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SEAN MULLANEY, 25 Singer/actor

In addition to performing as a solo artist, is currently also performing with The Instant Classics through June, when he leaves for a West Coast tour. You sing and act. Any preference or are they intertwined? I definitely prefer to sing because I actually know how to do that and have more confidence with it. I love to act, but I kind of make it up as I go and don’t take it so seriously, which has oddly only helped me as it turns out. What drew you to performing? I started to take singing lessons in high school because I had this genius idea that if I could sing, I would for sure get all the girls. It didn’t pay off for me then, but I did find my fiancée while doing musical theatre later, so mission accomplished! Your favorite genres to sing are: Rock mostly, but I love a song full of heartfelt emotion. If it’s something that I can get behind emotionally, I know I will love it—and usually that will translate to the audience loving it. Do you write your own songs? If so, what inspires them? I co-write all my songs with a brilliant musician named Billy Cioffi. I like to think I bring the clay and he sculpts it into a piece of art. I love writing about what I care about, and that’s bettering the world by raising awareness of important societal issues with a rocking beat. Accomplishments you’re most proud of so far: I’m hopefully in the process of that answer with my current album, but I’ve also found true love at a young age, and that is a very rare feat in my opinion. In 10 years, you hope to be: Touring the world spreading uplifting messages of hope and eternal optimism through my music to massive crowds by day, and living with my beautiful family on a large plot of land where we can have everything we need by the power of our own hands by night.


When you aren’t performing, you’re usually: I enjoy living my life in the present and learning about life through experiences in the world, or playing Xbox. Find more information, and upcoming show dates, on his Sean Mullaney page on Facebook. His website,, will be debuting shortly.


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| APRIL 2015

3/24/15 11:53 AM

So Scottsdale April 2015

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