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richmond baptist church FROM THE PASTOR Hi, thanks for being with us today.

But I think that Mother’s Day can and should be used to recognise every one of the ladies in our church community. Whether or not they have children, don’t have children, couldn’t have children, couldn’t keep their children, lost their children or have grown up children.

people were overflowing into the streets. At one point Jesus mother and brothers arrived to speak with Jesus, we aren’t told, but maybe they wanted to insist that he came to the next Sunday roast. Someone tells Jesus that his mum and bros are waiting in line to speak with him. We might expect that Jesus would send out some VIP passes so that his family could come in and see him. But Jesus response is surprising, instead of inviting them or going out to see them he first responds by saying, “Who are my mother and brothers? My mother and brothers are those that hear and do the word of God.”

Here’s why I think that. In the gospels written by Matthew, Mark and Luke we read about a time when Jesus was teaching in a packed out house, so full that

In this passage Jesus introduces us to God’s family. Its not as though Jesus rejects his family entirely (in the Gospel of John we read about Jesus care for his

Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to thank our mums for all of the love, and service, and sacrifice that they made or continue to make for their children. And if possible, we should take the opportunity.

a family to belong to

CONT... Today - 13 May Ps Elliot Keane 5 Big Questions about God 2. What’s with all the suffering? The coffee machine won’t be on today as so many of us are heading out for lunch with mum or family.

Next Sunday - 20 May Ps Elliot Keane 5 Big Questions about God 3. Christians, what’s with all the hypocrisy? Please join us for a coffee after the service

mother as he hung on the cross). Jesus places great emphasis on God’s family. For Jesus his family were the ones that heard the word of God and obeyed it. In God’s family we are all given the responsbility to influence and teach and love and serve other disciples (they are even called our children). In Paul’s first letter to Timothy he writes “Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father. Treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.” So today, take the opportunity to honour older women as mothers for they have been a mother to you, or one of your brothers and sisters in God’s family. Treat them, thank them, pray with them and for them. Today lets be thankful for our mums, all of them. Elliot

NOTICES –– Sunday Services: Over the coming weeks we will be trialing some variations to our services. We welcome your participation and feedback. Please take the time to learn why we are trying these new, or renewed, variations. –– Current Preaching Series: 5 Big Questions about God. Over the next three weeks we consider questions about hypocrisy in the church, Jesus claim to be the only way to God, and the existence of hell. Who can you invite? –– Renovation work on the back hall is well underway, all going well we start painting next weekend. Please be mindful of the scaffolding and other building materials that are scattered throughout. We need your help as we continue to clean and paint the walls. Join us on Saturday mornings from 10am. Speak with Brad to find out more. –– In June Pastor Elliot has the opportunity to go to Egypt, Jordan and Israel for a study tour. The subject will be credited to his Master of Divinity qualification that he is undertaking. He will be away for two Sundays during the eighteen day trip. Please pray especially for Sarah, Aarian and Ronin who won’t be going with him. –– Please email with any items for the newsletter


ˆˆ Mother’s Day 13 May

ˆˆ Calista Nowak 13 May

ˆˆ Glenda Potts 13 May


PRAYER REQUESTS –– Thank you and Praise God for generous and continued giving to the Lord’s work in this church.

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Newsletter - 13 May 2012  
Newsletter - 13 May 2012  

Richmond Baptist Church Newsletter: 13 May 2012