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NEW IN THE VALLEY 65 places to shop, dine, play & stay


Evernham The soon-to-be NASCAR Hall of Famer gears up for the 47th annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction with his big charitable contribution to the show, a 2017 Ford GT


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A Year In Review with National Hair Loss

Our National Hair Loss patients are starting the New Year with the hair they deserve! At National Hair Loss, we work closely with our patients to overcome hair loss issues and restore their confidence. Many have dealt with long-term genetic, chemotherapy, hormonal, and health related hair loss and have outstanding results using our cutting-edge therapies. Throughout the year we unveiled exciting new treatments to help patients get to the “root” of their problem and inspire others to take action.

Male Hair Loss – Johnjay Van Es Johnjay Van Es, Radio DJ & social media guru, uses his platform to share his hair loss journey with followers. Johnjay has been struggling with hair loss for years, has tried an array of hair loss treatments, and openly discusses his success with National Hair Loss.



Cancer Hair Loss Often it is the unknown that is overwhelming, however it is our goal to help educate patients on hair loss and support them through their journey of renewed health. Along with their hair, it is seeing the expressions and light in their face return that we find most rewarding.



Female Hair Loss – Letitia Frye Letitia’s career as an auctioneer keeps her in the spotlight and feeling confident in her appearance is important. She struggled with hair loss because of unforeseen event and found hope in National Hair Loss, their team, and their treatments.



Female Hair Loss Never give up on your hair – have hope and keep trying. That’s our motto as we unveiled a new stem cell treatment using the latest technology. This technique will rejuvenate follicles & stimulate hair growth naturally.

Featured in 2017 in: Before


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Experts in MonaLisa Touch News Update: The MonaLisa Touch has now been FDA approved in the U.S. for over 3 years and at Arizona Women’s Care more than 1300 procedures have brought amazing results to women across the Southwest region. This amazing NON HORMONAL treatment for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections and other symptoms that result from a lack of estrogen has revolutionized our success in treating these disheartening issues. In a recent Stanford University study, reductions in dryness and painful intercourse were especially marked, dropping an average of 75% and 66% respectively. As Lindsay (age 56) states, “I was skeptical, but I needed to try something. After the 3 treatments, intercourse was so much better I could not believe it. I actually asked my husband if we could do it again, and he was shocked! It has made such a difference in our relationship.” The MonaLisa Touch uses fractional CO2 laser therapy

to regenerate collagen and rid the vaginal mucosa of the dry atrophic cells. Three simple treatments in the office 6 weeks apart have shown incredible improvements in vaginal atrophy. These treatments take about 5 minutes and are virtually painfree, no anesthesia is needed. As women caring for women, our expertise and customer service are unsurpassed in the valley. Our staff of all-female physicians were the 1st board certified OB/GYNS in the state of Arizona to perform the MonaLisa Touch procedure. We welcome you to any of our open house seminars to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch! You will have the opportunity to meet with the doctors and talk with the patients who have had this life changing procedure. One last testimonial from Rhonda (age 61) sums up why we do what we do, “Thank you Arizona Women’s Care for offering me the MonaLisa Touch! It is an amazing treatment. I am 100% back to feeling like I did 20 years ago!”

e r ’ u o Y d e t i v Iln us for n i o j e s ea a P

naLis o M r u o ouse H n e p O y 18th m r a u n a J om 5-7p r f a s i L Mona Julie at o t P V RS 016 480.455.0 BACK ROW: Ann Langer M.D., JulieAnn Heathcott M.D., JulieAnne Castilla M.D. FRONT ROW: Kelly Helms M.D., Julie Kwatra M.D.


Call Julie at 480.455.0016 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 www.ArizonaWomensCare.com


Pulse 17 UP CLOSE Mark Roden on Subway and building a philanthropic empire

20 BEAT How Hamid Salari is transforming outdoor areas

22 BEAT ON THE COVER: Ray Evernham, photo courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.

A snapshot of Erica Anderson’s life


Features 30 RAY EVERNHAM The internationally known racer talks Barrett-Jackson, philanthropy and the NASCAR Hall of Fame

46 NEW IN 2018 65 places to dine, drink and play


Uptown January '18

Fashion rules according to Robert Reder

26 HER STYLE Tracey Lytle dishes on gala season

28 NOTICED Fashionable women spotted at events

EXCLUSIVE Luxury Homes

56 BILTMORE ESTATE | BILTMORE | PHOENIX 4 B E D S | 4 . 5 B AT H S | 6 , 0 5 4 S F | $ 3 , 4 9 5 , 0 0 0 J AC K LU C I A N O & R AU L S I Q U E I R O S | 6 02 . 6 9 0 . 2 1 8 8

Fr ank Lloyd WRIGHT MASTERPIECE 6836 N. 36th Stree t | Phoenix



3 BEDS | 3.5 BATHS | 4,880 SF | $2,748,000

3 B E D S | 3 . 5 B AT H S | 3 , 6 2 2 S F | $ 2 , 4 9 5 , 0 0 0

3 B E D S | 3 B AT H S | 2 , 8 4 9 S F | $ 3 , 25 0 , 0 0 0





480.465. 2620



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2 BEDS | 2 BATHS | 1,287 SF | $312,900




3 BEDS | 3.5 BATHS | 3,950 SF | $10,750/MONTH

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602. 826.1 60 0

602.69 0. 21 88

An international associate of Savills



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Six great events to attend

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2018 Dodge Durango SRT



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47th annual Barrett-Jackson

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A golden masquerade gala

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COUPON CODE: BROW18. *Valid at participating European Wax Center locations. Guests must not have received a brow service at any European Wax Center location within one year of redemption to qualify, and must reside within the state where redeemed. Proof of residency may be required. Additional restrictions may apply. European Wax Center locations are independently owned and operated. Offer expires 3/31/18. © 2018 EWC Franchise, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Taste 70 DRINK Cocktails with cool cubes

71 DISH Joe’s Midnight Run’s newest addition

72 CHEERS A martini trio

73 CUISINE In the kitchen with Michael Miller of Windsor

74 FOOD FILES Start the year off light and bright

The Rest 12 TELL Editor’s note

76 SEEN Who went where and what happened

82 NEW IN TOWN The Porch


Uptown January '18



It’s officially 2018 and this month is busy, busy, busy! For starters, Barrett-Jackson heads to WestWorld of Scottsdale this month, giving car lovers a place to see new, vintage and unique autos. Between the exciting VIP experiences and the celebrities (turn to page 42 for a complete lowdown), it’s definitely an event to remember. We’re even featuring some of the amazing cars in our fashion spread this month – along with some pretty dapper men’s clothing – on page 56. To our cover feature, Ray Evernham (page 30), Barrett-Jackson also means an opportunity to give back. Racer Evernham will be auctioning off a 2017 Ford GT for charity. We caught up with him about the upcoming festivities, why giving back is so personal to him, and his accomplishments (Spoiler alert: He is getting inducted to the NASCAR Hall of Fame this year!). It’s also a month filled with fresh starts and resolutions. Vowing to be healthier than you were in 2017? Flip to page 74 for some restaurants that also prioritize health. These dishes are light, bright and (unlike most diet food) delicious! We’re also featuring cute workout gear on page 54, because there’s nothing more motivating than a new outfit to get you moving. And, in the spirit of clean slates, put away that heavy holiday makeup and start 2018 fresh-faced, or at least look like you have. On page 64, we’re highlighting makeup you need to achieve the no-makeup look. Finally, what is there to do this year? We’ve got you covered on page 46 with 65 new Valley spots to go to – from upcoming openings to new places that came to be in the past few months – we’ve rounded up the must-visit restaurants, activities, shops, bars, hotels and much more. Best, Gabby Richman Editor-in-Chief gabby@richmanmediagroup.com Find our magazine on Facebook!


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THE VALLEY’S SPECIALIST FOR THE AGING FACE Comfortable twilight sleep, NO general anesthesia • NO drains Dissolvable sutures • Shampoo and shower the next day Innovative natural tissue glue results in minimal bruising and swelling No overnight stay required • Financing starting at 0%

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Your divorce and family law attorney

Ask Lindsay

Publisher Bill Richman

Vice President of Operations Lindsay E. Benjamin, J.D. Tyler Allen Law Firm

I want to file for divorce, but I do not want to go to court. Is this a possibility?

Stacey Richman

Editor-in-Chief Gabby Richman

Creative Directors Yes, absolutely. There are numerous ways to keep your case private and out of a courtroom in Arizona. Settlement Conference Often times, I am able to sit with opposing counsel and our clients in my office to discuss various settlement options. More often than not, this helps the parties to at least narrow the issues at hand, if not completely settle their matter. This method is particularly successful if both attorneys are experienced and focused on problem solving rather than creating unnecessary conflict. Written Offer Proposals If you do not believe it to be in your best interest to sit in a room with your spouse, then settlement letters can be sent between counsel and are often extremely productive in moving your case closer to the finish line. Mediation If you still find yourself with a few outstanding issues after the settlement conference and/or exchange of offer proposals, another great option is mediation. Even the most high conflict divorces have been completely resolved with the assistance of a good mediator. It is important to remember that mediators often do not give legal advice, so it is imperative that you attend with a family law attorney to ensure that you are entering into an appropriate agreement, as final agreements reached in mediation are binding. These methods help ensure that you are an author of your own financial and family settlement. In the event children are involved, it is imperative that you and your spouse are as civil as possible to one another as you will continue be in each other’s lives through your children well after your dissolution is finalized. Your judge will never be able to understand what issues are most important to you, and they are not in a position to give you the time you may require to fully flush out your desires and issues, which is what makes mediation such a valuable legal resource. Finally, if the aforementioned alternatives are not completely successful and you are forced to seek judicial intervention, these methods should have at least helped to narrow the issues for court, making it far less stressful and expensive for you. You are only half of your case, so if the other party is refusing to negotiate in good faith, then it may be to your advantage to go to court. Often times, I have been successful in obtaining a reimbursement of attorney fees for my clients when we have been able to prove that the other party refused to negotiate in good faith.

Email your questions to ‘Ask Lindsay’ at lindsay@allenlawaz.com

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Personalized Programs | Luxury Facilities | Relapse Prevention Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end care with comprehensive addiction treatment solutions for our clients. Incorporating a wide range of treatment options centered around our clients’ health and wellness, we use our holistic approach to design a treatment plan best-suited to meet your needs. Whatever your expectations for treatment are, our experienced professionals are here to work with you in meeting your own recovery goals and realizing your potential for a life of sobriety.

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U P C L O S E / B E AT / H I S S T Y L E / H E R S T Y L E / N O T I C E D


THE SUB MAN, A HERO Mark Roden is helping at-risk kids run, jump and play

Thirty years ago, Mark Roden was just another Arizona State University college student. “My plan was to work toward becoming a teacher and coach,” Roden says. “But thanks to a few hundred cheese sandwiches, my life took a very different direction.”

While a student, Roden loved visiting this new restaurant concept in the Valley called Subway. The brand would soon open its second location in Arizona – on ASU’s campus, to Roden’s delight. By 1988, as Subway opened its 10th location statewide, Roden made a bold move in reaching out to learn about becoming a franchisee.

Uptown January '18


Pulse UP CLOSE “Within 70 days, I owned three locations, with eyes to help the brand grow across the Valley and beyond,” he explains. Over the next three decades, Roden was part of the team that helped to grow the brand to more than 465 locations across Arizona – including more than 40 in the Uptown area – and served in a leadership role for Subway on both the local and national advertising and franchisee boards. He went on to own as many as 58 locations statewide and today owns 51 locations across Arizona and Hawaii. But, funny enough, his greatest Subway-related successes have nothing to do with sandwiches at all. “In 1999, fellow franchisees, Arizona Subway Development, vendor partners and I joined together to launch our own nonprofit – Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona,” Roden recalls. “Our aim was to go beyond helping charities via sandwich donations by raising funds to provide sports equipment, uniforms, registration fees, and access to major sporting events for kids who might not otherwise be able to participate.” Subway Kids & Sports focuses on two major initiatives: Cycle for Success and a formal grant program.

Cycle for Success Cycle for Success “rides” into a Valley Title One school each month, surprising two students (chosen via a teacher-led nomination process) who perform random acts of kindness with new bikes, helmets and locks, as well as Subway lunches for their classes.

Grant Program Each year from January to February 28 (and thanks to an annual fall golf tournament and other board fundraising endeavors), Subway Kids & Sports seeks submissions from child-focused nonprofits across Arizona on how they would best be able to use a $1,000 to $5,000 grant. “In the early spring, our board sits down with all the submissions to determine how and where to distribute our funds,” Roden explains. “This year, we aim to give more than $65,000 in grants.” According to Roden, Subway Kids & Sports has touched more than 30,000 local families and is closing in on giving away its millionth dollar by year’s end. The grants have helped organizations including the Frances H. McClelland Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Southwest Human Development, the Be Kind People Project, Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, the Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Girls on the Run and more. “In fact, it was a grant submission early on from one local nonprofit that I consider my other major Subway-related success,” he says. In 2000, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona approached Subway Kids & Sports for a grant to help start a program called Sports Buddies. Intrigued, Roden met with a member of their team in person on the project. “When I learned that at any given time 300 boys and girls are waiting to be matched and some will wait up to three years,


Uptown January '18

I was motivated to action beyond a check,” explains Roden, who became a Big Brother himself that year to then-8-year-old Ian. “Ian’s father passed away before he was born, so his mom was eager to find a positive male role model for him,” he elaborates. “I still remember the first day we met, which involved learning of his love of pizza and laser tag.” Their first outing was to an Arizona Diamondbacks game, where Roden quickly learned it was Ian’s first exposure to baseball. Over the next several years, Roden would also take Ian to his first hockey, football and basketball games, too, while sharing a life lesson or two along the way. “And those lessons went both ways, especially when I became a dad myself,” explains Roden, whose daughter Marcee is now 15 years old. Today, Ian is a 25-year-old ASU graduate working in engineering. Roden, still connected to Ian all these years later, notes there are hundreds – maybe thousands – of kids like Ian just waiting for a Big Brother right now, especially in Phoenix. “Men are in specific need right now over at Big Brothers, as they were back when I first got connected,” he says. “Yes, it is a time commitment, but one well worth it.” To learn about how to become a Big Brother (or Sister), visit www.bbbsaz.org. To apply for a 2018 Subway Kids & Sports grant, visit www.subwaykidsandsportsaz.com.

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Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale Conveniently located in North Scottsdale at 101 and Scottsdale Rd. 18325 N. Allied Way, #110 • www.drdaiza.com

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Pulse BEAT


Hamid Salari’s custom patio furniture turns any space into a luxury retreat


Both creativity and necessity inspired Valley entrepreneur Hamid Salari to create a line of outdoor patio furniture that proves functional, fashionable, and virtually indestructible. “I love making things, and I wanted to do custom furniture,” Salari says. “I quickly realized that no one was doing custom patio furniture.” So, when he started his company, CC Patio in 2005, his focus was on creating outdoor furniture that fit individual spaces perfectly (as opposed to ill-fitting items made for the masses bought online or in a store), and that it was made from the best materials possible, to combat Phoenix’s extreme temperatures. “It's the best quality you can get,” says Salari of his furniture, “because we use only four products, which [are] the best of the best. We use steel for the frame; Sunbrella for fabric, which is the best material you can use outdoors; Dekton, which is the best stone you can use; and for accent, we use ironwood, which we import from Nicaragua. So, our final product is basically commercial grade — it’s indestructible. You have a lifetime warranty on our frame, and a five-year warranty for our finishes.” Quality is important, but so is appearance. With bold colors and patterns, modern, geometric designs, and a sleek, classy feel, you’d swear you were in a resort. In fact, you will find Salari’s products at Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. Other notable clients include Scottsdale Stadium; luxury residential builder, Optima; and Mountain Shadows resort, the exclusive, new housing development and resort in Paradise Valley. CC Patio (www.ccpatio.com) offers complimentary site consultations, where measurements, photos, and client requests are recorded. “We have six different designs you can pick from. Then you pick the sizes, colors, and finishes.” He also adds, “Nothing's too small or too big for us. Everything is manufactured locally. And we have the best value that you can imagine. We're not the cheapest, and we're also not the most expensive. But ours is the best quality.”


Uptown January '18



(623) 979-4445 CHANDLER

(480) 705-4191


(480) 367-1717

Pulse BEAT


A snapshot of Erica Anderson’s Shutterfly career and her philanthropic involvment


Whether she’s juggling groceries, work presentations, her sons’ sports gear or is training for her next athletic competition, multitasker Erica Anderson makes it all look like a breeze. Those closest to her say she has endless energy and is always on the go. It’s her enthusiastic spirit to get everything done that keeps her at the helm of some of Phoenix’s largest charities and at the top of her industry. At online photo publishing service, Shutterfly customers can create customized photo books, cards, stationary, calendars, prints, blankets, jewelery – you name it, they can custom make it with images that you upload onto the site. Anderson is behind the scenes, closing deals and negotiating partnerships. She began her journey at the company as the director of marketing for the company’s business solutions and transitioned to the account development director for their enterprise business. “Part of my job is working with Fortune 500 companies to formulate and execute targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns,” she explains of her role. “Shutterfly is an amazing place to work because everyone works hard and plays hard. They also offer a lot of employee perks, as a way to give back to their employees.” When she is not in meetings, at the gym or with her family, Anderson commits her time to championing various nonprofit fundraising events, currently serving on the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Colleen’s Dream Foundation boards. How does she find the time? Well, it’s just who she is. “I believe in giving 100 percent to everything I do,” says Anderson. “It’s just who I am.” She has been on the LLS board for five years and is currently focusing her attention on this year’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign, which kicks off in March. Also on the horizon is the 5th annual Colleen’s Dream Golf Tournament and Evening of Dreams Gala in February, which Anderson will be co-hosting. “Giving back is truly gratifying, as there are so many people that are less fortunate and so appreciative of any and all effort,” she says. “Knowing that each time I am giving, someone else is benefitting, is so rewarding.”


Uptown January '18


THE FASHION BRIEF Robert Reder’s spin on traditional courtroom attire


Robert S. Reder, managing partner of Blythe Grace PLLC, brings both comfort and style to the courtroom. “My advice is finding the things you like, which takes time, and stick with them,” he suggests. “For example, I don’t wear socks – even to court. Reder often flashes back to his grandfather’s stylish words of wisdom when choosing his outfits. “When pointing out a gentleman on the streets of New York, my grandfather would always point out if they wore the clothes, or the clothes wore them,” he says. Finding your independent style can take time, but it’s a task that is well worth it. Most days you can find Reder in laceless dress shoes and a matching belt, jeans, a nice shirt, and sport coat, with no socks, of course. “Traditional style is timeless. So much of my wardrobe is based on traditional colors and styles,” he explains. “One thing my grandfather harped on, and which I see a lot of, was that men should never wear a black suit, ever. Only the mortician should wear a black suit. Donate that black suit to Goodwill and get yourself a nice dark gray suit for most situations.”

What are some of your go-to Valley restaurants? It depends on my mood and what I’m craving! I love Cafe Monarch in Old Town Scottsdale for a romantic night out, City Hall in Scottsdale (best steak and atmosphere in town), and Buck & Rider for the best fish in the Valley. What is one thing you cannot leave home without? A good sport coat. With the right one, you can be conformable in most situations. What is something beyond the clothes that people should know about you? I try and find the good in everyone – even people who seem irredeemable.


Uptown January '18




CONTACT US AT 480.421.6694 OR BARRETTJACKSONVIP.COM Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale VIP Packages can include: Tickets to the Opening Night Gala, a complimentary bidder badge (with approved application), reserved seating, VIP suite with gourmet food, premium open bar and more!

Consign. Bid. Experience. Barrett-Jackson.com Uptown January '18



DRESSED FOR ANYTHING Tracey Lytle elevates each event with her sophisticated style


“I try to dress for the occasion. Whether it’s a cocktail party or horseback riding, I’m going to find a great outfit.” Tracey Lytle is confident in her closet. No matter where she is going, she finds the perfect outfit – many of which are black tie-approved since she is an active member in the benevolence world. Along with her husband, who she admittedly loves shopping for to keep him on trend, Lytle has chaired countless Valley events. In February, the couple will chair the Arizona Science Center’s Galaxy Gala: A Night in Pompeii. “My outfit will be inspired by the Pompeii exhibit and the Roman colors of red and gold,” Lytle says. “It’s fun when you can dress up for a party with a theme.” For gowns, Lytle typically scours the internet ahead of time for trends and deals, opting for sexy yet covered dresses. She takes note from her fashion icons Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo for a style that is timeless and effortless with a sprinkle of sophistication and glamour. “Overall, my style is classy yet trendy,” she says.

Any tips from one fashionista to another? The website, www.shopstyle.com. It’s a must for any serious fashion stalker out there. All you do is plug in your dream list and it notifies you when items go on sale. What are you most excited about for this year’s Galaxy Gala? Throwing a great party. The exhibit is amazing, so getting to hang out with the artifacts is a win. My task is to make the dinner and dancing equally amazing. What trend are you loving right now? Lace and ruffles! The detail and femininity is so much fun.


Uptown January '18

Rachell Hall’s Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING PLUS™ Microblading PLUS With Rachell Hall’s signature Microblading PLUS technique, she creates the virtual hairline effect of Microblading plus a soft powdered backdrop of shading to create the illusion of perfect natural brows that are the envy of every woman.

Whether you are challenged with short, sparse, or thinning eyebrows, Rachell Hall’s 28 years of expertise in makeup artistry, custom color blending, art and science will be your perfect solution plus... Remember, discounted prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. Trust YOUR face only to the very best. For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

"My motto is Classic Beauty, nothing trendy. Nobody wants to look like they had their makeup tattooed on! That’s why all my signature treatments are designed to look soft and natural. Remember you can always add more! My clients never wake up Wednesday morning with Saturday night makeup! Classy, classic and conservative is my specialty look.

REFERRED BY THE VALLEY'S FINEST PLASTIC SURGEONS AND ESTHETICIANS Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 6 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | www.RachellHall.com (Off Hayden, between Mountain View and Shea)


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Arizona Costume Institute’s benefit for Phoenix Art Museum’s fashion design department


Dawna Holtz and Lisa Shapiro

Linda Herold and Camerone McCulloch

Kimberley Jacobsen and Luba Burns

Missi Harrington and Diane O’Malley

Jamie Herzlinger and DeeDee Vecchione

Jacqueline Nerguizian and Jourdan Varga


Uptown January '18




Ryan House’s signature holiday fundraiser held in the Gold Room at Arizona Biltmore


Karrie Pierson and Jennifer Grant

Christie Darby and Mara Schantz

Michelle Larmore and Lauren Smith

Shannon Brewer and Kelly Eaton

Lisa Scanlon, Heidi Paul and Clare Maher

Kristin Hower and Julia Winter

Uptown January '18



Uptown January '18

Soon-to-be NASCAR Hall of Famer, Ray Evernham talks all things racing, giving back, and, of course, this year’s Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction


Uptown January '18


Gearhead is a term used to describe an individual who pursues mechanical or technological interests, as in automobiles or computers – most commonly, someone who has a ton of knowledge about cars. With more than four decades of experience in the automotive and racing industries, having worked with the biggest names in NASCAR, it’s safe to say that Ray Evernham is quite the gearhead. “I’ve been working on cars ever since I can remember, but I really got serious about racing during high school and never turned back,” Evernham says. He started what would become a long and successful career in the automotive industry racing modifieds – vehicles that have been altered or modified to gain a competitive advantage – in his stomping grounds of Hazlet, New Jersey. His fervor for maintaining and racing his own cars grew. Roger Penske, owner and operator of the transportation services company Penske Corporation, saw potential in the young racer. “Roger Penske gave me the opportunity to work with him on the International Race of Champions (IROC) series. Through a succession of events, I finally landed in North Carolina working in NASCAR,” he recalls. Evernham quickly became a household name. He won three NASCAR Sprint Cup championships as a crew chief for Jeff Gordon. In 2000, he partnered with Dodge and built Evernham Motorsports into one of the most successful teams in NASCAR. After serving as owner and chief crew for seven years, Evernham sold his team.


“I’ve been working on cars ever since I can remember, but I really got serious about racing during high school and never turned back”


Uptown January '18

While he isn’t racing on ovals anymore, Evernham is still very active in the racing community. In addition to consulting for Hendrick Motorsports, he continues to grow his car collection and compete in a variety of vintage racing events across the U.S. He has even made several appearances at the Valley’s own BarrettJackson Scottsdale Auction. “Barrett-Jackson just takes everything to the next level. Not only is it an auction, but an automotive spectacle,” he explains. “It has really broken the stigma of just being a car auction to become known for putting on some of the best and biggest automotive events in the United States.” Deemed The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction, Barrett-Jackson takes place every January at WestWorld of Scottsdale, with three other auctions each year around the country set in Palm Beach, Florida; Mohegan Sun, Connecticut and Las Vegas, Nevada. The weeklong Valley event, which takes place Jan. 13-21 this year, is an epicenter for gearheads – like Evernham – from all around the world to gather, talk shop, see car-related exhibitions and see what’s up for auction on

this year’s docket. For Evernham, it means auctioning off some pretty impressive wheels for charity. “It’s hard to remember exactly how many, but I’ve been to a lot of Barrett-Jacksons and for several different reasons. I’m probably one of the few people that has attended the event as a buyer, seller and television personality through my time covering the event for Discovery Channel and Velocity,” he reminisces.

Giving Back In 2015, Evernham and longtime friend and former colleague Jeff Gordon reunited to restore the last race car they worked on together, a 1999 No. 24 Pepsi Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The car sold for $500,000 to benefit the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation – an organization dedicated to accelerating childhood cancer research. “I’m excited to work with Craig Jackson [Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company], Steve Davis [President of Barrett-Jackson] and their team again this year. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and go the extra mile on everything,” Evernham says. Over 500,000 people will attend this year’s 47th annual show to see some of the world’s most soughtafter, unique and valuable automobiles. From new cars to classics, Barrett-Jackson truly covers the entire spectrum of the automotive world with more than 1,500 auction vehicles. Evernham is excited to throw his 2017 Ford GT into the lineup of cars that’ll cross the block. Ford GTs are elusive creatures. Beyond their performance and sleek design, Ford makes it nearly impossible to obtain one. “Ford has a very tedious application process to purchase the car, and, on top of that, they only sell 250 of them each year.” Evernham continues, “These cars are a perfect display of the incredible advances being made in the automotive industry.” Evernham Family Racing for a Reason, a foundation that gives individuals the ability to pursue their dreams that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so, will auction the supercar at BarrettJackson with proceeds benefiting the Autism Society of North Carolina’s IGNITE program, which was created by Evernham and inspired by his 26-year-old son, Ray J, who has Asperger’s syndrome. More than half a million individuals with autism in the U.S. will reach adulthood this decade and lose support as they transition from high school to the next phase in their lives. Evernham created IGNITE – named to ignite a spark for others to create similar programs around the county – to close this gap, providing support for young adults to help them achieve their goals and dreams after they graduate high school. “These young adults may be the next Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., or person who cures cancer but

we will never know if they don’t get the help they so desperately need,” he explains. “This car donation very well could be what we have needed to [give them what they truly need].”

Celebrations and New Ventures January is a busy month for Evernham. In addition to his involvment with Barrett-Jackson, he will attend the ninth annual NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony as an inductee into the Class of 2018. Evernham will be honored alongside Red Byron, Ron Hornaday Jr., and Ken Squier. The celebration will take place Jan. 19 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Evernham said he was in shock when he first received the exciting news. “It is so humbling to be associated with the biggest and most influential names in NASCAR, many of which were my mentors and/ or idols growing up,” he explains. With 2018 in full swing, Evernham intends to travel with the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) and Historic Sportscar Racing (HSP) to dabble in road racing, which, as he explains, is a completely different animal than racing on ovals, an exciting new challenge for the veteran racer. “Being in this industry really gives me meaning and fulfillment because it’s what I’m passionate about,” he says. “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Meeting people and hearing their stories throughout the years has a been the best part of it all. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and work with some very influential people throughout my career, but I also really enjoy meeting people at events like Barrett-Jackson and hearing their stories.” When he isn’t racing, under the hood of a car, or at events, Evernham can be found paddleboarding. In addition to getting a good exercise, he enjoys the serenity of nature out on the lake. To learn more about Barrett-Jackson Auction Company or Ray Evernham’s 2017 Ford GT, visit www.barrett-jackson.com. Uptown January '18


Lisa Garber Owner/Designer

“One Purpose...Be Glamorous� www.galiciajewelers.com 15147 N. Scottsdale Rd. Located at the Scottsdale Quarter 480.421.9688

Trade or sell us your unwanted jewelry


L O W D O W N / D O / C A L E N D A R / E V E N T / O U T / C U LT U R E


MOMIX – a company of illusionist dancers – stops at Phoenix’s Orpheum Theatre after a five-year hiatus for an unforgettable show. Performing the illusionistic style of Opus Cactus, originally created as a 20-minute act in 1999 for the Ballet Arizona before MOMIX turned it into a full-evening performance, Ballet Arizona dancers in collaboration with Desert Botanical Garden will bring the landscape of the American Southwest to life. In this dynamic, enchanting production, dancers’ bodies will become towering cacti, slithering lizards and fire dancers using transformative lighting, props and costumes. This two-day event will take place Jan. 12 (showtime at 7:30 p.m.) and 13 (showtimes at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.). Starting at $35. www.balletaz.org.

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TITLE Boxing Club Arcadia opened last month, complete with 54 bags, free-weights, and a full-size boxing ring. The club offers nine classes a day Monday through Friday and three classes on Saturday and Sunday. An all-kids class, for 12 to 17 year olds, is held at 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Private training is also available to enhance skills to excel in the group setting. Each hour-long class will provide students the opportunity to practice boxing techniques, burning over 1,000 calories per class. Memberships offer patrons unlimited classes, two initial technique sessions and one, one-on-one private boxing session a month. www.titleboxingclub.com.


Named for the Evans Churchill neighborhood, The Churchill is under construction to be the Valley’s first mico marketplace built of repurposed shipping containers, with a projected opening of this spring. The 14,00-square foot Downtown Phoenix project (which will be made of 19 repurposed shipping containers) will host health and wellness classes, arts and education activities and more. The Churchill will also be home to fundraisers for local nonprofits and weekly service outings to benefit Valley organizations. The space will be host to 10 locally owned and operated concepts, where visitors can shop and dine. www.thechurchillphx.com.



The nail boutique – which opened its first location last month in Uptown Plaza – prioritizes health, using medical-grade sterilization machines as well as showcasing healthy products from around the globe like nourishing lotions, nontoxic and non-chemical polishes. The space offers a simple approach to nails, with a product menu featuring two premium services: manicures and pedicures – with add ons, of course. The sleek destination also offers a monthly membership with perks and a mobile app for convenient booking, and check-in and -out. www.myprose.com.


Uptown January '18


This annual Dog & Cat Adopt-A-Thon at Steele Indian School Park is a paw-ty for humans and animals alike, promoting Valley adoption. Celebrate and pamper your pet as you (and your four-legged friend) sample the latest in pet foods, services, fashions, accessories, health supplements, training, travel, lodging and veterinary care. All guests, both human and otherwise, will enjoy music, yummy eats, and auction prizes. The event, which takes place Jan. 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., is free to attend.www.doggiestreetfestival.org.








Phoenix Art Museum recently announced the David and Dawn Lenhardt Contemporary Art Initiative, a gift of over $200,000 which will grow with time as a gallery is named, and loans/ gifts of art are made from The Lenhardt’s personal collection. The Lenhardt Contemporary Art Initiative seeks to elevate the museum’s commitment to contemporary art through multiple programs, namely the annual Lenhardt Lecture, the Lenhardt Emerging Artist Acquisition Fund, the Lenhardt Collection loan program, and a future named gallery space. The Lenhardt Contemporary Art Initiative is the first of its kind in the Museum’s nearly 60-year history. www.phxart.org.

The happiest hour will become the yappiest hour two more times. Head to Match Restaurant & Lounge on Jan. 17 and Feb. 21 for a fun, furry evening. Taking place 5 to 7 p.m. both dates, this two-hour event invites dogs and their owners to eat, drink and mingle. Free treats will be available for pets, and food and drink specials will be offered for their owners. Meet fellow dog lovers as you enjoy your happy hour deals. Match will also be accepting donations for Caring for Canines, a local rescue organization. www.matchphx.com.

This month, Mountain Shadows resort kicks off its Past & Present Prestigious Wine Dinner Series. Beginning Jan. 16, each 30-person event will consist of four courses prepared by executive chef Charles Wiley and four wines. Each of the first two courses will have their own wine pairing while the third course will be served with two wines from a “then and now” selection. This month will feature Opus One wine with two special guests. The Feb. 20 event will feature Silver Oak and March 20 will feature Borgogno Winery. $249 per person or pre-purchase all three events before Jan. 15 for $599 per person. www.mountainshadows.com.

After a debut at this year’s Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, polo owners and Valley catering company, M Culinary Concepts are teaming up to launch Fried & Fizzy’s standalone venture. Now booking for both public and private events with a food truck in the works, Fried & Fizzy combines fried chicken and champagne for a delicious duo. Party and event packages include a tent, tables and chairs, plus the two C’s: chicken and champagne. For bookings, contact Mandy McGee at 303.551.5315 or mmcgee@rosemoserallynpr.com. Uptown January '18


Now DO


Talent Slam! Jan. 6, Phoenix Theatre The National Foundation of Arizona’s inaugural event, Talent Slam! will bring the Valley’s most talented youth together, ranging from ages 8 to 18, to showcase their special skills. From a choreographed number to musical act and beyond, these young performers are pulling out all the stops to raise funds to make a difference in the lives of children living with kidney disease. Funds raised will reinstate the kidney youth summer program, which allows kids affected by kidney disease to attend an overnight camp in Northern Arizona equipped to meet their special medical needs. 10 a.m.1p.m. $80. www.azkidney.org.


Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala Jan. 13, Arizona Biltmore Childhelp, an organization that aids victims of child abuse, invites you to it’s 14th annual Drive the Dream Gala: a gala that helps the organization’s children and families realize that the wishes their heart’s make really can come true. The Cinderella fairytale-themed event features a gourmet dinner, cocktails, dancing and entertainment by American singer-songwriter Jewel. Proceeds from the event will fund Childhelp programs, which directly serve abused children and their families, and focus on meeting the children’s physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. 5:30-11 p.m. $1,000. www.childhelp.org. Savor the Symphony Jan. 18, Symphony Hall Attend Savor the Symphony Women’s Luncheon for an afternoon that benefits the Symphony’s education and community engagement programs. This year, attendees will enjoy behind-the-scenes access to a rehearsal of hit vocal group, The Tenors. The Canadian trio is known for its operatic pop sound, a beautiful union of classical and pop music. While savoring The Tenor’s unique melodies, guests will dine on a gourmet meal prepared by a local executive chef. 11 a.m. $350. www.phoenixsymphony. org. Dance with Me Gala Jan. 19, Phoenix Art Museum Ballet Arizona’s annual Dance with Me Gala returns, and this year it’s better than ever before. This black-tie affair invites guests to enjoy an evening starting with a reception and cocktails, followed by a performance by company dancers, dinner and dancing. This year’s fundraising event honors longtime company supporters, Rose and Harry Papp, whose commitment and passion for Arizona Ballet has propelled it to become a nationally recognized ballet company. 6:30 p.m. $600. www.balletaz.org. Barrow Grand Ball Jan. 20, Arizona Biltmore The Grand Ballroom at Arizona Biltmore sets the stage for Barrow Grand Ball: an elegant soiree that celebrates the philanthropic achievements of the Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Institute. The Barrow Women’s Board has evolved into one of the most successful fundraising entities in the Valley and the largest donor to Barrow. Each year, the organization selects a special project to support. This year, the Barrow Grand Ball will benefit Alzheimer’s disease research of Dr. Marwan Sabbagh. More than 300 of the Valley’s most notable leaders and philanthropists will be in attendance. 6:30 p.m. By invitation only. www.supportbarrow.org. Independent Women’s Luncheon Jan. 30, Phoenix Art Museum 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The Independent Women’s Luncheon, now in its eighth year, is deemed as one of the Valley’s most elegant philanthropic events. The luncheon celebrates the Valley’s premier design community as locals come together to support Phoenix Art Museum’s commitment to excellence in visual arts education. This year’s acclaimed Valley designer as the keynote speaker is Amy Lau. Lau’s passion for the inherent beauty of natural materials and landscapes is represented in all of her designs in homes throughout the world. The event will be decked in beautiful decorations, including themed centerpieces created by local design firms. 10 a.m. $300. www.phxart.org.


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Jan. 19-21, Phoenix Symphony Hall After a smashingly successful fourth studio album and second PBS Special, Under One Sky, this Canadian trio (with multiple No. 1 Billboard Classical Crossover albums) is making an appearance at Symphony Hall. Known for their fun blend of contemporary pop and classical music, the JUNO award-winning vocal group – consisting of Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray – will delight you with pop culture favorites like Lean on Me, You Are So Beautiful, Hallelujah, and Besame Mucho. Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m. Starting at $30. www.phoenixsymphony.org.


Brahms First Symphony Jan. 12-13, The Phoenix Symphony This is a special symphonic treat from world-renowned conductor, Tito Munoz and mezzo-soprano, Jennifer Johnson. Revel in the climatic journey of Brahms personal discovery as he navigates the murky waters of his first symphony – while escaping the shadow of his mentor, Beethoven. The result is a true delight for the ears and the heart. Times vary. Starting at $23. www.phoenixsymphony.org.


Show Boat Jan. 12-Feb. 10, Arizona Broadway Theatre

ChillFest Through Jan. 6, OdySea It may not be snowing in Phoenix, but Odysea is bringing a little bit of a winter wonderland into the heart of the Valley’s coolest aquarium. Strap on a pair of skates and glide around on one of the largest ice rinks in the area. Kids will love skating alongside popular mascots and enjoy evening showings of The SnowGirls Holiday Revue, an icy experience straight from the heart of Las Vegas. Learn and watch some of the area’s top figure skating talent and professional skaters, enjoy train rides, holiday photo ops, s’more roasting, drinks, an


Uptown January '18

outdoor fire pit and more. Prices Vary. www.odysea.com.

Starting at $38.50. www.comericatheatre.com.

Markiplier Jan. 9, Comerica Theatre

Marilyn Manson Jan. 10, The Van Buren

The YouTube and Instagram sensation lands in Phoenix and the appearance is sure to excite comedy lovers and video gamers alike. Here, you’ll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other bits of gamer entertainment. Specializing in the Let’s Play style of video series, commonly of survival horror video games, Markplier is a new breed of celebrity, for a new generation of game lovers. 8 pm.

More than a decade later, Marilyn Manson still puts on a show that rocks and shocks. The artist, singer and performer leaps to the stage of The Van Buren, ready with heart-stopping vocals and feet-stomping riffs. Known for his outlandish makeup, stunning costumes and theatrical attitude, this ’90s icon will take you back to a day when gothic ruled the airwaves. 8 pm. $60-$65. www.thevanburen.com.

The paddle-steamer Cotton Blossom will never be the same again as it sets sail on the mighty Mississippi in this tale of intrigue and deception. Be transported into another world as this powerful story sweeps you down South and transports you into a world of love and loyalty. Featuring a memorable cast of characters and the popular folk songs, Ol’ Man River and Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (of Mine), you’ll love this delightful musical, performed by the talented crew at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. Times vary. Starting at $44. www.azbroadway.org.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Jan. 13-15, Cityscape One of the Valley’s most popular marathons and 1/2 marathons is back and bigger than ever. Perfect for the hard-core marathon runner or for the fun run type (try out the 5K, 1-mile run or the kids rock event), participants will enjoy live bands every half mile, local cheer teams and themed water stations throughout the track. This year, the full marathon starts from Downtown Phoenix at CityScape and the 1/2 marathon starts from downtown Tempe. Don’t miss this fast and fun race to the finish line. 7:45

am. Starting at $19.99. www.runrocknroll.com.

night long. 8 pm. $49.50. www.comericatheatre.com.

Russo and Steele Scottsdale Collector Automobile Auction Jan. 17-21, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

Connect2STEM Jan. 27, The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix

Locally owned Russo and Steele is back with one of the Valley’s most exciting car auctions. Kicking off Arizona car week, this popular auction will feature an auction in the round format with five days and more than 800 cars crossing the block. It will also showcase more than 130 vendors, a food court-style seating area for the Food Truck Showcase, and a jumbotron streaming the live auction. Race, zoom or vroom down to this fun event for car enthusiasts and novices alike. Times vary. General admission, $30; auction, $200. www.russoandsteele.com.

Arizona Vegetarian Festival Jan. 20-21, Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy this fun, food-filled festival. Featuring vegetarian food companies, restaurants, and health and wellness vendors from across the Valley, this totally meat-free event will leave you feeling full and satisfied no matter what the ingredients are. Browse thousands of vegan and vegetarian restaurants along with health and wellness vendors, vegetarian/animal welfare information tables, and live entertainment and activities throughout the day. Fill up at this unique food festival – and feel great after. 10 a.m.5 p.m. One day, $20; both days, $50. www.azvegfoodfest.com.

Brunch Bash Jan. 20, Patriots Park at CityScape Do you love everything breakfast and everything lunch? Then you will love this mashup of brunch with bloody marys, Benedicts and beach chairs. Attendees can expect live acoustic music performances, a pancake sampling station, a cereal bar, a Sunset Lounge area for VIP guests and a sunset champagne toast. Come dressed ready for the beach as the park will be transformed into a decadent desert island. Noon-6 pm. $8 online; $12 at the door. www.brunchbashaz.com.

Waist Watchers the Musical Jan. 24-Feb. 25, Herberger Theater Center Weight loss is never easy – unless you are surrounded by people that are in the same boat. Welcome to Cook’s Women’s Gym, the perfect setting to dish on exercise, recipes, weight loss, friendship and love. Laugh along with the four women of this raucous musical, as you clap, dance and get inspired by their weight loss jour-

It’s a Saturday just for the kids! Connect2STEM, brought to you by the University of Arizona, will focus on inspiring kids to love science and technology. With fun and educational activity zones for kids age 4 to 16, this event is a great way to get your kids to learn while playing. Some highlights include the Wildcat Play Hospital, DaVinci Surgery Robot and the Wildcat Water Lab. Kids will learn about outer space, water conservation and gain more knowledge about animal anatomy. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Free. www.phoenixmed.arizona.edu.


Jan. 27-28, Heritage Square Reds, whites and rose, oh my! With four wine growing regions in the state, this festival highlights the growing varietals that make up Arizona. Taste through 30 different wineries, showcasing more than 150 wine varietals. Try your favorites by the glass, bottle or buy yourself a case. The event will also feature music, a small selection of vendors, and an auction on Saturday. Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Starting at $15. www.arizonawine.org.

ney. You might even laugh off a few pounds. Times and prices vary. www. herbergertheater.org.

pm. Starting at $49.50. www.livenation.com.

Adam Sandler Jan. 25, Comerica Park

The Temptations and The Four Tops Jan. 26, Comerica Theatre

Funny man and big screen star, Adam Sandler, lands in Phoenix ready to tickle your funny bone. After becoming a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sandler went on to star in some of Hollywood’s funniest movies as well as founded Happy Madison Products, a filn and TV production company. Here he’ll showcase his comedic talent for one night only. Don’t miss this hilarious good time with the king of kitschy humor. 7:30

It’s a Motown, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winning double header featuring The Temptations (known for hits like My Girl, Ain’t Too Proud and Just My Imagination), and The Four Tops, famous for songs such as I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch). This collaboration between some of Motown’s hottest groups will leave you clapping your hands and singing to old favorites all

Waste Management Phoenix Open Jan. 29-Feb. 4, Tournament Players Club Scottsdale The Waste Management Phoenix Open is one of the biggest, most legendary events in Phoenix and has been called out for being unlike any other golf tournament in the world. From the 16,000 people that flock to the 16th hole on Saturday, to the massive musical acts planned for the Bird’s Nest each night, the Greatest Show on Grass, as people call it, is the mustattend event of the season. Times and prices vary. www.phoenixopen.com.

A Love Not Forgotten Gala Feb. 3, JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa The amazing marquee black-tie event returns for its eight year. All funds raised during the star-studded night will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter for care, research and support of those who have Alzheimer’s. This incredible evening will feature a silent and a live auction, a delicious dinner, dancing and live musical performances. Guests will have the chance to give back while enjoying the festivities of one of the best galas of the year. 5:30 pm. $250. www.act.alz.org.

Galaxy Gala NNXVIII: A Night in POMPEII Feb. 3, Arizona Science Center Every year, the Arizona Science Center brings together Phoenix’s most generous donors for an evening of excitement to raise funds and awareness for the center’s missioncritical children’s STEM educational programs. Guests will view neverbefore-seen artifacts exclusive to gala attendees and experience the POMPEII exhibition. The night of fun will also feature cocktails, dinner and dancing under the Pompeii night sky in the Dorrance Planetarium. 6 p.m. $500. www.azscience.org.

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Rev up for an exciting week of auto auctions as Barrett-Jackson returns for its 47th year

This month, the World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction heads back to WestWorld of Scottsdale for its 47th annual auction year. Barrett-Jackson will include more than 1,500 auction vehicles, over 300 sponsors and exhibitors, Chevrolet and Ford Ride ’N Drives, and Dodge Thrill Rides. You won’t want to miss out on the world’s premier automotive lifestyle event, featuring a selection of rare autos up for auction as well as luxe VIP experiences.

Notable Collections This year’s docket features a bevy of rare automobiles. Among them are a 1966 Shelby GT350 Prototype #001, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (No. 59 of 69 ever produced), and a 2017 Ford GT with proceeds from the sale benefiting the Autism Society of North Carolina’s IGNITE program. This will be the first current-generation Ford GT that has been donated for charity since the car was introduced. To date, Barrett-Jackson has raised more than $96 million for local and national charities. Viewers can keep up to date on all vehicles crossing the block, the event schedule and ticketing at www.barrett-jackson.com.

Opening Night Gala Taking place on Jan. 14, the Opening Night Gala is an exclusive event open to bidders, consignors and VIPs on an invite-only basis. The gala is the fastest way to rev up the excitement for the auction and hear about what to expect during the upcoming week. There will be an open bar, food from top local restaurants, entertainment and dancing.

VIP Experiences Barrett-Jackson VIP Experiences provide exclusive access, all-inclusive hospitality and insider extras (think behind-the-scenes tours, Opening Night Gala tickets and more). Those wanting the red-carpet treatment can choose from one of four options:


Uptown January '18

Craig Jackson Skybox: Historically, access to the Owner’s Box was available on an invitation-only basis for celebrities, million-dollar bidders or select VIPs. With this package, you can become one of these privileged individuals. $7,499+ per person. VIP Luxury Reserve: Experience the auctions in style with exclusive access to the VIP Skybox Hospitality Suite. Watch the action from the Skybox or your reserved floor seat and take advantage of other exceptional amenities. $1,999+ per person. Gold or Silver VIP: Both of these options include access to the Staging Lanes Hospitality venue, and the opportunity to see the cars up close as they get ready to cross the block. The Gold package also includes a floor seat in the auction arena. $1,499+ per person (Gold) and $1,299+ per person (Silver).

IF YOU GO… What: 47th Annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction When: Jan. 13-21 Where: WestWorld of Scottsdale, 16601 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale Tickets: All week pass, $175 (advance), $190 (at the gate); pricing varies for individual day passes Information: www. barrett-jackson.com




Back to School Clothing Drive celebrates its 50th anniversary with a masquerade gala


IF YOU GO... What: Golden Masquerade Gala When: Jan. 20, 6 p.m. Where: Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave., Phoenix Tickets: $175 Information: www. btscd.com

The Back to School Clothing Drive is celebrating 50 years in style with a night of elegance expected to draw around 300 attendees. Partygoers are asked to dress to impress as they don their best masquerade attire – or black tie optional for those a little less adventurous – with masks encouraged and available at the event for a donation. “The gala will celebrate a significant milestone in the Phoenix nonprofit community as we celebrate 50 years of providing new school outfits and uniforms, backpacks and school supplies for children in need,” says Karl Gentles, executive director of Back to School Clothing Drive. The organization aims to break down barriers to early childhood success. “When kids go to school dressed in appropriate school attire, new clothing,

sneakers and carry the same backpack as their peers, their attention is focused on learning and not on the clothes they are wearing,” Gentles explains. “This helps build their self-esteem and self-confidence and improves the learning environment.” The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a reception featuring a silent auction and raffle. Some highlights up for grabs include sporting event tickets, travel and entertainment experiences – think Arizona Diamondbacks box seats behind home plate, unique gift baskets, and a stay at The Phoenician Resort. The party continues at 7:30 p.m. with dinner and a live auction with Sean McLaughlin and Kris Pickel from CBS 5 as the masters of ceremonies. The live auction features Casa Piazza, an 8,000-square-foot

exclusive beach house in Manzanillo, Mexico, accommodating up to 10 guests for seven nights and includes a private staff of five. A Phoenix Suns suite for 14 people and a trip to Los Angeles to see a CBS TV game show complete with airfare and hotel will also be up for auction. Programming and an awards ceremony will follow, showcasing the impact of the Back to School Clothing Drive. “Honorees were chosen based on their impact on the organization and commitment to our mission and the children we serve. We are pleased to present our Champion for Children Award to Brian Mueller, Grand Canyon University; Kenneth Jacobson, Avnet; James W. Rice, Alhambra Elementary School District; and Jerry Wissink, BHHS Legacy Foundation.”

Uptown January '18




Where to exercise your funny bone

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but it’s no joke – laughing can actually benefit your health by strengthening your immune system, boosting your mood, diminishing pain, and decreasing stress. In keeping with New Year’s resolutions, why not add the goal of laughing a little more to your list? Following are four Valley venues to get your daily dose of chuckles.


Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy This High Street comedy club is owned by an actual comedian, Rick Bronson, who has also worked as a magician, a producer and a musician. Rather than heading straight to your seats, House of Comedy has a modern lounge – appropriately called Hecklers – where you can enjoy a drink before the show. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis for groups of seven or less, and once seated, the venue offers fantastic snack and dinner options as well as beer, wine, cocktails, and even a cheesecake menu (try the turtle variation!). Among the upcoming performers taking the stage are two Chelsea Lately alums: Fortune Feimster (Jan. 11-13), who also played The Mindy Project’s Colette, and Liza Treyger (Jan. 24-28). www.houseofcomedy.net. Stand Up Live The big, bold comedy club, which is Comedy Central-certified, only opened a few years ago, but is already among the biggest attractions in Downtown Phoenix. Like House of Comedy, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and the in-show menu is impressive. But, as a bonus, Stand Up Live has a VIP seating package called “First Class” with reserved seating up front for a food and beverage minimum of $50 per person (or bottle service which covers that minimum). In any given month, the venue may welcome big names such as David Spade and Joel McHale. And January is no exception, boasting Billy Gardell (Jan. 5-7), who starred in CBS’ Mike & Molly, and Mad TV’s Aries Spears (Jan. 26-28). www.standuplive.com. Tempe Improv For decades, Tempe Improv was considered the gold standard for comedy clubs in the country. But in 2012, the club was forced to close. A year later, Stand Up Live owners and others pulled together and re-opened the iconic space to great acclaim. Today, the venue shares the same menu and policies (including the “First Class” option) with Stand Up Live, but retains its charm, not to mention its walls of posters from the hundreds of comedians who have graced the stage since the 1980s. Don’t miss the menu of dessert cocktails, which includes a triple espresso martini and a cognac-infused Bailey’s creation. This month, notable acts include two former Saturday Night Live stars: Gilbert Gottfried (Jan. 11-13) and Jim Belushi & The Board of Comedy (Jan. 26-27). www.tempeimprov.com. Torch Theatre Founded in 2007 as a space for aspiring and professional improv comedians, this Phoenix theater boasts regular and semi-regular teams several nights a week as well as weekly performances of their popular Skewed News Hour on Fridays. There are also monthly staples such as a Bingo Jam and Improvised Book Club that never disappoint. Torch also features other veteran and developing performance groups who appear Thursday and Friday every week, and runs an improv training center – a six-level program on improvisation with formal curriculum and instruction. www.thetorchtheatre.com.


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YE AR-ROUND SALES & SERVICE The Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom is the ultimate venue to sell, consign or purchase quality collector cars throughout the year.

1957 Ford Thunderbird

With a Service Department dedicated to collector and premium vehicles, this automotive destination also features restoration system products, official apparel, and Barrett-Jackson Endorsed Insurance. 1968 Pontiac GTO

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3020 North Scottsdale Road


Scottsdale, AZ 85251


The turning of the calendar into a new year often begs the question, “What will I do in the next 12 months?” That’s where we come in! We’ve done the digging, now you get to do the fun part. We’ve uncovered 65 new (or renewed) places set to open this year, spanning restaurants and bars to fitness studios and must-see attractions – plus those that opened in the last few months that you may have missed. Get ready to make the most of 2018!

PLAY The Art of Ice Cream Experience An ultra-cool pop-up art exhibit focused on icy treats has arrived in Downtown Scottsdale. Full of hidden delights, The Art of Ice Cream Experience is a colorful playground of eight themed rooms that pay tribute to ice cream flavors and frozen goodies. Ice cream treats from local creameries are available for sampling, too. Purchase tickets online through Feb. 28. Casa Amigos & Skylanes Scottsdale’s entertainment district is getting a new hot spot – well, two-in-one to be exact.


Uptown January '18

Housed inside the two-story space previously known as Livewire, Casa Amigos will transform the first floor into a stylish Mexican restaurant and lounge, while upstairs, Skylanes will be a boutique bowling alley featuring bottle service and high-energy music late into the night. Desert Stages Theatre In mid-2017, Desert Stages Theatre moved from its decade-long home into Scottsdale Fashion Square. After an extensive renovation, the original Harkins movie theater was transformed into a performing arts center that offers theatrical training and performing opportunities to aspiring young actors, while providing patrons with larger theaters and more shows.

The Lyceum After three years in the making, The Lyceum, meaning “gathering place,” is expected to open this February. Located in the Melrose District at 7th and Montecito avenues, the park is a project of local nonprofit organization Community Alliance of Seventh Avenue, Clear Channel Outdoor (who donated the property that will house The Lyceum), and City of Phoenix Parks Department. The soon-to-be local hangout will include shaded areas, ample seating, low-water trees and plants, lighting, a stage, bike racks, and plenty of space to mingle. Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs Take a step back millions of years ago to when

dinosaurs ruled the earth at this interactive exhibit and educational center located at Scottsdale’s OdySea in the Desert complex. With more than 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and true-to-life recreations of prehistoric habitats, Pangaea transports guests back to the age of the dinosaurs. Enjoy face painting, fossil digging, educational explorations, and even dinosaur go-kart rides.

Mountain Shadows Condominiums The developers of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain and Hotel Valley Ho reopened Mountain Shadows in April 2017, revealing an upscale 1950s modernism aesthetic. With 42 condominiums and suites, the resort’s luxury wing is designed for people seeking “lock and leave” resort-style living and completed the property in December.

Phoenix Indian School Visitor Center Found in a renovated historic building at Phoenix’s Steele Indian School Park, this once-Native American school campus showcases a piece of the past. Featuring a gallery with rotating exhibits, a conference room, a board room, a classroom, and a commercial kitchen, the center is currently open by appointment and available to rent for private events.

The Phoenician Over the past two years The Phoenician has undergone an extensive, multimillion-dollar refurbishment including redesigns of the guest rooms, casitas, The Canyon Suites, the main lobby, and select dining areas. New to the resort are Mowry & Cotton, a laidback American eatery that opened in October; Accents, a collection of shops that debuted in December; and a kids zone at the redesigned center pool that also opened last month. Debuting in 2018 will be a brand-new, three-story spa (spring), a state-of-the-art athletic club (spring), and a redesigned and rerouted golf club (fall).

PAMPER Alvea Spa Just east of North Scottsdale, the Verde River Golf & Social Club is opening a new full-service day spa this month. While the club is exclusively for members, the spa will be open to the public, offering massages, hair and nail treatments, and naturopathic services that incorporate the natural, local surroundings. The Drip Room: A Vitamin Bar For those seeking to stimulate their health and wellness, The Drip Room recently opened a second Valley location at The Colony, delivering services including a variety of IV vitamin drips. Drybar In December, Drybar opened its third Valley location at Lincoln Plaza, specializing in blowouts in a sleek, sophisticated space. A fourth location is set to open at The Phoenician this spring. Herbal Nails & Spa Located at Arcadia Gateway Shopping Center, this salon offers pedicures and manicures with luxurious upgrades including organic ingredients, a hot stone massage and paraffin hot wax.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa This iconic, nearly century-old Mediterraneanstyle hideaway unveiled a new look last November including a revival of all 119 guest rooms and the Presidential Suite with earth tones, rich wood architectural elements, new

artwork, wood flooring and eclectic furnishings. Additional renovation highlights include Spanish hacienda-inspired corridor walkways, an updated mother-of-pearl swimming pool and lounge area, and new landscaping, including 200 towering palms across the 9-acre property. The Scott The resort formerly known as FireSky has been revamped and reopened as The Scott Resort & Spa this past fall thanks to new ownership. Near Old Town Scottsdale, it has completed phase one of a $15 million renovation (phase two is set for completion in the fall) that updated the pool area, lobby lounge, restaurant, bar and several model rooms.

SHOP Athleta Athletic gear powerhouse Athleta found a new home at The Shops at Town & Country last September, selling active and sporty clothing, shoes and accessories for women and girls. Modernique Renowned Chicago-based interior and furnishings designer and top-selling author Julia Buckingham opened her first standalone retail shop at Uptown Plaza last month. Blurring

Desert Mountain Sonoran Spa

Ranked among the top private clubs in the nation, Desert Mountain finished a $12 million renovation to its Sonoran Spa late last year. Upgrades and new services at the Scottsdale facility include additional exercise rooms for fitness activities; a youth activities center; expanded food service; and additions to its spa, salon and massage areas.

STAY Arrive Phoenix Projected to be completed by the end of this year, this hotel and dining destination will be housed inside a pair of architecturally significant yet long-neglected midcentury modern mid-rises located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Camelback Road. Totaling just over 2 acres and 45,000 square feet, the property will have 79 rooms and also host a coffee shop, poolside taco bar, gourmet ice creamery, and rooftop craft cocktail bar. Hotel Adeline Hotel Adeline is a stylish new boutique hotel opening in Old Town Scottsdale this month. The contemporary retreat will offer 213 guestrooms including five spacious king suites, a Mediterranean-American restaurant and lounge, a fast-casual breakfast and lunch cafe with a late-night grab ‘n’ go bar, a fitness center, a lively pool scene and pool bar, and private event space. 

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The Casual Pint Craft beer loves, rejoice! This recently opened Central Phoenix market and bar (which also has a location in Chandler and quite a few out of state) features 35 beers on tap, carries over 300 beer varieties in its market, and sells lots of fun beer-focused products, from dog beer to beer candles, soap, hot sauce, and candy. On the food front, enjoy pub grub like beer-infused tenders and Bavarian pretzels served with beer cheese. Cider Corps Veteran-owned and -operated, Cider Corps began as a hobby for two brothers and has now developed into Arizona’s first fully dedicated cidery and taproom. Cider Corps released its first two ciders in September 2017, which are available at select Phoenix bars and restaurants. With a projected opening date of Jan. 9, it will be located in downtown Mesa, in an 1800s-era building that was once the Mesa police station.

The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley master-planned community will span 122 acres and will include a 200-room Ritz-Carlton resort surrounded by 80 single-level Villas and 39 single-family Estate Homes. The Villas and Estate Homes will be whole-ownership and Ritz-Carlton branded with services including a dedicated concierge, priority access to resort amenities, and services such as in-residence dining and housekeeping. The 20-acre Ritz-Carlton resort will boast North America’s longest resort pool at just over 400 feet, a 14,000-square-foot spa, a health and fitness center, indoor and outdoor meeting and event spaces, a citrus orchard, an herb garden, lush walking paths, and a grand lawn with stunning views of Camelback Mountain. It’s all set to open by the end of the year.

the lines between modern and antique, the 1,900-square-foot space carries items from different genres and eras as well as Buckingham’s own custom-designed furnishings and accessories line. Scottsdale AutoShow It’s hard to miss the huge new auto complex along Loop 101 just south of Indian School Road. Opened in late 2017, Scottsdale AutoShow is a 70-acre automotive retail development located on the Salt River PimaMaricopa Indian Community. It is the first master-planned auto park in the last six years and the first one on tribal lands in the U.S. Current tenants include Courtesy Volvo and Chapman Automotive Group's Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Ford, and Volkswagen dealerships. Tal Barkel Designs Tal Barkel Designs, a local jeweler offering handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and custom pieces, is opening his first jewelry lounge and showroom this month. Located in Scottsdale’s Camelback Towers, it will offer a luxurious meeting space for customers to meet and collaborate with the designer.


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WORKOUT CorePower Yoga This national fitness chain has made its way to Central Phoenix with yoga classes that range in challenge, flow and style designed to build strength, ignite intent, and concentrate on building a powerful – you guessed it – core. Sweatshop on Central The name says it all – get ready to sweat! As of last December, this Uptown Plaza tenant offers barre, spin and yoga classes in a state-of-theart, eco-friendly space.

DRINK Bitters As one of the latest additions to South Scottsdale’s burgeoning scene, Bitters is a bar focused on all things bitters. Located at ASU SkySong, it features craft, small-batch production spirits; thoughtfully curated wine and beer lists; and cocktails with clever drink names using the restaurant’s moniker as inspiration.

The Gym Sports Bar & Grill Get your reps in – or maybe just relax, watch sports and enjoy some food and drinks – at this North Phoenix hangout, boasting 33 TVs; $2 domestic bottled beer daily; and a large breakfast, lunch and dinner menu featuring bar eats. High Bar at Modern Grove Views Scottsdale's latest place to grab a drink at the OdySea of the Desert complex is High Bar, which opened in November above the eatery Modern Grove Views. The bar serves up bruschetta, wine, cocktails and amazing mountain views. Plus, High Bar actually overlooks Dolphinaris so you can see the dolphins swimming in their pools below. Highside The Sunnyslope area’s newest bar features a biker-friendly, open-road theme with a neighborhood vibe, and has been dubbed a “weekend warrior stop” for those looking to enjoy a drink in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Press Coffee The October opening of Press in the Biltmore Center II building marks its seventh Valley location, serving Press’ award-winning espresso drinks, pour overs and cold brew as well as hosting its popular “Coffee 101” one-hour tasting class every Saturday. A location in Old Town Scottsdale is slated to open later this year.

DINE BREAKFAST Hash Kitchen Scheduled to open in the spring, the third Valley location of this local breakfast hot spot, located at Arcadia Gateway Shopping Center, will have a bigger version of its famous buildyour-own bloody mary bar as well as a new look and feel reminiscent of the Hamptons. Over Easy Featured on the Food Network and in Bon Appétit magazine, this nationally recognized breakfast joint opened in the Biltmore Center II building last year and will add a new Paradise Valley location this month. Serving breakfast and lunch, options range from health-centric – like



Set to open by early January near Kierland Commons, TruFusion is a cutting-edge group fitness studio offering 65 different class styles and 240 classes per week. Across its five exercise rooms, TruFusion will feature a blend of heated and non-heated yoga, cycling, Pilates, kettlebell, barre, boot camp, boxing and other classes.

a quinoa protein bowl – to more indulgent, Guy Fieri-approved offerings such as the Waffle Dog (sausage links wrapped in a vanilla waffle). Scramble, a breakfast and lunch joint The Biltmore Corridor will gain a new fast-casual breakfast and lunch spot in early February, offering the eatery’s signature favorites including the popular “brizza” or breakfast pizza, French toast, breakfast burritos, and vegan specialties. New additions include a dog-friendly patio, beer, wine, and select specialty cocktails such as mimosas and bloody marys. HEALTH-FOCUSED d’Lite Healthy On The Go This restaurant uses high-quality, nutritious products delievered with convenience (there is even a drive-thru!). The Arcadia location, which opened last November, joins a location in Tempe and two in Scottsdale, with a third one on Camelback Road and Miller in the works. Must-order menu items include the Breakfast Buzz (caffeine boost-meets-protein shake) and the California club breakfast sandwich. Farm & Craft This month, The Colony in Central Phoenix will welcome this health-conscious eatery, known for its innovative wellness menu that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options aimed for reducing inflammation, increasing probiotic levels, boosting antioxidant intake and minimizing overall stress. Flower Child Flower Child will open its fourth Valley location in the spring at Desert Ridge Marketplace. The healthy haunt is known for its sustainable practices – produce used is guided by the wisdom of the Environmental Working Group, and proteins are naturally and humanely raised without additives. Plus, the menu is very vegetarian-, vegan- and gluten-friendly.

Uptown January '18


Original ChopShop Wholesome, flavorful, made-from-scratch food is at the core of this fast-casual restaurant, offering a menu packed with acai, pitaya and protein bowls; fresh-squeezed juices; protein shakes; salads and sandwiches. The Paradise Valley location opened in November, with North Scottsdale scheduled to open next month and Arcadia set for June. Pomegranate Cafe Owned and operated by a mother-daughter team, the Central Phoenix Pomegranate Cafe will be the second location (the first being in Ahwatukee) for the organic, vegan and vegetarian destination. Set to open late this month, the cafe will offer a made-from-scratch menu including its famous housemade POM Milk (made of nuts), organic vegan pastries and inventive entrees. MARKETS Arcadia Meat Market This modern take on the classic corner butcher shop offers natural, free-range, pasture-raised, hand-cut meats on-site. Opening this month in Arcadia, it will carry grass-fed beef and lamb; pasture-raised pork; and free-range organic chicken, eggs and more. The market will also sell grab-and-go meals, housemade bone broths, frozen goods, seasonings, wine, charcuterie, and locally grown micro-greens, with plans to offer cold-pressed juices in the future. Luci’s at the Grove Luci’s at the Grove in Scottsdale is set to open in October and is the newest addition to Luci’s Urban Concepts, whose other restaurants include Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, Luci’s at the Orchard, Splurge at the Orchard, and Pomelo at the Orchard. The new 4,100-square-foot project will be the brand’s first venture into Scottsdale and will serve a variety of food and drink options, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tempe Public Market Café Set to open early this year, Tempe Public Market Café will be a casual, urban hangout – from the same people behind Phoenix Public Market – serving fresh market cuisine crafted with local, seasonal ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ASIAN Ahipoki Bowl As of September, poke – one of the biggest culinary trends in the country – is now being served at the Camelback Colonnade. Ahipoki Bowl’s make-your-own concept allows customers to select from a variety of sushi-grade fish along with exotic toppings, veggies and sauce to accompany it over a bed of rice. Glai Baan Meaning “far from home,” Glai Baan – which opened last September – allows Phoenicians to explore the dynamic flavors of Thai comfort food. The Downtown Phoenix restaurant offers street vendor favorites native to Thailand as well as wine, beer and craft cocktails. Koi Poke Koi Poke is all about the love of poke; in fact, koi means love in Japanese. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs, Koi Poke is on the


Uptown January '18

fast-track with 12 new places in the works. It’s already open at DC Ranch, with Arcadia, Gainey Village and the Scottsdale Waterfront up next. Awarded Phoenix Magazine’s 2017 Best of the Valley, the “boat to bowl” concept features fresh, high-quality fish; a variety of organic toppings; and eight chef-prepared sauces (seven of which are gluten-free). Sasaki Sushi & Bar Tucked near Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, Sasaki Sushi & Bar serves up artfully plated sushi – think rolls presented in large ice bowls or within a photo-worthy ice chamber and adorned with edible flowers. The eatery also offers poke bowls, traditional Japanese appetizers, chef’s specials, and creative desserts. ShinBay/Sizzle Korean Barbecue With a projected opening date of May, this joint venture will combine Sizzle Korean Barbecue (which has another location at Desert Ridge Marketplace) with ShinBay, a beloved Scottsdale staple that is reopening. Though located at the same venue, they will be two distinct restaurants. The new Sizzle will continue its tradition of a Korean barbecue experience with a grill at every table. The return of ShinBay will bring back acclaimed chef Shinji Kurita in a

15-seat counter eatery where Kurita will focus on his famed omakase (chef’s tasting menu). LATIN Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila Get your taco and tequila fix at Cien Agaves’ second location in Desert Ridge, which opened in December next to Harkins Cine Capri. The Old Town Scottsdale staple is bringing its 10-year reign to a new 4,800-square-foot space, which has 27 high-definition TVs, patio seating with a fire pit, lounge seating, and bar windows that open to the outside. Be sure to check out the daily happy hour from 3 to 7 p.m. Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soups This established Phoenix foodie favorite (which recently started serving breakfast) opened a second location at 40th Street and Camelback Road at the end of last year, where guests can create their enchilada order from the restaurant’s infinitely customizable menu. Taco Chelo Valley restaurateur Aaron Chamberlin, local chef Suny Santana (St. Francis), and well-known Phoenix-based artist Gennaro Garcia will open their collaborative Mexican restaurant at The Blocks of Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix

Barrio Queen Barrio Queen opened its third Valley location at the end of 2017 at Desert Ridge Marketplace. The indoor-outdoor space was specially designed by an artist, featuring an outdoor lounge, an open kitchen, a private tequila tasting room, and artwork from local and Mexican artists. There will even be a trompo (a rotating vertical spit) for al pastor, and diners can watch tortillas being made from scratch. PHOTO COURTESY OF J GROUP MEDIA

flavors on its menu, which changes daily, and is divided into tapas, schiacciata (Tuscan flat breads) and entrees. Pitch This quaint South Scottsdale pizzeria opened in November offering an eclectic menu for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and dinner. You’ll find Italian staples like pizza and pasta intermingled with coal-fired burgers and surf-and-turf at dinner. Brunch delivers lobster mac and cheese, a short rib burrito, and even a filet and waffle combo. Bonus: The patio is dog-friendly.


this month. Santana will make masa in-house and patrons can expect a menu featuring about nine items (mostly tacos) as well as a full bar. Woody’s Macayo Opened in November and inspired by late owner Woody Johnson’s original concept, this midtown locale serves up the same family Mexican recipes used over the last 70 years, with some new items added to the menu. The venue is designed with reused and refurbished pieces from other Macayo locations along with a hand-painted mural named La Marea, or The Tide, created by local artists Lucinda Yrene and Mata Ruda. ITALIAN Blaze Pizza Blaze Pizza is a modern-day pizza joint known for its custom-built pizzas (in just 180 seconds) as well as for its interactive open-kitchen format that allows guests to customize one of the menu’s signature pizzas or create their own, choosing

from a wide selection of carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients – all for around $8. Forno 301 The wood-fired pizzeria reopened in its new location across the street from Phoenix Art Museum last September, serving its famous thin-crust pizzas as well as handmade pastas. Lou Malnati’s The legendary Chicago deep-dish pizzeria – which already has one eatery at Uptown Plaza – recently opened a carryout, delivery and catering location in Arcadia late last year, with plans for a third (full-service) restaurant at North Scottsdale’s Chauncey Lane development set to open this summer. Pa’La Opened in a remodeled Downtown Phoenix bungalow last November, this wood-fired eatery blends Mediterranean and South American

The Sicilian Butcher The Sicilian Butcher is a butchery-inspired concept from the folks behind Tomaso’s Italian Restaurant. Opened in November, the Sicilianinfluenced venue specializes in hand-rolled craft meatballs (they have 15 varieties), classic sauces, fresh-made pastas, butcher-style charcuterie, Sicilian wine, and craft cocktails. SOUTHERN Bobby-Q Great Steaks & Real BBQ! The recently opened Bobby-Q Biltmore location – located on the corner of Camelback Road and 32nd Street – is just as finger-lickin’ good as the first two Valley locations, with signature wood-smoked meats, farm-fresh salads, sandwiches, tasty sides and craft cocktails in a rustic, comfortable atmosphere. the larder + the delta Expected to open in Downtown Phoenix in the spring, this standalone full-service restaurant, which was previously a counter in DeSoto Central Market, will give diners all the Southern feels, from its front porch vibe to familiar downhome dishes and specialty veggies served. Starlite BBQ The team behind Ocotillo is launching a new venture focused on barbecue later this year. Located in Downtown Scottsdale, Starlite BBQ will be a dinner-only destination, serving smoked meats that pair local flavors with triedand-true barbecue traditions. AMERICAN Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers This neighborhood burger joint (and sports fan favorite) brought its popular juicy burgers, indulgent sides and vast beer selection to the Arcadia area last month, located in the newly developed plaza at the corner of Indian School Road and 40th Street. Lincoln, A JW Restaurant The JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa recently revamped its main eatery into a sizzling new steakhouse. The menu spans prime cuts of meat, sustainably sourced fish, plenty of sides (especially on the potato front), and a must-try seafood tower. Needle Rock Kitchen & Tap Part of Verde River Golf & Social Club’s new additions this month is a fresh eatery that’s perfect for taking in the surrounding view – there are floor-to-ceiling glass doors, plus an outdoor patio overlooking the golf course and Mazatzal Mountains. Open to the public, the menu will feature shareable plates, wood-fired pizzas and seasonal dishes.

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Butterflies symbolize new beginnings, be that a rebirth, renewal or complete transformation. And with the start of a new year, why not make a fashion statement that also signifies a fresh outlook? The Claudie Butterfly Crossbody Bag by Sophia Webster – known for her whimsical, quirky aesthetic – stands out, both with pebbled silver leather and metallic butterfly appliques on the bag itself as well as on the shoulder strap. Rose gold hardware and touches of bright green (another symbol of renewal) round out the purse’s ultra-feminine feel. $795 at Neiman Marcus, www.neimanmarcus.com.

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Style SHOP


GET PHYSICAL Fashionable finds for your fitness pursuits

Foldable printed baseball cap, Y-3, $80 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 605.955.800. Stretch TechLoom Phantom sneakers, Athletic Propulsion Labs, $165 at Zappos, www.zappos. com. Spiked silicon glass water bottle, bkr, $40 at Nordstrom, 480.946.4111. Gray camo capris, Reebok, $35 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, www.dickssportinggoods.com. Floral print gym bag, Vooray, $49.99 at Nordstrom. Green running vest, Brooks, $85 at L.L.Bean, www.llbean. com.


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WINTER WEAR Bundle up for the cold front

Knit and fur earmuffs, Eugenia Kim, $245 at Neiman Marcus, 480.990.2100. Down jacket with removable synthetic fur trim, $280 at Columbia, www. columbia.com. Multicolor woolblend scarf, Diane De Clercq, $325 at Barneys New York, www.barneys.com. Brown faux fur boots, Aquatalia, $495 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Bow and pompom gloves, kate spade new york, $48 at Nordstrom, 480.946.4111.

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JACKET: Black tailored blazer, Theory, $435. TIE: Feather bow, Brackish, $195. SHIRT: Slim-fit cotton button-down, Eton, $265. BELT: Black leather, Salvatore Ferragamo, $375. PANTS: Tailored black, Theory, $180. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1381, 1951 Talbot-Lago T-26 Grand Sport Saoutchik Coupe.


Uptown January '18


Uptown January '18


SWEATER: Diamond V-neck, Eleventy, $295. SHIRT: Navy jersey polo, Theory, $95. PANTS: Gray, Theory, $195. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1388, 1939 Talbot-Lago T-23 Cabriolet.


Uptown January '18

JACKET: Plum textured sport coat, Ermenegildo Zegna, $1,495. TIE: Teal patterned, Brioni, $230. SHIRT: Purple button-down, Ermenegildo Zegna, $395. PANTS: Navy trousers, Saks Fifth Avenue Collection, $228. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1285, 1965 Pontiac GTO.

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VEST: Sea foam quilted, Peter Millar, $175. SHIRT: Teal plaid button-down, Peter Millar, $135. PANTS: Dark sand sateen stretch, Peter Millar, $145. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1416, 1966 Shelby Cobra CSX3239 Roadster.


Uptown January '18

JACKET: Navy sport coat, Eleventy, $595. SHIRT: Gray striped three-button polo, Eleventy, $495. PANTS: Five-pocket white, Saks Fifth Avenue Collection, $148. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1309, 1969 Ford Mustang 428 CJ-R Drag Car.

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SHIRT: Tan suede button-down, Peter Millar, $695. PANTS: Green denim, 7 For All Mankind, $189. Both from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1346, 1956 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup.


Uptown January '18

SHIRT: Shadow plaid button-down, Vince, $225. PANTS: Light gray sateen, Peter Millar, $145. Both from Saks Fifth Avenue, 602.955.8000. Car: Lot #1411, 1971 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda.

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AU NATUREL Nail the no-makeup makeup look

Instead of committing to a “new year, new you” resolution, pledge to let your fresh-faced, natural beauty shine through. The #IWokeUpLikeThis minimal makeup look is a favorite among the high-fashion runway shows and takes little effort on your end to pull it off. Skip the heavy foundation, dark eyeshadows, thick liners, and heavy lipsticks – opting instead for these light, hydrating products that will make the perfect combination for a no-makeup makeup vibe.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $22 at Urban Decay, www.urbandecay.com. NAKED Flushed, $34 at Urban Decay. Clear Brow Enhancing Gelfix, BROWFOOD, $24 at Sephora, www.sephora.com. Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35+, $32 at Supergoop!, www.supergoop.com. Toleriane Teint Correcting Pen, $25 at La Roche-Posay, www.laroche-posay.us. Renewal Lip Complex, AGE smart, $27 at Dermalogica Scottsdale, 480.481.0054.


Uptown January '18



PATIO PLAY Create a cozy outdoor atmosphere

Outdoor sofa with pillow back, price upon request at Brown Jordan, www. brownjordan.com. Indoor/outdoor ikat rug, $68.99$398.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, www. bedbathandbeyond. com. Brass-finished standing metal planter, $79-$99 at west elm, www. westelm.com. Outdoor gas fire pit, Thomasville, $3,750 at Horchow, www. horchow.com. Two-toned lumbar pillow with buttons, $25 at Pier 1 Imports, 480.922.3987.

Uptown January '18



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For these complimentary special reports: PROTECT YOUR WEALTH WITH PRECIOUS METALS THE 15 TRUTHS NO COIN DEALER WANTS YOU TO KNOW Critical book THE BIG LIES ABSOLUTE TRUTH! By Nick Grovich , Owner/ President of American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion and leading market advisor & expert BBB A+ rated ICTA PNG #553 NGC ANA Life Member 5211

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H AU T E P R O P E RT Y / P L A C E S / W H E E L S / WA N T


There are a lot of cool cars out there, especially during the auto auctions this month. But perhaps there is nothing quite as superheroesque as the Batmobile – and it is sure to turn your man cave into a serious Batcave. The Authentic 1966 Batmobile is officially licensed by DC Comics and is a roadworthy, street-legal replica of Batman’s crime-fighting cruiser; in fact, it’s so accurate that it takes nearly a year to construct. Built on a custom Lincoln chassis, it delivers 430 horsepower, and a rear-facing propane tank even creates the iconic afterburner effect. The vehicle honors the looks – and the gadgetry – of the original with features such as a blinking Batphone and a rotating red beacon. Fun fact: The No. 1 model sold at the 2013 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, but up to eight cars continue to be produced each year. $200,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer, www.hammacher.com. Uptown January '18




Many of the remodeled homes in Arcadia have the ranch-style, farmhouse look that is so popular in the home industry right now. MILA – the moniker of this home, which stands for Modern, Industrial, Luxury and Arcadia – is much different. The unique residence can be summed up by its name – it screams modern and industrial from the outside and throughout the entire 6,500 square feet of living space. Once you enter the block-adorned home, you’ll find six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The minimalistic style flows throughout the open floor plan, but that doesn’t mean the home lacks any luxury. The master retreat includes two spacious closets, a private office and a true spa bathroom containing a shower and separate bathtub with jets, and a bidet. Moving to the main space of the home – featuring tons natural lighting from the ample windows found throughout the home – the kitchen acts as an accent space, with gourmet commercial-grade Wolf and Bosch kitchen appliances, a walk-in pantry, and unique countertops and cabinets. Additionally, a theme of twos applies here: the space has multiple sinks, double wall ovens, and two islands. Colors like black, gray and white are found in this area, but are balanced by natural woods throughout. Outdoor features include a detached guest casita, an in-home theater, a five-car garage with its own full HVAC system, and a large motor court offering full RV hookups and parking for 15 more cars. In addition to mountain views and desert landscaping, MILA’s backyard also features a lap pool and a built-in firepit. 4912 N. 45th St., Phoenix, Arizona 85018. Listed for $3,575,000 with Ben Dusan of HomeSmart International, 602.486.9388 or ben@bendusan.com.


Uptown January '18


2018 DODGE DURANGO SRT The hot rod family hauler BY JIM PRUETER

VITAL STATS Base price: $64,090

Dodge is the last automaker committed to building true muscle cars. Some will argue that Chevrolet has the Camaro and Corvette, and Ford the Mustang, but nobody does high performance better or on a wider scale than Dodge. Dodge already has the rocket-sled 840-horsepower Demon and the 707-horsepower Hellcat, but this year it gets even better. Imagine a family hauler that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and has an NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 12.9 seconds. Well, it’s here. Dodge engineers took the three-row Durango SUV and built it on a new performance-tuned, all-wheel drive system with adaptive damping and three distinct suspension settings. They dropped in a 6.4-liter, 475-horsepower Hemi V-8 engine with 470 foot-pounds of torque and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, then added an active exhaust system and six-piston red Brembo brakes, and the tire-smoking Durango SRT was born. With the Durango SRT, you’ll be the standout vehicle in a school drop-off line that’s overloaded with Toyota Highlanders, Honda Pilots, and minivans. Needing to cart around kids, dogs and cargo doesn’t have to mean compromising your

automotive enthusiasm. As an added bonus, customers who buy a new Durango SRT will receive one full-day session at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving here in Phoenix. In addition to having enough seats for the whole family, the Durango SRT is perfect for loading up fishing or camping gear for long weekend getaways, and it offers best-in-class, 8,700 pounds of towing if you bring a boat or camper along. Visually, the SRT modestly differs from the six other non-performance Durango trim levels with a more aggressive front fascia and lower valence with cold-air ducts and LED fog lamps, a functional hood scoop, a revised rear end, large circular exhaust tips, SRT badging, a unique rear design, and 20-inch performance wheels. The Durango SRT’s interior is distinguished by standard leather and suede seating, an available high-performance Demonic Red Laguna leather seating option, and new carbon-fiber trim. The starting price is less than the top trim levels of the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia and GMC Yukon. And for those with a car enthusiast in the house, it’s the perfect family hauler compromise.

Price as tested: $73,360 Seating: 6 Engine: 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 Horsepower: 475 Fuel economy: 13/19 mpg city/ highway Fab features: Sensation of brute acceleration Aggressive good looks Offers practicality and performance

Uptown January '18




ICE, ICE BABY Cocktails with the coolest cubes in town

One of the hottest mixology trends has never been so cool: adding an artistic element to cocktails with carved, creative ice cubes. Here are 11 varieties of cube-focused creations – take your pick to experience the art of cool.

Fritz’s Smoking Gun Market Street Kitchen This smoky whiskey punch serves four and combines a whiskey blend, smoked mushroom syrup, rhubarb amaro, citrus and tea. The icy piece de resistance is hickory-smoked water frozen with charred cherrywood inside. $24. www.marketstreetkitchen.com. Especiado Thirsty Camel Rum, lime juice, passion fruit puree, and honey syrup form this fruit-forward cocktail. It’s poured over a small piece of dry ice and garnished with a fresh orchid flower to create a frosty smoke show tableside. $13. www.thephoenician.com. Barrel Aged Cranberry Manhattan Quiessence at The Farm A traditional Manhattan made with Copper City Bourbon, it’s sous vide – vacuum-sealed to infuse flavor – with mesquite wood and cranberry syrup then poured into a smoked glass with an artisanal ice sphere. $14. www.qatthefarm.com. Say No More Mon Amour Stock & Stable Bombay Dry Gin, lavender-infused honey, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice are combined and then poured over a handmade lavender-infused king cube. $14. www.stockandstable.com. Classic Martini with Handcarved Ice Bitter & Twisted From spheres to cones, all ice used in the cocktail program at Bitter & Twisted is housemade and handcarved. Try the ice in a classic martini to start, then taste your way around the menu. $11. www.bitterandtwistedaz.com. The Count Tuck Shop St. George Botanivore Gin, Don Ciccio & Figli Fennel Liqueur, Dolin


Uptown January '18

Rouge Vermouth de Chambery, Campari, and a surprising addition of kumquat oil make up this stunner. The kicker – it has ice blocks with actual kumquat and flowers inside! $11. www.tuckinphx.com. Mango Elderflower Snow Cone Margarita Diego Pops Return to your childhood with this adult snow cone. Made with Don Julio Blanco, St-Germain, triple sec, mango, and sweet and sour, it’s served over a sphere of shaved ice. $11. www.diegopops.com. Spark Plug The Montauk This is the perfect pick-me-up, featuring vanilla vodka, Irish cream liqueur, cold-brew coffee, and for an added kick … an ice cube made from cold brew. $12. www.themontaukaz.com. Buttered Rum Punch The Gladly Brown butter agricole rum, Giffard Banane du Bresil Liqueur, clarified buttermilk, Lillet Blanc white wine, and carved ice combine for this punch. In addition, an ice ball that’s pressed tableside can be added to any cocktail for $3, with $1 of each purchase benefiting a local charity. $13. www.thegladly.com. Aqua Caliente Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse This mezcal-based cocktail features a mix of ginger liqueur, lime juice, strawberry, and basil, and it’s served with a housemade strawberry ice bar. $13. www.handcutchophouse.com. Figgy Nights Sonata’s Restaurant Served with a custom-made sphere of ice and a side of Fig Newtons, this rye cocktail has fig compote, sage liqueur, and caramel maple syrup inside. $10. www.sonatasrestaurant.com.




In addition to Joe’s Midnight Run getting a new owner, the spot – known for its globally inspired cuisine – has added a few fresh offerings. The new streamlined menu includes items like a veggie-packed pasta, customized salads and, the standout, a roasted “airline” chicken, complete with fennel, spinach, tomato and a red wine vinaigrette. Inspired by the unique cut of chicken served during the early days of airline travel (a boneless breast with the first joint of the wing still attached), the dish, $18, fits perfectly with the retro vibe of Joe’s. The earthy, smoky and wood-fired entree can be found under the “biggies” section of the menu as a light yet still filling option. 6101 N. 7th St., Phoenix; 480.459.4467; www.joesmidnightrun.com.

Uptown January '18



TAKE FLIGHT Sip your way through three tasty martinis


The idea of beer and wine flights is simple: Patrons customize their experiences by mixing and matching mini varieties of beer or wine that a restaurant has on its menu to get multiple flavor profiles in one sitting. 2601 on Central, a new Central Phoenix hangout, takes flights to a whole new level … a martini level. “I’ve always loved beer flights and tasting dinners, and I wondered why people were never given that opportunity with martinis,” explains 2601 on Central Regional Manager Jen Moreland. “Our sample sizes give people the opportunity to try more of our unique menu at one time.” The new spot, which serves up Southwest-influenced comfort food in addition to craft cocktails, offers six different specialty martinis, all of which can be ordered in full size ($12) or in smaller sizes on the martini flight ($14 or $10 during daily happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m.). Each 3-ounce mini martini features about 1 ounce of liquor accompanied by unique housemade syrups and freshpressed juices to fill out the cocktails. “Some of them [the martini variations] are completely new flavor profiles and some are a new take on an old favorite,” Moreland says. “We love the idea of putting our stamp on things and giving our employees creative license to try new things.” Pictured here are the French Kiss, Sucia and Willow varieties. “The French Kiss is a sweet treat with fruity and citrusy flavors. The Sucia is dark and savory with a dry finish. The Willow is a unique flavor profile with the sweet tart taste of rhubarb with the surprise of an earthy, spicy fennel flavoring.” The restaurant also offers mimosa and mule flights ($12 regularly and $10 during happy hour). 2601 on Central, 2601 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.466.2074; www.2601oncentralphx.com.


Uptown January '18



CHEF CONVERSATIONS In the kitchen with Michael Miller, executive chef at Windsor and Churn


You grew up cooking alongside your mother and grandmother. What was one of your favorite meals to make with them? Cooking at home is all about comfort foods, so one of my favorite things to make with my mom was fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and with my grandmother I always enjoyed making stuffed peppers with pomadoro sauce. I still dream about those dishes. What is one cooking tip from your mom that stuck with you? The thing that stuck with me the most was how much care and intent she cooked with. Good food is always made with love. Are there any ingredients you haven’t used that you’d love to cook with? I love to read cookbooks, so there are always a ton of ingredients I’ve read or heard about, but haven’t had a chance to cook with. But the one that jumps at me right away is uni [sea urchin] because it’s so distinctive. Do you have a favorite cookbook? I really enjoy everything Thomas Keller writes. The French Laundry Cookbook is one of my favorite books, but I have to say my all-time favorite is The Escoffier by Auguste Escoffier. Most memorable food experience: The first time I ever tasted Burgundy escargot. Granted, it was in Paris with my Fiance, so that made it extra special. Most underrated dish at Windsor: The Brown Bag Chicken Sandwich — it’s great. But our burgers are so good most diners go for that. If you weren’t a chef, you’d probably be… Honestly, I would be a forest ranger. I love the outdoors and have a deep respect for Mother Nature. You’re currently engaged. Any musthave dishes at your upcoming wedding? I would love red wine-braised short ribs, but I will have to go with beef Wellington because that’s my Fiance’s favorite. 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix AZ; 602.279.1111; www.windsoraz.com.

Uptown January '18



LIGHT AS A FEATHER 15 delicious dishes that won’t weigh you down

Okay, okay, the holidays were fun. And chances are, you might have overindulged once or twice (or more). Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you have to sit at home all month eating chicken and veggies. Instead, try any of these light, bright dishes that will fill you up without weighing you down for the rest of winter.

Red Quinoa with Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus


Tuna Tartare & Guacamole

Pita Jungle The restaurant’s award-winning cilantro jalapeno hummus is topped with red quinoa, baby kale, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, garlic, feta, toasted pine nuts, olive oil, and a lemon-cumin vinaigrette. It’s all served with your choice of organic blue corn chips or pita. $8.79. Multiple locations; www.pitajungle.com.

Chelsea’s Kitchen Don’t let the fact that this is a low-carb starter fool you: Get your fill with this sushi-grade tuna, made fresh to order with mouthwatering radishes and soy-lemon vinaigrette, topped off with tasty housemade (and low-carb) guacamole. $16. 5040 N. 40th St., Phoenix; 602.957.2555; www.chelseaskitchenaz.com.

Lentil Cauliflower Bowl

The Herb Box This nutrient-dense dish features cauliflower, rainbow quinoa, black lentils, pickled red grapes, crispy Brussels sprouts, honey Dijon mustard, and a heavenly lemon aioli. There is also an option to add a protein of your choice. $13; $19 with protein. Two locations; www.theherbbox.com.

Shrimp Pesto Pasta Top: Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar Bottom: True Food Kitchen

Kale & Clover Zucchini noodles replace traditional pasta in this delightfully flavorful dish. It also features sauteed shrimp, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, pine nuts and basil pesto. $12. 20511 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale; 480.568.8707; www.kaleandclover.com.

Lettuce Cups

Clever Koi Brimming with shrimp, scallops, edamame, olives and peanuts, these are not your standard lettuce cups. They’re topped with a flavor-forward sweet chili fish sauce (you’ll be requesting extra for dipping!). $10.50. 4236 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.222.3474; www.thecleverkoi.com.

Inside Out Quinoa Burger

True Food Kitchen Forget carb-loaded bread buns – this unique take on a “burger” uses quinoa patties as its buns and features hummus, tzatziki, tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, and feta within. $14. Two locations; www.truefoodkitchen.com.

Hamachi Tiradito

Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar Similar to a ceviche, but originally from Peru, this tiradito uses a base of hamachi and combines


Uptown January '18

Lollipop Kale

Gertrude’s Snack on this app, a hybrid of Brussels sprouts and kale that’s flash-fried then tossed with black pepper feta cheese, ham, preserved lemon, and fermented chiles. $10. At Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Pkwy., Phoenix; 480.719.8600; www.gertrudesrestaurant.net.

Low Carb Breakfast

d’ Lite Healthy on the Go Have your greens for breakfast! A carb-conscious staple, this dish has organic mixed greens, a hash potato patty, two eggs, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes and avocado drizzled with pesto and balsamic vinaigrette. $7.25. Multiple locations; www.dlitehealthyonthego.com.

Blackened Salmon

Chelsea’s Kitchen

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails Salmon is blackened on the grill and then paired with luscious cauliflower puree, colored cauliflower, sunchokes, grapefruit segments and pickled fresno peppers. $30. At Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix, 2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix; 602.258.0231; www.bluehoundkitchen.com.

it with smooth aguachile sauce, apples, onions, and a hint of Sriracha sauce. $16. At TPC Scottsdale, 17020 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale; 480.585.4848; www.scottsdaleprincess.com.

Mediterranean Protein Powerhouse

Mother Earth Bowl

Flower Child Good-for-you ingredients are the key here, with ancient grains, sweet potatoes, Portobello mushrooms, avocado, cucumbers, broccoli pesto, charred onions, leafy greens, and red pepper miso vinaigrette sprinkled with hemp seeds. $9. Multiple locations; www.iamaflowerchild.com.

Perk Eatery This three-egg omelet is loaded with tomatoes, sauteed onions, garlic, spinach and feta cheese topped with housemade cucumber dill sauce and served with grilled chicken breast. $14. 6501 E. Greenway Pkwy., Scottsdale; 480.998.6026; www.perkeatery.com.

Pacific Oysters

Thirsty Camel Have your choice of oysters prepared one of two ways: with delectable hibiscus mignonette sauce or hearth-fired with smoked brisket, bloody mary aioli and fresh celery. $15. At The Phoencian, 6000 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale; 480.941.8200; www.thephoenician.com.

Pita Jungle

Toro Carpaccio

Sushi Roku Even for those counting carbs, this dazzler of a dish is decadent, featuring sushi-grade toro topped with tamari soy, kizami (chopped) wasabi and oscietra caviar. $42. At W Scottsdale, 7277 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale; 480.970.2121; www.innovativedining.com.

Gem Salad

Weft & Warp Art Bar + Kitchen Try this simple salad that packs a flavorful punch. Greens are topped with green goddess dressing, preserved lemon and pine nuts, with the option to add steak, chicken or shrimp. $12; $22 with protein. At Andaz Scottsdale, 6114 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale; 480.214.4622; www.andazscottsdale.com.

Uptown January '18




Held at the Wrigley Mansion, this festive gathering celebrated all things Phoenix Theatre and Applause! Gala. The evening included wine and hors d’oeuvres as the sun set over the Phoenix cityscape.

Christie Selby and Vicki Marce


Laurie Lemley and Patty Johnson

Kari Litteer and Julia Haase

Flower and Jim Manley

Jeff and Toni Polett

Donny Peper and Jamie Mayrose

Barbra Kammerzell and Libby Crouch

Janette and Larry Read

Regi Walston and Joe Colucci

Ashley Helm, Michael Dobbs and Jennifer Dudones


Uptown January '18


Benefitting the Greater Arizona Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, this winter wonderland event took place at The Camby.


Rob and Heidi Ward

Erin Feliciano and Michelle Barrios

Leah Marie and Nick Andrews

Sara and Robert Githens

Mark McClune and April Warnecke

It has to be a Cornelis Hollander....




www. CornelisHollander.com 4151 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale AZ 85251 CUSTOM DESIGNS AVAILABLE 480-423-5000 800-677-6821 PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A. Uptown January '18




The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships returned to WestWorld of Scottsdale for its seventh year. Guests reveled in polo tournaments, a fashion show, sneak peeks at the 2018 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and 2018 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, and plenty of food and fanfare.

Veronica Alexander and Kimberly Bell


Jill Jungkeit and Geeny Hanjuko

Matt Kuebler and Holly Miller

Beth Eagan and Lori Anna Harrison

Jodi and Jeff Mastro

Johnathon and Cassandra de Young

Scott Grigg and Adrianna Baun

Rachel and Dodge Earnhardt

Nick Weiss and Jessica Holland

Jaime Cerreta and Cynthia Sassi


Uptown January '18

PHOENIX KNUCKLEBALL Athletes and celebrities joined Phoenicians at the Montelucia for a fun-filled philanthropic night in support of the Joe Niekro Foundation and neurological awareness.


Todd and Kristin James

McKenzie Head and Christian Klein

Alec and Sophia Merriman

Crystal Vasquez and Norris Thomas

Celeste Dickman and Verna Zabramski


Uptown January '18




Arizona Cardinals’ running back David Johnson hosted his first annual Mission 31: Possible, An Evening with David Johnson at Mountain Shadows. Guests mingled with Johnson and his Cardinals teammates as they indulged in an evening featuring a cocktail reception, cuisine and a live auction, with all proceeds benefiting Mission 31 Foundation.

David and Meghan Johnson


Jaron and Ashley Brown

D.J. Foster and Ciera Liguori

Troy and Chloe Niklas

Mary Turner and Diva Stevens

Dwight Barber and Stephanie Pierce

Brinsley Wachlin and Kerwynn Williams

James and Dr. Gwen Grimsby

Debbie and Bob Witte

Bob and Page Karber


Uptown January '18

Mike and Dawn Kennedy

Chandler Jones and Sahar Samad

Michael Bidwill and Kimberly Suciu

KFNX Exclusively Features Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage Ranked Top Ten Shows in the Country


THE SAVAGE NATION WITH MICHAEL SAVAGE To advertise, host a show, or for more information: Call (602) 277-1100 or visit our website: www.1100kfnx.com

Mark and Kathy Dalton

Uptown January '18




Your new favorite Arcadia neighborhood hangout


The Porch. Just by the name, it’s easy to tell what kind of vibe that the owners were going for – a relaxed yet social environment; a place to catch up with friends and family, take it easy and hang out in casual setting. “You never want to over think the name, we wanted to keep it simple, to the point,” explains Eric Burdick, operating partner of The Porch. The gastropub made its way onto the scene for its soft opening Thanksgiving Eve of last year, known to locals as one of the biggest bar nights of the year. The Porch is part of Royale Jelly Hospitality Group – which also owns Old Town, Scottsdale favorite, Bevvy. The Porch is what Burdick calls the “more grown-up version of Bevvy,” and says that Arcadia was the obvious area for the location. “Arcadia, what is not to like?” Burdick says about their reasoning of expanding to the neighborhood. “The area is thriving, families and young professionals yearned for a new hangout spot to relax and unwind to some yummy food and drink.” The midcentury modern design and retro style is apparent from the moment you pull up and see the large red, diner-like


Uptown January '18

sign. The space gives off an industrial vibe equipped with garage doors, interesting light fixtures and an open ceiling where beams and air ducts are visible. Statement pops such as printed title, yellow tufted booths, and red accents fill the space. “The inside has a 1950s diner feel mixed with a 1970s recreation room look,” Burdick explains. The inside is anchored by a giant bar and over 30 TVs for sports fans, and the outdoor patio is truly what the neighborhood is all about. A game lover’s dream, the space is filled with ping pong, giant Connect Four and Jenga, shuffleboard, ring on a string, cornhole and more. There is also plenty of comfortable seating including retro chairs, farm tables and a swing that makes you feel like you’re having a party in your own backyard. “Our mission is to throw the best housewarming party over and over again, every single day that we are open for business. We are the hosts and we will make sure our guests will have satisfaction.” The Porch offers an extensive cocktail menu, large beer selection with 16 taps and a plethora of bottled beer, and a food menu that caters to everyone – even the brunch bunch. Some early cocktail standouts include the Big Trouble in Little Shanghai, My Ex Wife’s Secret, and the Jungle Juice. The menu is comprised of popular dishes that The Porch has put its own creative spin on, both in presentation and in flavor. The spot offers happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6:15 p.m. (Yep, you read that right – 6:15 p.m.), with deals on cocktails, appetizers and entrees, beer and wine ranging from $4 to $8. “We last 15 minutes longer than the rest,” Burdick exclaims. The Porch is open from Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. 4017 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602.583.7938; www.porcharcadia.com.

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Profile for Richman Media Group

Uptown Magazine January 2018  


Uptown Magazine January 2018