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Asiabizservices Bestows Free Singapore Company Name Check Services In Singapore, before a company is incorporated, it must first be registered for its company name. ACRA is also responsible for evaluating the availability and conformity of a company name. Asiabiz Services performs for free the company name check for all business enthusiasts, especially foreign. The laws clearly prescribe that only those who have NRIC and or Singapore Personal Access can personally handle the company name check and the incorporation procedure. “We devote a webpage in our domain, specifically for an online application,” explains Asiabiz Service’s business consultant. The female consultant adds: “The online application allows investors to submit two proposed names, and a contact details preferably an e-mail address, so our team can get back to him after the names are checked.” Proposing a name for a company can be accomplished in less than an hour if it is available and conforming. ACRA drafted in its Business Name Guide three simple rules in determining the availability and conformity of a company name. “First, it must be identical to another. This means that no company shall bear a name that may resemble another company—whether registered or reserved—to the point of being mistaken for another,” explains Asiabiz. “Second, it should not be undesirable. It means to say that the company name is not obscene or suggesting obscenity. It is not violative of ethics and morals,” Asiabiz continues to elucidate. “Third, there are some names belong to a kind that even the Minister has directed ACRA not to approve. An example of this is Temasek which has registered for a trademark. This also means that all company names registered for trademarks become exclusive and must be upheld,” says Asiabiz to complete the rules. However, starting January 3, 2003, ACRA has become lenient in implementing its first rule. It does not probe deeper into the identicalness of a company name as long as it is not mistaken for another. “Should there be complaints about the company name like a typographical error, ACRA shall accept applications to rectify the error,” says Asiabiz. But for complaints that specify company names being identical to another to the point of being mistaken for a different organization, the court shall settle the matter.

Upon knowing the availability of a company name, Asiabiz may proceed to the next step which is either the registration of a company name or its reservation. Regardless, Asiabiz offers complete services for all business challenges. For more information, visit: Asiabiz Services Pte Ltd (see location map) 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589 Phone: (+65) 6303 4614 Fax: (+65) 6303 2670 E-mail:

Asiabizservices Bestows Free Singapore Company Name Check Services  

A company name check is performed by AsiaBiz Services as an initial step to ensure that your desired proposed company name is available for...