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Welcome to soya suppers! When was the last time you hosted a dinner party for friends? Hosting a dinner party can be a rewarding experience for you and your friends! Alpro soya is offering you a unique way to get your friends and loved ones together by hosting a party that gives you the opportunity to try something new and give back to your community at the same time! The Alpro soya suppers programme is designed to help you create the perfect dinner party, try exciting new recipes and turn your dinner party into a worthy cause. Inside you will find entertaining tips, recipe ideas and ways you can use your party to give back to your community or local charity.

How does it work? Instead of having your loved ones bring over a bottle of wine or flowers to your next gathering, have them bring a donation to your favourite local charity. It could be your local hospice or the RNLI, whichever charity is near and dear to your heart! If you’re having trouble deciding which local charity log onto or Once you’ve collected your donations post them to your charity and feel good about yourself that you’ve done something great and enjoyed yourself at the same time! Don’t forget to e-mail your experiences to us at

Getting started It’s easy to get started to throw your own soya supper. Simply use this kit as a guide. Any get together, from an impromptu backyard barbecue to a formal black tie event any party can be a soya supper! We’ve put together 5 themes with suggested menus to help you get started! Choose from Indian, Thai, Chinese, British or Italian to create your unique menu.

Cooking with soya Have you ever tried cooking with soya? You may not have considered using soya products when you make your dips, sauces, desserts and other delicious dishes but its a tasty and a healthy alternative to dairy. Alpro soya milk, yogurt and dessert alternatives are naturally low in saturated fat and naturally contain omega 3 and 6, the good fats which can help to keep your heart healthy. Our alternative to single cream is also a healthier option than standard dairy single cream. Soya can be used in all of the same ways in cooking that dairy can - so why not try a bit of variety in your culinary life?

Top tips for perfect parties Parties are supposed to be fun, so make it easier on yourself and spend a little bit of time before your party getting organised. Your efforts will be rewarded when you are able to sit back and enjoy the company of your guests

Top tips for dinner party success You may want to consider: Writing out the entire menu. You’ll be able to organise your shopping and time your prep work much better having written down everything you plan to prepare. Delegating some aspects of your party to friends and family. Whether it’s cooking, serving, setting the table, decorating the room, or collecting coats at the door, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Recording your event whether it’s with photographs, a guest diary, or sharing recipes. Try playing some fun party games to lighten the mood.

Hosting a formal dinner party Formal doesn’t have to mean stuffy or uncomfortable. It’s just about the finishing touches.

Decorating the table Take a little extra time to set a beautiful table for your dinner party with a tablecloth or placemats, napkins, tableware, and glassware. Although a flower centerpiece may be the first thing you think of for decorating a dinner, it isn’t the only choice. Make a grouping of three simple containers of different heights. (Arrangements of odd numbers of things are often more appealing to the eye than groups containing even numbers of elements.)

Fill them with lemons and limes, or polished stones that support one beautiful flower. Keeping it simple and subtle often makes for a more dramatic centrepiece and allows you to focus on preparing the food you’ll be serving. Special touches A printed menu is a fun way to let guests know what’s on the menu. Displayed near where you serve starters or drinks, this can be another easy conversation starter. For a dinner party in which the guests don’t all know one another, hand-lettered place cards are a great way to help people remember new names, and it lets you direct where guests will sit.

Try some party games! Your guests may enjoy a few party games. Do you think you know everything there is to know about good food? What’s good for you, what’s bad for you? Why not try these few simple questions with your friends and find out who actually knows more! We will send you some questions to get you started!

‘Taste test’ Get a blindfold and different kinds of edible food. Divide into teams and blindfold one person from each team. Let them smell and touch the food while their team can give them up to 3 clues for them to guess the item. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

‘Food Myths’ Give everyone coloured paper, one blue, one white. When they think they know the answer ask them to hold up one colour. Designate white for false, blue for true. The questions will surround myths about food and dieting. For instance, did you know that what time you eat doesn’t affect your diet? Most people are under the impression that late night snacking can lead to weight gain, when in actuality it’s not when you eat it’s what you eat! The question will be: What time you eat affects your diet, true or false. See who knows the answer. The team with the most points wins!

‘20 questions’ Write the names of recognisable celebrities and have everyone pick one out of a hat or bowl. They aren’t allowed to see which celebrity they are, put the name of the celebrity on their back and they are allowed to ask you exactly 20 questions to guess which celebrity they are. Someone has to keep track of the questions, if they guess in 20 questions they win!

Enjoy your soya supper. We look forward to being part of your experience. Don’t forget to send us an e-mail at to tell us all about it. We’ve also included a questionnaire so you can give us some feedback.

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Soya Suppers  

When was the last time you hosted a dinner party for friends? Hosting a dinner party can be a rewarding experience for you and your friends...