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The outer edge of the Universe‌

My patience grows thin, Maahox.

The Voltron Force still lives. You have the full might of my Drule Empire at your disposal, and yet you choose to waste time with your endless experiments.

After all your failures‌ do you honestly believe your techno-sorcery can defeat Voltron?!

A valid question, King Lotor.

Meet your answer.

Hardly, my Lord. Another Robeast?! Bah! Is your plan to bore Voltron to death?

The exploration of the Haggarium Nebula has yielded some exciting results.

By exposing the Robeast to volatile gases extracted from the Nebula–

Enough talk!! Show me!!

As you wish, my King.

King Lotor, for your protection…

All stations! Begin final preparations!

If | were you, |’d be more concerned for my own.


Start the experiment!

The gas is unstable, my Lord. Without the proper–


Maahox! Voltron Force FCBD Preview Voltron Force FCBD Preview

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