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There’s history ...

in those hills

p i r ay T

‘Where Wisconsin Began’ is just around the corner in Mineral Point Story and photos by Scott De Laruelle


visit to Mineral Point is like taking a trip back to the area’s historic mining boom of the

1830s. Minus the working in the mines part, of course. A combination of unusual geology and old-world flavor, Mineral Point has many ways to spend a great day

for those looking for a quick getaway into yesterday. About an hour west of Madison down U.S. Hwy. 151, it doesn’t take long to get to there. That’s good, as there’s plenty to see and do, particularly for history and art aficionados. While Mineral Point has only around 2,500 residents, a notable number include a variety of

Photos submitted by Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce. High Street (left) and Commerce Street (right) are two of Mineral Point’s main drags, with plenty of dining, shopping and more. 10 YOUR FAMILY SPRING 2017

artisans who live there year-round. Many dozens more people live or work in restored buildings along the narrow, hilly, curved streets that give an oldWest feel to the downtown. The call of history is strong here, and the city is well-known for its many museums and preservation sites, the most popular of which is

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Your Family  

Your Family Spring 2017

Your Family  

Your Family Spring 2017