are doing to your body will only continue to get worse. If you notice someone is having a problem signs such as: blacking out, or drinking on a regular basis. The best way to get someone help is talking to them. If they don’t listen or tell you they don’t have a problem and you continue to see it happen, call their parents and arrange a time to talk to them face to face with another friend to see if the problem may get solved. It might cost you your friendship but their lives are more important. “Don’t want your friends to drink then don’t drink” says Mrs. Mitts,

the psychologist at Richwoods High School. “If you notice that your friend is having a problem and don’t quite want to go to their parents, giving them an intervention should take place”, added Mrs. Mitts, “Is also an other possible solution.” Mrs. Mitts thinks it’s a good idea to also have random and alcohol testing. “Yes I think it would be a good idea to submit to random alcohol and drug test but only with parental consent” alcohol and drug testing would be a great way to see the numbers of students using alcohol and drugs decrease. They will have to have someone to answer to and a reason to not do them. I think there should be drug testing because those students who want an education can focus more without worrying about their surroundings. In the future be sure to make smarter choices. With prom only a week and a half away, most teens will be going to have what they think will be a “great time”, just be careful with the decisions you make. You never know when it could be you or someone you are really close to. In conclusion teen alcoholism is a huge problem in high schools. Look out for yourself and those around you.

-More than 3 million teens are alcholics. -There is 5,000 teens that die each year to alcohol related deaths. -Alcohol poisioning may cause a coma or in some cases, death -83% of tenth graders believe that alcohol is available to them.

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

Harmful Hands When do we stop hurting and start listeing? By Lizzie Barry

For some animals, death is inevitable. Whether it is from the hands of a human or from an injection, it’s a never-ending cycle. In 2008, PAWS [Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter] took in on average 8,500 animals annually. Of those 8,500 animals around 5,200 are euthanized. That averages out to more than 14 deaths per day. (http:// of these animals were once loved pets to a family that fell on hard times or were out wandering the street. The wide range of temperaments found in the animals at the shelter truly speaks of how we treat our animals. Some are loving, while others are more aggressive, or scared. For some, this a more humane way of dealing with their “problem” pet, but for others, the solution is using brute force. Though there is an issue of overcrowding at animal shelters because people are dropping off their “problem” pets, that isn’t the real issue at hand here. The real issue is how we treat our animals. The abuse cases I’ve skimmed over are disgraceful. What kind of being could do that? Animals aren’t able to tell us how they are feeling with words, but with a soft whimper and it may be doused with pangs of pain. So when do we stop ignoring such cues and start listening? I love animals and it honestly hurts my heart to see any animal hurting; it hurts even more to know that a fellow human was the cause. Recently, more reports of animal abuse are surfacing in the media. Maybe it’s because the media is distorting it or maybe the economy is bringing out the worst in some people. Either way, it’s heart wrenching. Are we not more civilized or are we still the barbaric savages who use brute force upon our humble servants and companions? The days were gone when images of horrifically beaten and malnourished animals were plentiful, or so I thought. These images still plague my mind and shall continue to until something

is done about it. I don’t understand why people adopt animals when they are fully aware that they are not capable of caring for them properly. It’s more understandable when someone falls upon hard times and is no longer able to properly care for a pet as they once were able to, but that still doesn’t justify abuse or neglect in any shape or form. Would anyone like to be thrown out into the cold winter air for hours, or even days? Would anyone enjoy the malnourishment

brought on by the greedy hands of their cruel owners? Think for a moment, would you want to be a mistreated being? If not, why do we inflict such harm upon our companions? They’re supposed to be friends to us, not some useless punching bag for us to unleash all of our daily stresses upon. Cruel treatment of animals is unjust and unfair, the animal did nothing but love the one who struck it. Even if an animal did do something terrible, maybe they destroyed a priceless family treasure, that’s still no reason to mistreat them. They have feelings and if they were you, they wouldn’t abuse you in such a fashion because they’re loyal; they love you even after you raise your voice, causing them to cower in terror. Instead of promoting violence and neglect, offer a kind hand and a soft word, take the animal for what its really worth instead of merely ignoring it or taking its love for granted. If you are aware that you cannot care for the animal properly, do not adopt it or if you run into money troubles and can-

A last word from the editor: Hello again to all our readers/supporters. Thank you for taking the time to read our second issue. We hope you will you enjoy the new addition, which is the senior bios . Sadly, this is the last installment of The Knightly Scroll. We hope that you will/have enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together. Wishing all the students a good last couple of weeks as we finish up the reminder of the school year strong. Good luck, much happiness and success to all. I want to conclude by extending a big thank you to all my staff (classmates) and their hard work, our contributors, readers and supporters but most importantly an extra big thank you to our advisor, Dr. Dan Kerns for always believing in the dream (this publication) from the start and seeing it through to the very end. Editor-in-chief


-Esmeralda Moreno

not care for the animal anymore, do not inflict harm upon it. Find a new home for the animal, maybe a friend or family member would be willing to take on the responsibility. There are also different organizations, such as the American Humane Association, that use certain types of animals for therapy, that’s always another solution as well. Under no circumstance should any animal be abused for any reason. We are the only ones who can stop the harmful hands from striking an animal. There are some cases, however, when an animal should be humanely euthanized. Such cases arise when an animal has become a nuisance or danger to society. For example, if a Rottweiler were to severely harm or even kill another animal, it should more than likely be put down. Why? It’s become a nuisance to society and is now a danger to society. If it’s attacked once, it very well may do it again. However, all cases are different. Animal abuse is very preventable. First we must recognize the issue, then take actions to stop the abuse. Put yourself in an abused animal’s point of view; how would it feel? Would you want to feel like that? You may be one person and think you can’t change much, but that’s all it takes- one person can influence others and in return, they influence others. One person can spread change. Will you allow these harmful hands to continue to mistreat our fuzzy friends?

Scroll Staff Advisor: Dr. Dan Kerns Editor-in-chief: Esmeralda Moreno

Editorial editors:Brittany Smith & Kristi Oldham Writers: Lizzie Barry, Kristi Oldham Entertainment editors: Nationn Jordan &Lexi Howes Writers: Marcus Goh, Samantha Ward, Lizzie Barry. Alex Bui , Galen Grant

Feature editors: Lizzie Barry & Marcuis Goh Writers: Megan Van Beek, Lizzie Barry News editors: Megan Van

Beek & Alex Bui Writers: Esmeralda Moreno, Brittany Smith, Samantha Ward, Galen Grant

Photography: Esmeralda Moreno & Lizzie Barry Graphic artist: Kristi Oldham

3 Feature

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

It’s Hip To Help

Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer in a hippo-therapy program?

Career Fair 2011 On this exciting day, students got to experience over 60 careers!

by: Lizzie Barry

Horses used to once be the most favorable form of transportation and now they’re used for sport, pleasure, and therapeutically. Hippo-therapy, also known as therapeutic riding helps increase balance, ability to process information, development in language and communication skills, responsibility, self-esteem,

home for their horses, which are no longer borrowed, either. The barn is located in East Peoria on 305 Neumann Drive and currently houses ten horses to use in their program. One thing hasn’t changed though and that is the use and the need for volunteers in the program. Volunteers are the backbone of CIRT, therefore there are around

Captain (left) works best with calm students because his spunky personality compliments theirs. Colonel works well with independent students due to his relaxed nature. These are just a few of the horses that students are able to work with at CIRT.

more diverse socialization, muscle tone, independence, and overall increased quality of life. The motion that horseback riding provides is the only thing that mimics the natural movement of a human’s gait so closely, normalmachinery can replicate it as well. Hippo-therapy not only improves the student’s physical condition but also emotional.

a 100 volunteers. Jenna Walker who is an instructor and program coordinator said, “There is need for more volunteers.” She believes that there’s a need for responsible, dedicated teen volunteers. It not only helps the riding program volunteers can reap many of the benefits from such an experience as well. Many of the benefits that riders reap from therapeutic riding, also

Students also need attention and volunteers must learn to be attentive to not only the student’s need but also the riding instructor’s guidance. Though it may be a bit of a challenge at times, overall volunteering produces more benefits than challenges. In the end, facing such challenges helps one prepare for the future. By volunteering, one is able to establish a reputation as someone who gives back to their community, which colleges really hunt for. Establishing a reputation also helps to create references as well as career development. A new riding session began on April 1st, 2011 and classes will run until the first week in December. During these classes, volunteers will assist instructors and riders in an array of ways. Volunteers may be responsible for leading a horse during class, sidewalking [offering support to the rider], assistance in mounting or dismounting, preparing the horses for the next class, or may just assist in the educational yet fun games. Through such activities students learn responsibility not only for themselves but also for those around them. Though it is not a graduation requirement in District 150 to have community service hours, most would find them to be beneficial. Colleges and employers appreciate the fact that teenagers can and are giving back to their community. Volunteering at CIRT can help fulfill any community service hours that need to be served and also gladly accepts volunteers who do it out of the kindness of their heart. Teenagers aren’t the only age group that can and are needed to volunteer; all volunteers will benefit in a

By: Megan Van Beek Between 60 and 70 different careers were at Richwoods High School on Monday, March 28th. At lot of students are thinking about college and what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. So, Richwoods held a career fair, hosted by the Health Care

were still a few kinks that could have been worked out and things that could have been done better, I think that over all, it went really good,” added Martinez. Everyone was glad to see that the professionals were eager to talk about their professions. Some of the highlights of the day included, a chef who made egg rolls and doughnuts, which a majority of the students enjoyed. There was a semi truck driver from G and D Integrated, which everyone found really interesting. There was a search and rescue dog named Clyde from the

Members of the health care connections class made the careeer fair possible. Photos by Mark McIntire Connections class. The purpose

Peoria Police.

of the career fair was to inform the student body about different careers to do in the future. The students were taken to the career fair during their gym, study hall, JROTC, band, choir, and orchestra classes. At the start of the spring semester the Health Care Connections class started planning this event. “The planning was very stressful, but in the end it all paid off,” said Junior Lizzie Barry. During the process for getting everything together, there were many different groups planning how everything would go. But when the career fair was actually happening, the whole class came together and showed excellent teamwork. “I never thought that it would come together enough to make it the way it is,” stated Brenda Martinez, senior. “Although there

This process was a lot more difficult and time consuming than anyone thought it would be. The Health Care Connections class had to be at the school at seven o’clock in the morning, and couldn’t leave until around four o’clock in the afternoon. The class provided snacks and refreshments for the professionals who came to speak. Students who came to learn about all the different careers were able to be a part of a prize drawing. Each student had to get at least ten signatures from the people they talked to. Once they had at least ten, they were eligible to win various prizes, such as a camera and gift certificates to different places. After all was said and done, the career fair was an excellent way for students to get the help they needed in order to make decisions about what to do with the rest of their lives.

Interested in helping CIRT?

Riding therapy helps create many different types of bonds as well as strengthening the body and mind. Hippo-therapy can be found right here, in central Illinois. Central Illinois Riding Therapy, commonly called “CIRT” was established in 1983 and it ran off borrowed horses and a grant from 4-H. At the time, there were only six riders. CIRT has come a long way since then; they now have a

carry over to the volunteers. Teenagers are more likely to be exposed to a greater diversity of people when they engage in volunteer activities and participating in such activities also help strengthen other area’s of a person’s life. Volunteers gain more responsibility because they are now held accountable for having the horses prepared for the class, offering proper support, and listening to directions carefully.

Visit or call (309) 6993710 for more information! No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

The Knightly Scroll

4 News

Teen Drug use has Gone Rampid Saving our Youth

By: Brittany Smith Recent studies show that in the past decade teen drug use has gone rampant. Young adults in America are not only drinking and smoking cannabis but has also evolved and become more frequent with more dangerous drugs such as opiates, methamphetamines, narcotics, hallucinogens, and even the illegal abuse of prescription drugs. Such as pain killers and there are many more illegal substance that are being used with rising caution. Drug use starts for many reasons you may begin to use because of curiosity, you have seen a friend or family member use it, or simply peer pressure. Whatever the reason maybe there are many signs to spotting the clues to drug use. The following list does not necessarily put your child or loved one in the category of abusing drugs some symptoms are not related to this but may warrant serious medical attention

these symptoms can be physical and behavioral. These are all physical signs of abusive behavior. Physical symptoms: Nausea, unexplained changes in eating habits, severe weight loss or gain, inability to walk straight, pupils seem larger or smaller than normal, blank stares, cold sweaty palms, shaky hands, jitters, hyperactive behavior, and needle marks on arms and legs. There are also behavioral signs that attribute to drug use. Behavioral symptoms: Sudden change in attitude such as violent or passive aggressive mood swing for no obvious reasons, drops in grades and academic performance, loss in interest in family activities, extreme paranoia, secretive or suspicious behavior, need for excessive privacy, constant lies, change in friends and hang outs without feeling the need to explain to authoritative

Cindy Clark New Principal By: Alexis Howes Within four years at Richwoods High School, the student body has gone through four principals: John Meisinger, Steve Ptacek, Shaun Grant, and now the transition to Cindy Clark. Presently the interim principal is Shaun Grant, who will be taking over as principal of an elementary school in Princeville. Cindy Clark is appointed to be the next principal at Richwoods High School next year. She is currently assistant principal at Peoria High, was previously the dean of Notre Dame High School and she is on the Greater Peoria Sports Hall Of Fame. Cindy Clark played softball and basketball at Illinois Central College and St. Ambrose. Ms.

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

Clark made the all-regional basketball team at ICC in 1979 and earned all-regional softball teams in 1979 and 1980. Clark was a very popular coach and dean at Notre Dame High School before she got fired MarchApril 2004.

figures explanation. Found in possession of paraphernalia or illegal substances. Please don’t hesitate to contact your school dean or guidance counselor if you may know a student into destructive behavior. This website shows signs of this behavior and even offers description of specific drugs if you believe a person is at risk. For these and many more signs and symptoms you can visit signs.htm.

What are kids Doing? Bath Salt By: Galen Grant Bath salt was originally a substance used to help improve cleansing and is said to have medical benefits. It is also used by cosmetic agents but now there is a relatively new type of “bath salt”. MDPV is a psychoactive drug that was used in 2004 as a research chemical and has many names like Magic, Super Coke and PV. In 2010 it was sold as a legal drug alternative but was placed under the name “bath salt” and was given new names such as Cloud 9, Ivory wave and White Dove. MDPV is not FDA approved for medical use and never has been. It is reported to have four times the power as ritalin. This drug is pure white to lightbrown and is a crumbly powder with a little odor. It starts to darken and take on a new odor when exposed to air for a certain period of time. The taste of “bath salt” is very bitter but bearable and does not last long at all. This drug is said to have caused agitation, hallucinations,

chest pain, high blood pressure, and worst of all suicidality. These psychological effects last 3 to 4 hours and include hours of after effects. People who have done this drug have also had a kind of addictive sensation for it after one use. MDPV has one of the most intense highs reported thus far. If snorted, which is the most popular way, MDPV starts to act faster on the body but lasts only 2 to 3 1/2 hours. If eaten, i takes longer to act on the body but can last 2 to 7 hours. No matter how you take it the after effects last 2 days at the least. In the United States, Louisiana has managed to make these salts illegal. Michigan, North Dakota, Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, California, and Hawaii have introduced bills to make these “salts” illegal. The thing about banning these “salts” is that they don’t all contain the same substances. For example, a state can ban MDPV but other bath salts may contain Methylone, therefore, making that bath salt legal as long as it does not contain MDPV. This drug is not safe for anyone to take at anytime because you will never know how you will react and you have no control over it.

Peoria Promise

College for Free? By: Nationn Jordan Reminder for all District 150 students that plan on going to college, you can go to ICC. Why? If you’ve been at a District 150 school at least 3 years and graduate you are promised a whole two years at ICC for free with 64 credit hours you can use at a 3-year period at Illinois Central College. Peoria Promise Has supported 600 and more students in 2 years and plans to support more. During these difficult economic times, we as students need all the support and help. As we know money is one of the most issues’ towards college funds; dorm rooms, house experiences, rent, books fee’s, and etc., is very hard now days. To work and go t school can be very difficult and stressful, worrying bout when your homework is due and rent. Peoria Promise helps with that. Two years free, that’s a dream. They have a program called Finical Aid. It helps pay for some of the thing you need help paying for. It gives you a chance to go to college and not worry about so many things at once. C Our major Jim Ardis said “Peoria

Promise will have a positive impact on our city in way we can’t even imagine.” The non–profit program that sends Peoria students to Illinois Central College for free is finishing its first year this week. Nearly 250 students, like Richwood’s High School graduate Kim Black, attended ICC this year because of the program. She still remembers when she found out she qualified.

h t t p : / / w w w. c e n t r a l i l l i local/45308782.html

The economy has impacted the program. They say they fell about $100,000 short of their $650,000 fundraising goal. Gerstner says they will still give students scholarships, but there will be one difference for the upcoming school year. Peoria Promise is currently one of the few communities in our state that provides the opportunity for post-secondary education to graduates of its public schools. It is also one of a limited number of cities in the nation with this type of program. Peoria is unique in that funding does

not come from one single business, from tax dollars, or from wealthy donors. Our community for our community funds Peoria Promise. Businesses, organizations, families, and individuals have stepped up to provide funding to help young people realize their dreams and, in turn, help the community prosper. “In order to accomplish our goals, we need the support of the entire community. Every contribution is welcome and needed” says Tara Gerstner, Executive Director. From its inception, Peoria Promise has supported over 800 students at Illinois Central College—a tremendous investment in the future of our youth and the future of our city!

Http://thecommunityword. com/online/blog/2011/04/03/ the-peoria-promise-for-thecommunity-and-the-students/

Peoria Promise is a big impact on all of the teens in Peoria and helped out a lot of our teens out for college. There’s so much Peoria Promise has to offer for now and the future. Also, bringing a lot to the plate. Work hard to get diploma then get 2 years free.

May 16, 2011

News 5

The Knightly Scroll

Jobs,Jobs,Jobs Money at your Fingertips By: Samantha Ward

It’s that time of year again when students thoughts turn to warmer weather, getting out of school and having a fun summer. However, a number of students must also think about a summer job to pay for cars, car insurance, dates, phone bills, etc. During the summer students may have more fun but no money, then jobs come in handy. At first the summer is about having fun but after a while a job is needed. Summer is a time you need stability in your life, which a job will provide. Some students don’t mind having a job during the summer but others find it takes up too much of their personal time. Some believe their personal time is more important than having a job and having responsibilities. At times parents may seem to push their children to get part-time jobs to save money for themselves and to pay for extra curricular activities. Parents believe it creates more stability in the child’s life. About 70 to 80 percent of teens work for pay sometime during their lives, and about half

Day of Silence

By: Megan Van Beek

Shhhh! Be silent for the day of silence. On Friday April 15 was the annual day of silence at Richwoods High School. The day of silence is when members of the Gay-Straight alliance and anyone else who chooses to participate are silent for the recognition of those who are gay, lesbian or of any other sexual orientation. It shows that there are people who know that just because someone is

of the young people who are employed work more than 15 hours during a school week (http://www. html). Getting a job isn’t easy, so most students look at all their options. Whether they actually want a job or school is their number one priority. There are lots of places to work in Peoria but there are certain precautions you must take. Most of the work facilities hire sixteen year olds in places such as McDonalds, Subway, or even restaurants like Red Lobster. Some students would like to work at an early age like fifteen years old but you must have a workers permit. Fifteen year olds are only allowed to work 18 hours during a school week and three hours on a school day. Having a job also takes away from students being in extra curricular activities in school. Extra curricular activities get you scholarships and better opportunities for college. The need for cash is there but it’s your

decision on whether you want to make money by having a job or earning money through scholarships. Students can be in sports such as soccer, basketball, track, choir, band, drama, or even football. ‘’Its hard work doing extra curricular activities and schoolwork at the same time, it takes a lot of dedication’’, said Jaylnn White. There are some students who just get by in school and are average students; extra curricular activities just make it easier to get into college. You need money to survive in life and to pay certain bills and do extra things. Money isn’t everything but it is an important aspect in life itself. Some students want to save up for college tuition and others may need financial aid. Financial aid is a catch-all term referring to any program that offers money to assist with the costs associated with being a student. Every student has different options and different opportunities because every student has a different


Students love having money at the fingertips but don’t realize that there is a price to pay when making money. You walk into the school at the beginning of the school year and feel happy and energetic. During the school students get jobs and you see a big change and appearance and in their attitude. ‘’ Having a job is tiring but I love having the money’’, said Derrick Brown. Having a job is hard-work and less time for to sleep so you can be ready for school the next day. Sometimes things are rough and grade might drop. Is this really the price to pay for your education? In just a few years you will be done with college and having a good paying job and then having a job can finally be a priority. Students in this day and age seem to focus on the wrong things. On the other hand having a job shows you different things such as knowing how to be professional and knowing what to in a business environment. In some ways you are showing the

employer or people in general what you are capable of doing. Dedication is the key in anything you do. Showing your teachers, principal, or your employer that you can be dedicated in school and at the job. Once you have the job you must show that you aren’t a quitter. If you really wanted this job and you have dedication you will know in the end it was worth it. Having a job is a way of life and eventually you must have one to succeed in life. It’s your choice to either over work yourself and have it now, or later. As you can see once you have a job it’s difficult to multi-task. You should really be focusing on school because it is the best thing to do. School should really be your number one priority. Students lose the real meaning of what it means to really get an education and keep one. Maybe if some students worried about school more than jobs you would see an improvement in school.

A Silent Day All Over the World of a different sexual orientation doesn’t mean that they are any less of a person than they are. In school a majority of gay, lesbian or bisexual people are bullied and feel left out. The day of silence is to prove that not everyone discriminates against people just because they’re different. Every year the Gay-Straight alliance promotes their day for everyone to get involved and show their support by selling Culvers Frozen Custard at all lunches. It is said that, there were a total of 4,960 contemplated suicides among United States youth between

the ages of 15 to 24 in 1993. In 2010, there was said to be over 5,000 suicides because of alleged gay bullying. It’s not right to bully someone just because

they are of a different sexual orientation than you may be, even if you don’t agree with it. People with different ethnicities of different sexual orientations have a right to be with anyone they please. There should be no discrimination against people

who choose to live their lives a different way. People choose to be this way for a reason. The first-ever day of silence was started in 1996 at the University of Virginia. In 2008 the day of silence had spread to over 8,000 middle school, high schools, colleges, and universities across the county. There are a number of people who don’t believe the day of silence solves or even helps anything. Those people obviously don’t know how much people of different sexual orientations get bullied at school, and in every day life.

Although there are a number of people who don’t believe that the Day of Silence helps anything, but the number of people who participate in the day is truly amazing. So even if you’re not gay, or lesbian, you should try and participate in the day of silence, because you could help save a life.

6 Senior bios

Stunning Seniors

Esmeralda Estela Moreno It was pure happenstance that 18 year old Esmeralda Estela Moreno discovered her niche in the journalism field. Her personal choice to drop out of American Justice during her junior year helped establish her profound love and enjoyment of journalism. Before junior year, she wasn’t even sure what journalism really was; this past year she served as the editorin-chief for Dr. Kerns’ fifth hour journalism class. Esmeralda, also known as “Ezzie” or “Ezzy” enjoyed the inner-workings and the challenges of journalism. For her, the challenge is worth the reward.Ezzie plans on attending Western Illinois University, where she hopes to land a job on the Western Courier. She hopes to either minor in journalism or to return to school one day, where she will pursue a degree in it. If for some reason, these plans do not work out, she believes she

will always be involved in journalism in some shape or form. Next fall, she will pursue a master’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders with a minor

of either Journalism or Spanish. She chose Western because the overall feel of it made her feel right at home. The goals and everything it has to offer was also a large deciding factor for her. Though she may be leaving, she still has high hopes

for the journalism class of next year. Ezzie advises that the students listen to Dr. Kerns- he is the professional in this situation. Don’t question, just do. Embrace everything. Peoria has been all she’s known for the past 16 years. She will miss being involved in all the school activities but is also looking forward to her future. Though she leaves behind 5 siblings; Armando, Kali is Nia and Bryn she’ll miss them just as much as they’ll miss her. Her friends will, too. Maybe in her free time she’ll be able to enjoy a slice of her favorite food, pizza. While eating that pizza, she may even be able to watch “Remember Me”, her favorite movie. Or maybe she’ll start writing people notes and then have to redo them all over again. Whatever the case, Ezzie was actively involved in and out of school, she plans to be just as active in college. She’s looking forward to her future and doesn’t look back at her past with regretful thoughts.

David Robertson 17 year old senior David Robertson, media inter student has written, directed, and produced numerous of film projetcs. He not only excels in film and academics but is tremendously involved within his school, as well. For example, the past four years he has been a writer for the Shield, a singer in madrigals and chorus, a member of the cross country team and a particpant of the music assembly, Aside from that he has also been involved in numerous musicals within Richwoods and the community. Some examples are: Fame, Grease, Footlose and The Sound of Music. David enjoys performing and the cast partys that

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

come with being in musicals. Besides that, his intrests other intrests include: watching movies, playing the piano and running. He enjoys playing/ singing music because he feels, it allows you to express yourself because your able to personify it and make it your very own. Thankful for the media program at school, Dr. Kerns’ guidance a n d i n s p i r e d b y We s Craven’s work, David hopes to follow one day become a screenwriter. In order to further pursue his dream career he plans to attend the University of Illinois in the fall, where he will be pursuing Cinema Studies. Afterwards, he plans to attend graduate school in

New York or Los Angles. His goals for the future include writing the next big horror series and visiting the Greek Islands, Los Angles and New York. (again)

Galen Grant 1 8 - y e a r - o l d s e n i o r having a good time and Galen C Grant is an playing different kinds entertainment writer of video games, his all time favorite is Gears Of War 3. Galen’s favorites are an array of things, such as: hiphop, movies such as The Hangover, shows like The Office, and the professional sports team, the Philly Eagles. His favorite food is sunflower seeds. Galen plans on attending Illinois Central College, where he will be pursuing a degree in the automotive technician field due and sports editor for to his interests in cars. the Knightly Scroll. In He hopes to one day his spare time, he enjoys visit China.

Marcus Goh Currently 18 year old senior Marcus Goh is a sports writer/editor, entertainment writer and feature editor for the Knightly Scroll. When he’s not helping with the paper, he is an avid music listener, video games and sports junkie. He enjoys listing to all different kinds of music but especially his favorite song, Viva la Vida by Coldplay. He also enjoys playing video games and writing reviews on them for the Scroll. Out of his numerous video games, his favorite is the NBA Street Volume 2. Aside from listening to music, playing video games, in his spare time Marcus enjoys playing soccer, football and

basketball with friends. In fact, he is part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. His professional sports team of choice is the Chicago Bears. With these and many other different interests Marcus is not entirely decided on a major yet, he however has picked the University of Illinois as his college choice. His goal for the future is: getting a job that he will find fun and having a family of his own. He also hopes to visit China, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil and anywhere in Europe, someday. He lives by the quote, “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want,” by: Bill Watterson

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

Senior bios 7

Stunning Seniors Brittany Smith

Currently, 18 year old senior Brittany Smith is passionate about life, music, and helping others. Her desire to know more about the media world and it’s inner workings lead her to take journalism, this year. She is now a feature/editorial editor annd news writer for the Knightly Scroll. Brittany describes herself as creative, happy and caring. She exhibits thesequalities and more each and every day. She is always offering new/ creative ideas and is always eager to lend an extra helping hand with the Scroll. When not working at her brother’s amusement

happy, and caring. The park, she enjoys listening to Skillet, reading a real reason behing her drive abd dedication to book and watching Criminal Minds. She is be sucessful not only to helping others and her school is because of her aunt Marget, who is her role model and the quote that she lives be, “If you stand for nothing, you will for anything,” to being successful, she lives by the quote “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” In the fall, she will be attending Illinois Central College where she will be putting her passion of helping others a feature and editorial to use via the field of editor and news writer for the Knightly Scroll. registered nursing. She aspires to one day visit Brittany describes Arizona, California, and herself as creative, New York.

Megan Van Beek Senior 18 year old Megan Van Beek strives to succeed in everything she does is outgoing, friendly, talkative and creative. She dislikes few things but rather enjoys many other

the professional sports teams: St. Louis Cardinals & the Minnesota Vikings, the TV show: One Tree hill and her preferred food staple mac and cheese. In her spare

things. For example, she time Megan enjoys shopping, enjoys the fall season, reading, hanging out with anything by Taylor Swift, friends and family when

not working at Auntie Annie’s. Megan will be attending Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in the fall and plans on majoring in business and marketing, w h i l e there. Her choice to pursue business a n d marketing is because s h e believes there are m a n y things you can do with it. Besides, It will give her a good start on. whatever she later decides on. In the future, she plans to back pack through Europe.

Laurel Ellis Senior 18 year old Laurel Ellis current media intern student has followed her passion and interest in music, film and movies relentlessly. She has started, worked and completed multiple film projects that include: short films, dean clips and the most recent, the PSAE daily tips. She has also entered in film contests and placed 1 st , several times. Also, under her guidance this year, she brought back the film festival which allowed students to showcase their films to friends and families on the big screen. She plans on continuing her passion for film at New York University.

She chose the University based on many factors which are: location a n d t h e omprehensive film program offered there. She enjoys film for many reasons but mainly because she gets to manipulate p e o p l e s emotions by making them scream, laugh and even cry. Her future goals/ plans are to direct the next big horror series, make a movie documentary about the genocide in Sudan, visit Australia and Ireland all while living with no excuses and loving with no regrets, which is her motto for life.

Alexis Jacoby Howes 17 year old senior Alexis Jacoby Howes who loves the season summer and country fried steak with mashed potatoes/ gravy is a hyper, downto-earth, loveable and giddy kind of girl. She enjoys hip-hop, the show: Lincoln Heights and the professional football sports team: the Florida Gators. Despite her many interests and favorites, she has multiple passions, which are: dancing, running, photography but most importantly children. Her love for children has lead

her to the descion to pursue elementary education as her future major. She will be working towards her major first at Illinois Central C o l l e g e because of the Peoria P r o m i s e scholarship a n d afterwards she plans on transferring to Lincoln Christian College where she hopes to further her education and beliefs in Christ. In doing this and by being successful in life she will be achieving one of her many future goals which is to make her parents proud. She plans on visiting every place possible, when given the chance.

8 Creativity

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll A

ll p Mem orand ho M u By: L oren tos by izzie m Of Adm o Esm Barr iratio y n eral Placi da d eye s in w Rapi d hi Feeli palpation ch glitter ing g ng it s, my oodne fro he Thy h ss ent as ch m the roo art seem re s to s ased In my t s o f i a m ng as ats, w soul, y hai it ski your ay all my r, to ps a f the v prese e ery t nce s woes, Time ips of w mere be hall f is lon ats; oreve my to g
 But s r be r es, till th i n y ma I shou ging ke in ech l Oh, jo d have ne s my soul oes. ver d sing t yous one t is life h No lo e m hy w ! n rong. ost deligh My w ger do I g tful s ive m ords ong, yself no lon s uch s ger se trife, Year para sh te us like t But s ave passe he sh till, t arpes last. his a d, t knif dmir e. a tion, For s this l ome t o ime, ve, it But n we alwa o ys stu We se w we feas were forc t on t ck- it em to ed to he su f was a You’v start a s t , ccule e got lway over, nt fru s mea me w My m f r e s its of h as a rapp nt to emor forgiv ed ar p andu But y u r e ound eness white m of ou m y admi and l ustn’t We w ove, ratio our finger dove. w o n has , snug I don n’t scurry orry, n g ow bl ’t , ossom er than an But I expect us ed to y glo t d o o c b ompl could ve, e love; etely make lieve, that oblite it las g i v en th rate t. e pro t per c he past, hanc e, we could make it- th is tim e, we

o od




an ew

But t h scor e person ed will n well on who a o the b t necess n SAT a e best st docto rily be r l busin awyer or or the t e do no ssman. T he best h t acter measure ese tests , ativit leadershi chary p Willia , persever , crean m J. Wilso ce. n pl

eo ep v i at re ted. c All xpec arr e m un y La d He

d mind an r u o y f o r t a cor ne t. ntly fill i Clean ou a t s n i l l i yw creativit k Dee Hoc

d Cliffor awhan Sh K By: J e, ok at m . o l u o o y used t e way I like th like what I’m lips twitch r un It’s so s soften; you es, e y m e s r of il e. You aintest . Right at m r f e Ge h t k to o ve n i o e l r t ou jus do is stare fo -of bea nius And y n o t o I want pressi wh rs t is es And all ce-at the ex a f at that Ma o pos he st sent . s r i u ld da se am ally yo e shou m me ss p o t a k c ou loo de es i f th reat way y e h T St t. e in ive n ael div ; it be dracwaptured forevteerd time with idu limi And such a al e v a h I ever ea of n . d i , e u h t o y nd that an’t sta k at me like c I t u B o you lo apply. t seeing you s u m e ;w h Maybe g . u g o n n e o t is no st do. I ’m w r that. Knowing h; we mu g M a y b e veryone like u o n e t o n te e look a me wonder. Willing is Von Goeth g n a g s lf o k It ma e u read -Johann W Can yo . u o y t look a eHow I my fac longingsn o y l n i a e l sir s, it p ading ngs, de i l am re e e I f h s My i ay I w The w yours?

e than Creativity is mor nt. just being differe weird; Anybody can plan ’s hard that’s easy. What as Bach. is to be as simple e, aweMaking the simpl at’s somely simple, th creativity. Charles Mingus

Drawing By Anna


Creativity is mer ely a plus name fo r regular activity. A ny activity becom es creative when th e doer cares abou t doing it right, or better. John Updike

May 16, 2011

Creativity 9

The Knightly Scroll



by: Mikalynn Katlack


ha by: Jordyn Shaw

With inspiration from D’Auliares’ Book of Greek Myths

me a little late, I think the sun ca member the light For I couldn’t re turn, arm, and with a You touched my the endKissed me before

Poseidon—fierce king of the seas Is my husband. On white horses, He rides the turbulent waves; His blue eyes flashing , And long hair streami ng in his wake.

ing Eve, le would stop blam And I wish peop man, es that God is a Which just prov d hungryan s ou was curi Just because she er that life was bett Maybe she knew ? With a little sin… dinosaurs? happened to the And what really y know? Do any of us trul away from us, I think they ran eir souls Or maybe just th e days…. ung ones do thes Like so many yo crumpled, ined, the towers Pompeii was ru H ai ti w as e bu rn ed , an d T he Je w s w er destroyede souls left us. No wonder thos fort me, You tried to com ork, w t n’ ld But it wou en the damagese y ad re For I’ve al me a little late, I think the sun ca member the light For I couldn’t re Eve… ld stop blaming I wish people wou

Nereus is my father, Ruler of the seas before Poseidon; A wild, old god with a long, grey beard; The son of Mother Ea rth and Pontus, the seas. Nereus had fifty daug hters— My lovely sister-comp anions The Nereids.

an y b e ed ativ z i e r r cte he c a t r ha e in c g is rt e ur a l ib ue Tr esist ein irr tist. inst E ar ert b Ha l A ac ppin cr hiev ess... Vi eativ emen it li e nc en e eff t, in s in t V or th th an t. e t e jo hr y o Go ill f gh of

hed ablis ent t s e f r out o n a diffe g n i i k ea gs es br k at thin v l o v in loo tivity order to a e r C n rns i patte ono way. rd de B a Edw Un t By: itled If I Anon y d Wo ie yo mous u u l Wo d I s ng, w e or j uld his e him ould h ust ec t fro ea him a ? a sad rs fall m hea re at Wo a sou v f o l? W r lov en? ll? wa uld I cry rmt oul e of t It’s h dg f h rief e los a s ? Wh or him ad en c t ons t kiss I am oo a um goo so nd w e rap dby sur him e if e it I di will ey b in oun e g.

orility to introduce ab e th is ity iv at Cre . omness of nature der into the rand Eric Hoffer

Po sei do n is in tem pe ra te: mo od y an d violent; He raises storms and splits the earth. They call him Earthsh aker. Yet, he also brings new islands to life.

Amphitrite am I, Queen of the deep, and Queen of the coral, Queen of the Ionian an d Agean Seas. Though my husband has other wives And children, I am not jealous or spi teful like Hera, For I have the sea And a Palace of Pear ls and Gold. The sea is my own in all her moods And all her glory – The sea with all her jew els and secrets. When I am present, th e sea is like glass. I follow the stars’ reflect ion And traipse after ships bound for Thessaly, Egypt, and Crete. I have but one child, My son- Triton. Handsome, with azur e hair, And a fishtail like his grandfather, He rides the waves On the back of a sea mo nster Blowing on the conch shell— Heir to the Sea.

verye , y a the w writable y b And n life is e the i v g a n h i u th it, t if yo ts to do u o b u o a ing g ination t o g t u g o a t he im The wors t d n a vise. ativity is o r p im cre o t y enem ubt. o self-d Plath I a an mag Sylvi d i

m f na th ake ictio tion ter an t up n lif s o hre mor W e. f o e-qu e eil ~S ur r arim ea on l e

a Laur y b ing Draw er g Berin

10 Entertainment Review on: The Dark Descent

Beast out, Beauty in! A look at the book inspired film

Would you be able to find your way out of a castle even if you didn’t remeber anything? by: Marcus Goh

Imagine waking up in a castle, far from civilization, in the year 1839. You have no memories, aside from your name, where you live, and something is coming for your life. You have nothing besides a

experience blurring vision, or hallucinations when your sanity is gone. Hiding in the dark also causes your mental health to decrease, as well With light, whether it comes from a candle or your lantern, your mental state will recover. Completing objectives also recovers your mental health. Aside from managing your mind, you must be

Experience a whole new world in the viedo game: Amnesia. Graphic by: Kristi Oldham

lantern without oil, and a note written by you, telling you to kill something lurking in the basement of the castle. If that doesn’t strike you as odd, I wouldn’t know what does. That is the basic premise of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a horror adventure game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You play Daniel, a man from London who wakes up in a castle with amnesia, being hunted by something that has been following him, and he must find clues to get back his memories and solve the mystery. As you explore through the castle, you can collect tinderboxes, lantern oil, notes and key items to help you through the game. Notes provide more hints about your past, as well as hints about your next objective. Light is an important resource, as it provides vision in dark areas, but that isn’t the only use. After wandering through the castle, you might encounter a grotesque monster lurking in the halls. Unlike some horror games today, Amnesia gives you no weapons to defend yourself with, and if the monster detects you, you must run and hide in a nearby cabinet, or hide in a dark area. Looking at these monsters for too long will ruin your mental state in the game, which causes you to

aware of your body as well. If you get spotted by a monster, it will chase you, and attack you when you get in its range. If you get hit too many times, you’ll die from your injuries. There aren’t many “true” horror games like Amnesia. Most games that are considered survival horror give you a weapon to defend yourself with. In Amnesia, you can only hide from the abominations in the darkness. With limited amounts of tinderboxes and lantern oil, you are forced to manage your resources in order to keep your sanity and see properly. This game truly is creepy, and the game even advises you to wear headphones and play in the darkness to immerse yourself in the environment before you even start playing. The game also provides for hilarious entertainment for people, at the expense of others, of course. Searching “Amnesia reactions” in YouTube pulls up several videos of people’s reactions while playing Amnesia. One of the videos shows a person playing the game with his friends, and the video highlights his panicking reactions to seeing a monster, while his friends laugh and make fun of him. The graphics aren’t that great and the textures are lacking. The sounds are amazing, and they effectively set the mood.

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

by: Samantha Ward

On March 4, 2011 the new live action movie Beastly premiered in theaters all over the world. This movie reminds you of the fairy-tale animated movie Beauty and the Beast that was released in November of 1991. The themes are the same really but the settings are different. The settings change in time and it is modern time in New York City. Beastly is based on a novel that was made in 2007( wiki/beastly_(film). This movie re-creates the scene clearer in your mind than the original old but classic Beauty and the Beast. Both movies have the same concept but they are basically put into different circumstances. Beastly is about a young boy named Kyle who is conceited and believes that beauty can get you anywhere in life. He thinks that caring about beauty should be a priority in itself. His father is rich and has money and believes this also. He is neglected by his father and takes it out on some of the students at his school. Kyle is cruel to everyone and especially to a witch named Kendra. After playing a joke or so-called prank on her, she casts a spell on him. He only has a year to find someone to love him or he will remain hideous forever. In the process of being hideous he meets a man who is blind and teaches him the lessons of life and what its like to love yourself inside of worrying

about the beauty on the outer skin. He stops going to school and cant see the girl he likes. Her named is Lindy who he somewhat likes and knows she needs to be protected and takes the job as her protector. He knows her from school and is fascinated by how she is openminded and loves life. She believes that love isn’t the same as it used to be. He doesn’t know how to get her attention and interest her so his maid helps him and in time he begins to like her and gains more feelings for her. While protecting her he tries to get her to fall in love with him. He tries so hard to gain her affection that in the process finally falls in love with her. He shows her that he knows that love has changed in this day and age but he can show her what love really means. Like in letters and heart warming gifts. All these things mean something to her. There are bumps along the way and problems with him trying to get her to fall in love with him. He learns that everything isn’t just about looks and love takes time.  Beastly is an extradinary movie and if you are looking for romance, this is your movie. This movie shows you that the outside doesn’t matter. Looking deep inside a person is what is really supposed to be done. Beastly shows you that sometimes its not about the material things, you should really want to get to know a person. Beastly is truly one of the best romance films I have ever seen.

Paul: Movie Review Paul is a comical alien of sorts.

Paul(voiced by Seth Rogen) is a good movie that slipped up in a couple of places. Paul is not only voiced by Seth Rogen but he basically is Seth Rogen. He has the same attitude and he talks with the same dialect as him. Graeme and Clive(played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) play two boys from england that are obsessed with the alien species and everything that has to do with it. So they go on a journey to the United States to a convention called Comic Con and while they are in the U.S. they rent an RV and go to a hand full of locations where alien activity has been spotted. On their way to Area 51 a cop car crashes on the side of the road but instead of a cop getting out of the car, out steps Paul to introduce himself. Paul takes them on a crazy adventure all to get him back to his mothership so he can go home. While running from Area 51 detectives the stop in an RV camp where they meet Ruth Buggs(Kristin Wiig). Ruth is a

very smart and religious girl who has black tape over the left side of her glasses due to an eye disease she has. The Comic Con scenes in this movie were great to watch because how their face lit up with excitement was really convincing that they were having a good time. Paul is also kind of like an alien landmark educational movie because throughout the movie there are references to many alien landmarks in the U.S. which, in the movie, Paul seemed to have caused. Paul is kind of a good character except for a few minor mistakes. Seth Rogen should have not played the voice of Paul but he should have actually been in the movie himself and Paul should have been more of an alien like E.T. Thats what people look forward to when watching an alien movie; seeing a weird alien from outer space with slime and goo oozing out of the pores and not being able to speak english. The movie is good but not without mistakes. 3 out of 5 stars.

Tech Out

Can you keep up with all the rapid changes in technology? by: Alex Bui What first comes to mind when you hear the words “Tablet”, “Laptop”, or even “Cell Phone”? Most people associate these words with the upmost technology brands such as Apple, Windows, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless. These top corporations are dominating America’s competition and innovations of today’s lower company’s. It’s almost undermining to say it’s not fair, because some of the lower company’s have insufficient funds for advertising. Unlike the larger corporation’s, who almost have an infinite supply of money, they do not have a steady cash flow every single month. One of the single largest technology company’s that are out there would be Apple. Apple has been, and currently is the number one seller for music devices, laptops, and personal tablets, also known as the Ipad. Overall, I think Apple sells the most Ipad’s out of the big list of items they offer. This is because all other brands offer mp3 players and laptops. Not many other businesses offer personal tablets as nice as the Ipad. Next on my topics of new technologies would be cellphones. Cell phones have revolutionized our society in the last ten years. Almost every cell phone on the market now is a smart phone or at least has web compatibility. AT&T just released their new phone that blows the Iphone out of the water. The Atrix 4g is the phone to be reckoned with. This phone has many more features than the Iphone. The Atrix 4g has app capability’s just like the Iphone but it also has fingerprint recognition on the back. This phone could prevent cell phone theft, because you must put your finger on the back to unlock it every single time. Last on the agenda are laptops. There hasn’t really been any new laptops on the market since the new Macbook’s came out. Any new advances pertaining to computers would be processors. All of what processors have to achieve is make your computer run faster and smoother. The fairly recent processor is the i7. This processor will make your computer run faster than ever. It can keep up with online games and movies being played. Computer engineers are always developing new ways to outdate and upgrade your computer. This is the age of keeping up with technologies. Technology is changing our society as we speak. No longer do we use our cell phone for placing calls but to play Angry Birds, and check our Facebook. New innovations are being made and thought up every single day and if we don’t keep up with them we might get left behind. It is our duty to either keep with the old or get in with the new.

May 16, 2011

The Knightly Scroll

Singing Summertime Fellow writer Lizzie shares her summer playist.

Summer is breathing down our necks, it’s the perfect time to roll down the windows and crank up the music. The days are getting longer and dresses are reappearing, winter’s icy air isn’t breathing so coldly on our shoulders now. Spring has sprung upon us; some of the days are even unseasonably warm. Teenagers look so eagerly towards their time of freedomsummertime. For those of you who just can’t wait for a taste of that good ole summertime freedom, I’ve made a mixed-tape for you. These are the kind of songs that I sing loudly, maybe even terribly, while I’m driving in the car with the windows rolled down, letting the fresh air sink into my lungs. “That rebel moon is shining Those stars burn like diamonds Hell bent on chasing down that crazy spark I’ll follow you where you’re leading To the first sweet taste of freedom You got me running baby Wild at heart” “Wild at Heart” by Gloriana is the epitome of a carefree summer song. The song past speaks of a reckless yet sweet teen love, rebellion, and finding one’s self. The vocals are purely wonderful; the lyrics themselves may not be the most brilliant but they make it possible to reminiscence about past summer experiences. The vocals portray the sweet summer song in a way that it seem like a bunch of happy kids living’ it up, and enjoying their life. Such a theme strongly relates to most teens. “Oh oh oh I wanna go crazy You can go crazy too Oh oh oh I wanna go crazy Wanna go crazy with you Everybody sayin’ whoaaa how sweet it is (whoaa oooh) Whoaaa, yeah it felt good on my lips” Tim McGraw’s “It Felt Good On My Lips” will leave you tapping your flip-flops even after it’s finished. The beat and feel of the song just feels right for summertime, there’s some rockin’ guitar work and catchy lyrics, but not annoying. The song tells a story, while still being carefree and fun. The story is that of a young man who lost in a soulful Hispanic woman’s charm as well as the drinks they both consume. “It Felt Good On My Lips” feels good on my lips when I sing it and it once again speaks of wanting to go crazy, to just let go and be a teen. Tim McGraw may be

Duke In Development? Could this game finally be ready after many swift changes? by:Marcus Goh

by: Lizzie Barry classified as a country artist but the overall feel of this song should please the ears of those who normally aren’t interested in the country genre. Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” rings delightfully in my ears as I yearn for days free of school and bonfire-filled nights. Don’t most of us wish for a sweet summer romance? Even if that’s not the case, it still embodies some of summertime ideals, such as dancing and enjoying the warm sunshine on the beach. The song also talks about youth that’ll always be, and when summer rolls around, it seems that we’re all young again, even if it’s only for a little bit. Of course this may not be a song I’d happily sing because it’s a bit provocative but it’s catchy nonetheless, lively, and quite enjoyable. It gets my heart racing, that’s for sure! Ah, there’s nothing like a good ole relaxing fishing song. Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie for sure! As hectic as our lives can get, it’s nice to have a calming and cool song about the simpler things in life. There’s a touch of sadness but this song makes me happy; it reminds me to enjoy the simple, sweet pleasures in life. Maybe this summer, I’ll go sit down on a dock or a beach shore and just take in the beautiful serenity of my surroundings. After all, summer is about enjoying yourself and I can’t think of too many other ways to enjoy myself other than a nice, relaxing day without a whole lot to do. Getting a good vibe from someone? Maybe you’ll want to listen to “Good Vibrations” by Beach Boys. Another oldie but goodie; the witty lyrics may just help you decode all those mixed signals from your flame. The different tempos through the song helps to keep you on your toes- just like all the different happenings in the summer time. Hey! It’s summer time! Stop your worrying! Bobby Ferin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” reminds you not to take life too seriously. The amount of drama that can occur during summer shouldn’t get to you, don’t worry, be happy. The carefree, happy melody of this song just brings a smile to my face and reminds me not to stress over anything- that everything will be okay in the end. For an added bonus, watch the music video! It’ll brighten up the day. Bobby Ferin doesn’t have to worry about making me happy, because this song sure does. Stick in there! Summer’s just around the corner and soon you can be creating new memories to reminisce about next year.

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Most games that are delayed are usually set back a few months, possibly a year or two, due to development issues. However, no other fan has experienced as large of a delay compared to Duke Nukem fans, who have been waiting since April 28, 1997. That was the day Duke Nukem Forever was officially announced for a release by 3D Realms, the original developers of the series. Duke Nukem Forever was first developed on the Quake II engine. 3D Realms had paid several hundred thousands of dollars to id Software to use their Quake II engine. Not long after the Quake II engine was released, Epic Games released the Unreal Engine. 3D Realms eventually made the switch to the Unreal Engine, and all their prior work on the Quake II engine was rendered useless. O r i g i n a l l y, 3 D Realms gave publishing and marketing rights for Duke Nukem Forever to GT Interactive back when the project first started. In December of 2000, the publishing rights were given to Gathering of Developers, after GT Interactive had its stock bought out by Infogrames Entertainment. Later on, Gathering of Developers ran into several financial problems and the company’s offices shut down and the staff was assimilated into the parent company Take-Two Interactive.
 D u k e Nukem Forever was said to ship

only “when it’s done”, according to 3D Realms ( game_over/column_gaming) . In 2003, Take-Two Interactive CEO, Jeffrey Lapin, stated that the game was not going to be released that year. George Broussard, one of the original brains behind the Duke Nukem series and one of the head writers replied Take-Two did not need the statement to help their stock, and that the development utilized 3D Realms’ time and money.
 In 2007, Broussard placed job ads with screenshots of the titular character, Duke Nukem, along with an enemy, in order to get more employees to work on the game. The ads had many replies, and the team grew from its small size of eighteen people to almost double the amount. Development was nearly

complete, and the day that Duke Nukem Forever was done appeared to be near. However, things took a turn for the worse as 3D Realms began to run out of funding for the project. They asked Take-Two for six million dollars to help finish the game, and Take-Two agreed initially before only offering two

and a half million up front, and another two and a half million upon completion. Broussard refused the offer and development was brought to a halt on May 6, 2009. 3D Realms disbanded the Duke Nukem Forever team and it looked grim for Duke.
 On May 14, 2009, Take-Two filed a lawsuit against 3D Realms for failing to complete the game. However, on June 11, 2010, the lawsuit was settled between the two parties. Although development of the game was not continued at 3D Realms, several ex-employees that worked on the development team continued their work at home, and later formed Triptych Games. 3D Realms appealed to Gearbox Software, requesting help for Triptych. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, had helped work on an expansion for Duke Nukem 3D and did some work with Duke Nukem Forever, before leaving and founding Gearbox. Pitchford stated “you can’t kill the king” (http://www. interview-saving-dukenukem-forever-by-randypitchford/) and started to provide funding for the project.
 The game was re-announced at the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo, on September 3, 2010. Gearbox announced their purchase of the intellectual property of Duke Nukem on the last day of the Penny Arcade Expo. Finally, after having been in development for over ten years, Duke Nukem Forever is almost completed. Gearbox announced a single player demo would be given to people who purchased the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands, and a press event would soon come along with a demonstration of the multiplayer mode. Duke Nukem Forever is finally being released after ten long years, and will be officially released on May 3, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


12 Sports Key to the Lockout

May 2011

The Knightly Scroll

Bye Bye Birdie

An exclusive look at the badminton club with co-founder Britta Johnson.

Does the NFL have what it takes to have a coming season?

by: Esmeralda Moreno by: Marcus Goh

Just recently, a federal court called an injunction to undo a lockout placed by the National Football League. The NFL and its players union could not reach an agreement in their bargains in early March. The NFL was planning on extending its regular season by two more games, going from sixteen to eighteen games. They were also proposing the establishment of a rookie wage

year’s NFL season was at jeopardy of being shortened, or possibly cancelled, if no agreement was reached before September 8th, the scheduled start of the regular season. Though the lockout would have put a halt on the games, a prior clause in the collective bargaining agreement would have allowed the 2011 NFL Draft to go through.With the start of new season, there will be some changes in the league.

The future of the NFL at stake? Graphic by: Kristi Oldham

scale, as well as addressing issues about players’ safety. The owners of the NFL voted back in 2008 to opt out of their collective bargaining agreement with the players union, as they wanted to negotiate to pay for investments made for stadiums and various items. This would have resulted in a pay cut for players if the deal was accepted. A lack of conclusion to the negotiations resulted in the players voting in agreement to decertify the union. This would result in players losing their collective bargaining ability, but enable players to sue the NFL owners for a antitrust lawsuit. Both the union and the league agreed to an extension for negotiations for another week before their collective bargaining agreement expired on March 3rd. Though the extension allowed for more time to negotiate the terms, the negotiations went sour and the union officially decertified on March 11th. After the decertification, ten players from the NFL filed an antitrust lawsuit. Several big names such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees filed the suit. As a result of the decertification, the league countered by initiating a lockout of the players. As a result of the lockout, this

Several teams are changing their uniforms, such as the New York Giants. The Giants plan to use a new throwback uniform as an alternate jersey. The Denver Broncos are using their navy blue jerseys as their primary jersey for the last time, and intend to switch the primary jersey to their alternate orange-colored jersey. The Buffalo Bills are also getting brand new outfits. Several head coaches were replaced midway through the 2010 NFL season, and more are being replaced in the 2011 season. The Dallas Cowboys replaced their head coach Wade Phillips on November 8th, 2011, with Jason Garrett, the team’s offensive coordinator. The Minnesota Vikings removed Brad Childress after Week 11, and handed Leslie Frazier, the team’s defensive coordinator, the mantle. Most of the head coaches that were removed from their position were fired. Two of the head coaches simply had an expired contract: Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox, and Oakland Raiders’ Tom Cable. Only one, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, resigned. With so many changes in the league, the NFL might turn out for the better, and the great news ensures another season of entertaining football.

Q- What news do you wish to share with the student body?

Q-Why lead to the final decision on making the club?

A- Jazmyn Thomas and I started a badminton club and would like people who are interested to join in on the fun.

A-There is no badminton team at Richwoods and I found that

Q-When are club meetings? A-We plan on meeting once a week starting in the Spring. Q-If anybody need information, who should be their best contact? A-The best way to get updates a n d information is to add our Facebook page ‘Bye Bye Birdie’.

Q-What is the purpose of starting said badminton club? A-There is no set purpose or goal. Different people will get different things out of it. For me, it’s just a way to have fun and staying active without the stress of ompetitiveness. Something may blossom out of it, but as of right now it just a group of people coming together to play badminton and eat cupcakes.

a lot of people like the game. I’m not much into competitive sports—hence the word ‘club’.

Q-What was the inspiration behind it?

Q-How many students have shown interest so far?

A-Our inspiration would be playing badminton in gym during free time.

A-Currently I have a roster of nine people, excluding Jasmine and myself.

Q-Why is it a good idea to join? A-I would want people to join who are looking for a way to stay active and have fun and of course, they must be a badminton fan. Q-Can anybody join? A-Anybody interested is invited to join absolutely and it’s free! If interested in joining, make sure to check out Bye Bye Birdie on Facebook.

Hittin’ up the tee As spring approaches so does the golf season.

by: Alex Bui

Spring is in the air and what better thing could you go out and do other than golf? Golf has been around for generations and generations to come. Originally, golf stood for gentleman only ladies forbidden. Now it is allowed for the general public as a

whole young or old. Imagine waking up in the morning, with the sun gleaming through your window. So, you decide to go play a round of eighteen. There is nothing better than teeing off at six thirty in the morning, listening to the birds chirping with a gentle breeze. Golf relaxes you on a stressful week or just is plain fun on a regular day.

It’s a memorable pastime that will live on for centuries to come. Golf can be pretty expensive, especially if your new to the game. Prices for clubs can be from one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Also, if your new you might want to buy some lessons from a professional at a local golf course. Depending on the pro, the price will vary. Then there are different accessories that you need to buy like balls, tees, and possibly club covers if your protective over your clubs.. Another thing that could be an issue in golf is the club or golf course price. On most courses there is usually eighteen holes. Some bigger clubs or resorts have 36 or even

72 holes for the enormous clubs. Overall, golf is an amazing sport for everyone. It is a little pricey but the cash is manageable. A lot of golf’s necessity’s are dealt with over time instead of paying for it up front. Instead of every time you play golf you pay, you can buy a club pass or membership so you pay a steady amount every month. Also, if you don’t like golf you can always tag along with a golfer and enjoy the outdoors by driving the cart.

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