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richmond baptist church FROM THE PASTOR Hi Church, I hope you are having a blessed and safe start to your new year. How are your new years resolutions going? Hang in there! A few more weeks and you will have formed new habits and broken old ones. King Jesus commanded us to love God with all our minds so I want to encourage you to consider how you might include regular times of studying and learning in your plans for this year. The goal of this sort of study is to have “the mind of Christ” so that we can live the life of Christ by the empowering enablement of the Spirit of Christ. The Scriptures have helpful things to say about the benefits of regular bible study. To help us learn Scripture we are told to: Hear God’s word (Luke 11.28, Romans 10.17) so plan to listen to lots of sermons, lectures and audio bibles.

Read God’s word (e.g. Revelation 11.28) as often as Jesus did. So plan to read, read and read God’s word. Study God’s word (e.g. Ezra 7.10, Acts 17.11) as often as Jesus did, which caused people to be amazed at his insights (Matthew 7.28-29). So plan to dig deeper into God’s word, connecting passages and events and people and locations. Memorise God’s word (Psalm 119.11, Proverbs 22.17-19) as Jesus did, which enabled him to freely quote Scripture as needed (e.g. Matthew 4.1-11). So plan to memorise and recall, this takes practice and effort. Jesus humbly entered human history as a man an so he had to learn and grow just as we do (Luke 2.52). When we see Jesus quoting Scripture throughout his life, we can infer that he spent a considerable amount of time hearing, reading, studying and memorising God’s Scripture. Like

a family to belong to

CONT... Today Zac Wilcox Much Forgiveness, Much Love Luke 7.36-50 Join us in the back room

Next Week Nate McAloon A girl healed and a woman restored Luke 8.40-56 Join us in the back room

Jesus, we will benefit greatly from ongoing learning about God from his word. We will learn more and more about Jesus as the Holy Spirit meets us in the pages of Scripture. Here are some links (see the online version of the newsletter on the church website: to some helpful bible reading plans that you might like to use this year. I have printed a few of these out for you to take if you prefer a paper copy, they are available in the back room when you get your coffee after the service. •

M’Cheynes Reading Plan Over one year or two.

Chronological Reading Plan Follow the events of the bible in historical order.

The Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers A plan that gives some flexibility in when you do your readings.

A helpful tip is to find someone else to read with and keep accountable with, it could be your spouse, your friend or someone else! I pray that you might have the mind of Christ this year! Elliot

CELEBRATIONS ˆˆ Doug Jones 15 Jan ˆˆ Richard Adams 16 Jan ˆˆ David Walter 23 Jan ˆˆ Dan Nowak 31 Jan

NOTICES –– Please email with any items for the newsletter –– Church Camp: We are thinking of having a church camp in 2012. Speak to either Mike or Elliot if you have any ideas and expressions of interest

PRAYER REQUESTS –– Pray for our leaders and pastors as they consider the year ahead and all that God has in store for us in 2012! –– Pray that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully

through West Torrens and our church this year –– Pray for Pam Callaghan and the family

SERMON NOTES Mike Russell Pastor 0432 688 791

Elliot Keane Pastor 0408 180 284

Office 8352 8887

Newsletter: 15 January 2012  

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