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/ by Lindsey Piechota / photos by James Patrick Lindsey is the owner and operator of CrossFit BCR. She has lived in Scottsdale most of her life. She was a personal trainer for years but during her first pregnancy she decided to go for it an open her own facility. She strives to better people’s lives with fitness. She puts a big focus making fitness fun but still challenging for all. For more information, call 602.803.0793 or visit

Shoulder Scorcher Sail through summer with a HIIT upper-body burner Often times people focus all of their attention on their triceps and biceps, but what about the shoulders? Pretty much every upper-body exercise requires you to use your shoulder muscles, at least to some extent. Strengthening your shoulder muscles means you will be able to lift heavier weights and avoid injuries. Cap off those arms with this quick and spicy routine that is going to fire up your shoulders.




The breakdown: All you are going to need is a set of dumbbells and a timer. The workout is going to be tabata style and you will complete two full rounds (double tabata). Tabata is a fourminute running clock where you go all out for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and continue that

sequence for eight rounds. For this, you will be doing two tabatas, so you will complete the first tabata, followed with a two-minute rest, and then go right back into completing the second tabata. There are four movements, so you will hit each movement twice per tabata.

Scottsdale Health July 2018

Scottsdale Health July 2018