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On a distant planet, in the depths of the jungle, lives a creature like none you've ever seen!

unbroken and savage! This animal fears nothing, For she is...

Even the most casual swim can turn into a struggle to the death!

kyrra’s stone knife severs the skin, muscle and Bone with ease.

The Squark’s deadly grip loosens her grasp on the blade... sending it into the darkness below.

Her chest burns as the monster’s tentacles squeeze the last bit of air from her lungs.

a desperate kick to the mouth of the squark gives kyrra enough slack to attempt escape!

above the surface of the water, on the banks of the Nozama River, sleeps the ever vigilant Rollo.


bbbzzzeeee... guuuhhhhh...

bbbzzz...wuh! pfff... bbbzzzeeee...


her body goes limp and the monster lets her go, knowing he’s won...

she descends closer to the maw of the squark.

pulled deeper, kyrra once again struggles to loosen the lethal embrace of the squark.

Knowing that she only has seconds to escape, she kicks with all her might away from the beast!

struggling to stay conscious, Kyrra tries to out maneuver the behemoth pursuing her.






Her vision starts to blur, lungs burning, she hopes the massive squark lost her scent...

BRACK! Her instincts reach out and grab for something... anything...

pure primal rage versus Simple self-preservation.

the spike in the eye was enough to make the squark think twice about this meal...

and she won't wait around to find out if the beast changes its mind.

Seconds before she blacks out for good, kyrra breaks the surface of the nozama river.

Kyrra Alien Jungle Girl

River of Death!

and the Doodles & Drawings: Craig Rousseau Typing & Texting: Rich Woodall Crayons & Crying: Lawrence Basso proofing & polishing: Matt Talbot

kickin’ down the bandana tree...happy my feet can be!

guuuhhhhh... rollo!!!

sshhhhh... you’re going to scare away the fishes!

ďż˝ copyright 2012- richard case

The irony of the sign as I approach my target makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

When the children stopped arriving, few people noticed at first. Some even rejoiced.

For the first time in recent human history, the global population was declining.

When the severity of the problem became clear, that children could no longer be conceived by all but the smallest minority, it was too late.

Then, suddenly, everyone wanted a child. In short, children became a commodity. A commodity fully supported by its own black market infrastructure.

Schools, once a safe haven for children’s growth and nurturing, are now relics. Most people choose to avoid them.

Which makes them the perfect hiding spots.

Now its just a matter of finding where within the remnants of this labyrinth of learning…

they’ve hidden the very children this place once protected...

Peering from room to room, something catches my attention.

Seeing the drawings, I’m reminded of happier, brighter times,

and its clear to me why so many choose to avoid these spaces now…

what are you doing in here?


back to your room this instant, young lady!

Obviously doesn’t perceive me as a threat just now.

Disconcerting seeing my father’s face on screen...

He accompanies me down to the basement…

even more so hearing his voice. to the boiler room... and my destination.

nice of you to come round to visit,dear.

The Mommy-bot is programmed to care for the children under her supervision.

Certainly they care for them more than the bastards behind this operation that don’t have the belly for the actual work involved.

Nevertheless, I can’t let them stand in the way of getting these kids home to their rightful parents.

Damn, I forgot how fast they can be when threatened.

not in my house, young lady!!!

My training kicks in, but even as I pull the handgun‌

i regret having to use it.

not this time.

Hopefully these kids weren’t here long enough to be permanently scarred by these events. the ones behind this operation won’t be able to say the same.

and its not children they need to watch out for. WATCH OUT FOR CHILDREN Artist Alley Artist Alley

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