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n a world filled with challenges, selecting young talents, encouraging and empowering them has been Rich India's first and foremost duty. Started as a real estate company, the Rich India group has not only diversified into various other businesses and marching ahead successfully but has also been seriously contributing to the empowerment of youth and developing the community in a significant and committed manner. The youth – A sweet and powerful workforce of the world! The younger generation is capable of bringing about drastic and powerful changes in societies!

Dr. D. Arulanandhu Chairman & Managing Director, Rich India Group of Companies

Rich India extends a welcoming hand to every youngster ready to work for the cause of the nation, filled with the verve to meet challenges and ready to bring about positive changes in the society. The group has taken the oath to empower them with the right perspectives. Rich India Civil Services Academy has been established so that the generation next grows up to create healthy communities equipped with a uncanny foresight.

The youth – A sweet and powerful workforce of the world!

Life is not just about birth and death alone! Life is truly about how we live a fulfilled life of quality and erudite character that inspires and motivates future generations. Helping the needy, making it affordable to those who can't, respecting the stret, community, society and the country and striving to build a better and more powerful nation is what Rich India Charitable Trust is all about! Join hands to empower our proud nation! A warm welcome to a young generation with vigour and vitality! Come! Let us build worthwhile communities for a worthy nation.








or Dr. D. Arulanandhu, the Chairman of the Rich India Group, corporate governance and social service are like his 2 eyes and the Rich India Charitable Trust, an offshoot of the group, is something close to his heart. Most of us like to render social service in some way or the other.

Corporate success combined with social service

A majority of us indulge in social service when or if we get time for it. Some of us allocate a specific portion of our income for social causes. But the Rich India Group considers serving for social causes as one of its prime duty and has been rendering yeoman service for the cause of the society. The group also sets stipulated time frame within which it strives to complete its social obligations. With a foresighted objective towards nation building, the chairman Dr. D. Arulanandhu has clear cut plans to achieve certain social goals and hence works tirelessly towards accomplishing such social upliftment goals of the Rich India Charitable Trust, ably supported by a team of committed employees. The toil and sweat of a man single handedly rendering social service will surely bear fruit in the society at least drop by drop. If a service minded corporate head with the noble intention of truly uplifting the society works tirelessly both for the organization as well as the society with the support of a team of dedicated and committed employees, the results are bound to be manifold. Amidst business sharks and corporate companies vying with each other for greater profits to amass wealth, the Rich India Group with its noble intention has been serving the society to effect a change for the future generation calls for nothing but encouragement and recognition of such a yeoman service. Through Rich India Charitable Trust, the group has been making major contribution having commenced the Rich India Civil Services Academy, Rich India School and a project titled “Children for Children�.



rICH INDIA Rich India aims to bring out 1000 IAS / IPS officers



or most of the present day youth, quality education for becoming IAS and IPS officers to serve the nation still remains only as an unfulfilled and distant dream. Family circumstances combined economic backwardness, lack of existence of educational institutions to provide quality education in several towns or villages where the families reside are some of the contributing causes why their dreams remain unfulfilled. Rich India Civil Services Academy builds a path and a career for such children. Youth possessing lofty ideals, social concerns, the verve to achieve combined with a nation building mindset desiring to appear for IAS and IPS examinations are afforded training at Rich India Civil Services Academy. Accommodation, quality food, books to prepare for IAS/IPS combined with a 24 hrs. library, everyday classes conducted by qualified and experienced teachers, group discussions, smart classrooms combined with inspiring achievers, group discussions etc. are some of the facilities being provided at the Rich India Civil Services Academy; and all these facilities free of cost!

Academy offers Free IAS/IPS Coaching for the aspiring students to fulfil their dream. Also provides food and accommodation.

Mrs. Aruna Arulanandhu lights the lamp in the august presence of the Managing Director Dr. D. Arulanandhu and dignitaries Mr. S. Munir Hoda, IAS, Mr. R. Nataraj, IPS on the occasion of grand opening of Rich India Civil Services Academy on 5th of December, 2011. Also present in the ceremony is Mr. S. Rajasekar, Executive Director.

Inauguration of Chennai Institute

Conference Hall inaugurated by Mr. R. Nataraj, IPS

Library inaugurated by Mr. S. Munir Hoda, IAS

Rich India Civil Services Academy has plans to start such centres in various towns throughout Tamilnadu, identify such aspiring students and provide quality training. One such centre of Rich India Civil Services Academy was commenced on 5th of December, 2012 at Coimbatore.

Dr. D. Arulanandhu felicitated Mr. R. Nataraj, IPS

Inauguration of Coimbatore Institute

Coimbatore Academy inaugurated by Dr. Justice T.N. Vallinayagam on 5th December 2012

Mrs. Aruna Arulanandhu lights the lamp in the august presence of the Managing Director Dr. D. Arulanandhu and Mr. Peryar Dasan.

Rich India Civil Services academy conducting entrance exam for students to be enrolled for IAS/IPS training classes.


Well equipped class rooms 24 hrs Library Discussion Hall Best of materials Experienced Faculty A/c with wifi



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Students shares their experiences ... ... This is a good op po Rich India Civil Se rtunity to me to join rvice Basic featu res to select the Civil Se rvice Academy. * Room nearby th e Ac * Good Environme ademy nt for studying * Bring good facu lty and he teaches good. * Hygienic food to maintain our heal th. * Motivational Cl ass.

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ACTIVITIES We are marching forward ourselves to build a strong and powerful India‌ and we will achieve this noble goal! A function was held recently by students of Rich India Civil Services Academy students to showcase as to how they are preparing themselves for the future to contribute towards India's growth and make the nation stronger and took an oath towards such a goal. Mr. Kaliyamoorthy Balamurugan, IFS, Trichy Regional Passport Officer made his presence and graced the occasion.



Enlighting the Education.

Education to children; is like what oxygen is to us!

Even a building requires a strong foundation! Our country is vast! A strong country needs qualified young generation! To churn out qualified young generation, education is essential during their childhood! If children aren't provided education during their childhood, how can our nation become stronger to face imminent challenges!

Dr. D. Arulanandhu released the CD of “Children for children” which is being received by Mr. Stalin Gunasekaran, founder & president of “Makkal Sindhanai Peravai”. Masters Arnold and Mathewo are seen adjacent to him.


t is a good practice to inculcate good thoughts, deeds and values in children right from the formative stages.

Pure seeds help grow strong trees that gives benefit to one and all!

Masters Arnold and Mathewo : These two boys studying in the 5th and 6th standard respectively had saved a sum of money given to them by their parents on festival days in a piggy bank. When their savings reached a lump sum, the boys sowed the seed of a noble thought in their minds, the result of which is the project titled “Children… for Children”. The boys felt that if only they used their saved up money and donate it students who can ill afford quality education or buy books, it would be their worthwhile contribution to empower their own lot who are not as fortunate as themselves and it would pave the way for the unfortunate ones to build a career! That's how the project “Children… for Children” started taking a shape.

The objective of “Children… for Children” project is to create awareness among kids of well to do families about the habit of saving from their pocket money and contributing the same towards empowering their own unfortunate lot with quality education.

Arnold and Mathewo approached their parents with their noble intention which baffled and at the same time thrilled the parents who were pleased that at such a young age, their children had thought of it and immediately nodded their approval paving the way for the “Children… for Children” project to start crawling slowly but steadily. Both Arnold and Mathewo took their savings to the Helping Friends Home at Pakkam near Chennai, and donated the funds to help a few economically backward students to empower them with good education. This has instigated many of Arnold's and Mathewo's friends and their friends too to save money to contribute for such a noble cause! Today, many kids are saving from their pocket money to help a few unfortunate kids to be educated. The main motto of the “Children… for Children” project is to create awareness among kids of well to do families about the habit of saving from their own pocket money and contributing the same towards empowering their own unfortunate lot with quality education and build a good future for those children. Such children who have the noble thought of doing something for others from the formative years are sure to grow up as adults possessing the same noble character of not wanting others' possessions thereby contributing to building a future nation devoid of corruption, red tapism and nepotism. Let children do what many adults are supposed to do but have failed to do! The “Children… for Children” project would be an ideal foundation towards a strong and corruption free nation for its ultimate growth!

“Children… for the sake of Children This is our day….One more joyful day To help our fellow peers and educate them the way we are blessed; here's our tiny contribution towards it! We read our lessons daily without fail, So that our future turns out to be bright, Incidentally we save little everyday from our pocket money, So that our peers who are unfortunate in our country, Could be educated to make a difference in their future!





r. D. Arulanandhu has studied 8th standard at Ammapettai Holy Family RC Higher Secondary School in Trichy. As he could not pursue his studies due to economic reasons he took up his own business venture and presently is a successful entrepreneur and a business head. He is rendering social service through Rich India Charitable Trust. As a mark of recognition for his outstanding social service and being an old student of the school, Holy Family RC Higher Secondary School invited him to be the chief guest on the school's sports day celebration. Dr. D. Arulanandhu attended the sports day function with his family and shared some of his life experiences with the gathering also reminiscing his schooling days there joyfully. On his speech, he narrated his early days at the school, his business ventures and his success in the corporate world, the social service activities that his organization is involved in and his staring the Rich India Charitable Trust with a social cause, all touched the hearts of the audience and members of the school management. In fact, it gave ample encouragement for students to think about their future and worthwhile achievements.





here are many children who do not have parents and there are parents who are not able to take care of their children due to extreme poverty. Their lives become a question mark devoid of love and care and most of these children turn toward ways in spite of their wanting to be good kids. Dr. D. Arulanandhu, managing director of Rich India and his wife Aruna Arulanandhu have together decided to identify such children, provide them with food, clothing and shelter and educate them well enough so that they stand on their own feet and earn for themselves. Mr. and Mrs. Arulanandhu have vowed to remain as caretakers for such kids and take care of them throughout their life. The couple have decided to identify 40, 000 such children so that they could provide the basic necessities, educate them, take care of them as parents and mould them to be responsible and ideal citizens of tomorrow. In a function held on February 28th 2013 at Kamaraj Hall for the members of Rich India to own corporate social responsibility, Mr. And Mrs. Arulanandhu embraced 6 such children as a beginning towards their noble adoption project. These 6 children are presently staying at the Friends Helping Centre at Pakkam, Chennai and continuing their studies. The expenses of these children are being taken care by Dr. D. Arulananadhu through Rich India Charitable Trust. These children have been given the freedom to visit Dr. D. Arulanandhu's residence whenever they feel like and they have been having a good time spending joyful hours with Dr. D. Arulanandhu's family members. The children share their experiences with Dr. D. Arulanandhu's family members just like they would do with their own parents and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Arulanandhu and their children treat these 6 children as their own family which has helped these children see the brighter side of life. The couple has openly requested people to send such unfortunate children to them so that the lives of such children could be uplifted and the people who send such children to Rich India Charitable Trust could have the satisfaction of having lit the dark lives of unfortunate and uncared children.





illions live in our country. Many people lose their lives because they have not been able to get blood during accidents or illness emergencies. That's why Rich India keeps conducting blood donation camps during all its functions and celebrations. Blood connection would be its next dimension. Employees, customers and all who are in some way or the other connected to the Rich India Group register details about themselves and their families with the group, the group arranges blood for these families during accidents and medical emergencies. A special team has been formed within the group consisting of a few select members from its employees, clients and friends of the group which has been tirelessly working to keep the blood connection strong and worthy. Rich India group conducts a blood donation camp in all its functions. When Rich India Civil Services Academy, Coimbatore held this function, a blood donation camp was also held by Rich India Charitable Trust in association with Lions Club of Coimbatore. Employees of the group, academy students and members of the public gathered in large numbers and donated blood.




rgans of our body can be of immense use to others after our lifetimes.

Dr. D. Arulanandhu signed documents agreeing to donate his organs after his lifetime followed by his sons Master Arnold Arulanandhu and Mathewo Arulanandhu, who also signed similar documents reflecting the family's concern for the cause of humanity. Also, the directors of the group came forward to donate their organs by signing the documents.

On Thursday, 25th of April 2013, at the annual day celebrations of “Udhavum Nanbargal Illam� at Pakkam near Chennai, Master Arnold celebrated his birthday joyfully in the company of Udhavum Nanbargal Illam students and distributed the sports equipments




ustomer satisfaction and committed employees are the wheels that help an organization stay on the right track and guide towards its achieving its vision. Rich India's pride is its 1 lakh satisfied customers.

Rich India which was started in 2004 with 5 business partners has grown in size and stature to be a reputed group through hard work and commitment and marches ahead adding more and more business partners and customers as well. The Arnold Mathewo Foundation has been founded to provide security to the lives of Rich India's committed employees. The foundation has been established to take care of Rich India employees’ accidents and medical emergencies. In case of death of an employee, the foundation would take care of all financial needs of the heir of the bereaved family's educational, medical and basic financial needs until the person is groomed to earn on his or her own. Rich India pays salary to all its employees until they are alive. After their time, The Arnold Mathewo Foundation takes care of the bereaved family members.

Mr. K. Gopalakrishnan served as Joint Director of Rich India Housing, Trichy Branch, has suddenly expired due to his serious illness. Thereafter, Rich India Housing has taken care of his respective family including their basic needs and education needs for their children. Every month, a sum of Rs. 10,000 has been provided to the family. Moreover Mrs. Savithri Gopalakrishnan has been given an opportunity to serve with Rich India Housing as a founder director.



SERVIng the


Rich India Charitable Trust, in association with an NGO “Nallor Vattam”, has been conducting various programmes to create awareness on keeping the environment clean.

On 25-3-2012, Rich India in association with “Nallor Vattam” conducted a programme titled “Our Chennai - Our Responsibility”. The programme was graced by the presence of Chennai Corporation Mayor Sri Saidai S. Duraisamy and Rich India Managing Director Dr. D. Arulanandhu


ich India Charitable Trust has been serving for the cause and upliftment of the society in many ways.

Rich India Charitable Trust, in association with an NGO “Nallor Vattam”, has been conducting various programmes to create awareness on keeping the environment clean. Members of Rich India and Nallor Vattam have selected a few areas in Chennai and have been rendering yeomen service; such as cleaning the streets, placing name tablets with legibly painted street names at respective street corners, painting socially relevant messages on approved walls and planting saplings on both sides of streets.


Talent Hunt Gathering

Members of Rich India and Nallor Vattam in action, cleaning a few streets in Chennai!

In a metro lifestyle where people hardly know their neighbours, Rich India and Nallor Vattam together have been gathering the residents of neighbourhood and conducting Talent Hunt competitions creating awareness of hidden talents in people of that neighbourhood. April 27th and 28th, 2012 witnessed one such gathering at Subramania Nagar in Kodambakkam in which eager residents participated whole heartedly.

Providing drinking water during summer through water bunks

Our Chennai - Our Reponsibility awareness meet

Providing drinking water during summer through water bunks


sapling donation An everlasting green environment


ollution emitted by vehicles and factories is eating away the clean air in our environment! Imagine the state of human beings when the earth itself is being polluted due to so many reasons! Perhaps the day is not far off when we would have to buy oxygen for our breath, the way we are paying presently for buying clean drinking water! Oxygen content in the earth's environment is being depleted by carbon emission! It is a dangerous warning! Planting trees that inhale carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen near our homes, on the roads in towns and metros throughout the country would significantly augment oxygen content in the atmosphere and help us breathe air that woul be more clean devoid of pollution. It has been observed that bursting crackers also pollute the air. The smoke emanating from bursting crackers is also believed to be affecting the ozone layer. Contrary to the usual industry practice of distributing crackers to employees during the Deepavali festival, Rich India distributed seeds and seedlings to be planted to its employees for furthering the growth of trees. On the day of the Deepavali festival, members of Rich India along with their family members kept themselves busy planting trees in their homes and on the roads as well. As a gesture of thanking and honouring members and their families who enthusiastically participated in planting trees in various places in the city, photographs of this ordeal have been taken by the group and they have been exhibited with pride at the office of Rich India Charitable Trust. The members hope that these seeds would grow into trees by the passage of time and would help future generations to breathe clean fresh air.

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