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/ by Patrick Thomas / photos by James Patrick

Core Control

4 plank movements to combat holiday indulgences

During the holidays, it’s easy to reach for that extra dessert, alcoholic beverage or scoop of your favorite warming casserole. While these comforts can be delicious, they can also be detrimental to all of the hard work you have put in this year at the gym. Here’s a quick plank routine to help you bust that gut through the holiday season. The workout requires no equipment and should take less than 10 minutes. So, no excuses this year – start 2018 with some muscle in your mid section.




Patrick is a native of Scottsdale, AZ with over 10 years of experience as a weight loss expert and strength coach. He’s an avid golfer with a passion for the game. He recently launched his new workout program specifically designed to help golfers become stronger. Patrick Thomas Fitness is conveniently located in the Scottsdale Airpark. Contact at patrick@ or 480.278.5701

Scottsdale Health December 2017