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When You Feel Great, Anything is Possible

Dr. Alexandra Mayer, ND of Ethos Integrative Medicine DR. ALEXANDRA MAYER is an advocate for living a healthful, happy life. By providing individualized healthcare solutions, she helps patients realize their full potential so that they can live a life they love. “[My business partner and I] believe that patients want to be healthy so that they can do the things that make them happy in life. Whether that’s having the energy to play with their kids, travel the world or compete in a Crossfit competition — if you love something, we want to help you do it,” Mayer elaborates. Her passion for health led her to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she learned the art of combining traditional diagnostics and treatment with a more natural approach. “My passion is health, and my mission is to provide my patients with medical options that get results and fit with their busy lifestyles,” she says. Mayer is joined by her business partner, Dr. Matthew Hernandez, and together they own Ethos Integrative Medicine (EIM) in Scottsdale. EIM bridges the gap between conventional medicine and alternative options. Mayer and Hernandez create custom treatment plans that represent every patient’s unique set of needs. By offering a variety of treatments and options, — including primary care, medical aesthetics and sport’s medicine — EIM patients get better sooner and stay healthy longer. Understanding busy schedules, EIM operates at various times throughout the week so that health is attainable for everyone. Mayer specializes in women’s health and medical aesthetics. She treats women with concerns ranging from hormonal issues and hypothyroidism to anxiety. Her love of aesthetics comes from her aunt who owned a spa during her childhood. “[My aunt’s] knowledge of aesthetics changed my skin, and my overall confidence. I love being able to offer my patients more long term, natural looking solutions that make them feel better and more confident about themselves,” Mayer states.

By focusing on regenerative treatments that use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Mayer is able to treat problem areas like hyperpigmentation and acne scars. She also offers hair restoration for patients experiencing thinning hair who want to stop hair loss and encourage regrowth. Mayer always goes the extra mile when it comes to her patients. She truly hears them out and addresses any concerns they may have. She also provides unparalleled support and encouragement throughout her patients’ healthful journey. “We have fun at our office. We like to get to know our patients, laugh with them and be a part of their lives,” Mayer continues, “What’s important to us is being part of our patients’ team by celebrating the wins and helping them navigate their challenges. We have clear communication with everyone that walks through our practice’s doors so they understand what is going on with their health.” TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ETHOS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, CALL 480.360.0115 OR VISIT WWW.ETHOSSCOTTSDALE.COM.