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For the first time in Trichy, housing plots are to be laid with a self contained Holiday Resort in 50 Acres.


ontinuing to sell plots all over Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, the company is

soon to come out with an ultra modern layout titled the Rich India Holiday Resort.

For the first time in Trichy, housing plots are to be laid out with a huge club house, swimming pool, a gym, a golf ground, a cricket ground, an open air theatre and various world class amenities. This is located at 1 km distance from Sethupatti Village on the Trichy- Madurai National Highway. The resort has 2 suits, 13 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a conference hall combined with a huge club house and other amenities of international standards. The Plot is surrounded by mango trees, coconut trees, saplings of guava, pomegranate, lemon, jack fruit, sapota, match stick, red sandalwood saplings, neem trees and lush green fields.

Rich India Holiday Resort Bhoomi Pooja ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. D. Arulanandhu, Managing Director, Rich India Group and Mr. Kaliyamoorthy Balamurugan IFS, Trichy Regional Passport Officer.




Grand Convention


28.07.2012 at Kamarajar Hall, Chennai


he convention was held on 28th of July at Kamarajar Hall.The function took place in a grand manner attended by members of Rich India management, business partners, managers, employees and all their family members. The function had the privilege of the presence of all the clients who had purchased plots from rich India Housing. They had come with their family members and had a gala time participating in the convention. It resembled a very big happy family. The convention started at 9 am and went on till 9 pm. Tongue tickling multi cuisine breakfast, lunch and dinner were served to satiate the palettes of everyone. The convention was a gathering of management members with clean ethical business practices and foresight, business partners, managers, employees, clients and family members of all of them.


Rich India's numerous business partners, toil for the group's success in all its activities. It is the practice of the management to honour these members who have working tirelessly over the years for the cause of the company's development. This recognition by the management of their commitment to the group is considered more valuable than anything for the employees. During the convention that took place on July 28th, 50 cars were handed over to 50 outstanding achievers. 500 two wheelers were handed over and 250 housing plots for their achievement. The recipients of the gifts were proud of their achievements of hard work. It took their families too on an emotional high.




Managing Director Dr. D. Arulanandhu gave a detailed speech describing about the group, its beginning, the group's business travel over the years, the vision and mission and future business plans.

Mr. Vallinayagam who laid the foundation stone for Rich India's upcoming corporate structure with all its divisions under one roof gave a speech highlighting the group's commitment and trustworthiness. Dr. Justice T. N. VALLINAYAGAM

DR. D. ARULANANDHU Managing Director, Rich India Group

Mr. R. Nataraj who laid the foundation stone for Rich India School in Trichy spoke about the group's involvement in uplifting the society, caring for children and Rich India Charitable Trust's yeoman service. Mr. R. NATARAJ, IPS

Kindle your mind and elevate your standard of living Mr. Periyar Dasan spoke about how to progress in business and life by creating milestones of trust and integrity. Mr. PERIYAR DASAN Orator

Mr. Gopinath of Vijay TV spoke about our country, our society, people, the youth and how Rich India has integrated all these into its developing business activities. Mr. GOPINATH Vijay TV Fame


Pongal Festival @

rich india holiday resort, VIRALIMALAI


n consequence to our changing life styles and practices, traditional festivals too have been undergoing change one after another. In the order of festivals, the traditional pongal festival used to be celebrated in a grand manner with family members only in the family's native villages or towns. As people from the villages have moved to metros and cities for various reasons of urbanization, they are no more able to go to their native soils for such festivals even though they desire to do so because of the pressures and changing life styles in metros and cities. Games and fun sports too akin to native soils played by fathers and grand fathers have become totally unknown to the present day generations. In such a scenario, Rich India Holiday Resort located at Viralimalai Sethuppatti village in Trichy district, celebrated Pongal in grand manner following the traditions of the native soil that included fun games and sports of that soil too. Clients having bought land in Rich India Holiday Resorts came with their family members and joined the Pongal celebrations and had a gala time. As per the Pongal celebration traditions, earthen pots with pongal, sugar cane, turmeric, and vegetables spread on banana leaves were placed and offered to the Sun God prayerfully following every ritual of the soil. When the pongal rice inside the pot started boiling and over flowing, the traditional ritual of women folk making a strange sound with their tongues and mouth cannot be described in words! Both men and women circled around the pot containing the pongal rice singing folk songs in merriment.

Participants were amazed to see the village pongal celebration that had a typical village market, Sarbat Stalls, hutment dwellings, boys playing with the spin top, the bullock carts, duck dwellings and parrot astrology readings and they simply awe struck. « Dance art forms viz. Karagattam and Oilattam were a major attraction. « Village fun games were held and people participated wholeheartedly, some of them even won prizes. « Games for children viz. tickling, eye spy, spin top, rectangle jumping etc. enthralled the young ones. « Boys engaged themselves playing tug of war and silambattam showcasing their strength and physical prowess. « Everyone who bought Rich India Resorts lands sat on bullock carts and went circling around the resort which was a specialty. The pongal festival is associated usually with people calling out Pongalo Pongal during the celebrations and this was truly evident in Rich India Resorts Pongal celebrations. At a time of failing monsoons and deteriorating interest among youngsters to take up to agriculture, during the Pongal celebrations at the Rich India Holiday Resort, Mr. Manikandan was given an honour titled “Rich India Ilam Vivasayi” (Rich India Young Farmer) for having been a highly successful farmer with a passion for agriculture


RICH INDIA owing responsibility function 28.02.2013 at Kamarajar Hall, Chennai


he Rich India Group started in the year 2004 has countless business partners as of today. In recognition of their hard work with commitment, their share in the company's growth, their business achievements and individual talents, the group honoured the business partners by giving them higher designations with greater responsibilities. It was a function where the business partners in turn took an oath of resolve on the stage committing themselves to the newly allotted responsibilities and verbally declared to the gathering that they would work for the group to fulfill the group's vision in providing good homes and contribute to the growth of the country as well. They proudly and gracefully acknowledged the recognition of the Rich India group. Their families too were present at the function emotionally overwhelmed by the group's recognition.

In recognition of their hard work with commitment, their share in the company's growth, their business achievements and individual talents, the group honoured the business partners

PROFIT SHARING Fonder directors who have been with the group right from its « inception and have contributed significantly to the group's growth over the years were given a share in the profits of the organisation. The group emphatically declared that this profit sharing arrangement would continue year after year. « It was reiterated by the management that these committed employees of Rich India would be paid salary, bonus and other incentives every year. The families gathered in the function this noble gesture of the group with thunderous applause. « Gold Medals were awarded as a gesture of honour to a few committed employees who have been tirelessly working for the cause of the organisation.

PATTIMANDRAM « During the function of Rich India's Ownership Responsibility, a debate was conducted with Dr. Solomon Pappaiah as the facilitator. The topic for the debate was “Family life combined with social service brings contentment in life”. The debate was made humorous and interesting with interesting anecdotes about life that made the audience laugh and at the same time think deeply.

CD RELEASES « The vision and mission of Rich India engraved on a Compact Disc (CD) was released on the stage. « The words “Our Country, Our Rich India” were engraved on a CD and that too was released.

Members of the Rich India Group in unison, once again reiterated their commitment towards upliftment of the family, the society and the country as a whole.

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