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Home At Last After 16 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, NFL defensive legend Terrell Suggs makes his way back to the Valley as an Arizona Cardinal

DON’T SCRATCH THAT ITCH Surviving mosquito bites in monsoon season






Coolsculpting® non-surgical fat removal externally applies cold temperatures to freeze unwanted fat on the abdomen, flanks, hips, & thighs!



MEET DR. SAEED, MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA OUTPATIENT CARE CENTERS Different from other cancer treatment centers, Cancer Treatment Centers of America Outpatient Care Center in Scottsdale strives to provide the Mother Standard of care—treating patients as their own loved ones. As Medical Director, Dr. Saima Saeed understands that each patient has a name and a face, as well as their own personal history. “We realize that we are not only treating their cancer, we are treating the whole person. Our goal is to provide quality, whole person upto-date cancer care, while ensuring the patient feels heard, empowered, and is treated in a caring and dignified manner.” Before joining CTCA, Dr. Saeed was in private practice for 12 years, and also served as section chief of Hematology and Oncology at a large local hospital. These experiences provided her with the insight into what it takes to run an outpatient clinic. “It has helped me realize what it is that I want to do differently now that I am with CTCA, which is to spend more time with patients, listening to their questions.” Dr. Saeed believes that, in addition to medicine, other factors play a role in patient cancer care, including exercise, eating nutritious whole foods, managing stress levels, and quality of sleep. “I believe that if you are going to take care of others you must take care of yourself,” she explains, striving herself to exercise, meditate, and follow a healthy diet. The Outpatient Care Center in Scottsdale opened in March of 2018 as an outpatient facility, aiming to provide more accessible cancer options for patients in the Valley. “For me, it is a true honor and privilege to be able to care for cancer patients. I am proud to be a part of this amazing team of caregivers in Scottsdale,” says Dr. Saeed. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Outpatient Care Center in Scottsdale is located 9755 N. 90th St. A-100 & B -130, Scottsdale. To schedule an appointment, please call 877.341.9929, or visit phoenix.

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Burnout, HIV strides, brain boosting, sleeping for weight loss, HPV vaccination, FDA pet wood warnings, sober curious movement, and early protate cancer detection


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The NFL legend starts his season with the Arizona Cardinals

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Summertime salad

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Pastels aplenty

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Dumbbell destruction

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Healthy life, happy life


Harper Babin

Meet the woman behind Bodi’s boxing program




30 nutrition Outsmarting salt

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Proze CBD, Wild Terrains travel company, Beachbody Morning Meltdown program, Koi poke’s menu addition, Lift for Life female training program and NuttZo’s new Keto Butter

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Get ready to work those abs

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Banishing blemishes


ON THE COVER: Terrell Suggs, photo by James Patrick,

Mosquito madness


DON’T SCRATCH THAT ITCH Surviving mosquito bites in monsoon season


50 doctors orders


Home At Last After 16 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, NFL defensive legend Terrell Suggs makes his way back to the Valley as an Arizona Cardinal


HEADQUARTERS! The CoolSculpting procedure is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. It’s an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. With more than 5 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves, thanks to the one-of-a-kind CoolSculpting procedure.

FDA-CLEARED NON-SURGICAL ELIMINATES FAT TREATMENT OF SPORTS INJURIES WITH STEM CELLS WITH DR. ERIK WAGNER We can treat pain in your knees, lower back, neck, elbows, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries. Dr. Wagner is doing free evaluations every Thursday 9am-6pm.



Buy Three CoolSculpting Areas & Get One FREE* Buy One CoolSculpting Area & Get One 50% OFF* Expires 8/31/19 *Buy three CoolSculpting treatments at full price and receive one of equal or lesser value free. Limit one (1) “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” per person throughout the term of this promotion. Offer valid while supplies last on CoolSculpting Treatments purchased prior to August 31, 2019. Must complete a complimentary CoolSculpting Consultation at Arizona Aesthetics Center prior to purchasing treatments. Must purchase all applicable treatments in full at time of booking. Prices exclude tax. Not applicable to previous purchases. No refunds or exchanges. No cash value. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, special promotions or prohibited by law. Must mention “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” at time of booking consultation and at time of purchase.

The CoolSculpting procedure is proven, safe, and effective. Get wow results and love how your clothes fit better, feel better, and look better.

CALL US NOW! 480.656.5311

Arizona Aesthetics Centers • Lewis Heller M.D. 7450 E Pinnacle Peak Road #258, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

When you've suffered a hand or wrist injury or need immediate care for persistent joint or nerve pain in your hands, wrists, or forearms, Hand & Wrist Urgent Care in Scottsdale is a quick and cost-efficient alternative to the emergency room. We provide fast diagnosis and specialized treatment for injuries to the fingers, hands, and wrists by one of the top hand surgeons in the country – Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice. Our patients are evaluated as soon as possible and may receive on-site x-rays or ultrasound for an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. If necessary, minimally invasive surgery can be performed within the same day to ensure the best possible outcome. At our center, we treat a wide range of hand and wrist injuries, including (but not limited to) the following: • • • •

Lacerations Fractures Broken bones Contusions

• • • •

Dislocations Sprains Nerve damage Tendon injuries

Skip the stress, excessive wait times, and costly appointments at a hospital emergency room. Get the urgent care you need for the fastest recovery possible at Hand & Wrist Urgent Care!


REJUVENATION center for anti-aging & regenerative medicine

480.771.1498 8841 E Bell Rd. #102 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

For all of you football fanatics out there, football is (basically) back! It’s time for preseason, with the regular season looming not long after. On the field all eyes will be on Terrell Suggs. The veteran linebacker has finally made his way back to home – he attended high school and college in Arizona – after 16 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. He talks finding his way back to the Valley and joining the Arizona Cardinals on page 40. Speaking of football, it’s time to stock up on all of the essentials for the big game before you enter the stadium. We’ve rounded up some of the top must-have items on page 36, from phone chargers to padded seats to a stadium-approved bag. This month also marks National CBD Day (August 8). Learn all about the misconceptions of CBD on page 16. And it wouldn’t be August in Arizona without those famous monsoons. What else comes along with the weather change? Mosquito bites! On page 50, a doctor provides tips and tricks to ease the itch, make yourself less inviting and what to know about allergic reactions to bites. The heat can also bring on bouts of acne. Page 48 shares the lowdown on adult acne, with four steps to rid yourself of it for good. Some additional highlights include steps to curb your sodium intake (page 30) and creating stronger connections in the days of technology obsession (page 46). Lastly we have positive habits to promote a joyous life. From setting goals to unplugging, try one of the four practices listed on page 28 to boost your happiness. Best, Gabby Leighton Editor-in-Chief Find our magazine on Facebook!


HAND INSTITUTE MI C H A E L F I T Z MAU RI C E , MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques provide natural and long-lasting relief from hand and wrist conditions.

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, provide natural and long-lasting relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis among many other hand and wrist conditions. His passion for customized patient care and innovative techniques have redefined his specialty and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer; he personally developed a line of nutritional supplements and patented surgical techniques to improve the safety and efficacy of hand surgery. When combined with regenerative medicine treatment, severe conditions that affect the hand can be alleviated and eliminated in the most effective ways possible for each patient.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Thumb Trigger Finger Dupuytren’s Contracture De Quervain’s Tendinitis Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) Tennis Elbow Wrist Pain

8841 E. Bell Rd. STE #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P U B L IS H E R Bill Richman

#1 Rated Tour & Activity on

V IC E P R E S ID E N T OF OP E R AT ION S Stacey Richman E D IT OR -IN -C H IE F Gabby Leighton C R E AT IV E D IR E C T OR Anthony Cox­ A D V E RT IS IN G A RT D IR E C T OR Lalo Reyes A D V E RT IS IN G C OOR D IN AT OR Stacey Richman

C ON T R IB U T IN G WR IT E R S Joanne Fischenich, Mandy Holmes, Maggie Husami, Jess Hutchens, Elizabeth Liberatore, Dave Patel, James Patrick, Kelly Potts, Erica Ptak, Marie Paredes Saloum, Jeremy Scott P H OT OG R A P H Y David Apeji, Mark Morgan, James Patrick, Erica Ptak


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ll! Ro



Scottsdale’s OFFICIAL Old Town Segway Tour!


A D V E RT IS IN G 480.229.3122 S U B S C R IB E

10632 N. Scottsdale Road Suite B-215 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480.229.3122 © 2019, RICHMAN MEDIA GROUP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


ScottsdaleSegwayTours .com






/ compiled by Kelly Potts

Burned Out Feeling tired, deflated and burnt out? Well, its is now an official diagnosis as the World Health Organization formally recognized burnout as a medical condition. Doctors can use the decision as a benchmark for diagnosis and health insurers. Medical professionals can diagnose someone with burnout if they are having feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance their job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to their job, and reduced professional efficacy. Source:

Zzz are the Keys We all know losing weight is difficult enough as it is. Experts say to eat “right,” avoid processed sugar, watch your carbs, get in your cardio and strength training and drink your



water. It turns out, there’s another factor you may not have considered: sleep! A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity found a link between insufficient or disrupted sleep and


another issue — weight loss. The results showed that overweight people who did not sleep well lost less weight than their peers who had no sleep problems.

Boost Your Brain With numerous health benefits, working out is one of the easiest “doctor’s orders” out there. New research is giving us more reasons to hit the gym, including that it’s good for your brain. Neuroscientists discovered that a short burst of exercise directly boosts the function of a gene that increases connections between neurons in the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Source: www.

Source: www.

Big Strides in HIV For the first time, a recent study shows researchers eliminated replicationcompetent HIV-1 DNA, the virus responsible for AIDS, from the genomes of living animals. The study marks a critical step toward the development of a possible cure for human HIV infection. The researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center showed that treatment to suppress HIV replication and gene editing therapy, when given sequentially, can eliminate HIV from cells and organs of infected animals. Source: www.

PAINLESS FIX FOR RECEDING GUMS! Pinhole Surgical Technique

CASE OF THE MONTH: Pinhole Surgical Technique® by Dr. Erik Svans: 6 month Post Op



A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans, a Certified Pinhole Surgical Technique® Provider. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.



CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 480.219.8760 For everything you need to know about this amazing procedure, visit RECEIVE A FREE VIRTUAL CONSULT FROM DR. SVANS IN 3 EASY STEPS! It takes just 5 minutes to submit! Follow us at: @pinholedentist


Erik P. Svans DDS

Svans Dentistry PLLC

7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 • (480) 219-8760


A Shot That Cures Another shot that proves its worth. Nearly 10 years ago, healthcare professionals introduced a new vaccination that aimed to prevent recurring infections of certain types of HPV. These infections can, if a person does not receive treatment, lead to cervical cancer, the third most common among women. While doctors and researchers say it’s too soon to know the full effect of the HPV shot, there is some good news. They found that for girls ages 13 to 19, HPV infections had reduced by 83%, and 66% among women ages 20 to 24.

Fido’s Food Files What’s the best foods to feed your furry friend? Whole grains? Grain free? Human grade? While there are conflicting opinions on both sides of the dog food world, the FDA threw a bone into the talk. Sixteen brands of dog food may be associated with a heightened risk of heart failure in dogs, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA isn’t suggesting that pet owners stop feeding their dogs the particular brands yet, but some vets are already advising against “grain-free” foods. The FDA is currently investigating more than 500 reports that appear to link dog foods that are marketed as grain free to canine dilated cardiomyopathy. The FDA has been warning about the foods based on peas, lentils or potatoes since July 2018, but the recently released statement is the first time the agency has identified brand names.

Source: www.

Sober Curious Move over keto, there’s a new health trend in town called the “Sober Curious Movement,” in which more people are taking a break from alcohol because they believe it’s healthier, not because they have a problem with alcohol. The main reason for the movement is because people who live otherwise “healthy” lifestyles found themselves binge drinking every weekend and wanted to curb the hobby, rounding out their lifestyles. Source: www.


Cup of Answers Great news for men: Recent studies show that a new urine test can detect aggressive prostate cancer cases that need treatment up to five years sooner than other diagnostic methods. Researchers from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom, and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital revealed that an experimental urine test, called Prostate Urine Risk, can find cancers that will require treatment within the first five years of diagnosis. While this doesn’t replace the invasive biopsy, it does give some peace of mind and answers. Source:




First time in Arizona! UNBELIEVABLE NEW FAT REDUCTION 4D LASER TECHNOLOGY IS HERE Clinically Proven to Help People Lose Inches Bodcor is the latest in fat reduction technology offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no downtime.

20-25 MINUTES IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Tighten & Tone, Lose Weight, Remove Cellulite TREATS: Love Handles, Abs, Legs & Arms

LASER FAT LOSS AS LOW AS $199! Contact Us Today to Learn More!


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/ by Marie Paredes Saloum

6 Misconceptions About CBD

The second annual National CBD Day is just around the corner, and this year, with CBD products now legal for recreational purchase across the country, August 8 is primed to be a buzzing big deal nationwide. However, as CBD (short for cannabidiol) becomes more mainstream, many find themselves intrigued by the compound and its diverse benefits, but don’t know where to start. Moreover, as CBD continues to race to shelves it is important that buyers beware and know exactly what to look for when diving into the new, exciting world of CBD. Before going shopping, familiarize with these six misconceptions about the compound to ensure that you’re purchasing the highest quality products available.

1. CBD gets you high Unlike it’s more widely known counterpart, THC, the CBD compound does not produce the same psychoactive effects, meaning it won’t get you high. That said, it is important to note the differences between the two predominantly popular methods of CBD production — hempderived CBD oil and medical cannabisderived CBD isolate. A cannabis-derived CBD isolate will be 100% pure, free of any traces of THC. A hemp-derived CBD product can include trace amounts of THC, though, legally not more than .3%; not a high enough dose to cause impairment. Read labels extra carefully, or, for state-licensed medical marijuana patients, ask your local dispensary professional for educational materials. 2. Dosing is based on weight and height This is a myth. Everyone has their own unique endocannabinoid system that interacts with the CBD compound as it reaches your body. Like a fingerprint, individuals have oneof-a-kind endocannabinoid system that determines the dose

needed. One size does not fit all when learning about CBD. 3. You can overdose on CBD CBD, as well as THC, always react uniquely to an individual’s endocannabinoid system, meaning that results can vary. Though, research has found CBD can actually be a pacifier if one has a cannabis high that’s too intense for comfort. CBD’s antianxiety mechanisms can actually counter the effects of THC, meaning CBD can actually be used as an anti-overdose agent to a certain degree. 4. CBD can’t be taken with most other medications All prescription medications have their own side effects that impact individuals on different scales. Factoring in our bodies’ unique endocannabinoid systems requires careful dosing and consideration. What works for some may not work for others, but slowly, gradually introducing CBD into one’s vitamin or medicinal regimen is the safest bet. There is currently no research that suggests CBD can counter prescription medications.

5. All CBD is all the same Now that CBD is popping up in convenience stores, supermarkets, and health outlets, the uninitiated may not know the difference between the various products reaching the market today. The fact is, CBD created in dispensaries comes from facilities that are built to manufacture and test cannabis and its related products. CBD sold in other places could be produced in any number of facilities, thus making it difficult to ensure purity and quality. Ultimately, the best advice is to read carefully, do your own research, and buy where you are comfortable. 6. There’s not enough research on CBD CBD’s legalization in the U.S. is still very much in its infancy. Regulations, supporting legislation, research, and education are all ongoing efforts with this new compound that we continue to learn more about every day. The research that does exist on CBD highlights the compound’s undeniable benefits, from anti-anxiety and appetite improvement to sleep aid and skin health.

Marie Paredes Saloum is the owner of GreenPharms Dispensaries with locations in Mesa and Flagstaff, as well as The Marijuana Doctor, with several locations across the Valley. Since 2013, GreenPharms has developed an award-winning reputation for purveying the highest quality cannabis and CBD commodities in the state. Marie represents the passionate mom-and-pop local businesses in Arizona, providing patients across the state with medical marijuana in a safe, welcoming environment.





I Scream, No Cream Create fruity soft serve without dairy

If you’re sensitive to dairy or just avoiding it, there’s no need to skip out on summertime treats. From Yonanas, this kitchen gadget helps you turn any fruit into smooth soft serve in just seconds. Just put your own frozen fruit combinations into the device and out comes a healthy dairy-free dessert. This elite version of the machine is quieter and two times more powerful than its classic counterpart. It also includes a book featuring over 130 recipes for cakes, pies, bon bons and sorbets. The gadget comes equipped with a three-year warranty and is easy to clean as its parts are dishwasher safe. Yonanas Elite, which was selected as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2016, has a chrome finish and comes in black or red. Available for $129.99 at Yonanas,

08/19 ScottsdaleHealth



/ Recipe and photo by Erica Ptak

Avocado, Black Bean And Corn Salad

Serving Size: 4 SALAD 2 large ripe avocados 1 15-ounce can of corn, drained 1 15-ounce can of black beans, rinsed and drained 2 Roma (or cherry) tomatoes, chopped 1 jalapeno,  deseeded ¼ cup red onion, chopped fine ¼ cup fresh cilantro DRESSING ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp white wine vinegar 1½ tbsp olive oil 1 tsp chopped garlic Juice of 1 large lime Salt and pepper to taste

For the salad, combine all ingredients into one large bowl (be sure to rinse and drain the black beans). To make the dressing, mix the olive oil, garlic, and cumin in a small bowl and heat in a microwave for 30 seconds. Next, add in white wine vinegar and the juice of one large lime. Drizzle on top of the salad, toss and serve.




Erica Ptak is the creator of Founded in Flavor, a local food blog devoted to healthy, indulgent recipes. For more information on her blog, visit or visit her Instagram at @ foundedinflavor.

Driving on the course, fun. Driving to the cleaners, not so fun.

Specializing in premier quality dry cleaning, with complimentary pick-up and delivery to your home or office for your convenience. Organic Dry Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaning company with locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. We pride ourselves on focusing on high quality pressing, being tough on stains, but eco-friendly, using only organic, non-toxic, dry cleaning solvents. Your garments will last longer and look exquisite!


480.951.2206 We offer same day service at any location before 9:00 am Monday through Friday.

Monday-Friday: 7 am-7 pm Saturday: 9 am-5 pm Sunday Closed for maintenance

Sign-Up Online at


/ by Gabby Leighton

Strappy mesh tank top, $17.99 at H&M, www. Colorblock sports bra, Kate Spade New York, $88 at Saks Fifth Avenue, High-waisted leggings, Alo, $88 at Nordstrom, Training duffel bag, Nike, $35 at Neiman Marcus, www.neimanmarcus. com.

Pastels Aplenty Feminine fitness finds




Knit running shoes, APL, $140 at Nordstrom.

In the Heart of Phoenix is Your One Stop Shop for: TAILORING • CUSTOM DESIGNING • ALTERATIONS • FABRIC • BRA NEEDS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SEWING FOR MEN & WOMEN! “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion” You deserve to look great! Our extensive collection of beautiful fabrics and trims are perfect for dressing you in suits, tuxedos, formals, MoB, MoG, Bridal, Bridesmaids gowns and casual wear made specifically for you and your style. –Owner and Designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese

Scylvia-Elvira Danese 'The Fairy Godmother of Fashion' and 'The Boob Whisperer'

‘The Boob Whisperer’ 9 out of 10 women are wearing the WRONG size bra. 8 out of 10 don’t know how to put it on. • • • • • •

This creates pain in your neck muscles Puts pressure on your organs Makes your back hurt Gives you bad posture makes your clothes not fit properly and the worst part as if that isn’t enough …

IT MAKES YOU LOOK FAT!!!! I do a FREE BRA FITTING, and in 5 minutes I make you look as if you lost 10 pounds. I’ll show you how to put it on, how to wear it, and if we don’t have your size we order it. We don’t give you “the sister size” as they call it.

If you are tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body, call the ‘The Boob Whisperer’.

MEN, we are NOT afraid of your suit alterations! We do it ALL and do it BEST!

Owned and operated in Arizona since 1971

Yes we can… just say when!

Find out why people from all over the world come to Danese Creations!

602.955.1313 | | 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018

weight loss news / compiled by Kelly Potts

Timing is Everything

Sleeping with the Lights on Add it to the list of things making you unintentionally gain weight. Sleeping with a television or light on in the room may be a risk factor for gaining weight or developing obesity in women, according to scientists. The results of a recent study suggest that cutting off lights at bedtime could reduce women’s chances of becoming obese. Shut off the lights, turn off the TV and put down the phone … then, have peaceful sleep. Source:

Heading for your daily workout? Make sure it’s at the right time! In a study of adults who have successfully maintained weight loss and who engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity, most reported consistency in the time of day that they exercised, with early morning being the most common time. The study also found that being consistent in the timing of physical activity was associated with higher physical activity levels, regardless of whether people exercised consistently during the morning, afternoon, or evening. Source:

Healthy Heart A large study of Swedish men found that those who were even mildly overweight around age 18 were more likely develop cardiomyopathy in adulthood – an uncommon heart muscle condition that can cause heart failure. In the study, men who had a body mass index of 35 and over in their youth were eight times more likely to develop dilated cardiomyopathy as adults compared to men who were lean in their youth. Take care of your health, your heart depends on it.

Game Over When you think of your average “gamer,” what do you picture? A new study found that when teens who are invested in video games get older, they still turn to video games instead of hitting the gym or going for a run. While teens have a better metabolism and are able to get away with being sedentary longer and eating unhealthy foods, adults aren’t so lucky. So, put away the controller and step outside! Source: www.



Source: www.cnn. com.



Dr. Bryan Geier talks a new treatment for pain management Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat the majority of all pain related symptoms with a non-invasive approach? Now, you can. As a Chiropractor, my education and training was focused on relieving pain by influencing the nervous system through the use of spinal manipulation. However, in my practice I intently focus on the myo, which is the Latin term for muscles and connective tissue called fascia. Here in lies the term Myofascial therapy. When treating pain, I chose to focus on the myofascia of the body because this is the most important component to influencing the Central Nervous System to decrease pain, specifically honing in on treating this pain by taking an alternative, non-invasive approach. Unfortunately, myofascial therapy receives little attention as a major source of pain and is seldom taught in modern medical school training. Even more unfortunate is the lack of insurance reimbursement for this important therapy. So, let’s dig into the topic a little deeper.

running through, around and crisscrossing every inch of your body including muscle, organs, blood vessels, nerves, spinal cord, brain and skin. The central nervous system receives its greatest amount of sensory nerves from myofascial tissue. This means that the fascia is as important or more important than muscle in sensory input delivery. The key to this statement is that your myofascia becomes the byproduct of your environment without you even realizing it. It experiences stress, memorizes chronic poor posture, feels the weight of your head sitting at the computer all day, and permanently holds onto old untreated injuries. As a result of never ending signaling to the brain, the body develops symptoms like pain and endocrine dysfunction like adrenal fatigue, dysfunctional mood and brain fog, to name a few. If the fascia controls the information that can influence the brain, then this is the first step to calming down the body’s pain response and also improving overall global body function.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND PAIN AND MYOFASCIA The muscular system is the largest sensory organ. Approximately 50 percent of your body weight is made up of about 400 skeletal muscles. Your fascia is actually one giant interconnected web of connective tissue

WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL THERAPY? It is a deep tissue treatment involving the breakdown of fascial adhesions known as trigger points. These trigger points ultimately create a permanently shortened muscle, resulting in pain and muscle dysfunction and, in turn, weakness and uncoordinated movements. Myofascial therapy can be performed in many ways including by a practitioner’s hands, using tools that break down adhesions and stretching. This therapy proves to be a very efficient and effective therapy for pain management, improving athletic performance and reducing cellulite.

COMMON INJURIES RELATED TO MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS • Pain or stiffness in your neck, mid- or lowback • Headaches or jaw pain • Sciatica and other nerve related symptoms like numbness and tingling • Tendonitis, Bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis • Joint pain especially in your shoulder, knee or wrist • Generalized dull, achy pain • Athletic performance issues

HOW DOES HEALTHY FASCIA BECOME UNHEALTHY FASCIA? This happens when extra layers of fascia grow due to stress, trauma, repetitive motions, dehydration and inflammation. Inflammation comes from repetitive working out or even eating inflammatory foods such as (but not limited to) sugar, fried food, certain oils and processed wheat.

CALL 480.800.4924 AND MENTION SCOTTSDALE HEALTH MAGAZINE TO RECEIVE 20 PERCENT OFF A PACKAGE OF THREE VISITS, EQUALING $179. Dr. Geier is located inside Jewish Community Center (JCC). A JCC membership is not required to be treated. Sign up to see Dr. Geier and also receive a one week pass to the JCC!

solo scottsdale / by Gabby Leighton / photo by Mark Morgan

Each month, Scottsdale Health features one local single. This month, meet…

Chey Castro AGE: 40 ABOUT ME: I’m a proud Arizona native as my parents met at Arizona State University their freshman year. Both were accounting majors (and CPAs) so I followed them to ASU and earned a finance degree and then I got a master’s in accounting from the University of Notre Dame. After working in accounting at Ernst & Young and in finance at a real estate development firm (DMB Associates) I found my way into sales (about 12 years ago) and I absolutely love it! I have truly found my passion and I honestly feel like it is something that I get to do because my career aligns perfectly with my personality. I am a luxury realtor at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty – Private Client Group. Some of my favorite things

Interested In Meeting Our Single?

Email him via Please put “Chey” in the subject line.




to do are travel, read, exercise, meditate, and play golf. MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS: Documentaries and comedies are my favorite. I also like movies that are inspirational, educational, or faith-based. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: My newly found Christian faith is very important to me so it would be great to meet someone who shares my same beliefs. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: Kindness, compassion, gratefulness, forgiveness, and joyfulness. THE LEAST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: How many followers you have on social media.

Interested In Being Our Next Solo? Send an email with your name, age and a recent photo for consideration to the same email, with “Solo” in the subject line.


/ by Jeremy Scott / photos by James Patrick

Dumbbell Destruction Three movements to make a difference

For this workout, all you need is two dumbbells and a willingness to invest some sweat equity into your body. During this session, you’ll go through three movements, completing 10 reps of each one. Once finished through once cycle, repeat for five total cycles. Rest as much as needed between reps and sets. Scale the dumbbell load according to your ability level. Here are the exercises broken down in detail.

1. Dumbbell Thrusters Grab two weights by your shoulders, with your palms facing in. Drop into a squat, then push up and press the weights straight overhead until your arms are fully extended. Then, lower the dumbbells back to the starting position repeating for 10 total reps. 2. Dumbbell Bench Press Lay down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand resting on top of your thighs. Use your thighs to help raise the dumbbells up, lifting the dumbbells so that you can hold them in front of you at shoulder width. Once at shoulder width, rotate your wrists forward so that the palms of your hands are facing away from you. The dumbbells should be just to the sides of your chest, with your upper arm and forearm creating about a 90 degree angle.




Push the dumbbells up. Lock your arms at the top of the lift and squeeze your chest. Hold for a second and then begin to come down slowly. The goal is to lower the weight slowly, which should take about twice as long as raising it. Complete 10 reps. 3. Dumbbell Bent Rows Take a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing inside. Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward by hinging at the hips; as you bend make sure to keep your spine neutral until it is almost parallel to the floor. While keeping the spine neutral, lift the dumbbells to your side, keeping the elbows close to the body. On the top movement, squeeze the shoulder blades down and back for a second. Slowly lower the weight again to the starting position. Complete 10 reps.

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balance / by Jess Hutchens

Jess Hutchens is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, and Behavior Change Coach. For more information, please visit or email jesshutchensfit@

Healthy Habits, Happy Life Implementing positive lifestyle practices for long-term success Many people struggle with daily habits that negatively impact their lives. Whether it’s stopping to pick up fast food on the way home, letting stress boil up until there is a breaking point, or comparing themselves to everyone else on social media, these negative lifestyle habits can be detrimental to one’s health over time. There are specific habits that you can implement into your everyday life that can drastically boost your health and happiness – here are four of them.




Goal Setting According to research, less than 3% of Americans have ever written their goals out, yet this can be a habit that makes one of the most drastic improvements in someone’s everyday life. Goal setting gives you the ability to pave the direction that you want your life to go; it gives you a plan and something to work toward. Goal setting can provide short-term and longterm goals, and can be written out in bullet points or by journaling. Examples of goal setting can be “I will lose x amount of weight by 2020” or “I will work out four times a week.”

Magazine Ad Update Final.pdf

Scheduling or “Blocking” So many people let the weeks, months, and years slip by without ever going to the gym, or resorting to fast food every day because they do not make time to grocery shop. The “I don’t have time” excuse takes over and negative lifestyle habits occur, resulting in weight gain or unhappiness. The habit of scheduling and blocking out time in your schedule each week can drastically improve your life. Each day or week, schedule in times to work out, go to the grocery store, meal prep, and do whatever else that is positive that you would like to do. By planning these tasks into your schedule ahead time, you are more likely to complete them and be a more productive person. Meditation Nearly 40 million American adults struggle with anxiety each year, and the rate only seems to continue to increase over time. The amount of stress and anxiety that people deal with can result in other health issues, weight gain, and overall unhappiness. A tool and positive lifestyle habit that can be implemented to help reduce stress and anxiety among individuals is meditation. Meditation can be seen as a way to train the mind, much like working out is a way to train the body. Try starting out with implementing “guided meditation” a few times a week to train your mind. The app called



10:34 PM

Headspace has a free 10-day trial that you can try out. There are also many other apps out there that can help if Headspace is not your perfect fit. Unplugging It is the age of technology. People are comparing their C lives to the highlight reel of friends and M famous people on Instagram and Y Facebook. Social CM media seems to be an addiction to MY so many, and as a CY result, happiness levels are droppingCMY and stress levels are increasing. OneK lifestyle habit that you can implement to increase productivity in your life, and also boost your happiness levels, is unplugging from social media. “Unplugging” is a newer term referring to limiting or eliminating the use of social media. The average American spends nearly 2.5 hours a day on their phones scrolling through social media. By unplugging, even if only at least a couple times per week, you can free up a drastic amount of time to implement more productive, healthier habits, like going to the gym, taking up a yoga class, or cooking meals at home. Unplugging allows your mind a break away from comparing your life to everyone else’s, and actually allows you focus on your own life and make positive changes.





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Thorough Eyecare • Finest Eyewear • Superior Service • Precision Exams • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases • All Makes of Contacts - Including Bifocal, Keratoconus & Scleral • Designer Eyewear - Over 1,000 Styles • New, Improved Dry Eye Treatments • Provider for Medicare, VSP, United Healthcare, Eyemed, Avesis, Superior Vision, Cigna, Spectera, BlueCross/BlueShield, Healthnet, Davis

Dr. Julie McCutcheon

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Our Top Rated Team of Eye Doctors

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/ by Joanne Fischenich

Joanne Fischenich is the Clinical Nutrition Manager at Mayo Clinic Arizona. For more information about nutrition and healthy lifestyle services at Mayo Clinic, visit https://www.

Outsmarting Salt Steps to curb your sodium intake

If you crave salt, you’re not alone. Humans and animals have an innate hunger for salt, or sodium. But salt can really sneak up on you. And it’s in nearly everything we eat and drink. The result? Most of us get too much sodium in our daily diet: from 30% to 50% more than the recommended amount. Excess sodium has been linked to a host of health conditions, from high blood pressure to a potentially higher risk for stomach cancer. And that’s why we need to outsmart it. Sodium has special properties: It absorbs liquid. In our bodies, it attracts and holds water too – increasing our blood and fluid volume. That means our kidneys need to work harder to remove excess fluids. Those extra fluids also make it harder for our hearts to pump blood throughout our body, which can increase pressure on our arteries and cause high blood pressure. High sodium levels can be especially dangerous for those at risk of stroke or heart, liver or kidney conditions.




A little goes a long way Salt isn’t entirely bad. A small amount is essential for good health, but it doesn’t take much. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day – just under one teaspoon. For people on a low-salt diet, the limits may be far less: under 1,500 milligrams per day. It’s easy to consume much more than that. Consider that a single serving of a leading brand of canned chicken noodle soup contains 890 milligrams – 39% of your recommended daily intake. It’s estimated that processed foods contribute about 75% of the salt in U.S. diets. Ready to reduce your salt intake? Start by paying attention to your daily intake. First steps: shake the salting habit Many people salt their food before they’ve even tasted it. To shake that habit, don’t keep your salt shaker on the table. Then train yourself not to salt before you taste a few bites – and gradually decrease the amount you use. You can also use freshly ground pepper, a spritz of lemon or a sprinkling of fresh herbs and spices to perk up your foods. And when it’s time to restock your pantry, plan ahead to avoid the most sodiumpacked foods. Here’s what to watch for at the grocery store: Read and compare labels Most canned and packaged foods list sodium content by serving, so start reading food labels.

Be sure to compare different brands, too – they can vary by hundreds of milligrams per serving. Look for packages and cans labeled “no added salt” or “low sodium.” If you’re aiming for the standard 2,300 milligrams or less per day, each meal should contain no more than about 750 milligrams – not accounting for beverages or snacks.

SOME OF THE SALTIEST FOODS ARE: Canned and bottled soups, vegetables, vegetable juices and sauces Ham, bacon, hot dogs, and sausages Deli meats and cold cuts Dried meats and jerkies Frozen shrimp Frozen pizza Processed cheese Boxed and prepared meals (including potato- and macaroni-based meals)

Stock up on fresh, whole foods Opt for fresh or frozen foods instead of packaged or canned foods. Fresh fruits, veggies and meats are usually far lower in sodium than their canned, prepared or packaged counterparts. If you’re buying fresh or frozen poultry, look for meat that isn’t injected with a sodium solution. The label may say it includes “broth,” “saline,” or “sodium solution.” Take care with condiments Condiments are a salty bunch. Fortunately, there are many low-sodium options these days. Shop for reducedsodium soy sauce, salad dressings and ketchup. Hidden in “healthy” foods It’s surprising how much sodium is inside foods usually considered “healthy” — and in some seemingly un-salty foods like bread, cottage cheese and cereals. Most of us have become accustomed to the highly salted flavors of processed and fast foods. So give your taste buds some time to adjust. In just a few weeks, you’ll probably find that some foods taste way too salty!

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MINT TO BE SMOOTHIE Recipe courtesy of Juby True,

Serving size: 1 smoothie ½ banana 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 cup loosely packed spinach 1 tablespoon cacao nibs 5 dates 1 cup almond milk 1 cup ice Combine all ingredients in blender and puree until smooth.

Drink Right Launched in July, RightWater is leading zero plastic movement with canned spring water. The company is ethically packaging responsibly sourced water from natural springs in 100% recyclable aluminum cans, without using plastic or BPA, leaving no carbon footprint. The spring water is from a protected natural spring in California, with perfect mineral content, zero nitrates and an ideal pH balance.




Taholistic Wellfest Attention, wellness enthusiasts! Set in South Lake Tahoe on Oct. 17-20, Edgewood Tahoe brings Taholistic Wellfest: a four-day, three-night mindful living mecca. The event will feature a wellness village, workouts with celebrity trainers Tracy Anderson and Harley Pasternak, as well as sessions with nutrition and fitness expert Mitzi Dulan and sleep medicine specialist Dr. David Klein. The long weekend kicks off with a wellnessinfused cocktail welcome and a farm-to-table dinner. The festival will feature a full slate of daily workouts. Delivering a holistic approach to health and wellness, the itinerary features multiple daily workshops and panel discussions moderated by well-recognized Registered Dietitian and Certified Health and Fitness Specialist Mitzi Dulan.  Early bird pricing available until September 1.

Self-Care Subscription Therapy in a box? That’s what TheraBox – a self-care subscription box – is all about. The company, founded by a practicing therapist, delivers “ingredients of happiness” to your door every month. Each box includes one self-care therapeutic activitiy and six to eight full-sized joyboosting wellness products. Ingredients can include aromatherapy products, natural/organic bath items, body or skincare products and lifestyle goodies. Plans range from a single month to a full year. $30.99-$34.99 per box. www.

Medical Safety App Soom, a company known for utilizing barcode and knowledge graph technologies to bridge information gaps between data sources and physical products, has introduced SoomSafety, an iOS mobile app that allows users to scan a medical device and receive instructions for use, safety and recall information directly from the device manufacturer and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  SoomSafety is the first app to utilize open FDA, open-source databases that enable developers to quickly and easily use FDA data in applications. Users scan the barcode on a medical device to automatically identify the device and store it in the app. The app also identifies and stores implanted medical devices by scanning the barcode on a patient’s medical device identification card.  Once a device is stored, the app checks for FDA recall information, provides next steps in the event of a recall and pushes notifications if the device is ever recalled. In addition, the app displays safety and use information for each stored device. Available for free in the Apple App Store.

Preventing Stroke According to the CDC, stroke is the leading cause of serious, longterm disability. Approximately 795,000 people in the U.S. suffer a stroke, and more than 140,000 die from stroke each year. You Can Prevent A Stroke, released

late last month, is an easy-to-understand manual that gives readers a new formula to prevent stroke, brain and heart damage. The Foxhall formula, developed by authors Dr. Yamamoto and his wife (and co-founder/ co-author) Dr. Kristin Thomas, doesn’t rely on the standard risk factor approach that’s followed nationwide. Their protocol empowers patients and their doctors to beat a stroke before it ever occurs. The team also founded the Foxhall Foundation, a notfor-profit, educational organization dedicated to helping everyone age well.


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Chicken With the Sea Koi Poke, a local build-your-own poke bowl eatery, recently added grilled chicken as a fresh protein option for its custom bowls. Much like the restaurant’s poke bowls, which can be customized with fresh-from-thesea options such as Hawaiian tuna, lobster, yellowtail, shrimp and more, diners can now select white meat grilled chicken as a protein option to top their choice of base (including white or brown rice or spring mix), and then continue to customize their grilled chicken bowl with toppings such as cucumber, shaved Brussel sprouts, kale, cilantro, jalapeno and more. Then guests can “sauce it up” with options from teriyaki to house sriracha aioli, and finally garnish it with crispy onions or garlic, sesame seeds, furkake and more. Grilled chicken bowls are available in three sizes — small (four ounces of white meat for $9), medium (six ounces of white meat for $11) and large (8 ounces of white meat for $13). www.



Train Like a Mother Barry’s Bootcamp star Astrid Swan has teamed up with fellow trainer, Jenn Glysson to release a 36-week fitness program called Lift For Life- Train Like a Mother. The program is targeted toward all women going through all stages of life and it is pre- and post-natal approved. Swan was pregnant when the team created the workout, so it offers the pre-natal modified workouts. Lift for Life is a three times per week commitment, with each workout lasting less than 30 minutes. The program has lower body, upper body, core and full-body workouts. To purchase and download the workout, visit


Go Nuttz NuttZo, a company known for its multi-nut and seed butter, produces lowsugar, nutrient-dense snacks. In addition to refrigerated protein snack bars and existing nut and seed butters, NuttZo recently launched a Keto Butter flavor. The keto variation is geared toward the low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle, containing only 1 gram of sugar and 2 grams of net carbs with 4 grams of protein. The crunchy spreadable treat is BPA- and sugar-free, paleo and vegan, containing almonds, coconut, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and Celtic Sea salt. Every sale from the company supports Project Life Behind, proving food, medical needs, supplies and tuition to over 200 children in Peru, Nepal and India.

CBD Infusion Proze, a new company making CBDinfused products, launched in July. The professional athleteinspired line, made for the weekend warrior, delivers U.S, organically grown hemp, non-gmo, third party lab-tested, CBD-powered nutrition. Products include: Nerve, a soothing cream; Sheild, a ritual tincture; Nodzzz, a misting spray promoting the onset of sleep and helping you stay asleep; and Gumeez, gummy treats. www.

Jeremy Scott Fitness presents

47 DAY Transformation / photo Credit Lindsay Lauckner

Women With Wanderlust Washington, D.C.-based Wild Terrains is a boutique travel company connecting creative women with their small travel group trips that partner exclusively with femaleowned and -operated businesses in their destinations. On these femaleonly trips, travelers will connect with other creative women from around the world in a dynamic destination while collaborating with local women entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and chefs. The company currently has trips planned for Mexico City and Portugal, with a maximum of 10 travelers per trip. All itineraries include accommodations, some meals, and experiences. To see upcoming trips, visit

JOIN US FOR A TOTAL MIND, BODY, AND LIFESTYLE HABIT TRANSFORMATION-COACHING PROGRAM STARTING AUGUST 12 We personally coach you step-by-step starting on Day 1 on exactly how you will train, how you will eat, how you will set realistic goals, and most importantly we hold you accountable over the next 47 days. We have a “no member left behind” policy to ensure you stay on course. Program has over 200 HD videos - workout, nutrition, goal setting -follow along with coaching every step of the way.

4 Transform Your Happiness 4 Transform Your Health 4 Transform Your Habits GRAND PRIZE WINNER WILL RECEIVE: FREE TRIP TO SUNNY ORLANDO, FL 6-NIGHT STAY IN ONE OF OUR LUXURY VACATION HOMES Airfare accommodations included Olympian Labs Platinum Supplement Kit Reebok Apparel Prize Package (retail value over $1700)


(605) 481-2611 7750 Redfield Rd. Unit D106 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Morning Meltdown Late last month, Beachbody Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews launched Morning Meltdown 100, a new fitness program with one goal: complete 100 workouts. From highintensity cardio and strength-training to recovery and mobility workouts, these 20 to 30 minute routines are designed to blast fat, build strength, and leave you feeling strong and accomplished. Jericho works with a live DJ who makes every workout feel like a party. Available on Beachbody’s streaming platform,.

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toys, tech & gear /by Gabby Leighton

Stadium Survival Kit Essentials for gameday

Whether you’re tailgating before the big game or pulling up right before kickoff, we’ve rounded up some necessities to bring inside the stadium.




NFL Arizona Cardinals Memory Foam Seat Cushion While the seats at football stadiums could be worse, they aren’t necessarily as cozy as your couch at home. This memory foam pad allows you to support your team while supporting your back and hips at the same time. It’s ideal for stadium benches and chairs as well as office chairs, dining room chairs, car seats and wheelchairs. The unique therapeutic shape helps to reduce pressure on your tailbone and hips while seated, promoting a healthy weight distribution and posture. The removable microplush zippered cover is machinewashable and hypoallergenic. In regards to the design, it sure shows you’re part of the Red Sea, but many other team prints are available if you have another favorite. $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond,

Little Earth NCAA Clear Stadium Bag If you’ve been to a game at State Farm Stadium, you know they’re not messing around with their bag policy. If you need something larger the the tiny clutch bag/wallet that is allowed, additional approved bags include clear totes that are plastic, vinyl or PVC. This tote falls within those guidelines at the exact maximum size that the stadium allows. The bag can fit all of your essentials and has a zip closure to protect your items from falling out. $9.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods,

EEEkit Mini Digital Portable Pocket Handy LCD AM FM Radio There’s commentary at football games, but is it really the best there is? If you have a favorite station or want to hear about another game while you’re at one, this compact radio is perfect. Lightweight and portable, the pocket-sized product includes AM/FM 2 band digital turning stereo radio, headphones, a charging cable, a lanyard and a user manual. It provides 58 station presets (29 per band) and can automatically or manually search and store radio stations. It has a 1.5-

Nonda Zus Charger and App The parking lots at football games are pretty huge and resemble a zoo once the clock gets to zero. Everyone is rushing out to find their cars, but it can be tough to remember where you parked. This car charger/app automatically saves your parking location so all you have to do is open the app (available for free with iOs or Android) on your phone to find your car with the map or compass. If you split up at the game, you can also share your parking location with your spouse or friends. Zus monitors your car’s battery and notifies you when the battery is underperforming. It also remembers your drives and records your business mileage for IRS reporting as well as has a parking meter alert. $24.99 at Amazon,

inch LCD display screen and a lock screen to prevent accidental operation. The rechargeable battery can play more than 12 hours. $18.97 at Walmart, Anker Powercore 20100 Portable Charger Football games literally last for hours, and if you’re tailgating beforehand, you’ll be out of the house even longer. It’s a definite possibility that your phone may die during the second half, so come to the stadium prepared. This charger weighs as little as a can of soup yet can charge an iPhone, iPad mini or Galaxy multiple times. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver a highspeed charge, and it can recharge itself in 10 hours. In addition to the charger, you’ll get a Micro USB cable, a travel pouch, a welcome guide, and an 18-month warranty. Available in black for $49.99 and blue, red or white for $55.99 at Amazon. Nikon Prostaff 3s 10x24 Binoculars Whether you’re seated in the “nose bleeds” or just too far for comfort, binoculars can be a good tool to have at a game. Sure, they have the big screens but it’s fun to watch the action in front of you. Feautring multilayer coated lenses for brighter images and a highly reflective mirror coating for a clear view, these binos are perfect for the big game. They are lightweight, waterproof, fogproof and post a wide field of view. $129.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods,

Your Brows. Only Better.

10% OFF Microblading When you mention this ad. BENEFITS: • Natural, long lasting results • Sessions only take 1.5- 2 hours • Fuller more defined eyebrow shape • Lasts 12-18 months (results vary) • Won’t wash off • Seamless hair color match • High quality pigments used 1ST PHI BOLD BROW ARTIST IN THE STATE OF ARIZONA.

DENA TRANDELL Certified Microblading Artist /Aesthetician



3115 E. Indian School Rd., Suite 52 Phoenix, AZ 85016

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crazy 8s

It’s no secret that it’s hot, hot, hot outside! With temperatures in the Valley still surpassing 100 degrees, the best way to cool off (other than staying in the AC) is to take a plunge in the pool. Swimming can be a fun way to work out as well as beat the heat. Dive into these eight crazy facts about the favorite summertime activity.

1. Historical pastime. Swimming dates back to 2500 BCE and can be seen in ancient Egyptian drawings, with the oldest form being the breaststroke. 2. When the games began. Swimming became an Olympic event starting in 1896. 3. Full-body workout. Swimming is one of the most intense sports out there as swimmers use every major muscle in their bodies. 4. A tool for the pool. Swim fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin.

Crazy Facts About Swimming 38



5. Hanging at home. Swimming pools became popular in the USA after World War II. The publicity given to swimming sports by Hollywood films also made a home pool a desirable status symbol.

6. Crafting with concrete. The oldest concrete swimming pool was built in Texas in 1915. 7. Water workout. Swimming burns more calories than most exercises. An hour of vigorous swimming can burn up to 650 calories. 8. A learning curve. Studies show that over half of the U.S. population can’t swim.


The Joke’s on Us!

So go ahead and laugh already—hey, it’s good for you!

Q: Is this pool safe for diving?

A man enters a barbershop for a shave. While the barber is foaming him up, he mentions the problems he has getting a close shave around the cheeks. “I have just the thing,” says the barber taking a small wooden ball from a nearby drawer. “Just place this between your cheek and gum.” The client places the ball in his mouth and the barber proceeds with the closest shave the man has ever experienced. After a few strokes, the client asks in garbled speech, “And what if I swallow it?” “No problem,” the barber says. “Just bring it back tomorrow like everyone else does.”

A: It deep ends.



A woman was waiting for her luggage at the airport when she saw another woman lift her suitcase off the baggage carousel, beginning to leave with it. “Excuse me,” she shouted. “That’s my suitcase!” The other woman shot back defensively, “Well, somebody took mine.”

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After 16 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, NFL defensive legend Terrell Suggs makes his way back to the Valley as an Arizona Cardinal




/ by Elizabeth Liberatore / photos by James Patrick

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Terrell Suggs is an NFL defensive legend. Since 2003, when the Baltimore Ravens drafted him at age 20, Suggs has completely dominated the football field. He was recognized with seven Pro Bowl selections, two All-Pro nominations, the Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2011 and a Super Bowl championship. Plus, he pocketed 601 tackles and 132.5 sacks, making him the franchise’s all-time sacks leader. Aptly nicknamed “T-Sizzle,” because he leaves the field red-hot, Suggs achieved all this while with the Ravens. Many assumed that the 36-year-old player would start and finish his career with the same team, but those people were wrong. In March, Suggs swapped his black and purple jersey for one in cardinal red. “[The Arizona Cardinals] always passed me in the 2003 draft,” Suggs says. “But I kept an eye on them to see what they were up to because I thought, eventually, they would be my team.” Arizona isn’t uncharted territory for Suggs. He grew up here, he has family here and he spent every off-season during his Ravens tenure here. So, when Suggs finally got the opportunity to play for his home team he enthusiastically said yes. “It felt like a breath of fresh air [when I signed with the Arizona Cardinals],” he says.

Desert Bound Before he became the T-Sizzle, Suggs was an adventurous boy from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who ran around outside and chased girls. Hoping to redirect his energy elsewhere, Suggs’ uncle signed him up for youth football when Suggs was 8. “We didn’t have flag football back in Minnesota,” Suggs explains. “We were thrown right into pads.” His family — the football veteran is one of five children — moved from the Midwest to the desert in 1996. The then14-year-old Suggs went on to become a high school athlete. In addition to playing football, he was on the track and basketball teams, and basketball was his first love. Suggs was a strong player, courtesy of his football background, who dunked the ball like Michael Jordan. However, he never considered going pro with the sport. “I wasn’t 6 foot, 8 inches [tall], you know?” he laughs. Nonetheless, he was offered a basketball and football scholarship from Syracuse University. Florida State University and Arizona State University both offered him a football scholarship. At the 11th hour of the decision making process, Suggs became a Sun Devil. “I was planning to go to Florida State, but I changed my mind at the last minute to stay home so that my dad could still go to all my home games, which he did,” Suggs explains. The athlete played college football for three years, from 2000-2002. Some of his college career highlights include breaking the NCAA sack record in 2002 with 24 sacks and winning the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year award that same year. Suggs was a secondary education major at ASU, focusing his




studies in history, before he was drafted by the Ravens. “I did and still do want to be a high school teacher,” he says. “Who knows? Maybe when I get really settled into retirement and all my kids are grown and off at college, I’ll teach history where I went, Hamilton High School.”

Going Pro The transition from college football to professional football wasn’t easy for Suggs. Fortunately, he had plenty of help from the Ravens’ defensive line coach Rex Ryan, the legendary Ray Lewis and other seasoned players on the team.

I’ve been really mindful of my diet and strength and conditioning because I’m not a 26-yearold anymore,” he explains. “I’m in tune with my body; I hear and listen to it.”

“Adalius Thomas, Bart Scott and Peter Boulware were always in my ear making sure I was doing my part,” he explains. Once a rookie, now a veteran. Suggs didn’t weigh his decision to leave the Ravens lightly. He considered several factors, including his family and his teammates. Since the passing of his father in 2016, Suggs’ mother has lived alone. He relocated to Arizona to be closer to her, have games nearby so she can attend and keep an eye on her health. Additionally, as long as he was on the team, one of the Ravens’ great defenses, his teammates, wouldn’t get a chance to shine. “I didn’t want the other players to be compared to and live

in the shadow of their big brothers,” he explains. “It was time for me to step aside so that they could create and have something of their own.” With 17 years of experience on and off the field (his M.O. is locker room leadership), Suggs brings elite athleticism and a vast array of football knowledge to the Arizona Cardinals. The seasoned professional says he is excited to contribute to a team he’s loved from the beginning and help them right the wrong from Super Bowl XLIII (43). How much longer will he play? Until his heart isn’t in it anymore. “If I love it and can still play at a high level, I’m going to continue to do it. I’m not going to give myself a time frame or limit. I’m just going to ask myself at the end of each year, ‘Do you still love it?’”

Happy Homecoming Suggs and his family now happily live in Scottsdale full time. In the past, the player hasn’t had much time during the off-season to decorate his dwelling. Now that he’s a Valley resident, he’s eager to check out Scottsdale Quarter’s interior design stores so that he can finally make his house a forever (and conscious) home. “I recently told my cousin that my house should be alive with all the advancements in technology. I’m going to upgrade all the electronics in it so that it’s a smart house,” he says. Not long ago, Suggs installed an Anti-Gravity (AlterG) Treadmill in his garage, which is fully air-conditioned, so that he can continue to run during the summers. He works out Monday through Thursday and rests on Fridays, or whenever his body tells him to stop. Since January, he has stopped eating meat, swearing by plant-based foods, beans and a lot of protein shakes. “In the past three years, I’ve been really mindful of my diet and strength and conditioning because I’m not a 26-year-old anymore,” he explains. “I’m in tune with my body; I hear and listen to it.” Off-season is also the time when Suggs can focus on just being Dad, not Dad and a football player. He has an 11-year-old daughter, Donnie, and a 10-year-old son, Duke. Suggs and his children do everything together, from visiting water parks to going on vacations to seeing movies. Something fans may not know is Suggs is an avid moviegoer who sees a new film three to four times a week. He purchased his tickets to the new, live action The Lion King well (emphasis on well) in advance. “I love the creative aspect of the movies,” he says. This year’s regular NFL season begins September 5, 2019. During the season’s second week, the Arizona Cardinals play against the Ravens in Baltimore. Suggs, although proud to represent the Arizona Cardinals, recognizes that emotions will inevitably be a part of that day. “I think [that game] will be hard for me at the start given the history. But, at the end of the day, I’m a professional and I know I’ll be prepared for it.” To learn more, visit

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Harper Babin thrives on challenging herself with new opportunities




Life is too short to sit still. That’s the philosophy for Harper Babin, a fitness trainer and boxing program developer at BODI in Scottsdale. For Babin, she considers one role at one place of employment sitting still. In addition to teaching classes five days a week at BODI, she is also a host, reporter, emcee, producer for ESPN’s X Games, and the director of ISV Solutions for MiCamp Solutions, where she is involved in merchant processing and software. The fierce, sweat-loving overachiever started her journey into teaching and developing fitness programs via dance shoes. Babin grew up in the dance studio practicing ballet and tap, performing in recitals and competitions and on the Phoenix Coyotes’ Pack Dance Team. “There is no better adrenaline rush to me than going live in front of a crowd,” Babin says. “I craved that feeling of being in front of people,” she explains While attending Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication on a full scholarship, she was faced with a critical decision: pursue dancing professionally or dive into broadcasting full time. She ultimately chose broadcasting, but it was not an easy choice. “I love dance – I will forever be grateful for the confidence it gave me to be on stage, to connect with people and the gratitude I hold for my body in the ways it can express, move and how truly strong it is,” she explains. During Babin’s senior year of college, she and a handful of other journalism students were covering MLB spring training. “I was hooked,” she says. “Not only did I want to cover sports, I wanted to work in baseball. I always had a love for baseball.” So, she sent her reel and resume to every MLB team that spring and she eventually accepted a position with the Colorado Rockies as an in-game host. After graduating college, Babin moved to Colorado and over

the course of three seasons she worked in a variety of roles for the Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche (NHL), and the Colorado Rapids (soccer). And she did it while working full-time as the marketing manager of an Orangetheory Fitness studio. After Colorado, Babin took a role with a new show called TMZ Sports based out of LA. She quickly realized she didn’t enjoy her 12-hour days stuck at a news desk, and decided to leave. “Someone once told me to take a look at my day-to-day life and no matter what the job, you have to be happy with your life. And I wasn’t,” she explains. After returning to Arizona, Babin took a spin class at The Madison that led to an opportunity with Lululemon as part of their social media team. She continued looking for media jobs, and when an old colleague called and asked if she could be in Colorado the following week to work the Winter X Games for ESPN, Babin did what she always does: she said yes. Then, while Babin was working as a personal trainer, Nikki Metzger, owner of BODI, a Scottsdale fitness studio, reached out to talk to her about setting up a boxing program. Babin stepped in and developed the program from her own training as a student and through the Box N Burn Academy. Now, she teaches her boxing program and sweat and strength classes five days a week at BODI. “I like to describe my classes as HIIT boxing classes, incorporating core/cardio movements off the bags, along with on them,” she says. Babin is currently getting ready to host her 10th X Games, and is the face of her development team at MiCamp Solutions, an elite payment technology company. Looking to the future, she hopes to set down roots and get move involved with the community. “I am so in love with living in Arizona and finally feeling like this is my forever home. I’d like to find more ways to connect right here in my backyard,” she says.

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relating / by James Patrick

potentially co-create solutions to fears, excuses, dreams and desires with those closest to you, without fear of judgement or the need to read minds. Work hard, play harder The time to enjoy life cannot be found in an app nor should it be solely reserved for the weekends or that next day off. Be sure to plan some time to break up the week with events and activities that you don’t need to wait for. Participate in things that keep your mind and body energized and engaged. Having something to look forward to in between “life happening” makes the work week feel shorter and minimizes stress levels for everyone involved.

High-speed Connection

Five ways to keep your relationships thriving

It is no surprise that current advances in technology and the introduction of social networks have given us the ability to connect in ways like never before, and yet, we have never been more disconnected to those who may be right in front of us, next to us or around us on a daily basis. While these advances have proven their many benefits; when it comes to relationships, much of that personal edge and individualized focus have been lost or made almost effortless with the click of a button. Do you want to create stronger connections in your life? Do you wish to stand out among the crowds, emojis and friend requests? Then here are five ways to invest yourself into any relationship and keep it thriving. You matter! Sure. You could send a text message, and yet, there is something to be said about that handwritten note, surprise delivery or thoughtful gesture that comes on a day that is not a holiday, birthday or anniversary. It’s the little

acknowledgements that make the biggest impact. Going out of your way to let someone know they matter, just because you can, creates value, supports a solid foundation to build upon and can serve as a catalyst for someone else to do the same. Be

someone’s reason to smile today. Consciously communicate No phone call, email or text could ever properly convey the energy, emotions and feelings that are shared when two or more people come together in a physical space and commu-

nicate face to face. In fact, those other ways often create plenty of miscommunications, misinterpretations and misunderstandings that are not always intended. So, show up and take moments to disconnect and authentically speak what’s on your mind to be seen, heard and

Ready, set, goal! While each person has their individual goals to achieve, it is equally important to have a list of goals that everyone cocreates and works towards. Half the fun on the way to achievement is the actual journey taken to get there and the lessons learned and shared along the way. Doing this establishes milestones to strive for, challenges everyone participating without making it a competition, and results in achievements to be celebrated, wondering how far you can push yourselves for the next one. Remain in a constant state of growth and momentum.

Like attracts like Make a conscious effort to put down the tech and surround yourselves with people that feed your mind and spirit. These individuals create a great deal of personal, professional and social support when it is needed most. They encourage growth, empower trust and build confidence. When you are in a space with these people, you can’t help but feel motivated, inspired and ready to take life by the horns. They become the best of friends, teachers, mentors, role models and accountability partners. Be forewarned though. As you continue to evolve into your next best self, don’t be surprised if there are some relationships and connections that begin to fall away. Remember the anonymous quote: “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” At the end of the day, you will find that it doesn’t take much to maintain a healthy relationship or connection with your partner or your social circle, if it is a two-way street. Don’t rely on technology or overcomplicate a simple process. Show up! Gratitude is a standard of living. Inclusion makes everyone feel they have a place. Enjoying the journey together leaves footprints on our heart and memories that will last a lifetime.

James Patrick is the owner of James Patrick Lifestyle Training. He is a certified NASM lifestyle trainer/coach, behavior change specialist, motivational presenter and career development instructor currently working with the award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and affiliate of I-Empowerment. His motto is, “Make SHIFT Happen.” His mission is to fuel passion, expose purpose and motivate actions that inspire a new way to be through personal training and interactive coaching. or 845-499-8458.





/ by Maggie Husami, NMD Dr. Maggie Husami works out of the Mesa Derma Health Skin & Laser clinic. Derma Health has served over 50,000 patients at five locations in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is ranked as a top 1 percent medspa in the nation and is the No. 1 provider of Dermal fillers and Botox in the Southwest. Learn more at

Banishing Blemishes Four steps to get rid of adult acne for good

Blackheads, blemishes, breakouts – oh my! As a teenager, we expect to have these skin issues. Whether it’s the shift in hormones, the increase in stress or a variety of other reasons, pimples are a part of the territory. Unfortunately for many adults, acne is a problem through their 20s and 30s. Some causes of adult acne are similar to those in teen years. Acne increases as sebaceous glands produce more oil, which can lead to pores becoming blocked by bacteria, dry and dead skin cells, dirt, contaminants and, yes, more oil. Hormones continue to fluctuate into adulthood and while they might be the easiest to blame for breakouts, there are other factors that can be playing into your less than stellar skin. Stress can fuel hormonal changes, so as those levels continue to escalate with added responsibilities, the blemishes can as well. Air pollution can also clog pores and prolonged exposure to contamination can lead to uneven skin tone, inflammation and the breakdown of collagen. While some elements might seem out of your control, some tips to say bye-bye to breakouts for good.




Step 1: Be mindful of products You might be using the wrong products for your skin type. Even if you are using the right products, there is a chance you are using them too often. Exfoliating your skin on a daily basis can dry it out, causing more oil to be produced. While it’s okay to use gentle cleansers in the morning and at night, save the stronger products for once or twice a week. Look for products that are non-comedogenic, which are specifically formulated to not block pores. Step 2: Don’t pick your pimples It’s oh so tempting to

pop, pick and poke, but you are doing way more harm than good. This can lead to the spread of bacteria, infections, inflammation and scarring. When you see a pesky blackhead or zit, resist the urge to take care of it yourself. For health, safety and preservation of skin beauty, schedule an appointment with an aesthetician or medical professional to have them properly perform an extraction. Step 3: Evaluate your diet The foods we put in our body show up on our skin. An unhealthy gut might

be the root cause of acne showing up on your face and body. Consider the amount of processed foods, sugar, dairy and alcohol you are consuming. Eating foods such as berries, leafy greens, citric fruits, squash, sweet potato and whole grains can help clear up skin. Drinking enough water daily also removes toxins, excess waste and bacteria trapped under the skin. Step 4: Meet with a professional When blackouts and blemishes go beyond treatment at home, a professional can create a plan to help you say sayonara to the problems. Treatments such as medical-grade facials, skin rejuvenating lasers, microdermabrasion and peels can penetrate the skin on the cellular level. Used in combination with medicalgrade skin care, you will start to see the healthy, radiant skin you deserve to show off as an adult.

Rachell Hall’s Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING PLUS™ Microblading PLUS With Rachell Hall’s signature Microblading PLUS technique, she creates the virtual hairline effect of Microblading plus a soft powdered backdrop of shading to create the illusion of perfect natural brows that are the envy of every woman.

Whether you are challenged with short, sparse, or thinning eyebrows, Rachell Hall’s 28 years of expertise in makeup artistry, custom color blending, art and science will be your perfect solution plus... Remember, discounted prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. Trust YOUR face only to the very best. For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

"My motto is Classic Beauty, nothing trendy. Nobody wants to look like they had their makeup tattooed on! That’s why all my signature treatments are designed to look soft and natural. Remember you can always add more! My clients never wake up Wednesday morning with Saturday night makeup! Classy, classic and conservative is my specialty look.

REFERRED BY THE VALLEY'S FINEST PLASTIC SURGEONS AND ESTHETICIANS Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 6 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | (Off Hayden, between Mountain View and Shea)


doctor’s orders / by Summer Allen, MD

Ease the itch The good news? The more bites you’ve experienced, the likelier you are to become desensitized to mosquitos. That’s why children usually have stronger reactions. Here’s how to minimize that infernal itch: 1. Try not to scratch! Scratching can break the skin and turn into a nasty bacterial infection. 2. Ice the itch away: An ice cube can temporarily numb the area. 3. Use antiitch remedies: Calamine lotion, over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or anti-itch cream with benzocaine can minimize swelling and itching. Or, try applying a paste of baking soda and water.

Mosquito Bite? Don’t Scratch that Itch!

Arizona’s monsoon season has arrived, bringing needed moisture, cool evenings – and hordes of hungry mosquitos ready to make you their meal. And, they’re getting worse. According to a leading pest control company, Phoenix ranked eleventh on its 2019 list of 50 top mosquito cities. A dubious distinction to be sure. After a mosquito has bitten for at least 6 seconds, it leaves something behind: proteins from its saliva. Your immune system reacts with inflammation, producing a red bump. And your nerve endings register an itch.

Dr. Allen is a Mayo Clinic family physician who provides family-oriented comprehensive care.




4. Cover it up: If you can’t stop itching, bandage the bite. Shoo, skeeters While you can’t prevent all mosquito bites, you can make yourself and your surroundings less inviting. Mosquitos can breed in just an inch of water, so be sure to drain any standing water in your yard, including potted plants, toys and containers. Change water often in bird baths and keep treated water circulating in fountains or pools. You can also

keep mosquitos from landing by directing a fan away from you on the porch or patio. Using insect repellent can help too – especially those with the active ingredient DEET. Finally, avoid wearing fragrances and dress in lightcolored clothing that covers your arms, legs and ankles. Allergic reactions Most mosquito bites are a minor annoyance. But some people have a more serious, allergic reaction. Symptoms may include: Large area of itching, or hives; trouble breathing or swallowing; swelling of the face, throat or mouth; fever; headache; rash; or nausea and vomiting Call 911 or your local emergency number if you experience any of these symptoms. And if you have known allergies to insect bites or stings, keep an emergency treatment kit with an EpiPen nearby. Around the world, mosquitos are among the deadliest animals, transmitting devastating diseases to millions. Luckily, mosquitos carrying the Zika virus haven’t landed in Arizona. And only about 85 cases of West Nile virus are reported annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control. So, if you are bitten by a few harmless skeeters this summer, consider yourself lucky. Just don’t scratch that itch!

event / by David Apeji

Donna and Bart Blau

Tania and Kevin Engel

Royal Byrd and Chelsea Smith

Chef + Farmers Market Series This free indoor series, held in the Sands venue at Hotel Valley Ho, invited guests to sample bites from resident chef Russell LaCasce as well as other local favorites. There was also a cash bar, fresh produce for purchase, live music and more. This particular event featured a Sweet Treats theme.

Megan Brauner and Janelle Bakke

Anne Althof, Alex Olesen and Juvy Novak

Kimberley and Jim McDonald

Joanne Cohen and Lisa Sahdinger

Ashley Grace and Rob Inman

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