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MOVEMENT #1 10 Full AB Wheel Rollouts Focus on keeping your hips even, making a straight line from knee crease to the top of your head as you roll out. Take your time and chase quality not the clock with these.

THE BREAKDOWN Set your time and take three minutes to complete the following:

10 Full Ab Wheel Rollouts 30 Reps of Mountain Climbers

MOVEMENT #2 30 reps of Mt. Climbers Immediately move into this movement with slow, controlled exchanges, squeezing your knee as you bring it toward your chest (15/reps per leg making 30 total reps).

10 Plank to Pushup Exchanges Complete all three movements and 50 total reps inside three minutes, rest for the remainder of the time if you finish early. You can repeat the pattern for three to five cycles depending on your ability level.

MOVEMENT #3 10 Plank to Push Up Exchanges Again, focus on form, moving from your plank to pushup position with as little movement in your hips as possible. I suggest starting with your feet wider than shoulder width apart for more stability as you transition.

Scottsdale Health June 2018

Scottsdale Health June 2018