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Issue 1, Spring 2017

CITY OF STOUGHTON HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE PRESENTATION The public is invited and encouraged to attend the 2017 City of Stoughton Hall of Fame Inductee Presentation which will be held June 10th at the Gazebo in beautiful Rotary Park. We are so proud to announce James Christensen as this year’s inductee. With Art Walk Stoughton being held downtown that weekend as well, it is fitting that a world class musical artist such as James Christensen will be inducted on that occasion. James Christensen is well known throughout the United States and Canada. His rich background includes 37 years with Walt Disney Productions, where he served for 12

years as music director for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. He conducted the All-American Marching Band at the grand opening of Euro-Disneyland in Paris in 1992. Jim is a past director of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band (performing at the Rose Bowl), and has over 400 published works to his credit. Jim’s arrangements are currently heard at theme parks around the world, including at the Disney parks, Knott’s Berry Farm, Canada’s Wonderland, Hershey Park, Lotto World (Korea), Everland, and Movie World (Germany). He has also arranged and orchestrated music for the Boston Pops, the London Philharmonic, several Super Bowls, and MENC’s World Largest Concert. James Christensen was born in Stoughton and attended Stoughton Public Schools. Please mark your calendars now for Saturday, June 10th to come downtown and visit 35 artists in over 20 locations and to witness the ceremony at the Gazebo at 3 p.m. In case of inclement weather, we will move indoors to the Fire Station training room.

The Tower Times

2 Spring 2017



by Nancy Hagen

Garage sale signs may be placed in the parkrow or terrace, in front of the residence where the sale is being held, for a period not to exceed three (3) days and no more than three (3) times in a calendar year. Signs may also be placed in the parkrow or terrace at various intersections for the days of the sale; such signs shall not have a height greater than 2 ½ feet from grade and shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area, two (2) feet in height and two (2) feet in width.

In January 1992, Mayor Helen Johnson, created the River Task Force with the directive to enhance the Yahara Rivers accessibility and use. Working with many, the vision of a 5-mile trail on both sides of the river took hold. Today, that loop is almost complete with only one section left on the west side of the river to develop. On the east side the trail continues to grow, as added sections are taking hold behind Vennevoll, Skaalen and the Stoughton Hospital. The trail system will expand well past Stoughton with Dane County Parks taking the lead by creating the Lower Yahara River Trail System. Just think, we will be part of an off-road system which will connect our trails to LaFollette County Park, Lake Kegonsa State Park and eventually head north to the Capitol City Springs Recreational Area in Madison. This connection is underway, moving closer to Stoughton every year.


As our city continues to grow, so does the trail system. In 1997, the Stoughton Parks and Recreation Department adopted a comprehensive long-range plan for connecting schools, parks and businesses HY OU HOULD NOW HERE together. The River Task Force was renamed the River and Trails Task Force with an additional directive to continue to promote, enhance and work with all parties involved for this growing plan. Below OUR ROPERTY TAKES RE OCATED is a map with updated bike route plans. We would like to thank all those who share the vision and It is very helpful to know exactly where your property stakes (lot lines) are when: who continue to support this exciting long range plan. • Buying a home/property so you know what you are buying and for future reference;







• Landscaping including planting trees and shrubs so they are planted to allow future growth to remain on your property; • Seeking to install: fencing, an accessory structure or adding onto your home, so when applying for a permit you can easily draft a plan to show where the new structure will be located; • Trying to locate any recorded easements. Many times we hear people say they were told or they assumed their property stakes are where a fence, planting, transformer or power pole is located. In fact, that is seldom the case. The only way to be certain is to locate the lot corner stakes as follows: • A plat map which shows the dimensions of a property may be obtained from the Department of Planning & Development at no charge to you. This document can be picked up at City Hall, 381 E. Main Street or emailed/faxed/mailed to you. The plat map of your property will give you a reference to start from and makes it much easier once one stake is found; • The stakes which are sometimes called “irons” or “monuments” vary in size but are typically approximately a 1-inch solid stake, 1.5 feet long and buried at ground level or by as much as a foot deep or more at each corner of the property; • A long tape measure is helpful to aid in your search; • Renting a metal detector may also be helpful in locating the lot stakes; • Ask neighbors if they have an idea where the lot stakes are located to aid in your search; • Department of Planning & Development staff will assist but cannot locate lot stakes for you. City staff cannot come to your property to locate your property lines or take sides in a dispute over a private property stake location. Property stake disputes between property owners are a legal issue and are not regulated by City Ordinances; Mark your calendar for our annual Spring Trails clean up on April 22, 2017. Meet at 9 AM at the pedestrian bridge. Bring gloves, rakes and we will provide the Maps and garbage bags. See you then!


• If lot stakes cannot be found, a licensed land surveyor may be hired to locate them and in some cases restake them. State law requires that lot stakes are not removed however that does not mean they have not been inadvertently removed. Also, many historic areas originally had wood stakes. Surveyors can be found in the Yellow Pages or contact the City staff person below for information. The cost of a survey can vary greatly so it pays to check costs; • Over time property stakes may be removed or buried beneath retaining walls, paved driveways, concrete walks, plantings, etc. making them more difficult to find;

“Noxious weed” defined by the State of Wisconsin Statute § 66.0407(1)(b), “means Canada thistle, leafy spurge, field bindweed (creeping Jenny) and any other weed the government body of any municipality or the county board of any county by ordinance or resolution declares to be noxious within its respective boundaries.”

• In many cases a survey is required for new home construction, building additions, detached accessory structures or other major projects. • The Department of Planning & Development may have a site plan or survey for homes that have been recently constructed. Contact the Building Inspector at 608-873-7626 regarding a plan or survey.

Noxious weeds, as defined by the above Wis. Statute, are not allowed in the City of Stoughton. The City of Stoughton does not have an ordinance or resolution for any additional noxious weeds.

For questions related to locating your lot stakes contact the City Zoning Administrator at 608-6460421.

Property owners in the City of Stoughton who allow the above named noxious weeds to grow and/or allow grass/weeds to exceed 1-foot in height, are in violation of the City of Stoughton Public Nuisance Ordinance Section 58-8(6). A citation may be issued to the property owner after notice of violation. Additionally, the City may contract to have the grass and/or weeds mowed, and bill the property owner. One notice will be sent per year.


Violations are found through weekly inspections by Department of Planning & Development staff. If A RECREATIONAL VEHICLE IS ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: MOTOR HOME, JETSKI, BOAT, ALL TRAILyou have any questions related to this issue, contact the City Building Inspector at 608-873-7626. ERS, CAMPERS, SNOWMOBILES, OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLES, ATV’S AND SIMILAR VEHICLES.

PARKING AND STORAGE OF RECREATIONAL VEHICLES AND TRAILERS IN RESIDENTIAL, OFFICE, AND BUSINESS DISTRICTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER: Recreational vehicles and trailers: (a) Parked or stored within the front yard or side yard must be on a driveway that is made of a dust free, continual hard surface such as concrete or asphalt pavement and shall be a minimum of five feet from any private property line or right-of-way line. Permeable pavement including turfstone is also allowable. The side yard shall end at the rear of the home.

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(b) May be parked in the rear yard, beyond the rear of the home without the need for a hard surface, subject to all other conditions. Note: Corner lots have two fronts.

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(c) Shall be owned by the resident who is occupying the property on which the vehicle or trailer is parked or stored. (d) Are permitted only for storage purposes except mobile homes and campers may be used for overnight sleeping for a maximum of 14 days in one calendar year.

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(e) May not be connected to wastewater or sanitary sewer lines, or electricity except for charging of batteries. (f) May not be used for storage of goods, materials or equipment other than those items considered to be part of the unit or essential for its use. (g) Shall be placed a minimum of five feet from all property lines and shall not be parked within any easement.

(608) 873-1777 Order online at


Hours: M-F 9am-530pm; Sat 9am-4:30pm; Sun 12pm-4pm (seasonally)

(h) Maximum number allowed outside of a building per property is three unless the property is zoned and approved for such outdoor storage.


183 E. Main Street Downtown Stoughton

(i) A trailer with multiple recreational vehicles on it shall be considered one recreational vehicle, but all recreational vehicles on the trailer shall be owned by the resident occupying the property on which the trailer is parked. (j) Individual canoes, kayaks and similar vehicles not on a trailer are exempt from these requirements. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS REGULATION PLEASE CONTACT THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AT 608-646-0421.


Spring 2017 3



Scams continue to plague the unsuspicious citizens on an increasing basis. A building/zoning permit is required for the While this winter feels as though it will never end, We could list several following eventually, the snow and hundred different types • New home and addition construction* ice will melt and there will of scams that victim’s be spring showers. The • Deck installation* fall for each year. Often, rain and snow melt flows these scams are becom• Fencing installation* across streets, driveways, ing more and more so• Home remodels, additions and repairs* (no fee if valued under $500) parking lots and rooftops phisticated. As criminals and transports sand, salt, become increasingly • Accessory structures such as a shed, pergola or gazebo* last fall’s leaves, oil, trash more technically savvy, • Swimming pool installation - For pools with a water depth great- and many other pollutso have the scams that er than 36 inches ants directly to storm drains, which eventually ends up in our lakes they run. • Roofing and Siding (no fee if cost including labor is under $500) and streams. Here are some of the re• Window replacement (no fee if cost including labor is under Some mistakenly think that water running off streets goes into a cent examples of scams sewage treatment plant. But the truth is that it goes right to our that people have fallen $500) lakes and streams. victim to in our area. • Zero lot line requests for two family structures - Certified survey The first one is that a person calls, identifying themselves as a law map required. You Can Help There are many things each of us can do to prevent storm water enforcement officer (usually from a jail), and states that a relative • Signage• has been arrested and needs bail money immediately. Often this pollution. • Driveways and Sidewalks (no fee) scam is done to an elderly target and the scammer uses the real • Use salt sparingly during the winter. name of a grandchild that they likely obtained from another source. • Razing or moving structures* • Sweep up any excess salt or sand left over from the snow shov- The scam follows with that the person needs bail money to be re• Erosion control and storm water management* leased from jail. People need to understand that law enforcement eling season. agencies do not call and request anyone post bail for someone in • New furnace, retrofit furnace and air conditioning • Clean up pet waste year round–bury it properly or put it in the jail. When in doubt, call the law enforcement agency directly and garbage. • Any type of Electrical and Plumbing do not use the number provided by the scammer. Or call your lo* A plan is required to be submitted along with the permit application • Keep cars well maintained repairing leaks; but consider walking, cal police department for assistance. It is not uncommon for these criminals to use false caller ID that may look real on your phone. public transportation or riding a bike whenever you can.

A building permit is not required for the following • Repainting the interior or exterior of your building

• Installing storm windows, storm doors and screens • Installing gutters and downspouts • Landscaping - Not recommended to be placed in any easement and should be planted to allow for growth to remain on your property. Also, vision corner requirements. • Concrete/block patios • Retaining walls • Children’s play equipment - May not be placed in any easements.

Obtaining a building/zoning permit

A building/zoning permit may be obtained, after approval of application materials, by the Department of Planning & Development, located at City Hall, 381 E. Main Street. Hours are Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm

Information necessary for the application: 1. Name, address, email and phone number of applicant. 2. Type of improvement. 3. Name and address of person completing work. 4. Contractors shall provide Dwelling Contractor Certification and Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. 5. Estimated cost. 6. Square footage of improvement if applicable. 7. Site plan of building/improvement including lot lines and all dimensions if applicable. 8. Additional information may be required depending on the project.

What if I don’t get a permit?

If a permit is required, but not obtained, a fine may be imposed. Any construction that does not comply with codes or ordinances will need to be brought into compliance. The main objective for obtaining a building permit is to assure that structures are constructed according to the Uniform Dwelling Code requirements. This is done to make the structure safe from defects and protects the owner.

Information and applications

Check out the City of Stoughton web-site at www.cityofstoughton. com/planning for more information and applications. Click on the applications and information link. For questions, please call the Department of Planning & Development at 608-873-6677.


• Direct rainwater away from paved areas to lawns or gardens Another common scam is a call from someone representing themselves as a local Utility Company and stating that they have not where it can soak in. received your payment and are going to shut your services off im• Keep leaves and grass clippings out of the street. Compost yard mediately if you don’t pay. The scammer will usually request your waste, debris and leaves. credit card number or ask you to get a prepaid card from a retailer. • Get a soil test before applying fertilizer to your lawn. Don’t pay Again, Utility Companies do not conduct business this way. When for something you don’t need. If a test shows that your lawn does in doubt, call the company using the contact number from your need fertilizer, apply it according to directions and carefully clean last bill or from the directory. Never use the number supplied by the caller to confirm. And never supply a credit card number to up any spills on paved surfaces. them. • Wash your car on the lawn or at a car wash that sends its used Then there is the scam that you have won an amount of money and water to the sewage treatment plant. that they need your bank information to direct deposit the money. • Prevent soil erosion. Or, the variation that you need to send them the taxes and fees • Don’t let anything but rain go down the storm drain or into the before the funds can be released. Both of these are fairly common scams that people fall prey to each year. Remember, if it sounds too ditch. good to be true, it probably is! Go to for more ideas on how you can help It is important for people to remember to avoid any calls that inour lakes and streams. volve you supplying personal information of any type over the phone or internet unless you have initiated it through a reputable AKE A IFFERENCE business. Never supply bank information to anyone calling you. Utilities, Banks, IRS, etc. will never call you demanding immediate NSTALL A AIN ARDEN payments. It is especially true of any payment that requires your credit card information or you obtaining a prepaid credit card. The Rain gardens (shallow depressions key warning with any of these calls is be suspicious anytime planted with native wildflowers) soak they try to rush you or say this needs to be done immediately. up rainwater or melted snow from your Often the purpose of those statements is to compel you to act rooftop, driveway and lawn. They are instead of thinking about it. positioned to collect water from downspouts or at a low-point in the yard Lastly, Your Bank of financial institution will not call you to conduct where drainage naturally occurs. The an “under cover audit” of the bank. A very common scam is a caller gardens allow water to soak into the who identifies themselves as a bank investigator investigating a soil rather than running off to the nearfraud at your bank and they need your help. The person then tries est lake or stream. to get the victim to go to the bank and withdraw monies to test the A rain garden can soak up to 30% more water than a traditional bank employee. The person then takes the money stating you will lawn. Why is that important? Because the water from rain and get it back when the investigations are completed. snow that runs off our roofs and driveways to the streets and The bottom line is that everyone needs to be suspicious about their through the storm drain system to our lakes carries with it all sorts personal information and finances. Once your personal informaof pollutants like fertilizers, oil, pet waste and more. Whatever is in tion and credit card information is out by fraudulent means, thouthe street—garbage, pet waste, oil, etc.—gets washed to the near- sands of dollars can be lost in minutes. est lake or stream. Scammers and con artists can be very good and sound very conMature rain gardens are easy to maintain. Once plants get estab- vincing. Don’t be fooled by nice sounding people as it is just part of lished, very little weeding is needed. Do not install a rain garden the scam. Protect yourself and your money. When in doubt call the in any easement designed to convey underground electric, water, police department. You should never be too embarrassed to report wastewater and stormwater. suspicious behavior even if it is after the fact and you are a victim. Besides helping our lakes and streams, rain gardens are aestheti- Your information may be the information that spares someone else cally pleasing and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and bene- of being scammed. ficial insects—including dragonflies that eat mosquitoes. You can The Stoughton Police Department make a big difference by devoting a small amount of space, time and money to the creation of a rain garden.




Visit to learn more about rain gardens.

The regulations applicable to temporary shelters are as follows:

Chalet Veterinary Clinic Family Pet Care at its Best

• Proud to be Serving the Stoughton Community for Over 54 Years! • Family Owned and Operated • Stop In During Happy Hour Fridays 3-5pm 1/2 Price Single Stem Flowers (Cash & Carry)

1621 E. Main St., Stoughton (608) 873-8112

These structures are not allowed to be used to cover vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, firewood, etc…

Mon. - Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Sat. 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



These structures may be used temporarily for shade over a deck, patio or lawn area and for garage sales. If you have any questions regarding this ordinance section please contact the City Zoning Administrator at 608-646-0421 or

Think Spring!

168 E. Main Street, Stoughton, WI Flower Phone: 873-6173 or 866-595-6800 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-3pm


Zoning code section 78-206(9) (i) states, “Temporary Shelter. Description: These shelters are typically supported by poles, have a fabric roof and/or sides and are usually used to cover automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, or firewood on a temporary or permanent basis. These structures are not designed for snow loading that can occur during the winter months. These shelters are not permitted in any zoning district in the City of Stoughton.”

The Tower Times

4 Spring 2017

Stoughton Public Library: Educate, Enrich, Empower, Engage!

THE DANGERS OF FAKE NEWS by Amanda Bosky, Youth Services Librarian, Stoughton Public Library Have you noticed more and more people carrying their credit cards in a metal case designed to block RFID signals from chip cards? Several people have told me how their cases protect them from “skimmers” committing credit card fraud and identity theft as they scan the cards of people on the street. A quick check of the article “Electronic Pickpocketing” tells me this actually isn’t a widespread problem. It is true that these wallets are designed to block RFID signals. But without important information such as the name, security code and PIN for the credit card, it would be difficult for “skimmers” to make use of the information gathered from the chip alone. In the meantime, how many people have bought these special wallets? This is a pretty innocuous example of how fake news influences us. In the worst-case scenario, many people now own nifty-looking little credit card holders. But it illustrates how fake news works: it preys on our fears so we jump to conclusions and react based on our stirred-up emotions. As a librarian, I take information pretty seriously. I have dedicated my career to providing children and teens with the highest-quality nonfiction I can purchase. Fake news alarms me. I’m not pointing a judgmental finger: I, too, am quick to think “Aha!” when an online news story appears to justify my views or confirm my fears. But I am trying to cultivate the habit of considering the source before I act—or before I hit “Share” and help lies and half-truths spread to even more people. Some of my favorite fact-checking resources are:, and Why is fact-checking so important? Consider “Pizzagate.” Several fake news stories claimed Hillary Clinton was using a North Carolina pizzeria as a front for outrageously vile activities. One man was so convinced by these stories, he visited the pizzeria to investigate and began firing his rifle inside the restaurant. Thankfully, no one was injured or killed, but this fake news story could easily have cost people their lives. Most stories probably fall in the middle of the spectrum between the RFID chip story and the Pizzagate story. But the root of the problem remains the same: people are treating false information as if it were truth and responding accordingly. I encourage you to discuss fake news with the children and teens in your life. Model your own fact-checking and analyze the way the stories are written to maximize fear, outrage and the desire to lash out or react to the story. Get in the habit of seriously considering the source before you hit “Share.” Many of us grew up with only well-researched, well-edited print resources available to us. The difference between bona fide newspapers and tabloids was glaringly obvious. But nowadays, anyone can put together a website that looks just as high-quality as a major newspaper’s site—but fill it with lies and half-truths. They may even steal the masthead logo of a quality news source to deepen the illusion. Digital-native children and teens have grown up with fake news that appears just as legitimate as the real thing. Emphasize the importance of vetting the content and the source of the news, not just the façade of quality.



The Library will be open an additional hour to facilitate participation in Art Walk Stoughton. Art Walk Stoughton is a one-day event scheduled for Saturday, June 10 from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. in Stoughton’s historic downtown Arts & Entertainment District. The event will introduce visitors to Stoughton’s vibrant downtown art, culture, history, and cuisine. Artists appearing at the Library will be Bill Buchanan of Custom Wood Arts, and Aileen Musa of Aileen Musa Images.

What happens after the demise of civilization as we know it? We will choose from a variety of classic and modern post-apocalyptic literature.

The Library will host musical entertainment from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. that same afternoon. Stoughton’s Roxanne Neat will be singing traditional and contemporary folk songs and ballads, as well as playing guitar and dulcimer. The group “Clarinet & Friends” will perform several traditional Klezmer pieces, and Deb Verdegan will perform light classical and popular piano pieces.


The Foundation: Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Discussion May 3 – Picking Up the Pieces…

Adult Craft Club: China Stack Thursday, May 4, 6:30pm

We are giving Garden Stones ( and our cement stirring careers) a rest this year to try something different. Join us as we take some mismatched china and super strong glue to create a fabulous piece for storing your jewelry or displaying some delicious treats! Supplies provided but you may want to BYOH or any china you want to reuse for this craft. Registration required.

Thursdays With Murder: Mystery Book Discussion May 11 - Jimmy Perez mysteries by Ann Cleeves

Jimmy Perez is a police detective inspector in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland. “Libraries matter. Not only do libraries encourage us to be more tolerant and better informed, they contribute The Friends of the Stoughton Public Library will hold their annual enormously to the wealth of the nation.” – Ann Cleeves summer book sale Thursday – Saturday, June 8th through 10th. Very Special Arts Choir presented by VSA Stoughton Hours vary each day and will be announced closer to the date. Sunday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m. There will be a special preview sale for Friends members only on Thursday, June 8 from 3-6 p.m.. Not a member? You can join at the The mission of VSA Wisconsin is to expand the capabilities, confidence and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities by door. See you at the sale! providing programs in dance, drama, creative writing, music and visual art. The choirs are comprised of individuals with and withRIENDS OF THE IBRARY out disabilities who rehearse regularly and give public performancThe Friends of the Stoughton Public Library is a non-profit organi- es. Choir members learn about pitch, tone, rhythm, movement, and zation devoted to promoting and improving library services, mate- composition to broaden the musical experience and maximize parrials, and facilities for the Stoughton community; encouraging gifts ticipation by everyone. Directed by Kim Weiss. and bequests to the library; and promoting the broadest possible Adult Book Discussion use of its facilities, materials and services. “The Girls” by Emma Cline The Library relies on money raised by various Friends events to sup- Tuesday, May 23, 6:30pm – Library plement the library budget. Without these funds, the Children’s Sum- Wednesday, May 24, 1pm – Senior Center mer Library Program would not be able to afford many of the presentAt the start of summer, a lonely and thoughtful teenager, Evie Boyd, ers for programs, as well as purchase supplies and reading incentive sees a group of girls in the park, and is immediately caught by prizes. The Adult Summer Reading Program and the Adult Craft Club their freedom, their careless dress, their dangerous aura of abanreceive their funding from the annual Friends donation. The Friends don. Soon, Evie is in thrall to Suzanne, a mesmerizing older girl, donation is used to purchase high-demand DVDs and books for the and is drawn into the circle of a soon-to-be infamous cult and the Lucky Day collections, replace worn or lost copies of classic books man who is its charismatic leader. Hidden in the hills, their sprawland DVDs, and provide more magazine subscriptions for the collecing ranch is eerie and run down, but to Evie, it is exotic, thrilling, tion. These are just a few of the ways the Friends benefit the library. charged--a place where she feels desperate to be accepted. As she spends more time away from her mother and the rhythms of her daily life, and as her obsession with Suzanne intensifies, Evie does ISIT THE IBRARY not realize she is coming closer and closer to unthinkable violence. Visit the Stoughton Public Library, located at 304 S. Fourth St., at the corner of 4th & Main, just west of the clock tower in downtown Stoughton. June






Hours are Monday-Thursday 9-9, Friday & Saturday 9-5. And Sundays 1-5. There is no charge for a library card – just bring in picture identification with proof of current address. If your ID does not show your current address, please bring another proof of address such as a piece of mail, personal check, lease agreement, etc. Parents must sign the registration form for children under age 18. Your library card can be used in any public library in Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk, or Wood counties, all members of the South Central Library System, and materials may be returned to any library. Call the Library at 873-6281 or visit online at and on Facebook.

LIBRARY EVENTS Check the Library website for more information,

We’ve probably all been duped by fake news in the past. But if we April develop those fact-checking muscles and teach children and teens Parent/Child Yoga Session 1: Fridays, April 7 & 14, 9:30 am to do the same, it will be more difficult to fool us in the future. Session 2: Fridays, April 21 & 28, 9:30 am

Adult Craft Club: Sew Something!? Thursday, June 1, 6:30pm

Our sewing crafts have been so much fun! Come on down and Sew Something with us. Choose from a couple different quick sewing projects with our enthusiastic Craft Club leaders.

Summer Library Program Begins Saturday, June 3, 9am

Register for the Summer Library Program starting today! Children entering fifth grade and younger, register on the first floor at our volunteer desk. Teens and adults, register on the second floor at the Adult Services desk. We want to reward you for reading this summer! The final day to turn in hours is Saturday, August 12.

Strolling Magic with Nickey Fynn Saturday, June 3, 2-4pm

Stop by the library to sign up for the Summer Library Program and you’ll see a special guest in the Children’s Department: magician Nickey Fynn who will be performing magic tricks up close with library visitors. Many thanks to the Madison Community Foundation for funding this special visit! An instructor from Stoughton Yoga will provide FREE classes sponsored UNDAYS OURS PDATE by the Stoughton Public Library. Enjoy playful bonding time in these Thanks to your support, the Stoughton Public Library is continuing child-friendly Parent/Child Yoga classes for ages 2-5. Yoga builds con- The Foundation: Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Discussion its Sunday hours in 2017. Sunday hours are 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., fidence, coordination and body awareness in your growing preschooler. June 7, 6:30 p.m. – The unconventional science fiction of and will continue through Sunday, May 21. Sunday hours will re- Choose Session 1 or Session 2. Space is limited—please drop by the Chil- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. sume on Sunday, September 10 dren’s Desk or call 873-6281 to register starting March 13. Wear com- Evidently Vonnegut didn’t know he was a science fiction writer fortable clothes and bring water and yoga mats or large towels if you like. until labeled as such by reviewers. Take your pick from four of his best: “Player Piano” (1952), “The Sirens of Titan” (1959), “Cat’s Thursdays With Murder RIENDS OF THE IBRARY Cradle” (1963), or “Slaughterhouse-Five” (1969). April 13





Special guest: Author Cara Black, author of the Aimée Leduc, series Thursdays With Murder: Mystery Book Discussion The Friends of the Library will be holding a spring brunch at Christ Paris, France will join us via Skype. Reading will be the first and the June 8, 6:30 p.m. - The Dublin Murder Squad Lutheran Church on April 22nd at 11:00 a.m. Please see the Library last Aimée Leduc books: “Murder in the Marais” and/or “Murder Stories of the detectives on the murder squad in Dublin, Ireland by website for all the details. on the Quai.” This meeting will be held in the Council Chambers on author Tana French the second floor of the Public Safety Building. Friends Pie Place will be May 19 & 20. Happy Syttende Mai! Morning Story Times

Yoga Sundays

Wednesdays, June 14-28 and July 12-August 9, 9:30am Wednesdays, June 14-28 and July 12-August 9, 10:30am Relax at this FREE yoga class that is open to adults and teens (ages Fridays, June 16-30 and July 14-August 11, 9:30am High School Ensembles 16 and up). The class is presented by Stoughton Yoga and is ac- Join us for stories, songs, early literacy activities and a craft. (All The Thursday, April 20 performance highlights a variety of solo and cessible to all levels. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat/ three sessions within each week will be identical.) Ages 0-5. ensemble, instrumental and vocal music performed by Stoughton towel, some water and enjoy! No registration required. High School students. This performance begins at 7:00 p.m., but come Baby Story Times The Bard on Broadway early to be sure you get a seat! This event is free and open to all. Wednesdays, June 14, July 12 and August 2, 6:30pm Monday, April 17 at 6:30 pm Join us for rhymes, fingerplays, songs and stories. Ages 0-2. VSA Choir of Stoughton Can you name 19 musicals that were based on plays by ShakeCelebrate Mother’s day Sunday, May 14 with Stoughton’s ever popspeare? The Bard on Broadway, presented by Heartline Theatricals, Drop-In Craft: Corner Biter Bookmarks ular VSA Choir at 2:00 p.m. VSA Wisconsin choirs are comprised features a selection of songs from these shows, some disguised Thursday, June 15, 9:30am-7:30pm of individuals with and without disabilities who rehearse regularly so well you’d never know they were based on familiar classics. In Drop by the Children’s Department to make a bookmark that looks and give public performances. Choir members learn about pitch, between numbers, a quiz show segment invites the audience to like it’s taking a bite out of the corner of your page! Use our craft tone, rhythm, movement, and composition. VSA Wisconsin is nontest “How Much Do You Know About Shakespeare?” Shakespeare supplies to create your own unique design or decorate it to look profit organization that uses performing and visual art to celebrate scholar Sarah Monette provides background information about The like a favorite character. All ages—but younger children will need the creative power and artistic accomplishments of children and Bard’s lasting influence, while a pianist and 6-8 singers lend him a adult or teen assistance (the base of the bookmark involves some adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. This event is free contemporary voice and showcase his work the way it was meant simple origami). No registration required. and open to all. The choir is under the direction of Kim Weiss with to be: performed live! This program is funded by Beyond the Page. Laurie Mecum as accompanist.


Sunday, April 9 at 2 pm

The Tower Times

Spring 2017 5

Lego Club

Building Challenge: Accepted!

Tuesdays, June 20 & July 18, 2pm

Thursday, July 13, 1-2:30pm Stoughton Fire Department Training Room

The library provides the LEGOs and DUPLOs, you provide the imagination! All ages. No registration required. Who can build the tallest tower using only marshmallows and pieces of uncooked spaghetti? Participate in engineering and construction challenges at this open house-style program for the whole Evening Story Times family. Most of the activities will be geared toward ages 5-10 but we will have a couple of preschool Tuesdays, June 20, July 18 and August 1, 6:30pm activities for younger siblings who attend. No registration required. Join us for stories, songs, early literacy activities and a craft. Wear your pajamas if you like! Ages 0-6.

Adult Book Discussion

Family Concert: Duke Otherwise

Tuesday, July 25, 6:30pm – Library Wednesday, July 26, 1pm – Senior Center Duke Otherwise is a playful wordsmith, a spirited performer, a skilled guitarist and a captivating “Eligible” by Curtis Sittenfield tap-dancer. Using his distinctive baritone, he sings his hilarious, imaginative and smart songs. All and “Pride and Prejudice” by ages. No registration required. Jane Austen Thursday, June 22, 6:30pm Stoughton Fire Department Training Room

Harry Potter Escape Room

Wonderfully tender and hilariously funny, Eligible both honEnjoy free pizza and snacks while you puzzle your way out of a Harry Potter-themed escape room! ors and updates Jane Austen’s Ages 10 and up. Space is limited; registration is required. Drop by the Children’s Desk or call 873-6281 Pride and Prejudice . This version of the Bennet family--and to register starting June 12. Mr. Darcy--is one that you have and haven’t met before: Liz is a Adult Book Discussion magazine writer in her late thirTuesday, June 27, 6:30pm – Library ties who, like her yoga instructor Wednesday, June 28, 1pm – Senior Center older sister, Jane, lives in New “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End” by Atul Gawande York City. When their father has “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi a health scare, they return to “Being Mortal” focuses on medicine having triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, their childhood home in Cincinand infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. Today, doctors committed to extending life, nati to help--and discover that continue to carry out devastating procedures that in the end extend suffering. the sprawling Tudor they grew “When Breath Becomes Air” chronicles Kalanithi’s transformation from a naïve medical student “pos- up in is crumbling and the family sessed,” as he wrote, “by the question of what, given that all organisms die, makes a virtuous and is in disarray. meaningful life” into a neurosurgeon at Stanford working in the brain, the most critical place for human identity, and finally into a patient and new father confronting his own mortality. Monday, June 26, 5:30-8pm


The Foundation: Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Discussion July 5, 6:30 p.m.

“A Wizard of Earthsea” by Ursula K. Le Guin: an award winning title from an award winning author.

Thursdays With Murder: Mystery Book Discussion July 13, 6:30 p.m.


Medieval mysteries: Join us as we explore mysteries that take place between the 5th and 16th centuries. Titles and authors to be announced.

People You Know & Trust - We Are Your Neighbors

Cress Funeral & Cremation Service is more than just a funeral home, we are people you know and trust. For generations, providing the Circle of Care, before, during and after the loss of your loved one.

East Madison ~ West Madison Middleton ~ Waunakee ~ Sun Prairie Day or Night (800) 235-9681


McFarland ~ Deerfield ~ Stoughton

The Tower Times

6 Spring 2017


Learn to Play Softball

Our youth softball program focuses on developing softball FUNdamentals, athletic skills, Little Gridders Flag Football This program will introduce four and five year olds to the sport of and the love of sports. Thursdays will feature a football. A head coach will run parent/child pairs through a variety one hour practice, and Sundays will have both of fun games and activities that teach movement skills (dodging, run- practices and informal games. The games will ning, throwing) to future gridiron stars. Each week will consist of a feature coach pitch or t-ball depending on practice and a fun scrimmage. Soft, Nerf style footballs will be used. the player’s ability level. Practices will focus on the FUNdamentals of softball such as proper overhand throwAges: Pre-K (Ages 4+) ing motion. There is a wide range of ages for this program which means that there will be a wide variety of skill levels. Children will Days and Times: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm be grouped based on skill level so they are challenged appropriDates: April 18 to May 23 ately. Players are responsible to bring their own glove. All other equipment is provided. Location: Racetrack Park (meet near barn/water tower) We need volunteer coaches for this program. We will be hosting a Fee: $30-Resident, $38-Non-Resident coaches training on May 26th where coaches will go through the Program Code: 1152.10 drills and activities that happen in practices and will learn how to run the games.

Lacrosse Spring Skills Camp

This program is for children in grades 1-4th and all skill levels. Grades: K-2nd The philosophy behind the program is to teach basic skills and Days and Times: Thursdays, 6:00-7:00pm & Sundays, 6:15-7:15pm fundamentals, develop athletic skills, make new friends, and most importantly have fun! The program stresses good sportsmanship Dates: June 1 to July 23 at all times. All equipment will be provided. Location: Racetrack Park All equipment is provided. The camp is coached by Stoughton High Fee: $45-Resident, $53-Non-Resident School Coach Josh Wollin and assistants. Program Code: 1100.209 Grades & Program Code: Grades 1-2 1301.100, Grades 3-4 1301.101

Rally Cap Tee Ball

Days and Times: Sundays, 5:00-6:00pm Dates: April 23 to May 21 Location: Fox Prairie School Lacrosse Fields Fee: $30-Resident, $38-Non-Resident

Youth Tennis Lessons

Stoughton Parks and Recreation Department and Premier Tennis and Fitness are working together to bring top notch professional tennis lessons to Stoughton area children and adults. Skills that will be covered consist of serving, forehand, backhand, and footwork, along with learning the rules of the game and how to score. All equipment will be provided except for a tennis racquet. Barry Hankel, the Tennis Director at PTF, will be overseeing the program. Barry is a former three-time all-conference Division 1 tennis player at UW-Green Bay, and he has taught tennis for 14 years. He was Director of Junior Tennis at Western Racquet and Fitness in Green Bay and before that was Director of Tennis at Green Bay Tennis Center for three years. He has had well over a hundred students qualify for the state tournament during his teaching days and has taught many players that have gone on to play all levels of college tennis.

Ages 3-6

Using Quick Start approach, children are taught using balls that bounce lower and move slower than regular tennis balls so they are easier to hit.

Ages 7-8

Children will further develop tennis strokes, ground strokes, volleys, and the serve. Footwork drills and point playing will be introduced.

Ages 9-12

Students will refine stroke mechanics with major emphasis on improving the consistency and accuracy of ground strokes, volleys, overheads, and learning the rules of the game.

Ages 13-18

This group is designed for the high school players and/or advanced middle schoolers. Drills become more intense and focused on strategy, point play for singles and doubles.

T-Ball provides the perfect introduction to the American pastime. Each week will be divided into a separate practice time of 30 minutes and a game time of 45 minutes. There will be 6-8 children on each to make the game move along at a faster pace, more playing time for all of the children, and to make the game more manageable for the coaches.


Participants will learn how to identify different species of fish, assemble a fishing pole, tie basic fishing knots, select bait, and safely cast and reel. The class will be taught by a certified angling instructor by the DNR. The goal of the program is to teach enough skills so that fishing becomes a regular social activity. This is a great class for children wanting to try fishing for the first time or ones with experience. The class will culminate with a shore fishing trip. Participants must bring their own rod and reel. We have the ability to purchase discounted Zebco 33 spincast rod and reel combos. Spincast rod and reels are perfect for beginners. Ages: 8-12 Days and Dates: Wednesdays, May 31 to June 21 Times: 5:00-6:00pm Location: First week at East Park Fee: $35. Please add $20 if you would like us to purchase your child a discounted Zebco 33 rod and reel. Program Code: 1232.200

Junior Fly Fishing Club

Wisconsin is one of the best places in the country to fly fish. Whether this is the world class trout fishing in the Driftless Area, fishing the salmon runs of the Great Lakes tributaries, or fishing warm water species like smallmouth bass. This class is geared for the beginning fly angler. Children will be introduced to: * Rod, reel, line, leader, and tippet selection * Basic casting instruction (overhead and roll casts) * Knot tying and leader building

* Entomology (matching the hatch, fly selection) Practice time will focus on the FUNdamentals of baseball such as proper grip on the ball and throwing motion. Lesson plans for * Fish identification practice time will be provided to coaches. Players are responsible * Fishing on the Yahara River to bring their own glove. All other equipment will be provided. Volunteer coaches are needed for this activity. Participants will need their own fly rod with line. We are able to purchase Echo Gecko fly rod packages (rod, reel, line, and case Ages: 4+ with lifetime warranty) for $85 which is half price. These rods are Days and Times: Sundays, 4:15-6:30 pm (times will vary and will designed specifically for children (more durable and easier casting) be for one hour in this timeframe) Ages: 10-14 Dates: June 4 to July 23 Days and Dates: Wednesdays, May 31 to June 21 Location: Racetrack Park Times: 6:00-7:00pm Fee: $45-Resident, $53-Non-Resident Location: First week at East Park Program Code: 1111.200 Fee: $40. Please add $85 if you would like us to purchase your child a discounted Echo Gecko Fly Rod Package. Beginner BMX Clinics This is an introductory clinic Program Code: 1232.201 to the sport of BMX. Children will learn basic techniques The Kids Chef – Oodles of Noodles of the sport such as body Lily Kilfoy, AKA ‘The Kids Chef’ positioning, maneuvering, is a cooking instructor and and placement on the track. freelance chef from Madison, Along with this, children will Wisconsin. Her goal as an inbe given a packet explaining structor is to expose children how to get into racing, how to the many benefits of cookthe sport works, as well as ing through hands- on experia list of BMX racetracks in ences that develop skills to be the surrounding area. Please used for life. It is also to teach bring your own bike (doesn’t children about healthy foods need to be a BMX bike) and and cooking at a young age so helmet. that they can carry these values into adulthood.

Ages: 5+ Days & Dates: Saturdays, June 17 – July 15 (there are additional Day and Date: Sunday, May 21 class sessions throughout summer) Location: TBD. The classes will either be at Stoughton High School or Norse Park. The high school courts are being resurfaced this summer.

Junior Angler Club

Times: 9:00-11:00am Location: Racetrack Park Fee: $25

Almost every kid loves noodles, and in this class participants will cook multiple delicious dishes that highlight the fun food. Recipes will include Super Sight Mac and Cheese, Easy Cheesy Lasagna Cupcakes, Lily’s Orzo Salad, and Texas Taco Pasta Salad. Class has vegetarian option & is nut free. Ages: 10-14


Program Code














Fee: $20





Program Code: 1311.300

Program Code: 1372.300 There are other clinics scheduled throughout the summer.

Days and Dates: Saturday, April 22 Times: Noon-1:15pm Location: Stoughton Youth Center (567 E. Main St)

The Tower Times

Spring 2017 7

Youth Painting – My Painting is Blooming

Tennis Lessons for Adults

For this class each child Premier Tennis & Fitness Club coaches will be will be painting their own providing tennis lessons this summer with us. flower garden! They will be All levels are welcome from Beginner to Adusing acrylic paint on a 16 vanced. Drills will work on technique, strategy, x 20 canvas. Throughout and point play. Drills will be fast paced and keep the painting will be talking you moving. about primary, secondary Ages: 18+ and complimentary colors. We will also talk about bold, Days and Dates: Saturdays, June 17 to July 15 (other class sesbright, colorful graphics. sions are available) These paintings turn out Times: 8:00-9:00am colorful and whimsical and they are so much fun to do! Location: TBD. The classes will either be at Stoughton High School Each child will take home a masterpiece that they will be excited or Norse Park. The high school courts are being resurfaced this to show off!! summer.) Ages: 5+

Fee: $40

Days and Dates: Friday, April 14 (no school day)

Program Code: 2180.209

Times: 9:00-11:00am

Slowpitch Softball Leagues

Location: Stoughton Youth Center (567 E. Main St)

Wednesday Umpired League

How to Reserve a Park Shelter

Park shelters in the city can be reserved two different ways. The first way is to go to our website and go through the online reservation process. This process will allow individuals to search for open dates and seek amenities that they need for their gathering. The other way is to fill out a Park Shelter reservation forms. These forms can be found at our website or at the Recreation Department office. For more details, see our website, Shelters are reserved on a first come, first served basis starting the first business day of 2017.

Gazebo Musikk

This will be our fourth summer of offering Gazebo Musikk! Gazebo Musikk are weekly concerts at Rotary Park in the summer. These shows wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and help from Tricia Suess. Check out the Gazebo Musikk Facebook page for the latest information - When: Thursdays evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm Where: Rotary Park (next to the fire station) Cost: Free!

Our Wednesday night league features a 12-game season and end of season City Tournament with the Friday leagues. This league will have two umpires and will use ASA rules with some local modifications. Anticipated start date for the 2017 season is May 17. Team registration forms can be found on sports.

Fee: $20 Program Code: 1311.300


Syttende Mai Canoe/Kayak Fishing Tournament Friday Self-Umpired Leagues Don’t put away your canoes after race on Friday! We will be hosting a canoe/kayak fishing tournament on Saturday! This tournament is to encourage people to get outdoors during the weekend and enjoy the Yahara River. The tournament will use a catch, photo, and release format with the total of the three longest bass winning. Participants will be given an object at the pre-tournament meeting that will need to be included in photos. The tournament will be restricted to the Williams Drive Dam south to the Dunkirk Dam. You can register as an individual, as a team, or both. Winners of each division will receive a Syttende Mai themed prize.

Our Friday night leagues will be self-umpired this summer. This will allow the league fee to be lower, league expansion, and use of Racetrack Park diamonds 3 and 4. We will provide a diamond supervisor who has umpiring experience to handle rule discrepancies. Anticipated start date for the 2017 season is May 19. Team registration forms can be found on

Adult Coed Softball

Tournament Headquarters: Mandt Park

These games are played on Friday evenings to help kick off a great social night out. Games are played at Mandt and Racetrack Parks. Men are required to use wood bats in this league. Women can use any ASA approved bat. Contact the Recreation Department or go online for an entry form. Contact the Recreation Department if you would like to be put on a free agent list. Anticipated start date for 2017 is May 12. Deadline for turning in a team registration is April 21. Team registration forms can be found on www.stoughtonrec. com/sports

Date: May 20th

Troll Beach

Divisions: Junior – Under 16, Adult – 16+ Fishing Times: 7:00am to 2:00pm Pre-Tournament Meeting: 7:00am at Mandt Park Awards Ceremony: 2:00pm at Mandt Park

2017 Lineup Date


Music Genre

June 1

Craig Mason Combo


June 8

The Broken Wheel Band

Classic & Current Rock, Blues, Country

June 15

The Old Tin Can String Band

Foot Stomp’n Acoustic Bluegrass

June 22

The Dirty Grove Band

Current Hits & Classic Rock

June 29

Katie Scullin


Second Swing Around

Big Band

Adam Bartels Band


The Rotation

Sax Rock

Blue Spruce

Acoustic Classic Rock

The Happy Fun Time Jam

Classic Rock

July 4 Visit our award winning aquatic park. Enjoy the best beach of beach experiences that includes clean city water, sandy zero depth July 13 entry, and large inflatable play structures! Troll Beach will be open July 20 for the season on June 10th! July 27

Min Participants: 10 Fee: $20 (includes shirt) Program Code: 2311.300

2017 Season Passes

Dog Obedience Classes

Have a fun time training with your dog of any age with 2 certified dog trainers teaching each class. Puppy 1 is for dog’s ages 8-16 weeks old, Puppy 2 is for dog’s ages 4-6 months old, and Beginning Family Dog Training is for all dog’s 6 months and older. Basic commands will be taught in all classes including sit, down, stay, leave it, coming when called, and more. Learn how to have you dog sit politely for greetings and walk on a leash without pulling. Puppy classes will also include off leash socialization, as well as age appropriate tips such as house training and nipping. Please leave your dog at home for the first class and bring proof of your dog’s vaccinations.

Resident Family - $90.00

August 3

Resident Single - $65.00

August 10 Distant Cuzins


2017 Daily Rates

August 17 The Lowdown


Resident 16+ - $4.00

August 24 The Lower 5th


Resident 15U - $3.00

August 31 Blythe Gamble and The Rollin’ Dice

Blues & Rock

Instructors: Samantha Dennison ABC-DT & Margo Kushner ABC-DT Days: Thursdays Dates: xxxxxxxx Location: Bjoin Park Shelter Max Dogs/Class: 8 Fee: $100 Class

Dog Age


Program Code

Puppy 1

8-16 weeks 5:00-5:55pm


Puppy 2

4-6 months 6:00-6:55pm


Beginning Family Dog 6+ months 7:00-7:55pm


Stoughton Parks & Recreation 381 E. Main Street Stoughton, WI 53589 608-873-6746

Golf Lessons for Adults

High School Golf team coach Dave Taebel will be providing golf instruction this summer for adults. This program that helps the beginning adult or anyone that feels a better swing would help their game. This is a great option for retired people that want to make golf their new passion. We have decided to start this program one week earlier than what was published in our guide so that we didn’t have lessons on Mother’s Day.

“Great waterfront dining, drinks & fun!” Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials • Sunday Breakfast

Days and Dates: Sundays, April 16 to June 4. No class on May 14 and May 28.

Program Code: 2160.208

3097 Sunnyside St., Stoughton (608) 205-9300 •


Times: 2:00-2:45pm Fee: $55-Residnets, $65-Non-Residents


Products US Cellular Service Computers HD TVs Bluetooth Headphones Tablets Accessories

Computer Computer Setup Data Backup & Transfer Virus & Spyware Removal Computer Training Computer Repair Wireless Network

Onsite or In Store!

Ages: 18+

Location: Coachman’s Golf Resort (meet at driving range)

Your Home Town Electronics Store

Cell Phone Repairs Broken Screen Charge Ports Water Damage Data Transfer and Much More... STOUGHTON 2384 Jackson St. 608-877-9548

EVANSVILLE 613 E. Main St. 608-882-0680

OREGON 1015 N. Main St. 608-835-2980 adno=460767-01

The Tower Times

8 Spring 2017



The Stoughton Area Senior Center is looking for feedback to better serve the Stoughton area community. Please go to:, and take a 5-minute survey to be entered for the prize drawing. You may also call (608) 873-8585 to request a paper copy.

Wednesday, April 5, 3:00 PM


Spring Session with Jackie Robinson

Wednesdays, April 5 -May 31at 5:00 PM (No class on May 10th) Cost is $32.00 pre-register or $5.00 drop-in Jackie has been instructing Zumba for over 5 years. She is licensed in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold Toning, Aqua Zumba, and Zumba in the Circuit. She is currently studying to get her AFAA certification and also am a member of the Aquatic Education Association.

JOIN STOUGHTON IN BECOMING A DEMENTIA FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Did you know that Stoughton is becoming a Dementia Friendly Community?

Wednesday, April 19, 3:00 PM

Join veteran travel writer and TV show host Rudy Maxa as he explores Turkey, a land of stark beauty that sites at the crossroads Stoughton High School’s Heartstrings program is a collaboration of where Europe and Asia — and two of the world’s great religious music students who want to create connections in the community faiths—meet. Maxa guides you through the mysteries of Istanbul’s through small group performances. This show’s theme is What’s on Grand Bazaar and then into the delights of a bona fide Turkish TV? Pieces include “Linus and Lucy” and a compilation of pieces bath. Next he hopes on a boat to explore the man Roman ruins from The Lion King. Get ready for some interactive fun with music! along Turkey’s southern Turquoise Coast.


Check out our newest addition of our FREE directory of services available to older adults in the Stoughton community. The guide may be picked up at the Senior Center, or viewed under Community Resources on our website at


LOW VISION TRIP TO THE SHARPER VISION STORE Thursday, April 20 1:00 PM Pick-up from & 4:00 PM Return to the Senior Center Join us for our annual trip to the Sharper Vision Store. The store is located in the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired in Madison and carries more than 1,400 products for individuals with blindness, vision impairment or changing vision. Registration is required. Call Hollee at 873-8585 by April 17 to reserve a seat on the bus. Donations are accepted to offset travel costs.

Zumba is a great way to get exercise and not realize you are exercising because ELL HONES ND MARTPHONES you are having so much fun! Zumba is A dementia friendly communifor all ages and fitness levels. She uses Thursday, April 20, 3:00 PM ty supports the unique needs a wide variety of music from Big Band to today’s new music and of people with dementia by of course Zumba music. She modifies steps for all levels. The main Traditional landline phones have served us well. This introduction to cell phones and smartphones explains the benefits of using cell increasing awareness and thing is that they are moving and having fun! phones and smartphones for emergencies, safety, and ordinary understanding, sharing inforcommunications. No prior experience with cell phones or smartmation about local resources, phones is needed. Visit the slides at offering educational opportunities, and training businesses and USIC PPRECIATION organizations to respond appropriately to the needs of those with ERIES WITH OHN EUTEL dementia and their caregivers. This support helps reduce social IVSREISE OUR isolation and stigma, and encourages those affected to be active -A series for people who love to hear and learn more music. and engaged in the community, while enjoying an improved quality Wednesday, April 26, 10:00 AM of life. If you are a business or organization that is interested in Mondays at 3:00 PM Join us for a guided tour with videos and information provided. becoming dementia friendly, or if you want to learn more about our April 10 -STOUGHTON SENIOR CENTER community’s dementia friendly initiative, contact Heather Klein- Our own outstanding Stoughton High School Solo/Ensemble stu- The Livsreise center tells the story of Norwegian immigration to the Midwest from 1825 to 1910, when 800,000 people left Norway brook at (608) 873-2316 or dents for a new life. They house a combination of historic artifacts along with electronic and interactive displays, immigrant story books, April 17 -STOUGHTON OPERA HOUSE and large “map wall” where visitors can build a sample immigrant EMORY AFÉ UW-Whitewater Faculty Brass Quintet journey. They also have another small gallery housing the“ Sa“My mother has short-term memory loss. For her, socialization cred Symbols of Norway” exhibit on loan from the Vesterheim MuApril 24 -STOUGHTON OPERA HOUSE is a priority. Memory cafes provide enrichment programs and inseum in Decorah, Iowa. In addition they have a small genealogy teraction, enabling Mother to be in the moment.” –a Stoughton Iva Ugricic, Doctoral Student for Flute Performance at UW Madison lab where you can research your family lineage. Please sign up by caregiver April 24th. May 1 -STOUGHTON OPERA HOUSE Later this Spring, Stoughton plans to establish its own Memory Café -a monthly social gathering for individuals with memory loss, Four Seasons Theatre Company of Madison present, “Fiddler and TEPPING N mild cognitive impairment, early Alzheimer’s or other dementias Friends” a program of favorite music theatre selections. to meet in a relaxed environment to visit, share common interests May 8 -STOUGHTON OPERA HOUSE Lead by Jill Izydor, registered yoga teacher and licensed clinical and enjoy refreshments. Family and friends are encouraged to join. social worker Stoughton’s Memory Café is being developed out of a partnership “The Ancora String Quartet”, a group of professional musicians from the Madison Symphony Orchestra, The Wisconsin Chamber Thursdays, April 27-June 8, 1:00-3:00 PM Afraid of falling? Identify between Stoughton’s Dementia Friendly Community Coalition, the and address your falls risk by registering for “Stepping On,” an eviAlzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance, Alzheimer’s Association and De- Orchestra, and other regional orchestras dence based 7-week, 2-hour/class series for older adults with balmentia Specialists from the ADRC of Dane County. If you would ance concerns or fear of falling. Led by trained medical professionlike more information on participating in or volunteering with a NTERTAINMENT AVE REITAG als, examine medications, home safety, balance, vision and more. local Memory Café please call or email Hollee Camacho at (608) Learn simple and fun balance and strength training exercises. With 873-8585 or Details also at: www. Wednesday, April 12, 3:00 PM support from Safe Communities, Dane County, and the Stoughton Take a sentimental journey through the 30s, 40s and 50s as Dave Senior Center, the program builds confidence, reduces falls, and performs songs you know and love. prevents hospital stays. $35 participation fee includes instruction, guest expert presentations, printed materials, and snacks. AKE ENIOR ENTER GREAT




















Meet folks who care about and wish to improve the Senior Center by being involved with our accreditation process. The Stoughton Area Senior Center is nationally accredited by the National Institute for Senior Centers (NISC), and is up for renewal every five years. The process involves review of our current standard operating procedures, compared with established criteria for accreditation. Using this framework, community volunteers help staff develop an action plan for the next five years. Training is provided. Diverse people, including those who are new to the Center are encouraged to help. Team meetings are scheduled every 3-4 weeks at the convenience of members. Interested individuals may contact Cindy McGlynn at (608) 873-8585.




SAVE YOUR STUFF! Thursday, April 13 from 1-4pm

Did you know that the quality of your printed photos, home VHS tapes, and camcorder videos rapidly decays over time? To preserve your precious memories, join the Stoughton Public Library and experts from UW and convert your analog materials to a digital format! Call 873-6281 to sign up for a 30-minute slot and let us know what you’d like to transfer. Please bring your own USB flash drive which is required for saving.


To register, contact the Stoughton Senior Center at (608) 8738585. In a 2004 study, seniors who completed “Stepping On” experienced a 31% reduction in falls; in Dane County, recent data supports a 50% reduction. Please visit for full class listing.

SUMMER BASEBALL GAME SIGN UP BY APRIL 28! Tuesday, June 20, 11:00 Depart, 12:05 Start

Join us for Senior Day with the Madison Mallards! The cost is $20 which includes transportation, a ticket, a baseball cap, hot dog, Friday, April 14, 9:30 AM, and every 2nd Friday of the month soda & chips. Please sign up and pay by April 28th so that we have Find out the latest information about our great city and ask your ample time to secure tickets. questions.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Birding Presentation: May 3, 1:30 PM

Friday, April 14, 1:00 PM

Patsy Cline Tribute: May 9, 1:00PM Join in the fun as Henry Vilas Zoo will be bringing the ‘Zoo to You’! Over 90 Luncheon: May 24, 12:00PM You’ll learn about their Education Animals and meet them close up. This one-hour presentation will feature live animals and a variety of animal classification, history, and behaviors. This intergenerational program is appropriate for all ages as we encourage you to bring children, neighbors, friends and family!

Lake Mills Cleaners offers FREE Pick-up & Delivery through our Pharmacy!

CRAFT CLUB: SOAP MAKING Tuesday, April 18 10:00-11:30 AM

873-3244 Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm; Sat 8 am-5 pm; Sun 8 am-12 noon


100 E. Main Street, Downtown Stoughton

Join us as we try this useful art form and create some one-of-a kind glycerin soap to give or to keep. Supplies are provided and there is no cost to attend this class. Please sign up by April 14.

For more information on these and other activities please contact the Stoughton Area Senior Center at 248 W. Main Street Stoughton WI, 53589 (608) 873-8585

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Spring 2017 9



This year the city will have six (6) road reconstructing projects along with one city owned parking lot 2017 SPRING LEAF COLLECTION will begin April 10 and end April 28, 2017. Please check the site in reconstruction project. Work on these section of roadway will begin this spring and all projects will be September of 2017 for the fall leaf schedule. wrapped up by late summer early fall. Please visit the city website for an updated schedule of specific Please Follow These Instructions: projects at This year’s projects are as follows: • Rake leaves to your park row (area between sidewalk & curb) Harrison St – Main St to Hamilton St • Please rake leaves as soon as they fall as leaf collection trucks will be out daily to collect Brickson St – Page to the Dead End • Rake leaves away from mailboxes, posts/signs and fire hydrants Manilla St – Forton St to Brickson St • Do not put leaves in gutter or street Division St – Washington St to just east of Forton St • No brush, rocks or garbage in with the leaves Park St – Lynn St to Academy St • Leaves should not be bagged Henry St – Main St to Ridge St • Leave adequate room on the street to accommodate the large equipment Troll Beach - Parking Lot ***Leaves may be taken to the Yard Waste site (a permit is required - the cost is $20.00) located at

Other 2017 Infrastructure Improvements include:

1051 Collins Road in the Town of Dunkirk. The site will remain open until Tuesday, November 21, 2017. (WEATHER PRINTING)

East Side Park Shelter Improvements

If you have questions, please call the Public Works Department office at 873-6303.

Lowell Park Shelter Improvements


Softball Field Fence Repair at Racetrack Park Troll Beach Roof Repairs

2017 BRUSH COLLECTION - NEW SCHEDULE Brush must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the following dates: * Monday, April 24 * Monday, June 26 * Monday, August 28 * Monday, October 23 Please be patient as collection may take up to a week and is done as quickly as possible. Inclement weather, volume and mechanical problems may also create delays. NOTE: If you have brush in between scheduled pickups brush may be taken to the yard waste site (with permit) at a cost of $20.00.

As the leaves turn glorious colors and fall onto the yards and lawns of Dane County residents, it’s time to “Love Your Lakes, Don’t Leaf Them.”

How You Can Help

The Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership shares the following easy tips. • Keep leaves out of the street: Leaves in the street get washed directly to lakes and streams when it rains. Even if the leaves never move, rainwater running over and through them makes and carries a nutrient-rich tea directly to the storm drains and lakes and streams. • Mulch: Probably the simplest and easiest thing to do is to use your lawn mower to mulch leaves directly on your lawn. If you prefer to bag your grass clippings and shredded leaves, you can empty them on your vegetable and flowerbeds or around your trees and shrubs to help suppress weeds. • Compost: Save time, money and water and improve your gardens and the environment by turning leaves into “black gold.” **Go to publsw072.pdf to learn more about composting. If you don’t have the room in your yard, you can take your leaves to one of the three County compost sites. Go to recycle/compost_sites.aspxfor more information.

• Rake: If you rake, pile leaves on the terrace, not in the street. Covering the piles with a tarp helps Per City Ordinance 62-2 -- Dumping in Park Row Prohibited. “Brush or leaves may be stored in to prevent them from blowing around and reduce nutrients that can leach from them during a rain. the park row no more than ten (10) days prior to the scheduled collection time authorized by the Go to for great ideas on turning leaves and city”. other yard “wastes” into valuable, useful amendments for your yard and gardens. Plan your trimming around the scheduled pickup to eliminate having brush out for long periods of time. Once an area has been collected, the crews will not return to that area until the next scheduled MERALD SH ORER REE EMOVAL collection. Due to varying conditions specific collections days of the week cannot be projected for any area.


After November if you have brush to dispose of please see the note below for Madison drop off site information.





Turning a Negative into a Positive

Unfortunately, over the next two to three years, the city will be removing infested ash trees that are dead or dying and cause a threat to the community within the city right of way or in city owned parks. PLEASE NOTE: Brush will not be picked up if a contractor has cut/trimmed your tree(s). Please have These trees have either one or two white dots on them. However, with every unfortunate circumstance, there is the opportunity to create a positive out of a negative. the contractor haul the brush away.

YARD WASTE SITE Site Location: Dunkirk Township Brush Site, 1051 Collins Road, Dunkirk, WI

Yard Waste Site will be opening on Saturday, April 1, 2017 and will stay open until November 21st {weather permitting}.

Hours: (weather permitting)

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm to 7:00pm Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm NOTE: Site may close early due to inclement weather or darkness. An annual resident sticker will be required and can be purchased for $20.00 at the Yard Waste site during hours of operation. When the site is closed, a permit can be purchased at the Public Works Department office. Dunkirk residents will not be charged this fee. Sticker must be permanently affixed to lower left hand corner of the front windshield driver’s side. A 2nd sticker is available for $5.00 for multiple vehicles. If your sticker is lost there will be a $5.00 charge for replacement.


• All size brush is now accepted at the site and is dumped in a designated spot. • Yard Waste is defined as grass, leaves, garden waste, plant debris and wood products that are less than 1/4 inch in diameter (size of #2 pencil) & 6 inches in length. • No manufactured wood products will be accepted i.e. boards, timbers • Bags/Containers contents will be emptied onto the ground in a designated area and retained by user for reuse or dispose of them in the marked container on site. • No illegal dumping will be permitted. • The site may not be used by Commercial Contractors. • If you wish to dispose of your yard waste when the site is not open you may drop off your yard waste at the Dane County Compost Centers. Call (608) 266-4139 for information and recorded messages of times and locations or visit the website compost_sites.aspx CONSTRUCTION WASTE IS NOT ACCEPTED AT YARD WASTE SITE

The City Council is committed to replacing each tree that is removed with another tree within our urban forest. The City is also going to “Treecycle” the wood that will be harvested from the ash trees to reuse on projects in our parks. The Recreation Department and the Public Works Department has teamed up with Cummins Community Involvement Team to help build a boardwalk on the Virgin Lake trail and will construct duck and bat houses with the reused wood. The Cummins group also won their corporate Environmental Challenge and were awarded a total of $15,000, which they generously donated to the city to help fund these projects. A huge Thank You to the Cummins Community Involvement Team for all they have done to help in the community. This group has donated over 720 hours to the city since 2012. This is what community is all about!

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10 Spring 2017




At Stoughton Utilities, we are committed to investing in clean renewable energy. As our customer, you can purchase renewable energy blocks to offset a part or all of your electrical usage through our Renewable Energy Program. Renewable energy is generated from clean, green energy sources such as wind, biogas, and the sun, and is purchased in 300 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks; each block costs $3.

Stoughton Utilities is advising electric and water customers who are behind on their bills to immediately pay any delinquent balances, or make payment arrangements with the utility to avoid service disconnection.

Stoughton Utilities customers can receive a $25 bill credit incentive on the purchase of certain ENERGY STAR rated products. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models.

Incentives are available for qualified ENERGY STAR:

Wisconsin’s Winter Emergency Period, often referred to as the moratorium on residential service Purchasing one block of renewable energy each month for one year disconnection, ends April 15. After that date, utilities statewide has the equivalent impact on the environment as not driving a car may begin to disconnect service to customers who are past due for six months and avoids emitting over three tons of carbon di- on payment of their electric bills for any period of time, including oxide. the winter months. Stoughton Utilities will disconnect all accounts with severely delinquent balances on April 19. The customers of Stoughton Utilities recently earned national recognition for their use of renewable energy. SU ranked tenth in the Unpaid utility bills drive up costs for the whole community due nation for customer participation rates on the U.S. Department of to the fact that any balance that is uncollectable is essentially reEnergy National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) annual list covered from the entire customer base through future rates. It is of leading utility green power programs. Stoughton Utilities’ goal to do whatever we can to collect unpaid bills, while also helping customers avoid service disruptions for To learn more about our Renewable Energy or Green Power for nonpayment by working with them to establish deferred payment Business programs, please visit us online at stoughtonutilities. arrangements. com/renewable. You can easily enroll your home or business online by logging in to My Account. Situations can arise, making it difficult for

• Dehumidifiers



Stoughton Utilities began our Project RoundUP program in 2006 as a way to further assist local non-profit organizations in our community. Many of your neighbors participate in the program with voluntary monthly contributions. Each year, over $2,000 is collected and awarded to local non-profits. The customers that participate in this program are continuing the “neighbor helping neighbor” concept that founded Stoughton Utilities over a century ago.

About Project RoundUP

Stoughton Utilities customers can opt to enroll in the voluntary RoundUP program. Each month, your utility bill will “round up” to the next highest dollar amount. This small tax-deductible contribution may seem like only pennies a month to you, but the dollars add up quickly when many customers participate. All contributions are tax-deductible and a summary for the prior year is mailed each January.

Customer Contribution

The typical contribution per program participant is approximately $6.00 per year. Amongst all participating customers, over $2,000 is raised each year and awarded by the Stoughton Utilities Committee twice annually to local community service organizations.

Major Funding Categories

Selection for funding is based upon the merits of the application and the intended use of the funds. To qualify for funding, organizations and projects must generally be related to community service, economic development, education and youth, environment, emergency energy assistance or disaster relief. Although there are many worthy charitable and educational projects and community needs in our local area, the limited availability of funds requires us to establish these funding priority categories. We always welcome new applicants, so if you are aware of any local non-profit organization that would like to be considered for future donations, please have them contact us for an application. If you are a customer and would like to sign up to participate in the program, please log in to My Account online at stoughtonutilities. com, or contact us by phone.

customers to pay their bills...

• Residential Clothes Dryers • Residential Clothes Washers • Residential Dishwashers • Residential Freezers • Residential Refrigerators • Room Air Cleaners To qualify for this rebate, products must be listed as an ENERGY STAR appliance at, and must be purchased in 2017. Customers can receive up to two rebates per household. For more information about Stoughton Utilities’ energy efficiency programs and services, visit

R ,Y ’ H T

S EMPERATURES ISE OUR However, to avoid disconnection, we urge customers to contact us to make the appropriate payment arrangements. If you are behind TILITY ILL OESN T AVE O on your payments, we would like to help you get on a track to bringing your account current by scheduling payments that fall Heating and cooling make up more than half the average electric within your budget and schedule. Failure to do so will eventually bill – and that’s why controlling the summer heat without conresult in electric service disconnection. stantly using the AC can make a difference.



You can contact Stoughton Utilities to establish a deferred payment Locally owned, not-for-profit Stoughton Utilities recommends the arrangement. If you are eligible, we will work with you individu- following ways to use energy wisely during the summer months: ally to negotiate payment options based upon your unique financial situation. Any arrangement will require a down-payment of at • Replace the filter on your window air conditioner or in your home’s heating/cooling system. least one-third the past-due balance. • For homes with central air, keep the area around the AC unit clear Guidelines for deferred of grass, branches, leaves and shrubs. Make sure the compressor payment agreements... and condenser are clear of debris. Deferred payment arrangements can not be offered to any tenant • Central air units should be checked and cleaned annually by a customer that meets one or more of the following criteria: trained professional. • The residential tenant has greater than $100 of account arrearag• Fix air leaks. First, find the leaks using the “smoke trick.” Light a es that are more than 90 days past due. stick of incense and hold it where a window AC unit and window • The tenant has defaulted on a deferred payment agreement in frame meet. For a home with central air, hold the incense stick the past 12 months. near duct connections. Blowing smoke indicates a leak. Use foil tape for small gaps; foam and tape for window AC units. • The residential tenant is responsible for account arrearages that were placed on any property owner’s tax bill in the City of • Set your programmable thermostat up or down for eight hours Stoughton in the past 24 months. at a time to reduce cooling expenses. A level of 78 degrees while at home and 85 degrees while away will help maintain comfort. • The residential tenant has any balance that accrued during the winter moratorium that is more than 80 days past due. • Make the most of the cool air in the home. Use ceiling fans or whole-room air circulation fans. The air movement in the room Assistance is still available... can make it feel up to 4 degrees cooler. Keep blinds or shades Various low-income assistance programs are offered to Stoughdown during the day. ton Utilities customers. To apply for energy assistance, customers should immediately call 1-866-HEATWIS (432-8947). An appoint- • Maintain air flow throughout the house by keeping doors open. Shutting off rooms can throw off your AC system. ment is necessary, and assistance payments may take up to six weeks to be received. Even if you are approved, disconnection will not be postponed until after we receive the funds from the State, so PRING LEANING be sure to try to get in early. It’s getting warmer, and you might Any pending customer deposit requirements will be cancelled or be thinking about spring-cleanrefunded upon income verification and energy assistance approval; ing. Stoughton Utilities would like please request that your EA representative send us official approval to remind customers to clean their documentation to speed up the process. faucet aerators on a regular baCustomers can review their account balances and make payments sis to remove any accumulation online by logging in to My Account. To make payment arrange- of naturally occurring minerals ments or to explore payment options, please contact us at (608) found in the water. A buildup of these minerals can cause permanent damage to your sink and dis873-3379, or at rupt water flow. Simply unscrew the aerator from the faucet and clean with a brush. Soak overnight in vinegar if needed to remove any stubborn deposits on the aerator.



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Spring 2017 11

DON’T FALL VICTIM TO UTILITY SCAMS WHAT IS THAT CHARGE FOR? Recently, several businesses in Stoughton READING YOUR UTILITY BILL were targeted with a common utility scam by a person claiming to be an employee of Stoughton Utilities. Scammers frequently take advantage of worried utility customers using the threat of disconnection for unpaid bills to squeeze money out of businesses and residential customers. There are a few variations of this scam: • A person arrives at your home or business and demands immediate payment on the spot to avoid disconnection.

Energy Charge: This is the actual cost you pay per kilowatt-hour for your electric energy.

Customer Charge: The required fees that help us recover part of the costs for meters, meter reading, billing, and other costs associated with providing reliable service to your home. This is the minimum charge for each service that is provided to your residence.

Commitment to Community (CTC): • A person calls your home or business and states you will be The state of Wisconsin requires all utildisconnected within a short period of time unless you make an ities to collect $16.00 per customer per immediate payment over the phone using a prepaid debit card year to provide both energy conservaor wire transfer. Several businesses in Stoughton were recently tion and income-based assistance. Half targeted with this scam. of the money collected is designated for energy conservation and • A person visits your home or business offering utility payment the other half is for low-income assistance. assistance. If you pay some money up front, they will match it or Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC): The charge per kWh that provide additional funds to assist in payment. varies monthly. This is designed to make wholesale power costs a • A person calls or visits your home or business stating that the pass-through cost to customers. It is equivalent to the current permeter is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced at your ex- unit cost of wholesale power that is greater or less than base perpense, or that an unpaid new customer deposit is due and failure unit cost of power. This can either be an extra charge or a credit on your bill depending on the wholesale power cost at that time, and to pay immediately will result in disconnection. can fluctuate based on the season and temperature. Every year, variations of a utility scam pop up in various Wisconsin communities, including Stoughton and Madison. In all cases Stormwater Utility Charge: This is a City of Stoughton charge that the scammer preys upon people’s fears, frequently in low-income is billed monthly to property owners to fund maintenance and imneighborhoods, and uses high-pressure intimidation tactics to get provements to the city’s stormwater management system, including cleaning, repairing, and replacing storm sewer manholes, inlets the victim to make a payment. and pipes.

ANNUAL DRINKING WATER QUALITY REPORT Stoughton Utilities issues an annual water quality report with important information about the source and quality of your municipal drinking water. In an effort to lower our environmental impact, this report will be published online for you to view at your convenience. We are proud to announce that we continue to meet or surpass all state and federal water quality standards under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Stoughton Utilities is continually working to improve water quality and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water remains at the highest possible level. You can view the full report at If you do not have internet access, or if you prefer a physical copy of the annual report, please contact our office at (608) 873-3379 and we will mail a paper copy to your home or business.

THERE’S NO NATURAL RESOURCE LIKE COMMUNITY At Stoughton Utilities, “local” isn’t a buzzword, it’s a promise. We’ve been a part of the Stoughton community for 130 years, and have always promised our neighbors a few things; providing clean and affordable power, giving back through public investment, offering scholarships and education, helping families and businesses with energy-saving advice to lower utility bills, and puttting Stoughton’s future – your future – first.

Stoughton Utilities is nonprofit and owned directly by the City of Stoughton. All operations are funded entirely by the water, electric, and wastewater rates paid for our services by SU customers. In lieu of taxes for 2016, Stoughton Utilities paid $764,640 to the City of To avoid falling victim to a scam, Public Fire Protection: This is the cost to every water customer for Stoughton, making it the largest taxpayer in the city. keep the following in mind: maintenance of fire hydrants throughout the city. Stoughton Utilities believes affordable public power strengthens • We will never contact you by phone or in-person and demand our community and helps our neighbors. That’s why through WPPI immediate payment. We will never contact you for payment or Energy, we’re partnering with other local not-for-profit utilities to threaten to disconnect outside of our regular business hours. share resources and lower costs. • We will never require payment by prepaid debit card or wire With public power from Stoughton Utilities, the decisions we make, transfer, or any other specific payment method. We accept payand the good we do for the environment happens right here. To ment by your choice of check, credit/debit card, money order, or learn more, please visit us online at or at cash (at our office). • We will never accept a customer payment in the field. Utility staff is prohibited from requesting or accepting any type of payment when visiting your home or business. All cash payments must be made at our office.

Go to our website,

• We will never request your social security or driver’s license number over the phone or at your home. When we contact you, we will have all of your specific account information, including name, address, account number, and balance. • We will never require a payment to repair or replace an electric or water meter. • We will always arrive at your home in a marked vehicle. Stoughton Utilities field staff uses white trucks with the blue SU logo on the door. • We will always carry photo identification with our name, photo, and the SU logo printed on the plastic ID card.

Always be cautious...

If you are ever in doubt of a call you receive, immediately end the call and contact SU Customer Service at (608) 873-3379. We will verify whether or not it was an employee that contacted you. Scammers can manipulate the caller ID to mask their number and make it appear they are calling from the utility, so exercise caution even if the caller ID states it is coming from our phone number. If anyone claiming to be a Stoughton Utilities employee visits your home or business, request to see their utility ID card. If they appear and request money, immediately call the police. If you are ever in doubt about a technician’s visit, contact SU Customer Service at (608) 873-3379 to verify the employee’s identity and the cause for their visit.

WORK SAFELY WITH DIGGER’S HOTLINE It’s been a long winter, but spring is just around the corner. With the return of beautiful weather approaching, your plans for outside work may be starting to grow -- build a deck, plant some trees, or install a gym set for the kids. If your list includes any digging, state law (Wisconsin Statute 182.0175) requires you to notify Diggers Hotline at least three days in advance. Diggers Hotline is a statewide notification system developed to provide excavators and the general public with the ability to inform multiple owners of underground facilities of intended non-emergency excavation via a single telephone call. You may contact Diggers Hotline at 811 from any phone year round. You must allow three working days (excluding weekends and holidays) notice for the location of the underground facilities prior to digging. Diggers Hotline will process three types of calls: 1) excavation 2) planning of excavation, and 3) safe working clearance information for overhead lines. The call center will ask for an address or location information. Specific marking instructions also will need to be provided. Once the locate is completed, you have ten calendar days to begin your excavation work before you must call to have the underground facilities relocated. Please note that there are no charges to individual customers for this service. For more information on Wisconsin’s Digger’s Hotline program, please visit

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