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/ by Monica Millage / photos by James Patrick

Movement #1: Squat to Arnold press Hold a dumbbell in each hand in the front load position. Keeping the back straight, weight in your heels and the core tight, lower into your squat, pushing the hips back until the hips reach parallel. Return up to your starting position and immediately move into the press by rotating the palms forward and pressing dumbbells overhead while standing tall and keeping the core engaged. Repeat for one minute.

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Dumbbells, or halteres as they were known back then, were used in ancient Greece as lifting weights and a club-shaped version was used in India. The dumbbell as we know it today – two equal weights attached to a handle – appeared by the early 17th century. With just two of these free weights, your body is able to get into full fat-burning mode, and this 30-minute full-body workout does just that.

Movement #2: Pushup to renegade row Start in the top of the pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand in a neutral grip. Make sure the shoulders are over the wrists and you are in one straight line from head to heel with no sagging hips and your feet set wider to keep the hips level throughout the exercise. Descend into a

pushup, leading with your chest. Return to the top of the pushup while rowing a single arm up until the dumbbell reaches chest level. Return the dumbbell to the floor and repeat the pushup sequence and follow with a single arm row on the opposite arm. Exercise can be modified and done from knees as well. Repeat for one minute. Movement #3: Reverse lunge with hammer curl Start with feet together and dumbbells resting at your side with a neutral grip. Step back into a split squat position, bending and dropping the back knee as close to the ground as your mobility allows. From this position, curl the dumbbells from your side up to shoulders while keeping the elbows tight to your body. Lower the dumbbells while pushing through back foot and returning to starting

The Setup: Perform the following five movements for one minute each, resting for 30 seconds between each movement. Repeat the five-movement cycle for a total of four rounds, equaling 30 minutes. Choose a set of dumbbells according to your fitness level, loading anywhere from 10 to 25 pound dumbbells in each hand.

Monica Millage is a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University. She is an AZ native who loves all types of sports and fitness! Her favorite part of working in the fitness industry is helping people of all ages transform not just physically but mentally as well. You can find her at Jeremy Scott Fitness at 7750 E. Redfield Rd Suite D106 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 or via email




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Scottsdale Health April 2019

Scottsdale Health April 2019