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Richlow Discover England's North-Eastern Waterways

River Ouse, York

We love England's north-eastern inland waterways, and through our guide books we can help others to discover them too.

Naburn Lock, River Ouse

Knowledge England's north-eastern waterways are "our patch". We live in the area, and much of our time is spent boating, walking, cycling or driving along the canals and rivers we include in our guides and histories. And we are expanding our coverage all the time.



These waterways are different from those of the central network. If you prefer the cosy conformity of the midlands canals, then so be it. But if you want a change, a challenge, then read further.

Because the rivers and canals of the north-east are different, then specialist guide-books are the best bet. Richlow's motto is "Written by People who Go There!" And nothing matches "going there".

Maps Our maps are easy to read, and the specialist navigational information for boaters is clearly shown - as are paths and nearby roads. Bridge and lock numbers are included to aid location identification. Richlow on The Haven, at Boston


New Skills

Mooring next to a convenient towpath is not usually an option, so planning each day's cruise has to be part of a visit. Even land-based visitors will see more when the tides are set for boating activity.

The locks across the Pennines are a challenge, and handling a boat on flowing rivers needs more thought than on stillwater canals. Then there are the enigmatic tides... demanding compliance by all.

Richlow exploring our guides are "Written by People who Go There!"

We explore the waterways of eastern England by boat, cycle, and on foot.

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The Fossdyke at Saxilby, Lincolnshire

OUR GUIDES Available UK Post Free from

Access Routes Over the top The South Pennine Ring Part 1 - the Rochdale Canal, over the top by locks Part 2 - the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, over the top through Standedge Tunnel.

Round the bottom Narrowboat on the Trent - planning, equipment, safe moorings, etc, all based on Richlow's 30 years experience on the Trent.

When You're There North Yorkshire Waterways - through Selby lock to the River Ouse and its tributaries the Ure, Foss and Derwent. And the linking Ripon and Pocklington canals. City of York. South Yorkshire Waterways - surprising rural. Stainforth & Keadby, New Junction, Sheffield & Tinsley canals, and the Don Navigation. Lincolnshire Waterways - leave the Trent at Torksey onto the Fossdyke. City of Lincoln, River Witham, the still being restored Slea, the presently unnavigable Horncastle Canal. Through the Grand Sluice, to the Black Sluice. Also the Navigable Drains. Footpaths, including Water Rail Way. Chesterfield Canal - Only narrow canal in the area. Climb the historic Thorpe and Turnerwood lock flights to the summit portal of Norwood tunnel. Covers the canal's 46 miles. Cuckoo Way towpath.

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To map 13


Tunnel End Reservoir Cafe, Tunnel End Cottages 61



62 footbridge

Standedge Visitor Centre Trip Boat, Exhibition, WC RD,W M48 60 Station Bridge Lock 42E

PH Marsden Mechanics




h Wa r e


l Brid e Hil


40E 39E

6 ge 5 38E


National Trust - Marsden Estate Visitor Centre 41E


(shops, cafes) GS


37E 36E 35E 34E 33E Sparth Mill Dam

MARSDEN LOCKS 42E - 32E 54 Sparth Reservoir 32E 53 Sandhill Cottages

Booth Lock 31E



Lock 30E

6 Lock 29E 51 Lock 28E 50 e oln er C R iv

One of the maps of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, as featured in our South Pennine Ring - Part 2

Lock 27E Lock 26E 48

Lock 25E


Lock 24E 47 To map 15

Maps On the opposite page is an example of the style of maps in our guides.

Clarity The clarity of Richlow maps is taken very seriously by our Map Master, John. Each map is on a page of its own, covers around three miles, and is surrounded by white space where your own notes can be added if you wish. Colour is used carefully to make the maps easy to understand at a glance - important when out and about.



We always take care to ensure continuity by having an overlap area at the end of the section on each map, and the next map in the sequence.

Our guide-books are spiralbound so they will stay open at the map of your choice.

Further Information Each map has supporting text on its opposite page, including a boxed section of navigational information. (See next page)

On-going updates As well as our own repeat visits we have other trusted local boaters who report changes to us - we check the full details, then update the relevant guide. Blog We have a free access blog where updates are listed, so guides already purchased can be updated by their owners.

Richlow attention to detail Preparing to measure the clearanceof a bridge on the Witham Navigable Drains

Richlow's Schandelle honoured to be the first boat through at the official opening of Sleaford's new lift-bridge in 2010

Navigational Information Have a mind as open as the wide skies

"Written by People who Go There!" that's our standard - and we keep to it.

So we know where - a winding hole is really the apex of a bend and moored boats make turning difficult - quieter town moorings can be found - swallows fly through a letter-box - a canalside DIY shop sells diesel in 20-litre drums (and supplies a trolley to move it to a boat)

From experience we know - how to judge the tides - how to approach a lock entrance from a flowing river - what equipment should be carried

Ashton Canal

Locking down to the Witham Navigable Drains

Rochdale Canal

River Trent

Torksey Cut, Fossdyke & Trent

The Haven, Boston on passage to the Black Sluice Navigation

A Variety of Waterways Rivers - tidal and non-tidal Canals - wide and narrow Locks - staircases, keeper-operated, powered, manual

Standedge, Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Chesterfield Canal RAF memorials, River Witham Naburn, River Ouse

York, non-tidal River Ouse

Grand Sluice The River Witham at Boston In the foreground, the tidal river is the access to the Black Sluice Navigation. Beyond the Grand Sluice and its lock, the non-tidal Witham stretches towards Lincoln

Come and See These Waterways Tides are great! You can cover long distances quickly and with little effort - & save diesel. And on wide rivers narrowboats can turn round wherever they like - no need to chug on to find a winding hole. When planning your cruise, you can enjoy a drive out to have a look, so you know what to expect. Either way, take a Richlow guide with you.

The River Foss at York, one of the two rivers around this ancient city.

The Fossdyke, Torksey, Lincolnshire

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An introduction to Richlow's guides to the waterways of Lincolnshire and north-eastern England.

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