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==== ==== To Get More Free Dog Training Tips Please Follow The Link: ==== ==== In this article you will learn basic tips on how to get your dog to become obedient and also obey your commands. Theres a great deal of a difference between disobedience and your dog not clearly understanding. If your dog isnt obeying a command because he doesnt understand what it is you want him to do, thats not a behavioural problem at all; it simply means that you need to spend some more time together in training your dog.

The truth is that true disobedience occurs when your dog deliberately does not obey a request or command, despite having full knowledge of what you are asking them to do, as they have done what you have asked them to do in the past. This may seem like something minor, but to be honest it is something that is more serious and could lead on to other dangerous situations for example, if your dog runs into oncoming traffic or does something that could harm them. That is why training your dog should be a priority. This will help you and your dog to understand each other better and also create the level of respect between both parties.

When your dog deliberately does not obey you, hes saying, I dont respect your authority enough to do what you want me to do. If you then overlook this, you are allowing him to form the habit of passive-aggression. This is not something that can just be left to fix itself and to be honest the problem will not improve it tends to get worse if you decide to do nothing about it.

Its very important that your dog recognizes the fact that you outrank him in the social hierarchy of the household. The concept of alpha status is one that you need to be familiar with in order to maintain a healthy, functional relationship with your dog.

It may sound cruel when looked at from a human perspective, but a dog is more likely to be happy when they know that there is someone that they can rely on to make all the decisions. When I mention the word decision this includes your dog's behaviour and also the levels of obedience. Its literally impossible to have a good relationship with your dog if they do not understand that you are the authority figure. This can lead into many other problems down the road if this is not quickly established. A great way to deal with this is to make sure that you establish your dominance. The tips below will now show you how you can establish / re-establish your dominance. 1)Whenever you leave the house or car make sure that you leave before your dog. There is nothing wrong with this. The fact is if you allow your dog to leave the house or the car before you, it is seen as a sign or signal to him / her that you are stronger than me. This is not the kind of

message that you want to convey to your dog. Whenever you leave the house or car before your dog, you must also make them wait for you to go first, and then you should release them from waiting with what is called a release word. Make him wait for his food. Your family and you must always eat before him if it means he has to wait an extra half hour or so for his meal, it wont hurt him. When you put his food down for him, make him sit and wait until you release him to eat.

2) Another thing that you should do is vary their feeding times, by doing this they become aware that you are in charge of their feeding. Never allow your dog to dictate the times when they should be fed.

3) Since the house is your den, another approach that works is not to allow your dog uninhibited access to the whole house. Constant reminders that you are also allowing him access to your den works, and he has to realise that its a privilege for him to be there. Sometimes you could also send him outside for a half an hour and also keep certain areas of the house strictly to yourself, such as your bed and certain pieces of furniture which he is not allowed to go near. 4) If you have been allowing your dog to initiate play, you should also stop this. When a dog is nudging for attention to start a game, like others you may assume that its cute and affectionate. This is what your dog is really saying I am in charge and I want your attention immediately. If he insists on bothering you for your attention the best approach is to ignore him for a few moments get away from that spot and carry out another activity that does not involve the dog. As soon as he has given up bothering you for attention you should then initiate playing with him yourself. Playtime is a great time for you to bond with your dog, but it should always be done on your terms.

5) As soon as you arrive home never rush straight over to your dog and shower him with affection. This is not alpha dog behaviour. When an alpha dog arrives home he does not go over to the other dogs with the impression that he has missed them. What an alpha dog does is, he ignores everyone else then goes to relax for a while and maybe eat something and eventually mingles when he is ready. These are done on his own terms. Even though youre probably good and ready to interact with your dog as soon as you get home, it will make more sense to him and underscore your authority if you ignore him for just three to five minutes upon arriving home. Another fantastic way of counteracting disobedience is to start and maintain a basic obedience training plan.This can involve ten minutes on a daily basis of learning and enforcing commands. You can then go on to reduce this to five minutes a day as soon as your dog becomes reliable with the commands that you have taught them. They key to this is that you should never give your dog a command that you know that you cannot reinforce immediately if they chose to ignore you. The reason for this is each time your dog decides to ignore your commands it is learning that it is easier and great fun to ignore your command, this is not the message that you would want to give your dog

Never forget to use your voice to the best effect, by this I mean, praise should be in a light, cheery, happy tone of voice; if possible, smile at the same time. It does make a great deal of difference to your tone of voice and most dogs will also study your face in order to make sense of your expression.

Whenever you correct your dog, the tone of the voice should emphasise this too. By this I mean that corrections should be uttered in a stern, brook-no-nonsense tone. This does not mean that you have to shout, it means that your voice should be low and authoritative. Training your dog should be around five to fifteen minutes a day, if its more than this your dogs concentration will tend to lapse. You can move on to more advanced training and tricks if you feel like it, once your dogs got the basics completely sussed. Another option that you should consider is formal obedience training classes. This is a great way to socialise your dog as they get to be amongst other dogs and dog owners. This also and also teaches him to concentrate on what you want despite the manifold distractions taking place around him. I hope this article has been able to provide you with valuable tips on how you can get your dog to become obedient. For more tips and tricks for you dog, feel free to click on the link. ==== ==== To Get More Free Dog Training Tips Please Follow The Link: ==== ====

Free Dog Training Tips: How To Train Your Dog To Respect And Obey You.  

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