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MARVEL’S D2P COUPON PROGRAM FAQ How will this promotion work? - Customers who purchase a comic on the Marvel Comics app (time period to be announced later) will be e-mailed a link to a webpage which gives them instructions to download a coupon valued at $5.00 to be used for any Marvel comics or collected editions purchased at their local comic retailer served by DCD. These coupons will have expiration dates. How will consumers be directed to Diamond Comic Shops? - The website where the consumer will print their coupon from will point them to the closest comic shop served by DCD. What is the goal of this promotion? - The goal is to encourage traffic to the direct market and incentivize digital customers to also become print customers. How will the retailer log in their customer’s coupon for redemption? - Each coupon will need to be verified at the register using a toll-free telephone or website. To verify that the coupon is valid retailers will need to input the Retailer Validation Code and the Coupon’s Specific ID Number (both of which will be printed on the coupon). Once the coupon is verified and redeemed, that code will be invalid for further use. Retailers will be urged to authorize each coupon immediately to ensure the coupon is not redeemed multiple times making it invalid for credit past the initial store redemption. What if I own more than one store? - The Retailer Validation Code is specific to your store. Marvel has taken measures to ensure accurate redemptions based on individual store account numbers.

Can the coupon be redeemed through the web? - Retailers may use the web or telephone for coupon redemption.

How much will the retailer receive for the $5.00 coupon once redeemed? - The retailer will receive a credit for the full $5.00 per coupon to their store’s Diamond account. How will the retailer receive their credit from these coupons? - A log will be collected of how many coupons each Diamond retailer has redeemed. From there, Diamond will credit the retailer’s account for the $5 reimbursements Will digital customers receive more than one coupon if they buy multiple digital comics? - The coupon will be limited to one per customer no matter how many digital comics they purchase for the day of promotion. How will this program be promoted? - Marvel will be promoting this through a press release, social networking, a article, and advertising within the Marvel Comics app. Also, interest in this promotion has been generated through interviews with comics press and mainstream media Are non-Diamond retailers participating? - Only United States Diamond accounts can participate in the coupon promotion. Retailers will need to enter the Retailer Validation code (which will be printed on the coupon) to verify the coupon redemption. Diamond will issue a credit for the coupon to the retailers. Are online retailers participating? - No, for this program only brick-and-mortar stores can participate. Does a customer need to get merchandise of $5.00 or more in order to use the coupon? - A customer can get merchandise for less than $5.00 with the coupon, such as using the $5.00 coupon to only get one $2.99 comic, and it will be up to the retailer to encourage the consumer to get more product. However, the coupon’s terms state that no cash refunds will be given.

Will the coupon have the Diamond locator information on it? - Marvel is working to have the store name and contact information appear on the coupon. This will be selected from a menu of Diamond Accounts. Is there a minimum purchase for the digital customer in order to get the coupon? - Customer must purchase at least one digital comic in order to get the coupon. Will there be house ads in print comics for this program? - Marvel will not be placing ads for this promotion in house ads in the print comics. What happens to a consumer if a retailer does not take the coupon? - There will be a customer service number for the customer to call in case this happens. Retailers who don’t want to participate should alert Diamond in advance and their contact information will not appear in the drop down menu of Diamond Accounts.

How will it be communicated to customers how to find their local comic shop? - When a customer purchases the digital comic, they will be emailed a link to get the coupon. At this link they will need to choose from a list of retailers (provided by Diamond) from a drop down menu that will lead them to their closest store. If there are any other questions, please email the address for further clarification. - Marvel's Digital Coupon FAQ - Marvel's Digital Coupon FAQ

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