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/ by Raquel Kahn / photos by James Patrick Raquel has had a love affair with dance for as long as she can remember. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, Raquel worked for a few years in tech. These jobs paid the bills, but never inspired her. So she decided to pursue a “passion-project;” starting a dance fitness business! Raquel got into the fitness world in 2009. She felt that while gyms were key to good fitness, they did not serve women well, often making them feel small and uncertain. She built Fit 6-7-8 to bridge this gap, striving to give women a safe place to build both their bodies and their confidence.

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Dance to the Music Take these three fun movements from the club to the gym

The normal gym routine on the elliptical often gets boring and it might be time to take a little break to have some fun. After dancing at a wedding, bar or just in your room, you’re sure to be out of breath. Dancing can be a great cardio workout, while also toning different muscles depending on your moves. Using the following three music video-quality dance moves, get your groove on and shake what your mama gave you while working toward your fitness goals. Hey, you might even forget you’re working out!




Scottsdale Health March 2018

Scottsdale Health March 2018