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Attention all breast and ovarian cancer survivors! MonaLisa Touch is the solution to the post treatment symptoms they never prepared you for. This is the first FDA approved laser treatment for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Finally a solution that is estrogen free, non hormonal and 100% safe for you. The MonaLisa Touch is a simple procedure done in the office with virtually no pain, no side effects and in just a few minutes.

A procedure patients are calling “Life Changing.�

Let the gynecologic experts care for you and the area they know best.

Be one of the first to learn about Mona Lisa Touch. Please join us at Arizona Women’s Care for an informational open house and seminar:

October 29th, 5-7pm RSVP to Jennifer at 480.455.0016 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

www.ArizonaWomensCare.com Special offer will be given to those attending. If you can’t make it to the seminar but are interested please call to make a private appointment.

Meet the first Board Certified Gynecologists performing the MonaLisa Touch in Arizona with over 90 years of combined experience.

JulieAnne Castilla M.D. Board Certified

JulieAnn Heathcott M.D. Board Certified

Kelly Helms M.D. Board Certified

Julie Kwatra M.D. Board Certified

Ann Langer M.D. Board Certified

University of Michigan Phoenix Integrated Residency Program in OB/GYN

St. Louis University Phoenix Integrated Residency Program in OB/GYN

University of Nevada Phoenix Integrated Residency Program in OB/GYN

Ohio State University Phoenix Integrated Residency Program in OB/GYN

Creighton University, Phoenix Integrated Residency Program in OB/GYN


PHOENIX - CAMELBACK 1650 E Camelback Rd. 602 297 1515 PHOENIX - MOON VALLEY 245 E Bell Rd. 602 495 1515

waxcenter.com/reservations europeanwax *This fab offer expires 11/26/15 First-time guests only. Guest must reside in state where redeemed. Not valid for all services. Additional restricions may apply. Visit waxcenter.com for complete terms and conditions. Š 2015 EWC


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Talking with Chef Cullen Campbell of Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails.

Trish McCarty is making a global difference.

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Cathy Kleeman talks about her new role at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

The Kentucky Thunder.

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26 Her Style Meet Nicole Royse.

28 His Style Meet Vince Dorazio. 30 Noticed What women wore to events.

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| OCTOBER 2015

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2015 BMW 228i convertible.

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ON THE COVER: Rob Lyles of Deco Communities. Photo by Carl Schultz.

The Fried Deviled Eggs at Steak 44.

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Five boutique-size restaurants.

34 Rob Lyles A chat with the man at the forefront of Phoenix real estate trends.

41 Urban Living The newest developments.

66 Fashion Fall fashions.



| OCTOBER 2015



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Brio Tuscan Grille

Drybar Joie

Forever 21

Galicia Fine Jewelers

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Paris Optique Sephora

Le Creuset

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H&M Le Macaron

Pottery Barn

True Food Kitchen

Zinburger + many more...

COMING SOON: Warby Parker

Design Within Reach


NE Corner of Scottsdale Rd and Greenway Pkwy 480-270-8123



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MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dupuytren’s contracture is a painful, progressive condition that can make it difficult or impossible to straighten the affected fingers. Caused by thickened connective tissue under the palm of the hand, Dupuytren’s contracture is most common in men over the age of 50. While traditional treatments have offered temporary relief of symptoms in the past, symptoms typically tend to return and require repeated treatment over time. Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice has pioneered a revolutionary new treatment to offer more lasting, effective relief from Dupuytren’s contracture. The EndoTech® endoscopic release of Dupuytren’s tissue, available exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, is a minimally invasive procedure that combines traditional and state-of-the-art endoscopic surgical methods to provide


t seems like everywhere you look lately around town, there’s construction. How many times have you driven past a construction site and wondered what was being built? More often than not, it seems like those sites are offering housing—whether they’re condominiums, townhomes or apartments. It’s the rise of urban living, and yes, it’s coming to a locale near you. Today’s residents are looking for places where they can live, work and play. One of the people at the forefront of Phoenix real estate trends is Rob Lyles of Deco Communities. He’s a true visionary, and yes, he’s been at the forefront of the urban shift, as well. Read all about him on page 34. Some of Rob’s properties are showcased in our urban story on page 41. In the story, we highlight some of the urban living options in the area, from ones that have recently opened to ones that are under construction. Check it out—perhaps we’ve found your next home sweet home? We’ve also got lots of other great information in this issue, from fall fashion trends to great upcoming events to stories on some truly inspiring people (talk about a visionary— read all about Trish McCarty on page 19!). I hope you have a great month! Yours, Michelle Glicksman Editor-in-Chief michelle@richmanmediagroup.com Find our magazines on Facebook! Twitter: @MGlicksman

lasting relief from digital contraction and deformities caused by Dupuytren’s contracture.


19820 N. 7th St., Suite 115 Phoenix, AZ 85024




| OCTOBER 2015

world class

H AND SURGEON MICH AEL FITZMAUR ICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board CertiďŹ ed Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice has performed thousands of minimally-invasive, endoscopic hand procedures in Arizona over the last decade.

You never appreciate how important the thumb is to regular activities until a tendon injury compromises movement. Repetitive motion from everyday activities such as typing on a laptop or playing a favorite sport, can lead to swelling and inflammation of the tendon sheath, the condition known as De Quervains Tendinitis. This causes pain and limited mobility of the wrist and thumb.

Developed by board certified hand surgeon Michael Fitzmaurice, M.D., and available exclusively at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, Endotech uses a small incision and endoscope to repair the injured tendons. Most patients experience immediate relief and improved movement immediately following the procedure, and can return to work in as little as one week!

De Quervains Tendinitis can now be treated by the state of the art, minimally invasive EndoTech Endoscopic De Quervains Release System.


19820 N. 7th St., Suite 115 Phoenix, AZ 85024




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| OCTOBER 2015


Live an inspired life.

LIVE IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN SCOTTSDALE Welcome to Inspire, 97 condominiums in vibrant downtown Scottsdale. Inspire offers 1 & 2 bedroom units from 800 to 1,530 sq.ft. Offering three unique finish palettes and a mix of modern amenities.

Osborn Rd.

Sales Center

Scottsdale Rd.




Sales Center Now Open at 3637 N. Goldwater Blvd. #101, Scottsdale, AZ


Sales by Phoenix Urban Spaces, LLC, Roberta Candelaria, Designated Broker. This material is not an offer to sell real property and shall not be construed as an offer in violation of the law of any jurisdiction. Subject to Final Public Report

InspireCondos.com Call 480.947.7004 Starting at $299,900


n o i s s Pa rfofromr ance Pe

plete m o c o t e c n a mainten From simple , Brown’s g in ll e s r o g in y overhauls, bu istance. d e h t s e o g s Classic Auto

From its humble beginnings over sixty years ago, in 1953 – when Walter Brown, Sr. bought eight hundred dollars’ worth of clunky old cars to fix up for his used car lot – Brown’s Classic Autos has undergone a perpetual metamorphosis: continually improving, striving for excellence in all facets. Under the expert guidance of Walter’s son, Walt Brown, Jr., it has grown into the thriving enterprise you see embodied in every stunning car that rolls out of their facility. The largest classic car dealer in the West, Brown’s has firmly established its reputation for premium service. It’s what customers have come to expect from this family business in its six decades of operation, and nothing less will do when it comes to carrying on the legacy. The latest development in Brown’s everimproving repertoire is the consignment of late-model, used, and highline cars. Due to popular demand, you are now able to sell your vehicles at Brown’s Classic Autos without the haggling and low-balling you’d encounter at a traditional used car dealership – and without the hassle of selling it yourself – all while enjoying the impeccable customer service that Brown’s is renowned for. Say you have a third weekend car – an SL or Porsche, for example – sitting in your garage, and you’re not sure what to do with it. You don’t want to take it to a dealership, where you’ll almost certainly walk away with much less than the car is worth. But selling it on eBay is a lot of work, and you just can’t field all those phone calls. The answer is Brown’s! Whether buying, selling, or trading, vintage or late model, Brown’s Classic Autos strives to deliver the ultimate car enthusiast experience every time, making your transactions as smooth as fresh asphalt.

Whether buying, selling, or trading, vintage or late model, Brown’s Classic Autos strives to deliver the ultimate car enthusiast experience every time, making your transactions as smooth as fresh asphalt. location on East Bahia Drive, just off the

Customers of Brown’s are often pleasantly surprised to discover just how far-reaching their scope of service actually is – especially now that consignment has been added to the extensive list. While classic cars may be what the business is best known for, Brown’s Classic Autos extends beyond the vehicles of bygone days. It’s a broad-spectrum car company, able to meet the needs of any automobile owner, from a simple oil change or a nut and bolt restoration. Brown’s is able to provide expert maintenance and repair services for cars of any age, a one-stop shop for whatever its clients require. Another impressive, yet lesser-known feature is the luxury of a concierge service: customers can store their cars at Brown’s, and pick them up – sparkling clean, full of gas, and ready to go – for as long as they want to drive them, with one simple phone call. Of course, Brown’s is still in the business of custom work and restomods, with master builder and partner Tony Arme and his crew bringing visions into road-ready reality, as well as world class and award winning excellence. While renowned for being a gifted customizer – Tony is often touted as being the next Chip Foose – he is also a proficient fabricator and skilled mechanic. He spends anywhere from months to years perfecting each project, creating a masterful fusion of today’s technology and timeless vintage style, crafting a finished product that is remarkable both inside and out. For the Brown’s team, who are each truly, madly passionate about all things automotive, quality is of the utmost importance. The business has recently relocated to a contemporary, spacious 30,000 square-foot

101 – and if you’ve never seen the new facility, it’s a sight to behold. In the state-of-the art showroom, the diverse inventory gleams like jewels bathed in spotlights, magnificent in curvaceous chrome or sleek with sharp racing stripes. Some are poised to dominate the open road in a breathtaking blaze of power and performance, others ready for a leisurely cruise down memory lane. But whether the engine purrs or roars, these cars are designed to turn heads and drop jaws – and more importantly, to capture the sheer exhilaration of the joyride. The showroom isn’t the only notable area in the new digs: Brown’s also boasts an expansive space that can be used to host events. It was a must-have for owner Walt Jr., who is well-known for his philanthropic efforts, donating countless hours and dollars toward fostering good through charitable organizations such as Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Foundations for the Blind, Cox Charities, ChildHelp, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation (just to name a few). The facility’s highly visible location in close proximity to both the BarrettJackson auto auction and TPC Scottsdale, home of the largest golf tournament in the world, makes it the perfect place to showcase worthy causes – but the space is also available for more personal events, too, such as birthday or anniversary parties or receptions for those seeking a fun and unique alternative to ballrooms or club venues. With a 2015 study showing that classic cars are outperforming global stocks in terms

of investments, all eyes are on the vintage automobile industry, and Brown’s showroom is constantly updating with fresh inventory to meet the steadily growing demand. But car owners of all makes and models can now find exactly what they need with Brown’s extensive range of services. Whether buying or selling, major or minor, each transaction is executed by a trusted company whose pride and love of their craft is evident in every perfectly-polished machine. “Car enthusiast” is an understatement, a lackluster phrase that does no justice to the dedication displayed by the team who buys, sells, customizes, and restores. Brown’s Classic Autos is the ideal place not only for avid collectors, but for anyone who has ever wanted to roll down the windows and feel the thrill of the ride. Come and experience all the exciting services Brown’s has to offer at 9024 East Bahia Drive in Scottsdale, call 480-998-4300, or visit the newly-updated website at www.brownsclassicautos.com.


EAT, DRINK & ROCK OUT! From the eats to the sips to the jams, Live & Local promises to rock your world. This standout event is unique as it celebrates local businesses while raising crucial funds that benefit local youth who need it the most.

GA: $75 | VIP: $150

So Scottsdale VIP Special

2 VIP $250 Y

Use Promo Code: SoScottsdale

bg cs .org / live and local All tickets include food, wine & spirits tastings. VIP provides exclusive access to high-end restaurants, libations, VIP experiences and the After Party.

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her s t y le

his s t y le


Trish McCarty on local education and making a global difference BY MICHELLE TALSMA EVERSON PHOTOS BY CARL SCHULTZ

It’s not very often that you meet someone as inspiring as Trish McCarty. The wife of multi-platinum rock star Steve McCarty of the original Steve Miller Band, she has built an impressive career as a global businesswoman, speaker, advisor, educator, consultant, best-selling author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and more. Oh, and she teaches yoga, too. continued… OCTOBER 2015 |



no t iced

up close McCarty’s pride and joy is the StarShine Academy, which is a non-profit charter school that features cutting-edge ideas—and solutions—for kindergarten through 12th grade education. “The idea behind StarShine Academy actually happened around 9-11 [Sept. 11, 2001],” McCarty explains. “I had been in business and banking for years and realized that teachers weren’t properly equipped to prepare their students for this world; I vowed to spend the rest of my life designing a new education system that was better for teachers and students.” Never one to pass up a worthwhile challenge, McCarty talked to experts from across the globe and asked the question: What would the education system be like if we started all over? “The [education] system would lift people up past their potential,” she says. “How do you teach students how to be good, contributing American citizens? It’s not easy to find the answers.” McCarty believes that all students are distinctive—she says that each brain is unique as a fingerprint. So, in 2002, she created StarShine Academy, a K-12 charter school that is run like a live incubator of the most innovative ideas for education and learning. Its location Downtown, in the Discovery Triangle, gives the campus an urban-meetssustainability flair. On the same campus is a hotel that houses “Learning Leaders” who attend StarShine Quintessential Institute and work with students. With a park-like property inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, StarShine is a village unto itself. “StarShine is 13-years-old and it’s mindboggling,” McCarty says. “StarShine has been one magic miracle after another. It hasn’t been without its challenges—it’s really, really hard to set up a school and meet all of the requirements. It’s a big process to get accreditation; so much so that people might lose sight of the mission. But, it’s important, because the outcome of how we live our lives is based on K-12 education.” A global leader, McCarty believes that education can change the world, starting

locally. “If you design an educational village with the right culture, you’ll change the surrounding neighborhoods,” she says. With her eye on changing the world through education, McCarty and her team at StarShine Planet (a branch of the StarShine initiative) are participating in the XPRIZE competition to “deliver a technology software solution for free, to enable 7- to 9-year-olds to teach themselves reading, writing and arithmetic,” according to the official website, www. starshineplanet.com. “When we finish this program it has the potential to eradicate illiteracy throughout the entire world,” McCarty says. In addition to her work in education, McCarty is a best-selling author of several books on everything from how schools have evolved to yoga. “Yoga helps to stabilize me. In fact, I was a yoga teacher when I was in banking for more than 20 years,” she says. “With yoga, you feel like you’re part of something bigger.” McCarty says that all of her career ventures—from her business expertise to



| OCTOBER 2015

her yoga lessons—have brought her all over the world to speak and teach. One of her most memorable trips was earlier this year when she was invited to travel to Rome and meet with the Pope. “I met the Pope in May and cried on-and-off that whole week,” she recalls. “Through hope and faith, fixing the world is entirely possible; you just have to have hope and a vision for the future.” Moving forward, McCarty doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. She hopes to add an Olympic training village to the StarShine campus, and expand the school’s presence in New Mexico, as well. As for her rock star hubby, McCarty says he is a big part of her success and goals to change the world. “My husband helps me every day,” she says. “He’s always doing concerts, participating in the music program, donating guitars, being one-on-one with students—whatever it takes. His song ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ is all about being passionate and compassionate. He’s in this just like I am. We all are.” To learn more, visit www.trishmccarty.com.

NOW SELLING Scottsdale Luxury Condominiums from the $300s








Register at ENVYRESIDENCES.COM or call 480.588.6951




Sales by Phoenix Urban Spaces, LLC, Roberta Candelaria, Designated Broker. This material is not an offer to sell real property and shall not be construed as an offer in violation of the law of any jurisdiction. Subject to Final Public Report

Envy Presentation Center Suite 3, 4328 N. Wells Fargo Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251




AFTER-HOURS ARTIST William “Bill” Olson is a senior VP by day, artist by nights and weekends BY MICHELLE TALSMA EVERSON PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ


hen he clocks out of work as the senior vice president and division manager for Newland Communities, William “Bill” Olson winds down in a one-ofa-kind way—by creating larger than life sculptures from metal, stone and wood. “The big pieces are self-taught and are really organic in how they are inspired,” Olson explains. “For me, they need to have a context to fit into, a landscape.” Olson gravitated toward sculpting early on—as a child he learned to weld and built his own go-kart and track. He passed some of the skills along to his daughter. “Kids learn quickly; engage them and they will remember the time and love you showed by your patience for a lifetime,” he affirms. Olson creates his pieces mainly for himself, family and friends. “The pieces are inspired and born of creativity and an artistic outlet,” he says. “If I were to build them for money, rather than expression or as gifts to those I care for, it would become a job.”


What’s your advice for other professionals looking for a hobby or creative outlet? Explore things that have always been of interest to you, don’t let yourself keep putting ideas off, and stop telling yourself you can’t do this or that; if you have an interest in it, try it. Do you have any fun projects currently in the works? I broke down and bought a plasma cutter that cuts metal in a very precise fashion, instead of an acetylene-cutting torch. I am experimenting with it and coming up with new ideas that combine a light source that can illuminate the plasma cutter perforations in the metal surface. Stay tuned! UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

NEW DESERT RIDGE LOCATION NOW OPEN! Dr. Nancy H. Kim Award winning Board Certified Dermatologist Fellowship Trained MOHS Surgeon


Ask the Skin Experts We are the skin specialists of Spectrum Dermatology, and we pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for all age groups. Each month, our team of professionals will be answering your questions.


L to R: Lisa Damante RN, Dr. Stacy Rosenblum, Dr. Randi Rubenzik, Dr. Nancy Kim, Dr. Maya Thosani, Dr. Kimberly Yeung-Yue, Juliette McCaffrey PA-C

MEDICAL ~ SURGICAL ~ COSMETIC LASER ~ BRACHYTHERAPY From skin cancer surgeries to anti-aging treatments, Spectrum Dermatology is recognized as one of Arizona’s leading treatment centers for laser, cosmetic, surgical and medical dermatology.


7425 E. Shea Blvd Suite 110 Scottsdale, AZ 85260


4350 E. Camelback Rd. Suite A-200 Phoenix, AZ 85018


20950 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85050


I am so tired of this stubborn double chin – but plastic surgery isn’t an option. Is there an easier way to get rid of it?


As a matter of fact, there IS! It’s called Kybella™, and it’s a noninvasive, FDA-approved injection that is proven to reduce excess “wobble” from the chin and jawline. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for the breakdown and absorption of the fat we eat. Kybella™ actually destroys the fat cells – and once they’re gone, there’s no re-treatment required. The injections bring little to no discomfort and tighten up the double chin without the expense and downtime of surgery. Chin up (literally!) – Kybella™ is at Spectrum Dermatology! Have a question you’d like to ask? For more information, or to make an appointment, please call 480-404-9889 or visit www.SpectrumDermatology.com.


GIVING WOMEN A FRESH START Cathy Kleeman steps into a new role at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation BY GRETCHEN PAHIA PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ


housands of women Valleywide may one day find themselves in need of help, whether it be in finding a new job, security after leaving an abusive situation, help with a divorce, or something more. That is where Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and Cathy Kleeman come into play, “We are an agency that helps a woman become more self-sufficient. Any woman going through changes in life, we have the tools to help these women get their lives back on track,” Kleeman explains. Kleeman was recently appointed the vice president of development for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation (www.freshstartwomen.org or 602.252.8494), and as such, she is navigating through hundreds of volunteers, dozens of staff, and working to bring help and hope to the women in the Valley who need it the most. “We provide everything in one place. It’s welcoming and we can help them get everything they need. We also offer childcare so the women can focus on themselves—something they likely haven’t done in a while,” she says.


What is your favorite part about working with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation? Seeing how crowded the center is and hearing the women laugh. If you weren’t working for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, what do you think you would be doing? Volunteering at Fresh Start! What do you do with your family for rest and relaxation when you are away from Fresh Start? Climb Camelback with my daughters, and hang out with our friends.



| OCTOBER 2015


A Certified DualSculpting™ Center

Call for Special Offer! 480.767.1900 Eliminate fat with Coolsculpting - The #1 non-invasive fat removal treatment. And with DualSculpting (2 machines) we can remove twice the fat in half the time! You’ll love the result every time you look in the mirror.

Proven, Long-Lasting Results Without Surgery or Downtime






Procedure by Grant Stevens, MD, FACS

Why Choose The SHAW Center For Your CoolSculpting? • 25 years of body contouring experience means sound advice to reach goals. • A Certified CoolSculpting Center since 2011 with over 2,500 treatments! • DualSculpting - two is better than one! • We have all the latest applicators which means better results. • The SHAW Center offers a unique CoolCredit pricing structure for great savings.

8913 E. Bell Road Suite 201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 www.theshawcenter.com

Reserve Your Spot On Our Priority Treatment List

Call Today For Details


Lawrence W. Shaw, M.D.

her style

THE ARTIST’S N STYLE Nicole Royse’s personal style is a work of art BY JENNIFER PARKS PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ

icole Royse may spend her days actively promoting the arts, but her personal style is just as vibrant as the flourishing Phoenix Arts district. As the curator of the MonOrchid and Shade Projects, Royse’s style is like a work of art. Simple, but polished, with a modern sensibility. “I love a great pop of color—fit and cut are key, and I always love to complete my outfit with a great pair of shoes,” says Royce. “I love Topshop, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs.” Working in 14,000 square feet of multifunctional workspace, including two art galleries, Royce has learned to stand out. No surprise, her favorite outfit and look is a great dress with a strappy black wedge, a great pair of earrings, and a necklace. “The MonOrchid is seen as the primary destination for art lovers traveling from all over the state to come explore and engage with the local art scene,” she says. While Royce wears many hats in the arts scene, including arts writer, freelance art consultant and fine artist herself, she still finds time to shop at Nordstrom, as well as local boutiques like Frances and Clothes Minded.

How do you feel most comfortable dressed? Dark wash skinny jeans, a colorful blouse, great fitted blazer (depending on the weather), and a pointed toe flat or strappy wedge. How has your profession enhanced your style? Or is it the other way around? I have definitely raised the bar in the style department when it comes to representing the galleries. My style helps me stand out in the large crowds on First Friday when the MonOrchid receives up to 3,000 visitors during our five-hour event! Third Friday I see several hundred visitors, where I host the closing receptions for the galleries, and I always try to stand out in the crowd with my fun, sophisticated style.



| OCTOBER 2015

Flow into fall

RESHAPE YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT WITH HOT YOGA. A stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind encouraging relaxation, selfacceptance and awareness. “In a yoga class, you practice poses that require stretching and compression of the joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body.

Your body naturally protects itself from physical exertion by generating heat from the inside muscles outwards. We start with the heat up front…providing that extra protection from the very first poses. Your body burns fat more effectively and you lose inches of shape in a relatively short time”.

Newcomers and experienced students welcome.


2107 E. Camelback Road Suite A-18 Phoenix, AZ 85016 (Town & Country Shopping Center) www.sumits-yoga/biltmore

his style


f rolling up his sleeves is any indicator, Vince Dorazio’s personal style matches his drive to succeed. The Valley entrepreneur began his career as a CPA with Ernst & Young, but quickly found accounting work far too solitary for his personality, so he made a career transition into professional recruiting. In 2009, alongside a close friend, Dorazio co-founded VincentBenjamin, a financial and IT staffing agency that he has since grown into four offices across three states.  As the company president, Dorazio oversees the day-to-day operations. He’s on top of those tasks, but perhaps not as much his own style—in fact, he says he doesn’t have a defined personal style. Still, a quick look through Dorazio’s wardrobe shows you there’s no baggy clothes or starched, stiff fabrics, just lightweight fabrics with a slimmer fit and clean lines—just like his favorite suit, a tailored, fitted charcoal gray Tommy Hilfiger with a two-button jacket. “If I'm in Phoenix or another sun-soaked climate, you'll find me in flip-flops, linen shorts and a soft cotton T-shirt. At the office, I'm generally wearing slacks and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up,” he says.

Favorite designer? High fashion confounds me, and I hate spending a lot of money on clothes, so I generally stick with whatever I find at Nordstrom Rack. That said, I do love most of what Adriano Goldschmied designs. How has your profession enhanced your style, or is it the other way around? When I first got into the profession of recruiting, I needed major help in the suit and tie arena, so I turned to my British co-worker (now business partner), who was more than eager to let me know that the oversized, American-styled suits and boring shirt/tie combos had to go. After my buddy helped me get the corporate style figured out, I retuned the favor by letting him know that his attempts at Friday casual were pretty poor. UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015


Sarah Kirsch Richardson Owner/Designated Broker, Tru Realty, LLC


The weather is starting to cool down But the market is still hot! When you want it sold‌

Sell it faster! Significantly lower days on the market based on current valley averages. Excellent results with no stress! I hired Tru Realty to sell my home in Arizona while I moved to Michigan. The house sold quickly and painlessly. I recommend anyone looking to sell or buy a home to work with Tru Realty. They take pride in what they do and enjoy helping people. - Zachary M., Seller

Please contact me today. I am here to help with all your real estate needs.

480.236.0396 Direct Sarah@BuyTru.com | www.BuyTru.com

We Truly Care


STAND UP FOR DOWNTOWN THEATER at the Herberger Theater Center

1. Margaret Beardsley, Calvin Klein dress.

7. Katie Cardinali, Tart dress. 8. Breanne Toshner, Philosophy dress.

2. Martha Fratt, Nordstrom dress, Rebecca Minkoff handbag.

9. Alexa Tieu, Vince Camuto dress.

3. Lauren King, dress from Bunny Boutique, Chanel handbag.

10. Leanne Murphy, dress from Buffalo Exchange.

4. Meagan deMenna, Nordstrom dress.

11. Whitney Horn, Banana Republic outfit.

5. Laurene Austin, Nordstrom dress.

12. Emma Isakson, J.Crew dress. 13. Kelsey Geist, dress from a boutique in San Diego.

6. Billie Jo Herberger, Johnny Was dress.



| OCTOBER 2015

Underarms ready for the party


miraSmooth is the premium two-in-one treatment for smooth, dry underarms.� Embrace every moment of life to the fullest – without the fear or embarrassment of underarm issues getting in the way. FDA Cleared treatment Permanently eliminates underarm hair and sweat ONLY technology to treat underarm hair of ALL colors Quick (1 hour) in office treatment Non-invasive with minimal to no downtime

CALL NOW! 480.494.2195 Breast Augmentation | Tummy Tuck | Rhinoplasty Gluteal Augmentation | Facial Rejuvenation

Rozbeh Torabi, MD

7425 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 www.epsaz.com



at the Phoenix Marriott

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Bedside Manner:


When patients come to Dr. Daiza, they see Dr. Daiza – accessibility is key in this concierge practice. It isn’t every day you find a plastic surgeon willing to give out his or her personal cell phone number, but Dr. Sumer Daiza isn’t your everyday plastic surgeon. Her patients are encouraged to reach out to her any time they have questions or concerns, even if it’s after hours – and that’s just one of the many ways her practice, Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale, continues to raise the bar for exceptional service. Going above and beyond matters deeply to Dr. Daiza, and her concierge-style approach ensures that every person receives the comprehensive care and positive experience that they deserve. She devotes ample time to cultivating a relationship with each of her patients, allowing her greater insight into their unique needs and preferences. In turn, she is able to offer the highest level of personalization: because when a doctor truly knows her patient, there’s no need for “one-size-fits-all.” From the first consultation to the post-operative checkups, Dr. Daiza herself handles every aspect – no shuffling between nurses or aestheticians, just valuable one-on-one time with a surgeon renowned for not only her talent, but her compassion. It isn’t just the “big” procedures that receive Dr. Daiza’s full, undivided attention. Whether it’s as wide-ranging as a mommy makeover complete with breast augmentation and tummy tuck, or a simple outpatient treat-

From the first consultation to the post-operative checkups, Dr. Daiza herself handles every aspect – no shuffling between nurses or aestheticians

ment such as a liquid facelift, facial injections, or a rejuvenating peel, patients can be assured that their care will lie in the capable hands of Dr. Daiza only. Her desire for excellence is reflected in her glowing credentials. Double boardcertified, she graduated in the top ten percent of her class, earning a place in the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. After an intensive five-year general surgery residency program, she completed two years of plastic surgery training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, followed by an additional yearlong cosmetic surgery fellowship, mentored by some of the country’s most prestigious plastic surgeons. But it doesn’t stop there. Through continuing education, Dr. Daiza strives to provide her patients with the latest and greatest procedures and technologies. When extensive training meets an innate artistic ability and a keen eye for detail, amazing things happen, and the results speak for themselves. Across the board, a staggering number of online reviews from satisfied patients highlight Dr. Daiza’s skill: “I couldn’t have asked for anyone better,” “She is truly an artist,“ “Dr. Daiza has given me back my confidence, and I feel beautiful in my newlyshaped body.” Her accolades include being named a Top Doctor in Phoenix Magazine multiple times, and in 2015 she received the most votes from her colleagues for Top Doc in plastic surgery. The highest standard of medical professionalism, a commitment to unsurpassed care and access, and the philosophy that all patients should be treated like family: those are the cornerstones that keep Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale among the most soughtafter practices in the Valley. It’s a labor of love for Dr. Daiza, who realizes above all that her patients have a choice when it comes to the person they’ll trust with their care – and makes every effort to guarantee that she’s the best decision they ever made. Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale 18325 North Allied Way, Suite 110, Phoenix 480-585-0011 or www.DrDaiza.com




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OCTOBER 2015 |



If you live in a town long enough, you start to have a sense for where things are headed. For some, this is because they’ve seen where things have been and know that the adage about history repeating itself is oftentimes true. For others, like Rob Lyles, they have a knack for calling what the next trends will be in a given field, even if they aren’t native to the area. “I grew up in Colorado and then went to the University of Arizona,” says Lyles, Deco Communities partner and cofounder. “Even though I miss the four seasons, the desert really grows on you. I got into real estate not long out of college, and it went pretty well initially. Actually, I was the salesperson of the year for Century 21. They had 210,000 agents in 7,000 offices. I was pretty gung-ho in the beginning. I wanted to get into more commercial real estate and development, and I stayed in Tucson for a while. “Then in the early ’90s I moved to Phoenix and eventually started a company called Starpointe with my partner [and wife], Patricia Watts. Starpointe did about 3,000 condominiums from the late ’90s to about 2007, when the market stopped. We did some multi-family deals which kind of changed the look of multi-family here in Phoenix, but when the market came around to do condos again, we got back in that business—and that gets me to today.” That quick summary is a great introduction to the career and success that Lyles has enjoyed, but the story along the way took a few twists and turns. “When I was in college, I had some friends in real estate who did pretty well,” he says. “It seemed fun and exciting. I actually opened a couple restaurants when I was in college, and I’m glad I did that in college because it taught me that it was something I never wanted to do again. It was fun at the time to have a pizza place on 4th Avenue by the University of Arizona, but I learned in the restaurant business that you work while everyone else plays. I got into real estate and I really, really enjoyed it. I got really educated on buying apartment units, and

then we started to build some, as well. I’ve always seemed to be involved in a part of real estate that sort of pioneered things. “I saw an opportunity in about 1996 where you could buy apartment complexes and convert them to condominiums. Nobody had done that in Phoenix since the late ’70s and early ’80s. We pioneered the condominium conversion market here in Scottsdale and Phoenix, and did well. As that business grew and more and more people started to get into it, we decided the next step needed to be building condominiums.” Already, Lyles was making a name for himself in the Valley as someone who could stay in front of the real estate demand. When the recession turned the market upside down, though, Lyles had to get creative. “At the time we did it, there were only a couple of companies in metropolitan Phoenix that did that, and they were all master planned communities,” he explains. “We started doing in-fill projects in Scottsdale and Chandler in 2005, and business was doing very well for us. We learned a tremendous amount, and then the economic downturn came. We were still selling well, but our banks were taken over by the FDIC so there was no funding left for our loans. Coming back out of the downturn we looked at ‘what are we going to be when we grow up again this time?’ “We went back to our roots of apartments. Between my partner and I, the two of us had done about 15,000 apartment unit transactions, so we decided to buy buildings that were built in the ’70s in really strong locations and rehab those and really elevate them. We put kind of a South Beach/Tommy Bahama-look on these units with bright colors, and created a fun energy. UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

I GOT REALLY EDUCATED ON BUYING APARTMENT UNITS, AND THEN WE STARTED TO BUILD SOME, AS WELL. I’VE ALWAYS SEEMED TO BE INVOLVED IN A PART OF REAL ESTATE THAT SORT OF PIONEERED THINGS. “What we were doing didn’t really exist in this market. By putting $15,000-$20,000 per unit into these apartment buildings, we were then able to create environments where we could rent units for $600-$700 a month on the smaller one-bedrooms to people who normally wouldn’t be able to live on their own. They were more like starter apartments in stronger neighborhoods. It really created a cool niche for people because other apartments were renting for over $1,000. They could graduate from school and afford to live and work here to see if they liked the area, and then really get into the neighborhood. It was really cool to do.” Thus, not only did Lyles come out of the market crash just fine, he gladly helped other families and local people get through it, as well. It begs the question: Does Lyles trust a gut instinct to make these calls, or does he need to see everything on paper first? “I think it’s both,” says Lyles. “I think that’s why my partner and I complement each other so well. She’s a little more on the analytical side and the numbers have to work from an economic standpoint, but I think it’s fun to be creative and add a lot of cool features and see things that maybe other people don’t. By really redoing the pool areas, and the rec centers and adding color, it made them a lot more enjoyable for the people who lived there.” The newest Deco Communities project is one that Lyles is especially excited about for several big reasons. “We’re doing Edison Midtown, which is on Monterey and Central right across from Park Central Mall,” he says. “It is 110 units ranging from about $250,000-$450,000, with square footage from 800-1,400 per condo. When I first moved to Arizona, people were talking about Downtown Phoenix coming back. It started to come back in about 2005. OCTOBER 2015 |



What happened is there’s four and a half billion dollars’ worth of infrastructure that has gone on in Downtown and Midtown Phoenix. What I mean by that is that you have between 15,000 and 20,000 students between U of A and ASU at the Downtown campuses. You have a biotech center that’s anchored by TGen, and a cancer center, and some of those things in Downtown Phoenix. You have a convention center that was increased in size to about 900,000 square feet. You have the Sheraton Downtown that’s 1,000 rooms, and you have Cityscape development that’s a million-plus square feet of mixed use. Downtown is coming back, and it is back. “If you look at the timetable for all of that from 2005 to today, if you look at the one thing that hasn’t occurred, it’s new construction for for-sale residential housing. There are apartments now being built, but in the condo world, nothing’s been built in the last eight years. Now, you’ve created all this infrastructure and you’ve created all the jobs, and all the people are Downtown, but no housing is involved. We think it’s just a great time to be building condominiums. “Our buyers are going to be first-time buyers in the 25-35 age group, and we’re also getting a lot of move-in buyers, and those are people who are downsizing from the suburbs because now you have 40-something new chef-driven restaurants in the Downtown area. Plus, you have all the entertainment district that’s down there; all the arts and museums. Of course you also have all of the sports teams and of course the universities. There’s a lot more to do now. Some folks are saying, ‘Ok, now that the kids are off at college, lets quit driving so far to see the Suns play, and maybe we’ll go to a few more plays.’ There are also a lot of urban move-up buyers who are already there and want to upgrade. There’s also a strong LGBT community in Central Phoenix. The time is now.” For more information about Lyles and Deco Communities, visit www.decocommunities.com.

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It was a doggone good cause at the Phoenix Firefighters Burgers Brews & Brawn Servathon at Half Moon Windy City Sports Grill on Sept. 9. The event was held in remembrance and commemoration of those involved with 9/11. Firefighters were on hand to serve restaurant guests a special dinner that evening, and 20 percent of the proceeds from sales for the entire day, as well as all tips the firefighters collected, went to benefit the Arizona Search Dogs (www.arizonasearchdogs.com), an organization that trains, certifies and develops canine search specialist teams (several of their dogs had been deployed in the 9/11 tragedy). Pictured in this photo, taken Sept. 9 at 6:17 p.m., is Armando Navarro (with dog Ruger) and Dana Medlin (with dog DeSoto). PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ

OCTOBER 2015 |



WoW doesn’t begin to describe it.


the final phase at two biltmore Estates, an exquisite community that redefines desert style and elegance. 15 residences, graced with expansive living areas, gourmet kitchens and panoramic views of golf, mountains and city lights. Homes starting at $1.575 million.

twobiltmoreHomes.com 602.508.1700

Equal Housing opportunity. CambridgE propErtiEs, KEitH misHKin, broKEr. two biltmorE, llC rEsErvEs tHE rigHt to CHangE priCing, plans and spECifiCations for tHE units. pHotos arE rEprEsEntativE, viEws and landsCaping will vary. miCHaEl baxtEr pHotograpHy. www.baxterimaging.com ©2015 two biltmorE EstatEs, llC.


rban lifestyles appeal to more Phoenix residents than ever before. With the changing urban landscape, Phoenicians are looking to live closer to the action—bars, restaurants, boutiques and museums within walking distance are something Arizonans used to only dream of. Today, there are more options than ever before for urban living. Here are some of the newest options for apartments, condominiums and townhomes in Phoenix.


OCTOBER 2015 |




1615 E. Georgia Ave., Phoenix

Contemporary Luxury Apartments www.mark-taylor.com/arizona/at51 Arizona developer Mark-Taylor offers contemporary, urban apartment living in Uptown with @51. The studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments feature open floor plans, high ceilings, European-style kitchens, and granite counters and that contemporary blend of steel and concrete. The complex is ideal for those who want to take advantage of outdoor Arizona living. It’s adjacent to a 10-acre city park, has a rooftop sundeck and pool with fire pits, and there are outdoor grills for residents. Apartments range from 507 to 1,256 square feet, and rent for $1,000$2,825 monthly.




Urban Townhomes and Lofts due May 2016

Luxury Apartments due early 2016

Urban Contemporary Condominiums and Townhomes

On 1st Avenue near Central and McDowell, Phoenix

www.arthausphx.com ArtHAUS will be an urban dwelling in the Midtown Phoenix Arts and Entertainment District. The 25 urban townhomes and lofts include one- and two-bedroom lofts and twobedroom, two-story townhomes ranging from 562 to 1,803 square feet. The technologically innovative, energy efficient homes will sell for $156,000 to $490,000. The homes will embrace indoor/outdoor living with private balconies, bike storage, and electric car charging. All units will be connected at the second level with courtyard spaces that encourage gathering. The large overhangs and use of glass will help take advantage of the Arizona sunshine, while providing coverage in warm months.

Washington Street at 11th and 12th streets, Phoenix www.yourcapitalplace.com

Epoch Residential is developing Capital Place 11 and 12 on respective corners of Washington Street in downtown Phoenix. The two complexes will feature a combined 292 studios, as well as one-, two- and three-bedroom units ranging from 581 to 1,324 square feet. Apartments will feature luxury amenities including custom kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Each building will have a clubhouse, fitness center, social lounge, outdoor fireplace and bike storage. There will be a pool, media room and game room for the complex, along with a coffee bar, café, and retail space on the ground floor. Rents will be $1,100 to $2,400 per month.



| OCTOBER 2015

906 W. Roosevelt, Phoenix

www.landmarkhomesusa.com/community/ center-8 Landmark Homes USA is developing 30 urban contemporary townhomes and condominiums in Downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Triangle. The two-bedroom and two-bedroom plus den units—which range from 1,553 to 1,680 square feet—will sell from the low $300s. Homes feature the latest technology, private lighted yards and balconies, garages, home-automation systems, gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances, and designer baths. Shared spaces at Center 8 include a shade pavilion, outdoor BBQ and herb garden, and dog washing stations. Center 8 Townhomes will put residents steps from Downtown’s Light Rail, museums, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


38 W. Palm Lane (at Central), Phoenix

Urban Brownstone www.chateauoncentral.com These five-story brick brownstones range from 5,200 to 8,252 square feet and sell starting at over $1 million. Each home includes a gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances, two-car garages, personal elevators, multiple terraces, and a private rooftop terrace with optional lap jet pool, spa, fireplace, greenhouse or outdoor kitchen. The brownstones are right on the Light Rail, and the first two levels are available for both residential and commercial so that residents can combine work and life in Downtown Phoenix.




Luxury High-Rise Apartments

Contemporary Luxury Apartments



Contemporary Condominiums due November 2016

CityScape Residences are in Downtown Phoenix’s CityScape, sitting atop the 4-star Hotel Palomar. The residences include studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments along with penthouse suites that range from 560 to 1,366 square feet. The homes feature lavish open floor plans, wood flooring, gourmet kitchens, and washers and dryers. The best part of CityScape Residences, however, are that the floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular city and Valley views from the 14th through the 25th floors of the building. In addition to the amenities in each unit, the residents can enjoy Hotel Palomar’s amenities, including the rooftop pool, bar, cabanas, and hotel concierge.

Another modern, hip apartment complex by Mark-Taylor, Domus is in Arcadia just south of Camelback Road on 36th Street. Open floor plans in the modern building feature floor-to-ceiling windows, Euro-styled kitchens, and furnished balconies. There is a massive sun deck with a pool and spa, fire pits, grills, a party room, a billiard room, and a dog park. The studio, one- and two-bedroom units range from 488 to 1,193 square feet, and rent for $930 to $2,299 per month.

11 S. Central Ave., Phoenix

4445 N. 36th St., Phoenix

OCTOBER 2015 |


3131 N. Central Ave., Phoenix


www.liveatedison.com Scottsdale-based Deco Communities broke ground this fall on contemporary condominiums at Central Avenue and Monterey Way in Midtown Phoenix. The 110 luxury residences will embrace the urban lifestyle with views of the city lights and easy access to the shops and boutiques of Midtown. The seven-story building will include two parking floors, units ranging from 808 to 1,397 square feet, and have prices starting at $239,900. The one-, two- and two-bedroom plus den condos will feature gas appliances, high-tech amenities, balconies, and wood floors.




Contemporary Resort-style Apartments

Luxury Condominiums due Summer 2016

Urban Apartment Homes



Vedura Residential recently opened this 266unit resort-style apartment complex on Central Avenue at Highland. The contemporary studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments range from $800 to about $1,895 monthly. The complex embraces urban living with bike storage; a bike repair shop; and its proximity to the Light Rail, shops, restaurants and entertainment. Every apartment will have a gourmet kitchen, stainless steel appliances, kitchen pantry, washer, dryer and nine- to 12-foot ceilings. There is a fitness center, Roof Top Sky Lounge and pool with luxury cabanas.

en Hance is a gated, luxury condominium complex being developed by Chilean developer Sencorp, and based on what it calls thoughtful living—a mix of efficiency, connectivity and hip, modern culture. en Hance is adjacent to Roosevelt Row and across from the 32-acre Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix. The 90 units, which will range from 490-square-foot studios to three-bedroom units with 1,720 square feet, will combine live-work options with dedicated work space, private courtyards, and glass garage doors for inside/outside living. Pricing starts at $150,000.

4650 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

1130 N. 2nd St., Phoenix

4700 N. 16th St., Phoenix www.liveatescape.com Escape, managed by P.B. Bell, is opening this fall as ultra-urban, resort-style apartment homes in the Biltmore and Esplanade areas. The 244 one- and two-bedroom residences feature pop-out patios, private poolside cabanas, fire pits, car charging stations, outdoor entertainment areas, a bike service station, and a yoga studio. Escape has a modern, hip vibe, and every apartment will feature nine-foot ceilings and wide sliding glass patio doors. Gourmet kitchens feature stainless steel appliances, LED lighting, quartz countertops, and custom cabinetry. Pricing and apartment sizes are to be announced in late 2015.

PORTLAND ON THE PARK Central Avenue at Portland Park and Hance Park, Downtown Phoenix

Urban Condominiums due mid-2016 www.portlandparkcondos.com Portland on the Park includes three towers—one four-story, one 12-story, and one 14-story. The urban concrete condominiums mostly face north for best efficiency. They have a true urban loft design, including exposed metal ductwork. The one-, two- and three-bedroom units range from 745 to 2,508 square feet, and sell for $235,000 to $1.25 million. Homes have hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens with quartz countertops, and Digital Home Lifestyle Centers with personalized living environments and automation of temperatures, lighting and window shades. Residents can gather at the ground floor pool or on the openair deck atop the 14-story tower. The project is already 30 percent sold.



| OCTOBER 2015


44th Street and Camelback Road, Phoenix

Modern Apartments due mid-2016 www.jlbpartners.com/portfolio/show/30-44th-Camelback JLB Partners is constructing these modern apartments on the southwest corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road in the heart of the Camelback corridor. The four-story building will feature 312 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, with rents expected to range from $1,300 to $3,000 monthly. The complex will also include a five-story parking garage and a 1.45-acre green space.


1550 E. Camelback, Phoenix

Contemporary Urban Apartments www.mark-taylor.com/arizona/level-atsixteenth Level at 16th are new contemporary apartments in the Biltmore corridor by Mark-Taylor. Residences feature open floor plans, oversized windows with city or mountain views, gourmet kitchens, deep soaking tubs, and laundry rooms. Some units have private sunrooms, open lofts, and exposed duct work. For those who want to socialize, there is a pool, Jacuzzi, clubhouse, and two-story athletic facility. The one- and two-bedroom apartments range from 638 to 1,143 square feet, some with lofts, and rent for $1,076 to $1,680 monthly.

ROSEDALE RESIDENCES 4438 N. 27th St., Phoenix

Classic Luxury Townhomes www.rosedaleresidences.com Catclar Investments is developing the intimate 27-unit Rosedale Residences in the Biltmore area. The tri-level townhomes will have classic facades with wrought-iron fences and rose bushes. The two- and three-bedroom homes with two-car garages will range from 1,721 to 2,154 square feet. Sales prices are $456,065 to $538,500. The homes, which are in a gated community within walking distance to Biltmore Fashion Park, have 11-foot ceilings on the main level, gourmet kitchens with Bosch stainless steel appliances, and smart home technology. Optional upgrades include solar panels and a wine cooler room. An internal courtyard will host the pool, spa and BBQ.


2 Biltmore Estates Drive (at the Arizona Biltmore), Phoenix

Luxury Condominiums www.twobiltmorehomes.com The collection of 38 lavish condominium homes on the grounds of the historic Arizona Biltmore have breathtaking views of Phoenix and the adjacent golf course. The homes, inside a gated entrance, have three and four bedrooms, and range from 3,300 to 4,880 square feet. Every home includes a magnificent gourmet kitchen with European-style cabinets and high-end appliances. The living space includes massive glass walls that completely retract for true indoor/outdoor living. Outdoors, you can enjoy a pool, clubhouse, the nearby Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, and the Biltmore Fashion Park around the corner.

OCTOBER 2015 |




News Bites: Food bites to know. 1. New! Two new restaurants recently opened their doors. Sushiholic is, as the name suggests, the perfect place for sushi lovers. Fresh fish and skilled chefs make this a perfect spot. 3957 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; www.sushiholicaz.com. For those who love popsicles, AZ Pops just opened a second location, so now those of you in the 85018 zip code can get easily get your popsicle fix. 3632 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; www.azpops.com.

2. A custom cake. What happens when you merge digital technology with eggs, butter and sugar? The Kustom Kake Maker, from The KAK Shop. On the site, www.thekakshop.com, you can use digital tools to design your own cake—and then you simply pick it up at the shop later. Yum. 4700 N. Central Ave., Ste. 105, Phoenix.

Tortilla Fish Opens New Locale

Francisco Peralta knows good fish. And, he’s got killer authentic Sonoran recipes for fish tacos, which he brought here when he relocated to the Valley. Lucky for Valley residents, he took those recipes and opened Tortilla Fish, first with a location in Tempe (where there are lines wrapped around the building every Tuesday for the restaurant’s Taco Tuesdays!), and now, on Oct. 19, at 44th Street and Thomas Road. “The Fish Machaca and Beef Barbacoa are authentic recipes that have been passed down from my family,” he explains. “They are same flavors and fresh ingredients I grew up eating, and the same flavor profile you will find in the Battered Fish and Shrimp Tacos you often get in Ensenada and Rosarito, Mexico. We have people come in every day saying they haven’t tasted these flavors for years, and we’re just proud to offer them right here in the Valley.” This new location will offer the same Battered Fish and Shrimp Tacos, steamed Fish Machaca and Barbacoa, as well as Rice, Carne Asada, and a Salsa Bar. Bonus: In early November, he will have a preview to celebrate the opening with a free taco day. Everyone in line between 5-7 p.m. will get two FREE tacos plus a drink. 4539 E. Thomas Road, #105, Phoenix; www.tortillafish.com. UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

3. Speakeasy Nights. Get ready to head out on Thursday nights, because Desoto Central Market’s Speakeasy Nights, from 7-11 p.m., are the new place to be. There is a band in the bar area, free swing dancing classes at 8 p.m., and food specials until 10 p.m. Free. 915 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. www.desotocentralmarket.com.


Ready to go bold? The Arizona Opera is. The Opera recently launched a new BOLD Card program for arts enthusiasts ages 40 and under. The card offers six tickets for $100, and the tickets can be used at any of the main stage performances throughout the 2015-2016 season. They can all be used at one show, or spread out over multiple performances. Perfect. www.azopera.org/boldcard.


4 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Pumpkin cookies, vampires, and beer, oh my!

Bite into a Brown Sugar Glazed Pumpkin Cookie from Gadzooks. The longtime family recipe promises to impress. www.gadzooksaz.com.

Ready for Some Football?

If you can’t wait for the College Football Playoff National Championship, which will be held in Phoenix on Jan. 11, 2016, you can watch the minutes tick by—literally—with the new Countdown Clock. The clock recently debuted at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, in Terminal 4. Head to the west end of Baggage Claim and take in the glory of the 55-inch high-def screen. Touchdown!

Dare to Care

Are you ready to shop for a cause? Are you ready to save 20% at some of your favorite stores and restaurants while also helping others? The Board of Visitors is once again holding its Care Card fundraiser, this year from Oct. 16-25. It’s a unique fundraiser that benefits charities in the greater Phoenix area through a collaboration with local retailers and restaurants. Simply purchase a Care Card for $60, and then shop at more than 600 participating locales—where you’ll save 20% on your purchases. This year’s program benefits Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Cards can be purchased online or at participating retailers. www.boardofvisitors.org. OCTOBER 2015 |



Grab a seat at the production of A Vampire Tale, playing Oct. 1-2 and 8-10. Dubbed “The Nutcracker of Halloween, the show will be held at Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel Theatre. www.scorpiusdance.com.

Indulge with the BOO box from Sprinkles Cupcakes. www.sprinkles.com. Enjoy a cool Pumpkin Porter seasonal brew from Four Peaks Brewing Company. www.fourpeaks.com.


9th Annual Breakfast With Champions

12th Annual CopaBall Oct. 10, 6 p.m. In addition to celebrating and benefiting the Maricopa Integrated Health System, this year’s CopaBall, which will be held at the Arizona Biltmore, celebrates an additional milestone—the 50th anniversary of the Arizona Burn Center, which the event also benefits. Various awards will be presented during this black-tie evening. $350. www.copaball.com.

Oct. 8, 6:45 a.m. Get ready for a morning full of inspiration. This breakfast at the Arizona Biltmore features keynote speaker Loretta Claiborne, as well as other guest and athlete speakers. More than 1,000 attendees are expected. www.specialolympicsarizona.org.

Shaken, Not Stirred Soiree

Buckles & Bangles

Oct. 9, 5:30 p.m. This Fresh Start Women’s Foundation event features live entertainment, drinks, and passed hors d’oeuvres at the Arizona Biltmore. Get ready for some jazz, fedoras, and long pearl necklaces at this event that will evoke images of the Roaring ’20s, and which benefits Fresh Start. $100. www.freshstartwomen.org.

Oct. 16, 6 p.m. Kick up your boots at this evening of entertainment and live music, featuring local band Mogollon. At this event that benefits UMOM New Day Centers, you’ll enjoy cocktails, dinner and dancing under the stars at the Arizona Biltmore. Ed Lewis will be honored with the Heart for the Homeless Award. $325. www.umom.org.


Women & Young Women of Distinction Awards

Oct. 10, 6 p.m. This year’s Rendez-Zoo theme is “Night of the Tiger.” Held at the Zoo, you’ll celebrate the majestic Sumatran tiger with an evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a chef-prepared lakeside dinner, music and dancing, and silent and live auctions. Rumor has it that you may also encounter… the tiger. The evening benefits the zoo’s conservation initiatives and educational programs. $500. www.phoenixzoo.org.

Buckles & Bangles




| OCTOBER 2015

Oct. 17, 10:30 a.m. This event, held at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn, recognizes and honors outstanding women who experienced the power of Girl Scouting and who have made significant contributions to their community. The honorees include Verma Pastor, Jessica Lynn Peebles, Julia Patrick, Tess Grossman, Shannon Goldwater, Stephanie Banda, and Nicole Bidwill. $150. www.girlscoutsaz.org.

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do The event will kick-off with bellinis and networking, followed by an exquisite luncheon and a Pretty in Pink fashion show. Benefits go to help Assistance in Healthcare provide grants for non-medical expenses for cancer patients being treated in the Phoenix area. 11a.m. $100. www.aih.org. OPENING RECEPTION FOR ART EXHIBITS Oct. 2, MonOrchid Mark your calendars for the MonOrchid's opening reception for its two new exhibitions, Paradigm Shift and Abstractions. Robert Gentile's Paradigm Shift explores Gentile's growth as an artist and his love of graffiti culture, showcasing an eclectic and stunning body of mixed media work. Abstractions by Johnny Kerr features a beautiful selection of Kerr's black and white architectural series, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of design. Delve into the arts this month with these two solo exhibits, where both artists will be in attendance. 6-10 p.m. www.monorchid.com. Photo by Adam Rodriguez


Monarch Butterfly Walks Oct. 3-Nov. 14, Desert Botanical Garden ’Tis the season for monarchs. Join Desert Botanical Garden every Saturday until Nov. 14 as it celebrates the wonder and awe that is the monarch butterfly. Attendees will go on a butterfly walk, see native milkweed species, hunt for monarch caterpillars, and learn all there is to know about this beautiful creature. 9-10 a.m. $22. www.dbg.org. A VAMPIRE TALE Oct. 1-10, Phoenix Theatre's Hormel Theatre A Vampire Tale is The Nutcracker of Halloween. Scorpius Dance Theatre brings back this yearly haunt for its 12th consecutive season. In A Vampire Tale, a young woman is drawn to the dark side and finds herself lured into an assorted band of bloodsuckers. Frightened yet fascinated by their shadowy showmanship and seductive transactions, the girl struggles to avoid becoming part of their underworld when she becomes infatuated with the king vampire. A Vampire Tale indulges audiences with all the trimmings: dark and sexy drama, quirky and comedic episodes, and visually stunning dance and aerial feats. 7:30 p.m. $25. www.phoenixtheatre.com. ONE-OF-A-KIND: UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHIC OBJECTS FROM THE CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Oct. 1-18, Phoenix Art Museum Experience a unique photography exhibition that covers the entire evolution of the photographic medium—from the 1840s to present

day. The series highlights several photographic processes like negative or digital capture, daguerreotypes, and Polaroid prints. On view will be photographs by David Emitt Adams, Betty Hahn, Andy Warhol, and more. Enjoy life captured during regular museum hours. Free with museum admission. www.phxart.org. GUIDED GHOST TOURS Oct. 1-Nov. 3, The Hermosa Inn Don't believe in ghosts? Come see them for yourself at The Hermosa Inn. Starting from $296/night, guests are invited to book a Hermosa Hauntings package, which includes an overnight stay, two zombie cocktails upon arrival, and a guided ghost tour of the property. To book a Hermosa Hauntings package, visit www.hermosainn.com. PROJECT PINK VINTAGE FASHION SHOW AND LUNCHEON Oct. 2, The Wigwam Resort & Spa Join Assistance In Healthcare for the Project Pink Vintage Fashion Show and Luncheon to help benefit Valley residents battling cancer.



| OCTOBER 2015

THE 7TH ANNUAL HEELS FOR HEALING & 3RD ANNUAL DIVA DASH Oct. 3, Flo's on 7th Florence Crittenton, a nonprofit organization, has helped girls and young women discover their strength and self-worth for more than 119 years. The organization is once again holding its Heels for Healing, a one-day shopping event that offers new or like-new designer heels and handbags to the community for a fraction of the cost. The day also includes a fast-paced, high-heel relay race, called the Diva Dash, where attendees have the opportunity to create a team, dress up, and race to the finish line. The proceeds from the relay race and purchases from Flo’s on 7th will support the organization’s mission and essential programs to help girls and young women reach their highest potential. Diva Dash begins at 8 a.m.; shopping available all day. $25 per Diva Dash participant. www.flocrit.org. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE Oct. 13, Ak-Chin Pavilion Florence + The Machine celebrates the release of their new album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, by playing in select U.S. cities this fall. You guessed it—one of those cities is our beloved Phoenix. The Englishbased band consists of lead singer Florence Welch, as well as Isabella Summers and a collaboration of other artists. Quite literally, it is Florence + The Machine—Welch's powerful vocals beautifully accompany the gaiety of the experimental music. Enjoy fan favorites like “A Dog's Day Is Over” and “Cosmic Love,” and newbies like “Ship Wreck.” 8 p.m. $26$80.50. www.ak-chinpavilion.com. THE BILTMORE BEER DINNERS Oct. 14, Arizona Biltmore Every month throughout the year, the Arizona Biltmore offers a specialty dining experience that guests will never forget. The Biltmore Beer Dinners pairs beers from top microbreweries with a one-night-only menu catered around the evening's featured brew. Arizona Biltmore's Executive Chef Gordon Maybury will curate

do a delicious meal highlighting the flavors of SanTan Brewing Company this month. Sit back and enjoy a fabulous three-course meal. 7 p.m. $45. www.arizonabiltmore.com.

Ballet Arizona dancer in Coppelia. Photo by Rosalie O’Connor.

DANCE FOR DENTAL 2015 Oct. 15, The Phoenician Arizona Community Dental Clinic invites you to its 2015 Dance for Dental event. The encore performance helps to support lowincome families acquire basic dental care. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Dance for Dental helps Rebuild Healthy Lives at the Arizona Community Dental Clinic. Smile, dance, and don your snazziest cocktail attire at this fun event. 6-9 p.m. $125. www. dancefordental.com. 5TH TATUM RANCH CAR SHOW Oct. 17, Tatum Ranch Golf Club Does your heart go pitter-patter for muscle cars, hot rods, exotics, and classics? You are in luck because the 5th Tatum Ranch Car Show is rolling into town this month. There will be awards for all categories, including people’s choice and best in show. The show is open to all years, makes and models. Attendees are encouraged to bring cash or food donations to benefit the Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Free. For information or to register to bring your car, visit www.tatumranchcarshow.com. JANET JACKSON: UNBREAKABLE WORLD TOUR Oct. 19, Comerica Theatre The youngest Jackson is on her seventh concert tour, and it is going global. The Unbreakable World Tour supports Jackson's 11th album, Unbreakable, and will stop in a grand total of 69 cities. Oct. 19 is when our desert landscape will be graced with the presence of one of pop music's most sensational stars. 7 p.m. $45-125. www. comericatheatre.com. MADONNA REBEL HEART TOUR Oct. 22, Gila River Arena She is our “Material Girl” who came down like a “Ray of Light” and told us to “Get Into The Groove.” If you are a Madonna fan, which you know you are, here is your chance to practice that “Vogue” face with the creator herself. Madonna's proven success is revealed via decades of innovative, timeless and fun musical pieces. From the ’80s to present day, she continues to be one of the most prominent female figures in the music industry. 8 p.m. $100-$355. www.gilariverarena.com. MOONDANCE Oct. 24, Heard Museum Moondance at the Heard is an elegant and magical evening filled with museum friends, supporters, and Valley leaders. The event is held each year in the museum's iconic Spanish Colonial-style courtyard and plaza, and guests will enjoy an evening under the stars celebrating prominent philanthropists and the museum's cultural vitality. This event benefits the museum's diversified efforts in presenting engaging exhibitions and programs around indigenous cultures of the

Coppélia Oct. 29-Nov. 1, Symphony Hall Ballet Arizona is back on pointe as its 2015-2016 season kickstarts with the highly anticipated classic, Coppélia. Coppélia tells the story of an eccentric toymaker, lifesize dancing dolls, and a young couple in love. Love triumphs over all in this beloved tale, but only after a case of mistaken identity and hilarious mayhem. 2 p.m., 7p.m. and 7:30 p.m. $25-$159. www.balletaz.org. Southwest, and stimulating economic growth in the local American Indian communities. 6-10 p.m. $500. www.heard.org. SALT RIVER FIELDS BALLOON SPOOKTACULAR Oct. 23-24, Salt River Fields This is a perfect family-friendly event. View more than 20 hot air balloons, enjoy live music, food and beverages, a Kids Zone, a vendor market, tethered balloon rides, a haunted house, and fireworks. You can also trick-or-treat for Halloween candy, of course. 5-10 p.m. each day. $10 (some activities are additional). www.srfballoonfestivals.com. VEGAN MEXICO Oct. 27, Desert Botanical Garden Join Chef Jason Wyrick as he shares tips and tricks to prepare perfect Mexican cuisine. Full of flavor, fiber, and vibrant colors—you will never need to go to a Mexican restaurant again after you learn how to create your own delicious dishes, including some gluten-free options. Discover your Southwestern palette with this culinary lesson. 6:30-8 p.m. $62. www.dbg.org. MARC ANTHONY AND CARLOS VIVES: UNIDO2 TOUR Oct. 29, US Airways Center The UNIDO2 Tour is a spectacular musical

OCTOBER 2015 |



experience with two of the most celebrated stars of Latin music, Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives. Marc Anthony is one of the most influential artists of his time and a true ambassador of Latin music and culture. He has sold over 12 million albums worldwide, and has been recognized with countless standard gold and platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America. Carlos Vives is one of Colombia's most iconic artists and Latin music's most important figures. With more than 30 million albums sold worldwide, he is considered a pioneer of Colombian pop music. Fans will be treated to their biggest hits, getting access to two full concerts under the same roof. 8 p.m. $69-$175. www.usairwayscenter.com. SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM Oct. 29-31, Tempe Center for the Arts Join Scottsdale Musical Theater Company as they perform a show seen for the first time in Arizona, Sondheim on Sondheim. The musical is an intimate prospective of one of the greatest living songwriters in Broadway history–Stephen Sondheim–told through his own songs, words, and real video interviews and confessions. This heartfelt and multimedia musical production is one you won't want to miss. 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. $38-$42. www.scottsdalemusicaltheater.com.



o many sports fans the year consists of two seasons: football season... and everything else. Thankfully, fall—we mean football season—is here, and we’ve rounded up some of the best places to watch the big game and root for your favorite team.

Arizona Cardinals Gallagher’s Sports Grill, Phoenix location

“Let’s get red-y!” is Gallagher’s motto when it comes to supporting the Cardinals. With Monday Night Madness and weekend breakfast and game day specials, Cards fans can make themselves at home here. 7575 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.997.0084; www.gallaghersaz.com. Majerle’s Sports Grill, Downtown Phoenix

Majerle is a name associated with basketball, but Majerle’s Sports Grill is a great place to support our other home team— the Cardinals, of course! A hometown favorite for more than 20 years, Majerle’s focuses on great food, simple but delicious drinks, and fun times. 24 N. 2nd St., Phoenix; 602.253.0118; www.majerles. com/downtown-phoenix.


Where to catch your favorite NFL team game BY MICHELLE TALSMA EVERSON

Tilted Kilt, Downtown Phoenix

Known as “The Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen,” Tilted Kilt’s Downtown location is known as a go-to place for Cards fans. With a variety of brews on tap—including several local favorites—and tasty bar fare, this is a must-try stop to watch the game. 2 E. Jefferson, #22-217, Phoenix; 602.293.3888; www.tiltedkilt. com/locations/phoenix.

Chicago Bears Half Moon Windy City Sports Grill

Also known as Chicago Bears Headquarters, Bears fans enjoy authentic Chicago cuisine, football-inspired weekend drink and food specials, and Bears-themed prizes during special watch parties. Rooting for another team? With

more than 30 big screen TVs, there’s always something on for every fan. 2121 E. Highland Ave., Phoenix; 602.977.2700; www.halfmoonsportsgrill.com.

New Orleans Saints Angry Crab Shack

Meet up with the New Orleans Saints Fans in the Desert Club at this locale to enjoy the big game. 2808 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.956.3088; www.angrycrabshack.com.

Oakland Raiders Catalina Sports Bar and Grill

Ranked the No. 1 Raiders Bar in the nation by sports blog the Accidental Travel Writer for 2012-14, this locale UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

is the place to be if you’re an Oakland Raiders fan. The bar is also where The Phoenician Raiders Booster Club, a club officially sanctioned by the team, meets. 2939 N. 16th St., Phoenix; 602.274.1320; www.facebook.com/catalinasportsbarandgrill.

Some Other Great Spots to Catch a Game! Arcadia Tavern

Described as “equal parts neighborhood restaurant and destination sports bar,” Arcadia Tavern is a great spot to catch the big game no matter which team you’re rooting for. 4801 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.840.3950; www.arcadiatavern.com. O.H.S.O., Arcadia Location

If you want to watch the big game on a scenic patio with man’s best friend, this is the spot for you. Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost (O.H.S.O.) is a nano-brewery, restaurant, and dog-friendly social hotspot. There are more than 40 beers on tap—in addition to other drinks—and football season is the perfect time to enjoy the fall weather while catching your favorite team on the big screen. 4900 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.955.0358; www.ohsobrewery.com.





Treatment: Lower anterior teeth previously treated with traditional grafting— treated with PST with 100% root coverage. Completed by Dr Svans in 1 hour.


ver the past year, Dr Erik Svans and Dr Steven Chang have treated 100’s of teeth with a revolutionary procedure to correct Gingival Recession away from a procedure called Pinhole Surgical Technique™ or PST™. The results have been very impressive, without the need for suturing and cutting donor tissue from your palate, which was required for Traditional Gingival Grafting. Focusing on solving the original cause of the recession first (overzealous brushing, history of periodontal disease, bruxism), and treating the affected sites with PST™ second, Dr Svans and Dr Chang have been able to provide an alternative to Gingival Recession Correction


predictably and reliably with minimal pain—the number one reason why patients and dentists dislike the Traditional approach. Pinhole Surgical Technique was designed to help those who suffer from Gingival Recession procedure that is considered the most painful procedure in Dentistry. Dr. Svans and Dr. Chang were two of the first dentists in Arizona and the United States trained and certified as Pinhole Surgical Technique™ Providers. During your Complimentary Consult, they can educate you on this amazing procedure and how they can help correct your receding gums without sutures and with mild post operative pain.



7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 480.219.8760 | www.scdentalgroup.com


culture The couple also takes the salons on the road several times a year to California, Boston and New York City. Upcoming salons include such diverse topics as “The Brain and Aging,” “Nutrition of Dietary Fats and Oils,” and “Destruction of The Library at Alexandria.” Each salon is held in a different location around the Valley. Some are in private homes in Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Tempe. Others are held at various locations, which have included Taliesin North, on the Light Rail, and at the Phoenix Art Museum. “The experience is colored by being in different places,” says Houlon. For example, a salon focused on science might be held in an artist’s studio. During a recent NYC trip, the salon was in the Tribeca studio of photographer Will Cotton. Surrounded by Cotton’s images of such celebs as Katy Perry, the conversation was led by Dr. Joseph Ledoux, a lead researcher on the brain and emotions.


Conversations for the curious BY SUSAN LANIER-GRAHAM


pirit of the Senses has been bringing people together for stimulating conversation for more than 30 years. Founder Thomas Houlon and his wife Patty Barnes describe their conversations as arts, science and cultural salons. “We provide a means to exchange ideas, question opinions, wonder about new possibilities, learn about our world, and appreciate the visual and performing arts,” explains Houlon.

A Need for the Exchange of Ideas Salons—the conversation kind—began in France in the late 1600s. King Louis XIV loved surrounding himself with the great thinkers of his day, usually artists and writers. Fast-forward a few hundred years to modern-day Arizona. In an age when many people find themselves getting information from social media or listening to mostly contentious political arguments, there is a very real appeal for respectful live conversation. Back in 1983, Houlon didn’t plan to create salons. The Phoenix native says he knew a lot of people and had visited some interesting places. “I wanted

to create a way for people to gather and exchange ideas,” he explains. Spirit of the Senses (www.spiritofthesenses.org) caught on and has mostly grown by word of mouth. The people involved are from diverse backgrounds, all with differing ideas and beliefs. The common ingredient? Curiosity. After New York artist Barnes married Houlon and moved to Arizona, she also became an active part of Spirit of the Senses. “People come to the salons looking for live conversation,” explains Barnes. “And we give them a respectful, safe space. It’s not adversarial.”

Access to the Best Minds The salons feature such diverse topics as art, architecture, science, music, medicine, law and politics. “One thing often leads to the next,” explains Houlon, who works with Barnes to create about a dozen salons every month. UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

Understanding the Salons The experience is always different—and may be different for each member. “Our members determine their levels of involvement,” explains Barnes. It is, after all, an interactive experience. Spirit of the Senses is a membership organization. For an annual fee (currently $330), you can select up to five salons every month. While some members may attend all five, others might attend only occasionally. Each salon lasts about two hours. The presenter guides the conversation and welcomes questions in a casual atmosphere. According to Houlon, “There are social benefits to the salons. You can express your ideas in real time and get immediate feedback.” Barnes explains that there is no pressure, and no membership requirements. “We have both single and married members. There is no dress code. Wealth doesn’t matter. It’s just about exchanging ideas.”

Oh, The Fashion.


To The Next Greatest Show On Grass

Think Pretty Woman meets the Phoenix Open. Dress up. Dress Down. But you will be looking all around, especially at the fashion show.

America’s Most Attended Polo Party. Arizona’s Most Beautiful Event.

With the pageantry and panache to make the Rose Bowl Parade blush.11am: Polo Azteca vs. Club Polo Cabo. 1pm: San Diego Polo Club vs. Arizona Polo Club. 3pm: Clogau Wales Polo Team vs. Aspen Valley Polo Club.

Live Larsen Contemporary & Fine Art Auction.

Barrett-Jackson Preview & Horsepower Showcase.

Get up close and personal with some of the most amazing vehicles you’ll ever see.

Some 250 works. Think a mini-Barrett-Jackson, but with amazing art. Including a Picasso this year. Register to bid or consign at thepoloparty.com/larsen

The Canine Couture.

A dog fashion show like no other!

High-Tea, anyone? High-Tea brought to you by The Phoenician.

The Heineken Pavilion Party.

The Bird’s Nest of polo, courtesy of Heineken. And a polo party tent like nowhere else in the world.

What Else is New in 2015? For Tickets, Tables & Tents. 480.423.1414

How about the Phoenix Symphony playing during one of the periods of play while all other noise is turned off, creating one of the most sounds and scenes in Arizona? Or shopping with some amazing new vendors? There’s nothing like your first time. Or experiencing it all over again.


10.24.15 WestWorld of Scottsdale




et ready to have an incredible, unforgettable and unique evening. At Applause! Phoenix Theatre Gala, there’s not only dinner and entertainment—but you’re part of the entertainment. The show-stopping evening features an original musical tribute that honors individuals who have contributed substantially to the quality of life in the Valley, with

If You Go…

WHAT: Applause! Phoenix Theatre Gala WHEN: Oct. 16, 5:30 p.m. WHERE: Phoenix Theatre, 100 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix TICKETS: $550 INFORMATION: www.phoenixtheatre.com



| OCTOBER 2015

this year’s honorees including Dr. Gladys McGarey, Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines, Carrie Martz, Bobby Barnes, Michael Pollack, Vicki Marce, and Erika Monroe-Williams and Matt Williams. And at this event, you’ll also become a player in the theatrical celebration. In addition to the show, you’ll enjoy a cocktail reception and dinner. The cocktail-attire evening supports the work of the nonprofit Phoenix Theatre, both on and off its stages. Not only does the organization provide entertainment to the community as a whole, but it provides essential outreach programs to various groups and organizations such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center.

event Chairmen C.A. and Nan Howlett, Carolyn and Craig Jackson, and Melani Walton received gifts before last year’s concert.


Shift into high gear with a groundbreaking concert and street festival BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN

Bill Patterson painted during last year’s The Sound of Speed. The painting was auctioned off early in the evening at the VIP event.


ev your engine and get ready for an evening that promises to be a symphony for the senses. The Sound of Speed 2 will take over Downtown Phoenix on Oct. 24 at an event “where cars, racing and music collide.” A unique fundraising event, attendees will first encounter the Pit Road Street Festival, where rare and classic collector cars, bars and food trucks will fill 3rd Street between Washington and Monroe. Nibble on food while you sip a drink and take in the incredible selection of cars available for viewing, including those provided by Barrett-Jackson, The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions, who is the presenting sponsor. Last year, Barrett-Jackson showcased 30 cars worth a combined total of more than $100 million, including the original General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, and a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. And this year, they promise to deliver even more. Pit Road opens at 3 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., a live, multimedia concert by The Phoenix Symphony will be held at Symphony Hall. It will feature musical tributes to cars and racing in film and pop cultures, as well as an all-American tribute to the military and veterans.

If You Go…

WHAT: The Sound of Speed 2 WHEN: Oct. 24, 3 p.m. WHERE: Pit Road Street Festival: 3rd Street between Washington and Monroe; Concert: Symphony Hall TICKETS: General admission to the Pit Road Street Festival: $10 (food and drink is available for purchase); Concert: $30-$99 (includes admission to Pit Road Street Festival); VIP (includes both, plus additional perks): $500

OCTOBER 2015 |



Tickets are available for just Pit Road, while concert tickets include admission to Pit Road. This year’s event chairs are Carolyn and Craig Jackson, Nan and C.A. Howlett, and Frankie Muniz and his fiancé, Elycia Marie Turnbow. “The Sound of Speed is one of the most unique events Barrett-Jackson has ever been a part of,” says Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. “We are proud to partner with The Phoenix Symphony to raise money for its education and community outreach programs.”



Growing up, I always enjoyed cooking, especially after spending time with my family in Arkansas and being exposed to true Southern cooking. Actually I wanted to be an artist and always took lots of art classes in school, but starting in high school I got hooked on watching the Food Network, and I realized that I could combine my two passions because cooking is just the tastiest form of art. WHY NAME THE RESTAURANT “OKRA”?

It’s such a signature Southern ingredient—no other single term is so evocative of what we are trying to do here at Okra Cookhouse. So naturally we’re using okra in plenty of dishes, from a Fried Okra starter to incorporating it into entrées, and even pickled okra in our signature cocktails. FAVORITE DISH YOU’VE CREATED?

When we decided to open a Southernstyle restaurant, I knew I wanted to do my version of Southern Fried Chicken, including the famous Tennessee Hot Chicken that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I went to college in Memphis. At Okra we’re actually serving Southern Fried Chicken two ways: Tennessee Hot featuring our own hot sauce created in partnership with Phoenix’s Homeboy Hot Sauce, and Italian-style served with a hearty Umbrian meat sauce.



I’m always experimenting and trying new things. At Crudo I’ve smoked up my kitchen pretty good while experimenting with the best way to cook over pecan wood. But at Okra we have an open exposition kitchen, so I’ll have to limit my wildest experiments to offhours when only the staff will see when I light things on fire or play around with a new recipe. If you’re not experimenting and taking risks, where’s the fun?

In the kitchen with Chef Cullen Campbell of Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN PHOTO BY CARL SCHULTZ

Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails serves Southernstyle dishes, and recently opened at 5813 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 602.296.4147; www.okraaz.com.



| OCTOBER 2015




have always been a fan of the flavor of Thai tea and I wanted to create a drink incorporating it,” explains Stephanie Teslar, mixologist at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails at Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar Phoenix, of the locale’s Kentucky Thunder cocktail. “The use of coconut and banana just seemed like the perfect pair.” The drink ($11) is made with Thai tea buffalo trace, house made banana syrup, coconut milk, and has a sugar rim. Teslar infuses the bourbon with Thai tea and makes her own banana syrup, then adds coconut milk. “It’s rich and creamy, but yet refreshing due to the tropical notes from the banana syrup, which is made fresh daily,” she explains. The drink is an interpretation of a classic Crusta, but made with unique and modern ingredients, and is perfect for those who prefer tropical flavors, exotic teas, or bourbon. Teslar recommends pairing the drink with any of the Southern-inspired dishes, or with items with a bit of a spice. “Personally, I enjoy it with our etouffee,” she says. Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails offers a selection of seasonal food and handcrafted cocktails, and is known for its variety of sharable plates. 2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix; 602.258.0231; www.bluehoundkitchen. com.

OCTOBER 2015 |



haute property


eady for luxurious downtown living? Chateau on Central is a brownstone community of 20 residences, including this model home, which features 5,485 square feet with two master suites, a two-bedroom guest level, a media room, a modern kitchen, and multiple outdoor terraces. Chateau on Central also offers



private commercial-grade elevators, two car garages, and a gated community.  The post-modern French Victorian exterior is a unique contrast to the glass buildings that surround the community. Conveniently located, this residence is just minutes from nightlife, art and culture such as the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Theatre and Opera, Downtown sporting venues, and so much more. 38 W. Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Offered at $1,698,000 by Monica Monson & Barry Van Patten, Monson Luxury Group, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty. For more information, visit www.chateauoncentral.com or call 480.250.0848.



| OCTOBER 2015


vital stats: 2015 BMW 228i Convertible Base Price: $38,850 Price as Tested: $53,825 Seating: 4 Engine: 2.0L Turbocharged Four-Cylinder or 3.0L Turbocharged Six-Cylinder

2015 BMW 228I CONVERTIBLE More than a pretty face BY JIM PRUETER

Horsepower: 240-hp or 320-hp Fuel Economy: 23/34–City/Highway Fab Features: Sporty driving experience Choice of two eager turbocharged engines Top down fun in the sun


magine, if you will, summer heat finally giving way to delicious fall temperatures. There’s a gorgeous new sparkling silver metallic sporty German convertible sitting in the driveway, just waiting for you. Elbow-high, top down, exposing the coral red Dakota sport seats. Just look at those bratty 18-inch forged wheels. For a few minutes, I’m a young fool in love. Anyone looking for a party? Step up to BMW’s new 228i convertible, the drop-top variant of the 2 Series coupe introduced last year to replace the 1-Series. Slip behind the wheel and fire up the 240-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo-four, shift the 8-speed automatic transmission,

OCTOBER 2015 |



and in just over five seconds you’re at 60 mph, getting after a mountain road with the car fearlessly carving the twisty turns. Pure mechanical joy. It would shed blood to please. Those who seek additional power can step up to the M235i convertible and enjoy 320 horsepower from the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, where getting from zero to 60 takes just 4.8 seconds—and it’s available with a manual transmission. It’s easy and fun with perfect steering and the chassis feel of a high-priced go-kart. Darty, tempestuous, the new 228i embraces power-to-weight minimalism and heel-and-toe driving in a way we’ve not experienced since the Z4. Let’s talk about aesthetics: Whether you’re pushing it through the corners or just cruising on a warm fall evening, the 228i is a great place to be. The seats are supportive and comfortable with excellent driving position and ample legroom, even for those of us over 6 feet tall. BMW says it’s a four-seater, but rear-seat knee room, upright backrests and bulky side panels make it uncomfortable for all but those of diminutive size. Cargo space is decent even with the top down, thanks to a fabric roof rather than a retractable hardtop, and rear seatbacks that fold down, affording a standard pass-through. The top powers up or down in just 20 seconds, at vehicle speeds of up to 30 mph. The cabin is remarkably placid when the roof is raised. As we ease into winter, driving open-roofed, the driver can choose the optimal temperature mitigation with the heater, heated seats and rear-seat wind deflector for ultimate wind management. Overall, the BMW 2 Series convertible is neither the roomiest nor the fastest BMW, but it is fun to drive. The ability to drop the top on a whim makes it all worthwhile. It isn’t inexpensive, but owning one is a decision you won’t regret. Automotive writer Jim Prueter is a spokesperson for AAA, and his auto reviews and travel stories appear nationally in print and online. You can catch him on several local TV stations, and can reach him at jmprueter@yahoo.com.


COOL NIGHTS, COOL LIGHTS Light up your night with these great lanterns


(Clockwise from top) Pretty Glow Copper LED glass lantern, Creative co-op, $62 at Nordstrom, 480.946.4111.

Whitewash Wish Distressed top whitewash wood lantern, $59.95 at Pier 1 Imports.

Sweet Charm Medium jeweled lantern in Gray, $15 at Pier 1 Imports.

A True Jewel Champagne jeweled lantern, $40 at Pier 1 Imports, 480.922.3987.

Tea for Two Scroll lantern tealight holder, $79.95 at Pier 1 Imports.

Brass Sass Brass lantern, $59, West Elm, 480.948.1950.



| OCTOBER 2015


s t y le

a llur e

h a u t e pr oper t y

d w ell

Surf’s up! Well, at least on the golf course‌ Yes, grab your golf bag and this fun surf- and skateboardinspired motorized GolfBoard golf vehicle and get ready to hit the links. Developed by surf legend Laird Hamilton and Bally Total Fitness Founder Don Wildman, the GolfBoard is powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery. And, in addition to being just downright fun, the GolfBoard also increases the pace of play, and reduces course wear-and-tear. You can rent one at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa ($35) or purchase one for $6,500 at www.golfboard.com. Leases are also available.

OCTOBER 2015 |



w heels

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What are you carrying this season? Make one of these handbags part of your wardrobe BY MICHELLE GLICKSMAN | PHOTOS BY BRIAN R. SMITH | ITEMS COORDINATED BY SAMANTHA LAPID

(Clockwise from top) Get Some Closure Chevron quilted handbag with lion closure, Chanel, $3,795.95 at To Be Continued… A Consignment Boutique, 480.699.2700. Go Bright Yellow and brown handbag, Michael Kors, $79.99 at Urban Exchange, 480.948.6343. Heavy Metal Metallic handbag with fringe, Streets Ahead, $400, Judy Arizona, 480.585.9190. Brown Out Brown handbag, $72 at Elan Style, 480.941.5575 Green With Envy Green handbag, Balenciaga Paris, $795 at My Sister’s Closet, 480.443.4575.



| OCTOBER 2015



The ’70s are back! Or at least the styles are, so get ready to embrace your inner hippie and rock some flares


(Clockwise from top) Wrap it Up Blue peasant wrap top in French Blue, Fifteen Twenty, $125 at Diva Divine Boutique, 480.585.2570. Poncho Power Multicolor poncho, Best Mountain, $145 at Judy Arizona, 480.585.9190. Wear Some Flare Blue cotton flare pants, Chatoyant, $69 at Classy Jazzy Cutique, 480.513.1480.

Wrist & Shout “Plume Feather” bracelet, Alex and Ani, $58 at Diva Divine Boutique. Give ’Em a Ring Ring, $50 at Judy Arizona. High Rise Brown platform heels, Yves Saint Laurent, $375.95 at To be Continued… A Consignment Boutique, 480.699.2700.

OCTOBER 2015 |



Skirt the Issue Pink and gray fringe skirt, Marco de Vincenzo, $425 at To Be Continued… A Consignment Boutique. Pattern Power Patterned wrap dress, Aryeh, $74 at Elan Style, 480.941.5575. Go Round Round tortoise shell glasses, Derek Lam, $414 at Optics, 480.991.0509.

Haute looks for cool days— step out in fall’s best looks


DRESS: Black pleated “Chantal” dress, Marciano, $178. BRACELET: Gold cuff bracelet, Marciano, $58. Both at Marciano, 480.941.3132.




| OCTOBER 2015

DRESS: “Shamini” lace dress, Marciano, $228. BRACELETS: Gold and rhinestone bangle set, Marciano, $68. HANDBAG: Gold beaded clutch, Marciano, $128. SHOES: Nude “Bobbie” pumps, $228. All at Marciano, 480.941.3132.

OCTOBER 2015 |



EARRINGS: Long chain earrings, Marciano, $38. JACKET: Port studded fringe jacket, Marciano, $398. SKIRT: Port pencil skirt, Marciano, $298. All at Marciano, 480.941.3132.



| OCTOBER 2015

EARRINGS: Pearlbacked earrings, Marciano, $38. DRESS: White “Desi” tunic dress, Marciano, $178. Both at Marciano, 480.941.3132.

OCTOBER 2015 |



EARRINGS: Long chain earrings, Marciano, $38. DRESS: Black dress with sequins, $198. Both at Marciano, 480.941.3132.



| OCTOBER 2015

JACKET: Black fringe jacket, Marciano, $398. TOP: Port ruffle blouse, Marciano, $98. SKIRT: Black A-line skirt, Marciano, $298. SHOES: Maroon “Vickie” pumps, $278. All at Marciano, 480.941.3132.

OCTOBER 2015 |



EARRINGS: Gold and pearl chandelier earrings, $38. DRESS: Mandarin red one-shoulder dress, Marciano, $158. BRACELET: Gold cuff bracelet, Marciano, $58. SHOES: Nude “Bobbie” pumps, $228. All at Marciano, 480.941.3132.



| OCTOBER 2015

NECKLACE: Gold and pearl statement necklace, Marciano, $68. JUMPSUIT: Brown “Gea” jumpsuit, Marciano, $198. Both at Marciano, 480.941.3132.

OCTOBER 2015 |



Sandra Culic and Gina Santangelo

Kelsey Caudill and Tabit Daniel

Lisa Garrett and Tatum Davis

Edison Midtown VIP Kick-off Party

Deco Communities held this VIP celebration to kick-off the much-anticipated Edison Midtown condominium project. Held at Ocotillo restaurant, there was food, drinks, and music for guests to enjoy as they got an exclusive look at the project.

Julienne Manansala and Lauren Witte

Dr. Alecia Burnett and Stacy Laabs

Daniel German, Melissa Rein Lively and Rob Lyles

Chelsea Porter and Stacey Rarden

Willian Jarvis and Sandra Zanol

Courtney McCune and Kammie Kobyleski UPTOWN |


Taucha Silk snd Dorina Bustamante

Brian Rosella and Dustin Gaskey | OCTOBER 2015

20% OFF

AT M O R E T H A N 5 0 0 R E TA I L L O C AT I O N S & R E S TA U R A N T S

OCTOBER 16-25, 2015

Amanda Dziszuk and Brooke Benavides Stephanie Honing and Catherine Clancy



Kids Fashion Week

ABC’s The Bachelor star Kat Hurd hosted this event at the Wrigley Mansion, where kids took to the runway to show off the latest fashions. The event was attended by several celebrities, and was presented by The Young Agency.




Lisa Mcgiovray and Kim Stamps

Anthropologie Bungalow Crate & Barrel Eileen Fisher Hugo Boss Lululemon Michael Kors Pottery Barn Restoration Hardware Sur La Table The Container Store Tommy Bahama Tory Burch Tumi West Elm Williams-Sonoma

Megan Ho and Bryanna Mariscal Chrissy Cunningham and Geri Damone

Erica Schmitt and Shannon Campbell

OCTOBER 2015 |



Purchase your Care Card for $60 at many participating retailers, online at TheCareCard.org or call 602-235-9554

YOUR DREAM COME TRU! Daniel Valenzuela and Jessica Pacheco

Pamela Kingsley and Diane Veres

Economic Outlook 2016 Held at the Arizona Biltmore resort, this event was presented by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Cox Communications, and offered insight from local, national and global perspectives.

Enriching the Lives of Families in Arcadia, Biltmore and the Central Corridor One Home at a Time. Be Tru… Buy Tru!!!

www.buytru.com (480) 327-6700

Alexis Glascock and Ellen Poole

ike you l e n o e som g “Unless hole lot, nothin w cares a o get better. t is going ot.” —Dr Suess n It’s just Caryn Dickemper and Janelle Tassart

Debrah Clark and Debbie Drotar



Colleen Schwab and Lynze Shuman

(602) 506-3471



| OCTOBER 2015

Christy Moore and Heather Kivatinos

Andrea Rodriguez and Emilio Gaynor

Celebrate current and emerging female leaders.

Sue Glawe and Robert Miley

Reunite with your former Girl Scout troop or Girl Scout sisters to recognize the outstanding achievements of local girls, women and community members who have made Arizona, and the world, a better place.

Profiles of Success Hispanic Awards Celebration

This year marked the 25th anniversary for this Valle del Sol fundraising event. The luncheon, which was attended by more than 1,400 people, not only launched National Hispanic Heritage Month in Arizona, but recognized Latino leadership.

saturday, october 17, 2015 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. | Silent Auction & Luncheon

Maritza Gonzales and Juanita Rodriguez

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn WOMEN of DISTINCTION

courage award

Shannon Goldwater

courage award

Stephanie Banda

Angie Lopez and Delia Garcia

visionary award

Verma Pastor

Julia Patrick


Marci Higuera-Koke and Lori Higuera

Dawn Hocking and Jackie Thompson

leadership award

visionary award

Tess Grossman

leadership award

Jessica Peebles

For more information and to purchase tickets visit girlscoutsaz.org/wywd.

Sandra Gonzalez and Lorena Naba

OCTOBER 2015 |




Those familiar with the brand have most likely sampled Baileys’ wildly popular Salted Carmel and Cinnamon Vanilla variations, or perhaps their earlier lines of custom flavors ranging from Mint Chocolate to Hazelnut. Most recently, Baileys Chocolate Cherry, just introduced last year and praised for its ability to bottle the popular flavor combination without making it taste like a mash-up of chocolate syrup with cough medicine, has been making waves. But, chances are, you haven’t tried their newest innovation—yet. Eager to bring a new flavor to the consumer in 2015, Baileys introduced its first-ever Espresso Crème in recent weeks. Available at most grocery and fine liquor stores Valleywide, including Fry’s, AJs, Total Wine & More and Bevmo, as well as at major events including Weekend Jetaway and Live & Local—both in Scottsdale— Baileys’ Espresso Crème combines the intense flavor and aroma of premium-roasted Colombian coffee beans with subtle notes of vanilla, culminating with a velvety smooth (and slightly chocolatey) finish. A creamy, dreamy flavor on even the most discerning coffee lovers’ palate, the Espresso Crème is a perfect liqueur to drink on its own, combine with other seasonal ingredients for the perfect fall cocktail, or—of course—pour into one’s coffee.



n 1974, Gilbeys of Ireland introduced Baileys Irish Cream, the first Irish Cream-infused spirit in the world, quickly making its mark in the beverage industry. Known for its distinctive taste, thanks to a top-secret cocoa extract recipe that gives Baileys its chocolate character and essence, the brand is currently available in 180 countries worldwide and is among the top 10 most popular spirits in the world. Funny enough, it is also among the most purchased duty-free items in airports worldwide! It is safe to assume that Baileys is one of the most beloved exports from the proud island of Ireland not named Liam Neeson or Colin Farrell. “Today, Baileys accounts for more than 50% of all spirits exported from Ireland,” says Sarah Shneider of Alliance Beverage. “Over 2,300 glasses are consumed every minute of every day.” And though steeped in tradition— roughly 75% of its raw ingredients and packaging still come straight out of Ireland, including the whiskey, sugar and fresh cream from nearly 40,000 Irish dairy cows—the brand has been clever to evolve with the times. Among its shrewdest moves in recent years has been adding new and innovative flavor profiles to inspire a new generation of mixologists, bartenders and home entertainers.

Baileys Espresso Crème Cocktail Ideas BAILEYS ESPRESSO MARTINI 2 oz. Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur ¼ oz. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka ¼ oz. Espresso Shake over ice. Strain into martini glass. AFFOGATO 1 ½ oz. Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur 2 scoops of ice cream (best bets: chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavors) Scoop ice cream into glass. Pour Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur over ice cream.



| OCTOBER 2015

ESPRESSO CRÈME & COFFEE 2 oz. Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur 6 oz. hot coffee DOUBLE ESPRESSO 1 ½ oz. Baileys Espresso Crème Liqueur 1 ½ oz. espresso 2-5 coffee beans Shake over ice. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

f ood f ile s

dr ink

dining guide


Fried Deviled Eggs. Don’t those sound amazing? “What makes our version unique is that they are made with a lot of love, and, they are made from an original Steak 44 recipe,” says Executive Chef Robert Watson. Offered as one of the appetizers at Steak 44, the Fried Deviled Eggs are just one of the selections on a menu of unique side dishes and appetizers, great steaks, and fresh seafood. Open for dinner daily. 5101 N. 44th St., Phoenix; 602.271.4400; www.steak44.com. OCTOBER 2015 |



food files

SMALL IN SIZE, BIG ON FLAVOR Five cozy dining experiences



ou walk into a restaurant and hear the loud, steady hum of the diners, and an occasional ting of flatware dropping and the kitchen staff calling out orders. There is a ballet of sorts with the servers; putting orders in, dropping by the bar for drink orders, checking in and delivering dishes. But what happens when you want a more intimate experience? It has been said that great things come in small packages, and these local restaurants are proof positive. The petite spots, with no more than 50 or so tables, cater to a cozier and intimate dining experience.

trips to Mexico. The small space that she has created just off of Culinary Dropout at The Yard is bursting with flavor and character. There are several taco options, and they all come in orders of three (though you do have the option of ordering any one of their 21 tacos singularly on Tuesdays), which may not seem like much, but is more than enough to make a meal out of. Outside of the stellar taco selection you’ll find tortas, burritos, and generously portioned entrées. One of the best parts? The breakfast options are available all day long.

Barrio Urbano

Ingo’s Tasty Food

5632 N. 7th St., Phoenix 602.287.9000 www.barriourbanophx.com Taco Tuesday will likely never be the same once you try all that Barrio Urbano has to offer. Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza is a local hero as the authority on regional Mexican flavors, always elevating her game and providing diners throughout the Valley with unexpected menus, melding flavors that she discovers on her frequent

4052 N. 40th St., Phoenix 602.795.2884 www.ingostastyfood.com Ingo’s Tasty Food is an elevated experience of a gourmet food stand; the tiny permanent structure is home to a bright and airy patio with a beer and wine garden that offers a modern flair. This delightfully quirky spot has an equally eccentric menu that’s full of cleverly named dishes comprised of unexpected UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

ingredients. You’ll find salads, rice bowls, burgers (of both the grass-fed beef and vegetarian variety), and their Fresh Shattered Potato Chips are something that you will be telling your friends about for weeks to come. Their Farmer’s Daughter Burger (made of beef or a house made cashew patty) is dolled up with dijonnaise, fol epi, and sauerkraut. The bite and tang of the burger flavors

food files paired with those chips will have you feeling like you’re on our own private island, not a tiny urban patio.

Noble Eatery 2201 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix 602.688.2424 www.nobleeatery.com Local business lovers know all about the greatness that is Noble Bread, and if you just couldn’t get your fill or wanted to step up your carb cravings, you can rejoice in Noble Eatery. This petite sandwich shop uses their space really wisely; you order your meal at the counter and then seek out your table and wait for your meal to be brought to you. You already know that the bread is going to be amazing and the chef’s exhibit their talent by adding ingredients that play well with each other, not fight against one another to overpower the pure and simple flavors. The small space and its rustic accoutrements add to the charm of the location, making it a place you will want to seek out and cozy up to.

Nook Kitchen 3623 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix 602.651.1390 www.nookkitchen.com Gaslight Square is an adorable mecca in the Arcadia district, with unique shops and eateries. Nook Kitchen takes the small space and seemingly casual environment and serves up first-class dishes in this quaint corridor. This small space is deceiving with its cozy booths, elongated bar, and quick service. The Italian-driven menu makes it a perfect spot to pop in for a glass or two of one of their more than 50 boutique wines, as well as a cleverly created charcuterie board. If you want to settle in and enjoy your company and the background music, one of their Neapolitan-style pizzas will add to the warm ambiance. Their Mela e Dattero pizza is a surprisingly delightful combination of fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan cheeses, along with roasted fennel, medjool dates, apples, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary.

OCTOBER 2015 |



TEN Handcrafted American Fare & Spirits 2501 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix 602.374.2611 www.tenfareandspirits.com This small local spot plays hard-to-get by being a little bit difficult to locate, but your efforts will rewarded in the form of a full and happy belly. The restaurant has two levels, which helps to give the illusion of more space and allows diners to not feel as though they are on top of one another. The service is expedient and always upbeat, with the servers both attentive and knowledgeable about their menu and bar offerings. The TEN menu–which gives a healthy nod to the chef/owner’s Midwest roots–is not overly complicated and is rather small, which allows for the chef to put extra love and care into each dish. You will never forgive yourself if you leave without trying the Shrimp and Gritcakes; the shrimp are dressed with a light sauce and then stacked on rich andouille sausage and a perfectly crisp and creamy grit cake. This dish will convert anyone who thinks that they don’t care for grits.


new in town

Downtown staple Matt’s Big Breakfast branches out with a new location BY SHANA SCHWARZ


or over a decade now, Matt’s Big Breakfast has been serving great food to the people of Downtown Phoenix, tourists, and folks from around the Valley willing to travel for a great meal. For anyone near the Biltmore, that drive is about to get much shorter. “We are super excited to be part of the Biltmore neighborhood, and also to be closer to Arcadia and Scottsdale,” says owner Matt Pool of the new location at 32nd Street and Camelback Road. “We often hear from our customers in these areas that they would love to come to see us more often but they are afraid we will be on a waiting list and can't risk the time to drive all the way Downtown. It is our hope that being closer to them will make it easier for everybody.” If you’ve never been to the original location (or caught a bite from their Sky Harbor spot), Pool sums it up like this: “We are a mom and pop restaurant that focuses on classic breakfast and lunch dishes made from really great and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. We cook from scratch (no freezers, microwaves or mixes) and always strive to deliver first-rate warm and friendly hospitality.” The only thing different about the new location is geography, so fans have nothing to fear. A new location is exciting, and something Pool probably didn’t see coming when they started out. “We opened in October of 2004,” he says. “My wife and I were working opposite schedules and it was really tough for family life. I was working until 2 a.m.

most nights, and she was working all day as a human resources manager for the Camelback Inn. Our little boy was about to turn 3, and we realized if we didn't make some changes I would miss too many key moments of his childhood (school meetings, little league, tucking him in, etc.). We both grew up in the Midwest and we had always talked about opening a little spot similar to so many places common there—a place that just served simple but superior food at a great value where people could feel welcome. When we drove by our original little corner brick building and saw a For Lease sign in the window, we pulled over and spent the next eight hours trying to convince the landlord to rent it to us (he did not want another restaurant there). The rest is history, I guess.” It’s a history filled with regulars who come in for a meal three to four times a week, tourists who stop by based on word of mouth recommendations, and delicious food made from quality ingredients. We couldn’t resist asking Pool which is his favorite item on the menu. “I get asked this often and I always say the same thing,” he says. “It sounds boring, but I always go with the Hog and Chick, which is our version of a classic breakfast combo. I go with eggs over medium, hash browns, our off-the-bone ham steak and thick-cut sourdough toast with our housemade preserves. We are UPTOWN |


| OCTOBER 2015

known primarily for our bacon from the Pork Shop of Queen Creek, but I'm a huge fan too of their ham, which tastes like it did in the old days and isn't loaded with salt and pumped full of water or artificial fillers.” 3118 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602.956.6622; www.mattsbigbreakfast.com.

FA C E · B R E A S T · B O D Y Chief of Plastic Surgery

Board Certified

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn

American Board of Plastic Surgery

Former Acting Chief of Plastic Surgery

Active Member

University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Former Assistant Professor of Surgery University of Arizona College of Medicine

Saint Louis University Coordinated General & Plastic Surgery Residency University of Arizona College of Medicine

Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor

Royal & Ancient Society of American Plastic Surgeons Rocky Mountain Association of Plastic Surgeons Arizona Society of Plastic Surgeons

Multiple years



Admire Skin & Spa provides individual skin care solutions that employ both traditional and medical-grade services. Schedule a

free skin care analysis today!

Custom Facials · Eyelash and Brow · Laser Hair Removal Pellevé™ Skin Tightening · Dermapen™ Collagen Induction Icon™ IPL Photofacial · Cutting-edge injectable therapies Plus leading produts for both in-office and at-home care.

A D M I R E P L A S T I C S U R G E R Y. c o m AdmirePlasticSurgery


7231 East Princess Boulevard . Suite 211 Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Office 480 946 3155 . Fax 2122 info@admireplasticsurgery.com

Your City. Within Reach. N






Experience a new view of Downtown Phoenix. Luxury condominiums and lofts from $235,000 to $1.25M.

Schedule a tour at (602) 344-9977 PortlandParkCondos.com No binding offer to sell may be accepted until the Arizona subdivision public report is issued.

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Uptown Magazine October 2015