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richmond baptist church FROM THE PASTOR Merry Christmas! Welcome to Richmond Baptist Church. Thank you for joining us for our Christmas celebration. I hope you have great day celebrating with family and friends. Sarah and I are expecting a little boy in March and I cannot wait to meet him. Our boy’s birth will be heralded by some text messages, a few phone calls and a status update on Facebook. For Sarah and I it will be an amazing occasion. Our family and friends will celebrate too, some will come visit and some will bring gifts. Beyond a few congratulations from other friends as they hear our family news, the arrival of our son will not make the paper, or get us on Sunrise with Mel & Kochie, or have photographers blocking our driveway to get a photo of the red faced newbie. We won’t get a letter from the Prime Minister or the Queen, or a visit from the Mayor or our local MP. Actually, our sons arrival will be rather ordinary.

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. An event celebrated by billions of people around the world. You would expect that God would announce the birth of his son with divine fanfare. We might expect things like a fireworks show of exploding stars, angels knocking on every door to announce the birth, creating a new animal and maybe a new natural wonder (maybe another New Zealand) in Jesus’ honour. Of course there would be huge announcements involving national leaders, influencers and all the other important people that get invited to that sort of event, all to announce and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Instead Jesus birth had little fanfare, only the shepherds heard the angels. There was no worldwide announcements or public events; Jesus was born in tiny town in a small occupied country. No one important came to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Some shepherds came, but they were unclean

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according to Jewish law and would not have been allowed to go the Jewish temple. Later on some wise men came, but they were foreigners and would also not have been allowed beyond the outer courtyard of the temple complex. Joseph was there, but he was just a carpenter who had adopted Jesus as his own son. Mary was there but she was just a teenage girl from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t it amazing that God would invite such ordinary people to be the first to know about and celebrate Jesus’ birth. God was sending a message. God wants all people to come to him, it doesn’t matter who you are, he wants to know you. It doesn’t matter if you have an ordinary job with little money or influence; he wants to know you. It doesn’t matter where you come from or were you were born; he wants to know you. It doesn’t matter how ordinary you feel; he wants to know you. Today as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, know that God wants to know you. Jesus died for you to show just how much he loves you. Have a great Christmas, from a nobody, who wants everybody to know about Somebody! Elliot

CELEBRATIONS ˆˆ Lisa McNally 27 Dec

ˆˆ Richard Adams 16 Jan

ˆˆ Aarian Keane 10 Jan ˆˆ Jaala Adams 13 Jan ˆˆ Doug Jones 15 Jan

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PRAYER REQUESTS –– Praise God for all that he has done in and for our church this year! –– Pray for new arrivals, migrants, students who are away from family this holiday season

–– Pray for some of the people in our church family who are recovering or unwell: –– Vic Carpenter –– Pam + Max Callaghan

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Newsletter: 25 December 2011  

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