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Welcome to Richmond Wheel and Castor Co

Richmondau is a five decades old company, which manufactures and supplies various materials handling equipments and systems such as Pallet trucks, Conveyors and handling systems. Over the years, we have provided our clients with high quality products to our clientele based in Australia as well as New Zealand.

Warehouse Trolleys •

The benefit of using extensively Warehouse Trolleys is to eliminate the entire process of manual lifting of heavy goods and materials. For instance, some of them come with a number of detachable attachments or designed to meet a particular purpose. But the main focus is to handle heavy freight and increasing the safety of the workers.

Richmond Drum Dolly and Lifter This is yet another important equipment, used in warehouses and different industries for handling and moving different types of liquid materials stocked in drums, barrels or drums. It is available in different sizes, shapes and specifications as per loading and transportation needs. The chief use of a drum dolly is moving hazardous waste or storing containers having flammable substances.

Tow Tugs at Richmond Store Tow Tugs increases productivity and reduce manpower hire with the ability to move the load with a very swift speed. Their compact size and finger tip size make them very easy to maneuver. Some variants of these equipments are fully programmable and control system enabling speed and acceleration in a big way. But what makes it one of the safest materials handling equipment is an automatic braking and emergency reverse.

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Smooth storing transportation – warehouse trolleys, drum dolly, tow tugs  

There are numerous equipments, which are used in different industries to stock and transfer materials without the use of manual labour. Thes...

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