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STEAMM is funded by a Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant through the U.S. Department of Education.

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our new healthcare-themed magnet to have the highest growth over the next programs are coming to Richland Two. five years in South Carolina, seven are Bridge Creek Elementary, Rice Creek health-related.” Based on Career OneStop, Elementary, Kelly Mill Middle and Ridge View sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, the High schools will receive over $11.2 million in

seven health occupations that are projected

federal grant money to implement the Med

to grow the fastest in South Carolina during

Pro 21: Healthcare for a Caring Community the 2012-2022 time period are audiologists, project which focuses on medical careers diagnostic medical sonographers, orthotists and reducing obesity in South Carolina. and prosthetists, physican assistants, Each school will incorporate a STEAMM postsecondary health specialties teachers,

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, postsecondary nursing instructors and Math, Medical) theme into their curriculum teachers, and physical therapist assistants. and offer it to all students. The magnet names

Richland Two will recruit students for the four

are: •

Bridge Creek Elementary (MED) Medical, Engineering and Discovery through Arts Magnet School

magnet schools who are underrepresented in STEAMM fields and programs, to include members of ethnic minorities, females, English Language Learners, and students

Rice Creek Elementary School of with disabilities. Academics, Innovation, and Leadership The schools will offer students creative arts (SAiL)

Kelly Mill Middle Med Pro Magnet School

Ridge View High School Arts Innovation for Medical Sciences Magnet (AiMS)

Students can enter the magnet schools at any grade level and continue participation through high school graduation. The primary components of the programs are:

and science through themed, project-based, hands-on learning environments designed

to foster a range of critical thinking and problem-solving skills while exposing them to an array of college and career choices. The magnets will help bring diverse groups of students together through the use of innovative educational programs and will create more school choices for parents. This

Student Academic Achievement

five-year grant is offered through the U.S.

Student Health & Wellness

Department of Education’s Magnet Schools

School Character Education

Assistance Program.

• Administrator and Teacher Professional •

By implementing a STEAMM focus, these


schools will be able to increase academic

Parent and Community Outreach

achievement and provide all students the

Dawne Whitley, Director of Magnet Programs, says “Of the top 10 occupations projected

opportunity to meet challenging State content and achievement standards.

3 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

Students who are not residentially zoned

more rigorous AVID selections. Students

to attend these schools can apply through

will learn organizational and study skills,

Richland School District Two’s School Choice.

work on critical thinking and ask probing

School Choice applications are accepted

questions, and participate in motivational

annually in December/January via the district’s

activities that make college seem attainable.

website: www.richland2.org. See pages 22-23 for more information about the choice process.

Special Services

The Magnet Continuum:

Many services will be offered for disabled, gifted and talented, and limited English

Bridge Creek, Rice Creek, Kelly Mill and

proficiency (LEP) students. An exception

Ridge View are located in close proximity.

to this policy will be those students whose

Because the STEAMM curriculum includes

Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) or

two elementary schools, one middle and one

504 plans expressly preclude them from

high, it creates a themed magnet continuum. The curricula and project activities at the elementary grades are designed to align with curricula at the middle and high schools.

participation. Among the four new magnet schools, there are 14 non-English languages spoken and more than 100 students who are identified as LEP. Our LEP students

The following common learning

speak 60 different languages and represent

opportunities are built into this continuum:

65 different countries and/or territories of the United States. The top five languages

AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination AVID will be implemented in all four magnet schools. The AVID system is a researchbased instructional program of learning that is grounded in the idea that the growth mindset can be taught to students, and it is through this mindset AVID students succeed in following their dreams and fulfilling their aspirations. AVID elementary is a foundational component of the AVID College Readiness System, and supports their mission to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college success in a global society. As students move to the middle school and eventually into high school, they will have Med Pro 21 | 4

spoken in Richland Two

are Spanish,

Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Parent and Community Outreach Parent Collaboration rooms are being planned at each school for parents and community members to come in, have a relaxing area to chat with a teacher, and help with classroom tasks. Several students and teachers have volunteered to work with parents and an external interior designer to create a purposeful environment just for parents. Parents and community members will be invited to Exhibition Nights where students share what they have learned in various areas of study.

Administrator and Teacher Professional Development Teachers and administrators in Richland Two are life-long learners. They are always seeking and learning new strategies of effective instruction. Professional development will be essential to the success of all four magnets. It will include Engineering is Elementary (EiE) and Paxton Patterson training, makerspace design with EdVenture, diversity and multicultural inclusion strategies, and medical/healthcare curriculum development with the University of South Carolina and AVID professional development.

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“Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day”

Bridge Creek Elementary (MED) Medical, Engineering and Discovery through Arts Magnet School Principal: Kristen Eubanks Magnet Curriculum Specialist: Keighley Wingard Serving Grades PK-5 121 Bombing Range Road, Columbia, SC 29229 803.462.3900 • www.richland2.org/bce

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ridge Creek Elementary provides a safe, caring, and academically challenging learning environment through the implementation of our school vision, “Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day�. We demonstrate this vision by challenging our students with best practices to reach their full potential and providing continuous professional development for our teachers.

Student Health & Wellness

Each student will learn about his/her health to include blood pressure, height, weight, and more. Students will also exercise, do yoga, and other fitness activities. Additionally, with a graduate assistant from the Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Department at the University of South Carolina, individual Health Our teachers are always learning new and effective Academic Profiles will be created. strategies to help our students continue to grow academically. Our school will be transformed Engineering Robotics Lab into Bridge Creek Elementary (MED) Medical, We are transforming one classroom into an Engineering and Discovery Through Arts Magnet Engineering Robotics Lab. Teachers will use School. Our curriculum will include the following: the Paxton Patterson STEM Train curriculum to engage students in hands-on learning. Medical Lab This engineering program was specifically written for elementary students. All lessons promote Next Generation Science Standards and State Standards for Math and Reading/ Writing. Teachers will use engineering kits that facilitate discovery, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Bridge Creek is adopting the Engineering is Elementary program. EiE engineering design challenges show students how what they learn One classroom is being transformed into a Medical Lab where students will begin their journey into the medical field of studies. Human skeletal systems and anatomical models will be used to make the connection for students to their own bodies. One side of the room will be simulated like a hospital room, to include a hospital bed, tray, blood pressure cuff, and other common equipment. The curriculum will be created working closely with the USC and Palmetto Health Hospital. 7 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

in school connects with the world around them. Most EiE activities involve small-group work that encourages students to consider more than one solution or idea and work collaboratively. All EiE curricula develop students’ communication skills and encourage them to share ideas in several ways: speaking, writing, drawing, and building. EiE’s engineering design challenges engage students in inquiry. As they analyze their own data and make decisions about their designs, students engage with content, hone their critical-thinking skills, and take ownership of their learning. This curriculum has four main themes: Creative Communications: Students engage in activities and begin to uncover the importance of communication in everything we do. They create portfolios, track STEM Train progress by developing labels, logos and packaging. Elementary Engineering: Students begin to learn about different properties of materials, the strength of geometric shapes, and begin to formulate a basic understanding of engineering principles.

Students will use a weather station to provide weather-related updates on the morning news show. They are also creating a botanical observatory where each grade level will have its own area for planting, harvesting, etc. to learn more about plant life. Their greenhouse will provide another stimulating learning setting to “get their hands dirty” by planting seeds and watching them grow into healthy green plants.

Makerspace A makerspace will be designed to emphasize student creativity. This collaborative learning environment will inspire students to share materials and learn new skills. Students will create things that emanate from their imagination. The most important quality of a makerspace is that it encourages creativity. Local children’s museum, EdVenture, is partnering with Bridge Creek to develop a high quality makerspace tailored to students.

The Arts

Powerful Possibilities: Students begin to learn how energy is used every day. They There is a strong link between academic determine conductors and insulators, describe achievement and the Arts. Research has shown electronics, demonstrate switches, fuses, and that what students learn in the arts may help electromagnets, and develop solutions using principles of electricity. Totally Transportation: Students learn about the ways we utilize transportation. They will demonstrate principles of flight using kites, paper airplanes, and helicopters, develop logistical plans for trains, demonstrate buoyancy, explore lift, thrust, and drag in a rocketry challenge. Med Pro 21 | 8

them to master other subjects, such as reading, math or social studies. Students will have access to instruction on the ukuleles, boom whackers, and other musical instruments.

Project Based Learning (PBL) PBL is a teaching method, implemented at Bridge Creek, in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

AVID Bridge Creek will also offer AVID strategies to prepare students for eventual collegiate level work. AVID Elementary incorporates these common strategies: Student Success Skills – encompassing communication skills (e.g. listening, speaking, writing), self-advocacy skills, note-taking strategies, critical thinking, and study skills. Organizational Skills – both mental and physical; students learn to use organizational tools, as well as learn and practice skills around time management and goal-setting. Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading (WICOR) Lessons – emphasize instruction on writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to learn in all content areas. Partnerships – among students, classrooms, grade levels, families, and communities. Because the middle and high schools in this continuum already use AVID strategies for student success, these elementary students will be prepared as they matriculate to middle school.

MISSION STATEMENT In partnership with our community, we work to develop the global citizens of tomorrow — citizens who are prepared to lead and excel in their chosen pathway.

VISION STATEMENT Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day - Partnering with our community to invest in every child by providing diverse opportunities to succeed. Character Education Recognizing when students and staff have strong relationships, the climate of the school is positive. We focus on the 5 C’s of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and caring. These five character habits permeate the school.

9 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical











“Learn Today, Lead Today”

Rice Creek Elementary School of Academics, Innovation, and Leadership (SAiL) Principal: Stacey Gadson Magnet Curriculum Specialist: Nikki Gilmore Serving Grades PK-5 4751 Hard Scrabble Road, Columbia, SC 29229 803.699-2900 • www.richland2.org/rce

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ice Creek Elementary provides a safe, caring, and academically challenging learning environment that focuses on the whole child. Our motto is: “Learn Today, Lead Today.” We provide access to rigorous coursework, which embeds effective instructional practices and leadership skills that assist all students to reach their full potential. With this new grant, we are transforming into Rice Creek Elementary School of Academics, Innovation, and Leadership (SAiL). In this school-wide magnet, students will have access to all elements of the science, technology, engineering, arts, math and medical curriculum. A variety of comprehensive programs and learning activities will be implemented for SAiL.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

Maker and Robotics Lab Rice Creek will continue to encourage student innovation and creativity through the expansion of their Maker Lab. The Lab features lessons based on the Four C’s of 21st Century Learners: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation. The addition of a Robotics component featuring Ozobots and Lego Mindstorm robots will add new adventures for students. Students will not only program but also design and build robots to complete tasks and activities. Rice Creek teachers and students are excited about the chance to work with the EdVenture Museum to expand the Maker Lab.

Extended Day Program

An extended day program will be provided for students needing additional academic Rice Creek is an AVID Showcase school. services. Teachers will help students struggling AVID strategies are embedded in the daily to keep up with daily classroom assignments. instruction at all grade levels focusing on the areas of organization, student success skills Outdoor Classroom (ie. note taking, study skills, etc.), student partnerships, and WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Rice Creek has a pond located on campus as Collaboration, Organization, and Reading). well as a series of raised beds in the courtyard. AVID will provide skills that can be used in Teachers are expanding their outdoor classroom middle and high school, as well as college, to include hands-on learning activities that preparing students to be successful in a global society.

Engineering is Elementary (EiE) and STEM Train Activities Students will be introduced to STEAMM through EiE and STEM Train facilitation activities. Students will take temperature and other weather-related readings using the elementary-friendly weather station.

would include using the pond, the raised beds, and the surrounding area to bring the study of science to life. The outdoor classroom provides a venue for numerous project-based learning activities, such as testing the pH level of the streams, testing the composition of the soil, and measuring the rain to be reported on the school’s news show.

The Arts Research supports the role of arts education in providing a comprehensive education for students. An educational experience including the arts is closely linked with academic achievement, social and emotional development, and equitable opportunity for all students. Rice Creek’s focus on the wellrounded student includes a program rich in vocal and instrumental music, performing and visual arts.

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Student Health & Wellness Being physically fit and healthy has been the theme of the eFIT (Environmental Fitness Academy ) magnet program for years at Rice Creek. eFIT introduced students to the tools necessary for being technologically competitive, for setting personal fitness goals, and for living a healthy lifestyle. This new school-wide magnet program, SAiL, will take health and wellness to a new level. The goal

is for students to be more aware of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and share their knowledge with family members and others. Additionally, with a graduate assistant from the Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Department at the University of South Carolina, individual Health Academic Profiles will be created. .

School Character Education Rice Creek is a “Leader in Me” school. This character education program uses Franklin Covey’s whole school transformation process. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. Content from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a key component of the overall The Leader in Me process. The 7 Habits is a synthesis of universal, timeless principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, such as responsibility, vision, integrity, teamwork, collaboration and renewal, which are common to all people and cultures. These practices will be enhanced through the expansion of the school’s mentoring program and the student favorite Covey Clubs.

MISSION STATEMENT In partnership with our community, Rice Creek will develop the global citizens of tomorrow - citizens who are prepared to lead and excel in their chosen pathway.

VISION STATEMENT Rice Creek Elementary strives to be the premier elementary school - a learning and working environment where all partners are committed to creating, sustaining, and investing in a culture and environment of excellence and where all are afforded the opportunity to maximize their gifts and talents as they pursue their pathway to purpose.

Parents and Community Outreach Parents will have their own space to collaborate. Rice Creek is designing an inviting parent collaboration area so that parents can meet with teachers, help with tasks, or just to talk with other parents. Rice Creek will also host large scale student exhibition days called “Leadership Days” for the community. 13 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

Kelly Mill Middle Med Pro Magnet School Principal: Mark Sims Magnet Curriculum Specialist: Dr. Ezetta Myers Serving Grades 6-8 1141 Kelly Mill Road, Blythewood, SC 29016 803-691-7210 • www.richland2.org/kmm Our Culture “Building positive relationships to empower everyone to lead and excel in their chosen paths.”

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he staff at Kelly Mill strives to provide students with innovative, challenging work that helps them collaborate to solve problems. As one of only three National AVID Demonstration Sites in South Carolina, Kelly Mill is dedicated to getting students focused on college readiness and 21st century skills.

Because we are the grade 6-8 continuum, Kelly Mill should be the school of choice for parents who want their children to progress their STEAMM focused learning at Ridge View High School. The offerings here are widespread to meet the needs of all students. We recognize the need to expose students to the Arts. Chorus and band are currently offered. Students will be encouraged to run for student government positions, to participate in musical, dramatic, and debate activities, and to present artwork for public display.

The new Med Pro school-wide magnet brings new resources and provides greater focus. Our school has already invested in the Paxton Patterson hands-on learning units for engineering. The curriculum is being revised to include inquiry-based learning activities with science, technology, engineering, mathematics, Our school-within-a-school magnet, Kelly Mill, and medical collaborative projects. Inc., is geared toward honors and advanced students. INC. teachers seek to strengthen Kelly Mill is the only middle school in the students’ abilities to think inventively, solve district offering the rigorous STEAMM theme. problems, communicate, research, and create finished products. This magnet has an emphasis on business and economics. AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination AVID is being implemented throughout our classrooms to prepare students for their future. AVID is being implemented using the following strategies:

15 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

AVID Secondary (grades 7-12) develops learning, study and academic behavioral skills that are essential to success in rigorous coursework. It acts as a catalyst for schools to develop a culture of college readiness for all students across the campus.

the college track, requiring them to enroll in Kelly Mill’s toughest courses, such as Honors and Advanced Placement. To support them in the rigorous coursework, students learn organizational and study skills, develop critical thinking, learn to ask probing questions, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities to make their college dreams reality. AVID educators are supported by an AVID site coordinator who organizes curriculum as well as activities for the AVID Elective classes and is committed to serving the needs of students.

AVID parents encourage their students to achieve academically. Parents are invited to participate on an advisory board and in AVID parent and site team meetings, as well as maintain regular contact with the AVID The AVID Elective is the core of AVID coordinator. Parents and students can also Secondary. It targets students in the academic participate in AVID Family Workshops. middle–grades of B, C, and even D students– with the desire to go to college. Typically, Community Support is vital for a strong these students will be the first in their families AVID Secondary implementation. Kelly Mill is to attend college and come from groups collaborating with community members to traditionally underrepresented in higher be classroom/school speakers and to provide education. AVID places these students on summer apprenticeships for AVID students.

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Makerspace Kelly Mill wants to encourage student innovation via makerspace activities and students are excited about working with the EdVenture Museum to design their new makerspace. Students will explore their creativity using 3-D printers. An outdoor learning area with an arena-style theater complete with tiered rows, a small stage, and a covered dry erase board is being designed. Another area will include a weather station and collaboration stations for scientific exploration.

Extended Day Program Kelly Mill will provide an extended day program for those students who need additional academic assistance and are struggling to keep up in the classroom with their daily work.

Student Health & Wellness

MISSION STATEMENT In partnership with our community, Kelly Mill Middle School will prepare global citizens of tomorrow for college and career readiness by providing an engaging learning experience for preparation to lead and excel in their chosen career pathways. AVID STATEMENT AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

With a graduate assistant from the Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Department at the University of South Carolina, individual Health Academic Profiles will be created. weight for specific heights. Youth-focused fitness will also be common. Students will be A mock Minute Clinic is also being created. made more aware of what it means to live a With the help of Palmetto Health, the Kelly Mill healthy lifestyle. Students coming to Kelly Mill Minute Clinic will be set up just like a hospital from Bridge Creek and Rice Creek Elementary simulation room. Students will check blood schools will be ready for the advanced medical pressure accurately, determine curriculum. pulse/heart rate, and other medical targets that community School Character Education members need to know. Health Kelly Mill Middle School uses the 7 Mindsets Fairs will enable students to work as our framework for success. This character in the clinic to give advice on education program focuses on social and living a healthy lifestyle, monitoring blood emotional learning to help children develop pressure rates, and discussing the average the skills to create a life of happiness. 17 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

Ridge View

Ridge View High School Arts Innovation for Medical Sciences Magnet (AiMS) Principal: Dr. Brenda Mack-Foxworth Magnet Curriculum Specialist: Ellen Harrison Serving Grades 9-12 4801 Hard Scrabble Road, Columbia, SC 29229 803-699-2999 • www.richland2.org/rvh

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n our 20 plus year history, Ridge View has built a standard of excellence. We focus on The Four A’s: Academics, Activities, Arts, Athletics. We expect success from every student and it’s our commitment to provide the tools and atmosphere to achieve this measure. We like to say, “It’s All At The View!” Our new STEAMM magnet, The Ridge View High School Arts Innovation for Medical Sciences Magnet (AiMS) will build on our strong, foundation of excellence. All students will have the opportunity to participate. In addition to the AiMS school-wide magnet, Ridge View offers three by professionals in their fields, will be offered specialized magnet programs and a host in all areas of learning. of intensive, interactive and fun learning experiences for all students. Pre-Med

The Institute for Health Sciences has two magnet programs: Allied Health Sciences Magnet and BioHealth Sciences Magnet. The Scholars Academy Magnet for Business and Law builds critical and analytical thinking and writing skills essential to successfully pursue careers in these competitive fields. The School for the Arts is designed for students who have special talents and interests in band, chorus, creative writing, dance, orchestra, theatre, and visual arts. Through AiMS all Ridge View students will have an opportunity to participate in the science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and medical curriculum. Master Classes, taught

We are collaborating with the University of South Carolina School of Public Health and Palmetto Health Hospital on our premedical offerings which will include a medical simulation room. Advanced medical classes that focus on cell biology, genetics, disease, and other biomedical topics will be offered. The medical program will prepare students for postsecondary education and training necessary for success in a wide variety of positions such as physician, nurse, pharmaceutical researcher, technician, etc. With a graduate assistant from the Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Department at the University of South Carolina, individual Health Academic Profiles will be created.

19 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

Black Box Theatre To expand the arts program at Ridge View, a Black Box theatre will be created for students to regularly showcase their talents. Professional guests artists will share their knowledge with students to help their understanding and appreciation for art grow.

Engineering Ridge View has the Paxton Patterson hands-on learning units for engineering which will be familiar to the students coming from Kelly Mill Middle.

Outdoor Learning One courtyard will be transformed into a raised bed gardening area. Classes will care for their own gardening beds developing a sense of ownership while encouraging collaboration leadership skills and a sense of community.

Makerspace We’ve done our research on creating a makerspace for our students. Partnering with EdVenture, Ridge View will offer this new innovation space for students to be creative by designing, inventing, and masterminding their own creations. Students will use 3D printers to produce three-dimensional objects. Hardware supplies, tools and other technologies will be within reach in the makerspace. Med Pro 21 | 20

AVID Our Advancement Via Individual Determination initiative helps students reach their academic potential, achieve goals, and prepare for fouryear college eligibility. The school report cards recently released by the S.C. Department of Education recognizes Ridge View as a leader in the percentage of graduates enrolling in two or four year colleges at 81.3 percent. That’s the second highest percent of graduates in Richland County and the highest in Richland Two. AVID strategies are being embedded across the curriculum in all classrooms. Students will receive daily instruction and support to help them be successful academically.

School Character Education We have P.R.I.D.E. Our core values are evident throughout the school: Project an image of success; Reflect positive attitudes towards self & others; Incorporate a “Gold Standard” of highest endeavor; Demonstrate self-discipline; and Endeavor to be excellent. These core values are discussed especially with incoming freshmen so that they can develop their own understanding of what PRIDE at Ridge View High means to them.

MISSION STATEMENT Ridge View High School, an active partner with its growing and diverse community, guarantees each student the opportunity to achieve excellence in academic knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills, and personal management resulting in life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

21 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

CHOICE & MAGNETS Who is eligible to apply to attend Bridge Creek Elementary, Rice Creek Elementary, Kelly Mill Middle, and Ridge View High schools? Students living in Richland Two in kindergarten through 11th grade who are not residentially zoned to these schools can apply through Choice. In addition, students who will begin kindergarten in the upcoming year may apply for Bridge Creek and Rice Creek Elementary schools. All students attending these schools will automatically participate in STEAMM. Students who are already zoned to attend these schools do not need to apply.

Can a special needs student apply? Educational services for students with disabilities are detailed in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Individual Accommodation Plan. Before granting a transfer request for a Choice program for students requiring specialized programming or accommodations, the District must determine that the programming needs of the student are available at the requested school. You are encouraged to contact your child’s IEP team or the school’s 504 Coordinator if you have further questions regarding the Choice process.

When can I apply? The first application period will be December 18, 2017 through January 26, 2018. The second application period will be announced later. All applications will be available only on the Richland Two website: www.richland2.org. Please check the website for updates.

How are applicants selected? All applications submitted within the required time frame become part of a computerized random selection process. Each school open for Choice is allowed 20 transfer slots through the Choice process. The 20 slots may increase based on the number of students leaving that school through the Choice program. For example, if 13 students “Choice” to another school, then that school losing the 13 students will have 20 transfer slots plus the additional 13 slots for a total of 33 slots. If an older sibling is currently attending a Choice option school, special consideration will be given to younger siblings requesting the same school.

Med Pro 21 | 22

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who provides transportation? Parents of students who apply to attend these schools must provide transportation to and from school.

How does Choice affect participation in interscholastic athletics and school activities? The rules of the South Carolina High School League determine eligibility for interscholastic athletics and activities for middle and high school students. Parents and students should be aware of these rules before applying for a Choice option. If you have questions regarding Choice and participation in interscholastic athletics and activities, please call Cleveland Smith, Chief Administrative Services Officer, at 803.738.3228 or you may consult with your school’s athletic director.

Choice Fair (featuring Magnet Programs) R2i2 - Richland Two Institute of Innovation 763 Fashion Drive, Columbia SC 5:45 pm - 8:00 pm November 28, 2017

Choice Application Process Begins Online www.richland2.org December 18, 2017

Choice Application Process Ends Online All applications are due by midnight January 26, 2018

Choice Acceptance/Non Acceptance Notifications Posted Online March 15-20, 2018

Parents Accept or Decline Choice Online March 15-20, 2018

23 | Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Medical

Bridge Creek Elementary (MED) Medical, Engineering and Discovery through Arts Magnet School

Rice Creek Elementary School of Academics, Innovation, and Leadership (SAiL)

Kelly Mill Middle Med Pro Magnet School

Ridge View High School Arts Innovation for Medical Sciences Magnet (AiMS)

Profile for Richland School District Two

Richland Two STEAMM Magnets Portfolio 2017-18  

Richland Two STEAMM Magnets Portfolio 2017-18