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Jet (the gemstone, not a plane) Division is the largest division of the nine divisions within the CNH KIWIN’S District! We are the biggest division made up of various schools clubs throughout Orange County including Edison, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, La Quinta, Los Amigos, Marina, OCSA, and Segerstrom.


president and now Jet’s very own Lt.G! My

MAYHEM!” Hello Jet! My name is Richie Chu,

home club, Edison, never had much of a

the Jet Lieutenant Governor. “Wow the Jet

standing at the school, and I’m proud to

Lieutenant Governor?”, you might be thinking

say that as one of my biggest

to yourself, but trust me, I’m not that cool I’m

accomplishments throughout my high

weird! Yes, I’ll admit that I play games such

school career I was able to develop the

as League of Legends, and enjoy watching

club into one of the most active and

shows such as various K-Dramas. I’m in love

known club at Edison. KIWIN’S because no

with cats and binge watch cat videos daily!

matter who you are, officers or general

And as a competitive person, I satisfy my

members, we are all important student

desire to win by serving up plenty of bagels

leaders making a difference together. From

throughout my whole tennis career. So, don’t

KIWIN’S, I learned that whatever you set

be afraid if you have any questions or just

your mind too, you can accomplish it.I

want to talk or even play some league. So,

took the opportunity to become Lt.G

when did my love for KIWIN’S begin? I was

determined to do the same not only for

only a shy sophomore as my school KIWIN’S

Jet but the Cal-Nev-Ha District as a whole,

elections approached, and I only ran for club

giving back to what the organization has

secretary to be able to put it on my college

done for me. And together as a district I

applications. I didn’t think much of KIWIN’S

know that we are going to rock the

and I was always so intimidated by the

2015-2016 term! #chuflu

outgoing members. To my amazement, I fell in love with the organization because it

provided me not only with a second family that immediately accepted me, but the opportunity to be a leader, which drove me to take on the position as club

Helloooo Jet KIWIN’S!! Some of you older manatees may know me as last term’s Edison Club Treasurer, others might recognize me as the current District Treasurer of CNH KIWIN’S, but most of you probably have never heard of me… So hello new friends! My name is Kathy Bui, I hail from Edison High School, land of the Chargers, and I am a proud manatee. A little bit about me first: I love eating unhealthy food, I am a guilty impulse shopper and spender, and I surround myself with funny people because I love to laugh. I will be a senior next year #tybg and I can say with all my heart that timidly joining this club my sophomore year has been the greatest decision of my life, and I implore the rest of you younger manatees to make the most out of your KIWIN’S career. This organization crosses school districts and class boundaries like no other extracurricular offered at our high school level. Everyone shines in a different light and has a different edge to offer to the multifaceted Jet gemstone, but we glisten the brightest when we’re together in our Ohana. So I would like to congratulate you on starting or continuing your tumultuous KIWIN’S journey, and I could not be more excited to play a part in catalyzing it. Krunk Kathy out

My name is Tiffany Nguyen, but you can call me anytime (¬‿ ¬) I am your 2015-2016 District Secretary and I will be a senior at La Quinta High School, Jet Division! You can literally hit me up about anything from MRFs to math homework and it’ll be cool with me xD I have been told I have occasional OCD or that I subconsciously correct people’s grammar, but no habit can be as strange as saying “bless you” to strangers who sneeze while walking outside of your classroom ಠ_ಠ Some things I do outside of KIWIN’S include tennis, piano, Girl Scouts, or other clubs like NHS or CSF! Once every ten million years when I have free time, one of my guilty pleasures is watching hours of Friends or anime at a time!! I have no shame when I say I have watched entire seasons in one sitting (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ My taste in music ranges from depressing ballads to EXO, so whenever people ask what kind of music I like I never know what to say?? As for KIWIN’S, there is a special place in mi corazón for this family. I have been so inspired and so impacted by the individuals I was blessed with the opportunity to meet through this club, and I honestly can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!! ♥___♥

Greetings! My name is Michael Tran and I’m your appointed District Awards & Recognition Chair for the 2015-'16 term. I’m currently a sophomore at La Quinta High School. I take part in other extracurriculars such as Marching Band and Winter Drumline. My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Criminal Minds. I love chicken alfredo and boba!! I'm very thrilled to work with all divisions this year. The District Board has a lot in mind to improve KIWIN'S this next year. My goal this year is to improve member participation in District events by recognizing members, officers and clubs in any way possible. This year will be filled with enjoyment and excitement!! KIWIN'S wouldn't be an ohana if it weren't for all you wonderful members. With that being said thank you for being a part of this amazing and life-changing organization!! Feel free to contact me!

HEY MANATEES I'm Carolyn Le and I have the honor of being your 2015-2016 KIWIN'S District Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair! I'm currently a sophomore at Fountain Valley High School. I'm really weird and sometimes too loud at events, don't worry though I'm extremely open to meeting new people! To be honest if someone randomly messaged me at 1AM, I'm mostly likely awake and down to talk to them about anything! A few things about me, I'm practically addicted to boba and macaroons, I have a really diverse taste in music, I HATE tomatoes, I was pretty sheltered as a child, and my pet peeve is people who think it's okay to stop randomly in the road or while walking. Now that you know how completely weird I am, I truly look forward to representing Jet Division and setting the precedent with this new District Appointed Board position.

Why did Santa go to college for music? To work on his wrapping skills! HAHAHHAA. Hola Jet, I’m Charissa Nguyen and I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as your District Convention Chair for the 2015-2016 term! I love to eat a LOT and I’m not picky at all! Currently a sophomore and soon to be junior, I hate wasting food and I can’t handle any type of spicy. I’d like to give an early warning that I am very forgetful and clumsy, and more likely than not, I will break my ankle somewhere during this term, so please help your girl out! In my spare time, I am CHARI$$A THE RAPPER and I like to rap about things I love: KIWIN'S is the apple to my pie, without this organization, I think I would die. KIWIN'S is the straw to my berry, it's the team I want to carry. KIWIN'S is a peach, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. (preach!) But enough about me, this year is about YOU. What can I do to make this year the best it can be for you? My goal this term is to incorporate as much of your ideas and suggestions as possible, so that the 40th Annual District Convention will be successful. I am extremely excited to work with District Board to make DCON 2016 the most memorable and rewarding experience for the members so I really hope you will go (it will make me so so so happy and grateful)! Thank you! xoxo, Charissa Nguyen.

Hey everyone! My name is Kevin Son, and I am proud to say that I am your District Technology Chair for the 2015-2016 term. I am currently 16 years old and finishing up my junior year at La Quinta High School. I have been an Aztec since I was a freshman and a Manatee since I was a sophomore, with no regrets, of course. I am so eager to serve on KIWIN’S District Board alongside such an amazing group of individuals this year. Without a doubt, I am confident that we will be able to bring forth great changes and innovations that will make KIWIN’S more successful than it has ever been. To give you just a little more insight about me, outside of KIWIN’S, I am currently a member of La Quinta’s Color Guard and Winter Guard Team. When I am not involved in extracurricular activities, doing volunteer work, or studying, I absolutely enjoy spending time on the Internet and my computer graphic designing, video editing, and web developing. KIWIN’S has definitely been one of the greatest surprises that came to me in high school. Even though I joined this organization sophomore year, I never aspired to be a leader within my club, let alone this entire district. However, as my time in KIWIN’S continued, I got the chance to meet my true passion for technological arts such as graphic designing, video editing, and web development. I found the perfect way to combine what I love to do both: KIWIN’S and technology. Therefore, I was appointed the position of Technician Chair for my home club. Later on, I have built the confidence and skill to apply for District Technology Chair with the help of my true KIWIN’S role model, Jennifer Ngo. I know that this year will allow us accomplish many goals and I am so excited to work with all of you this term! With great service, Kevin Son.

Hi are you lost? Well that's okay you can follow me on instagram @yobetchadidntnoiztamnhi Just kidding! My name's Tamnhi, people call me Tamnhi but YOU can call me tonight ;) I am a current junior and an upcoming Senior at Fountain Valley High School (cries). My favorite KIWIN'S events are Concerts in the park, Relay for Life, Fall Rally, and District Convention. A little secret about me is I have a huge obsession with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (books and movies) my favorite character is Legolas holla at cho girl she gonna be an elf queen soon. I love going on roller coasters and anything that gives me thrill cos I'm a wild child ;---)))) ;p I also enjoy sketching, swimming, and just having fun with fam, franz, and most importantly manatees (sup widdit). I hope to bond with all you cute manatees and create fluffy shining memories!!! ARE YOU READY READY TO HAVE A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious YEAR?????? COS I FEEL GOOD OH I FEEL SO GOOODDDDD ABOUT THIS YEAR AWOOOGA AWOOGA!!!!!!! Btw, don't be afraid to say hi to me I'm weird, you're weird....we make a good match :)

Joseph Nguyen has been appointed for Jet KIWIN's Divisional Board Projects Chair. He is currently a junior at Marina High School, spending his thrifty days with his stunningly cute girlfriend, Thao-Vy, socializing with friends, and playing tennis endlessly. He is on the Varsity tennis team for Marina, and he also has a passion for music, banging his head on the piano for the orchestra at HBHS. He aspires to become a Pokémon gym leader in the future, but as his parents probably want him to make money he will probably study Pediatrics or Neurobiology when he attends college. He is weird, naive, awkward, but very fun to talk to! He loves making new friends so if you ever see him around, scream at him, "HOW DO YOU FEEL" and he might say he's ok. Or chant Awooga and dance around like he's crazy. But hey, they say crazy people are never sad ;) AND they make events about 10x more lively.

Hi friends !! I’m Carol and I’m your ’15-’16 Divisional Bulletin Editor. Currently, I’m a Sophomore at Fountain Valley High School and I also serve as the Vice President of FV KIWIN’S. Last year, I was the Technology Chair for my club and I loved that position so much. So of course, I had to take the opportunity to run for Bulletin Editor. It’s almost the same thing !!! Kinda. Making computer graphics and techy stuff is really gr8 I love it. I also really really REALLY like cake and bread !!!!!!!!!! I also get scared easily… and I guess I cry easily too. T_T BUT ANYWAYS, if you see me at an event you should say hi to me! Feel free to send me a message on FB if you ever need someone to talk to ♥

Hello! My name is Erinn (yes, with two n's) and I'm one of your 2015-2016 Spirit Captains!! I'm really looking forward to the year ahead and absolutely ecstatic to serve this term cheering my heart out for our service! As you can see, I really like using exclamation points!! I am an incoming junior at OCSA as a cellist, but I also enjoy dancing and picking up other instruments like drum set and guitar slightly/very-below-averagely. This term I am serving as OCSA KIWIN'S vice president as well, and I'm excited to get to know my division better so don't hesitate to come up and chat with me as it'll bring me joy! Some other things that I love include all puns and terrible jokes, caps lock, yelling, and grilled cheese sandwiches. And of course all my family members (you!). I'm pumped for another great year of #Jetsupremacy, so let's put some service in it!!!

Hey Jet Division! My name is Julie Quan and I am so honored to be one of your Spirit Captains for the 2015-2016 term! I’m sure that with the help of my co-captain, Erinn, and the future Spirit Committee, we can win back the Spirit Stick at Fall Rally 2015! I have so many ideas and plans for Spirit Committee so please look forward to future spirit battles! In addition to being on divisional board, I am also the Club Vice President for Marina KIWIN’S as well as serving as Marina’s ASB:Commissioner of Clubs. As you can tell, my life revolves around clubs. KIWIN’S has brought so much into my life and I’m so honored to be working with such wonderful leaders this term. I’m currently a Junior and since next year will be my last in KIWIN’S, I want to be as active as possible in our division. I can’t wait to get to know you all and to participate in spirit battles together! To reiterate from the May DCM, I loveeeee nutella and potatoes, but I hate sketchy taxis rides. Nutella is basically my life in a container <3 Fall Rally is still months away but tbh, I’ve already started thinking about cheer ideas and stuff. :) I’m so excited for Fall Rally 2015, and I hope you manatees are too! Shamelessly advertising, but Spirit Committee Applications will be released a couple weeks before Fall Rally and I hope you guys apply!!!!

We are one of the biggest divisions of CNH KIWIN’S so we will be needing a lot of voices to help lead everyone else. Plus, you get to hang out with Erinn, me, the Spirit Chairs, and some other cool spirited people! Shout out to Marina KIWIN’S for supporting me in my decision to run for Spirit Captain! Manatees, I hope you’re ready ready for a great KIWIN’S year! P.S Marina KIWIN’S : Please do not make a flag with my face on it for Fall Rally. That should be for #chuflu :P P.P.S Sorry this intro is so disorganized...I’m an AP Eng. student I swear!

I was always a shy girl, and honestly I was never really spirited. Throughout half my sophomore year and my junior year as club vice president I was never really was able to put my all into KIWIN’S although I wanted to. However, this all changed after one fateful DCM, when Richie and Kathy left me alone at Fusion Tea Bar with a girl I barely knew. I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t leave because that would be rude, so I forced myself to talk to her. She was genuinely nice. We went outside, and I saw more people that I always saw around but never talked to. I talked to them. They were all genuinely nice, hilarious, and quirky, and we talked for hours. This was the day I realized that KIWIN’S is truly an ohana that will not only accept anyone but also cherish every single individual, and this was the day I fell in love with KIWIN’S and became the person I am today. Awww. Now after my sappy story, I’m just going to tell you a little more about myself. Hi! I’m Michelle Hwang, incoming senior, and I am now the Club President of Edison KIWIN’S. Although I am what some would call a good student, I now find myself staying late nights procrastinating by doing KIWIN’S work. If I don’t have any KIWIN’S work, I make it up (yeah). In addition, I like to play tennis, League of Legends, and with boys’ hearts. I like to draw, read, write, and do pretty much anything creative, but I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. I’m always down to talk, and don’t be afraid to smile and say hi! Finally, I will also be in ASB for the first time next year as Commissioner of Clubs, and I look forward to using my experiences from KIWIN’S to improve student life and school spirit at Edison. However, my one true love will always stay with my ohana and I am excited to have a fantastic year with Edison KIWIN’s, Jet Division, and CNH KIWIN’S!

Hello fellow Jet Manatees! My name is Angela Nguyen, the president of Fountain Valley KIWIN’S for this term, 2015-2016. I have been a member and a board member since I was a tiny little freshmen. I always hear stories from T.V. shows and friends how high school is the time where you learn what it’s like to fall in love and possibly find a significant other. Lucky enough for me, I was able to experience it myself and was able to find my one and only true love, KIWIN’S!!! I fell head over heels fast and hard. My first year in KIWIN’S was a blast and my love for it grew more and more these past few years. My whole journey so far feels like it was all just a dream. Who knew that when I got freshmen representative, in 3 years, I would be the president. Sorry, I have been getting freaked out lately about how quickly time is flying by right now. Okay, that’s enough about my love life! Some facts about me, I am currently a junior at Fountain Valley High School. I have black hair, brown eyes, and 5’2.75’’(almost 5’3’’!!!) I play volleyball and do track for my high school team; they are my other lovers besides KIWIN’S. I am a pizza fanatic. I could eat pizza everyday if I could and not get sick of it. I love rainy days and being able to feel the raindrops on my face. BUT, I also love warm and sunny days where I could just feel the sun embracing me. However, I don’t want to be out too long or else I’m going to get dark, which can happen very fast. I get light and dark so fast that it’s scary! These past few years, my fellow members have made fun of me and even gave me different aliases like the Dark Publicist, the Dark Secretary, and the girl hidden in the shadows. Whenever I attend an event that goes on until the evening, they even pretend to not be able to see me. Another addiction that I have is watching Hulu. I literally have about 13 different T.V. shows that I watch. My favorite of all time has to definitely be Psych. Best show ever hands down. I don’t know why, but I find walks on the beach or bike rides on the beach incredibly relaxing. It makes me feel like I’m in my own little bubble, away from reality, where I have nothing to worry about for a few moments.When I am older, I want to be able to take a backpack, leave everything and explore other countries. I honestly just want to travel around as much of the world as possible before I settle down. Well, I hope you don’t die from boredom after reading this. Hope you have a wonderful and spectacular day! I love meeting new people, so feel free to come up and talk to me!

Hey guys my name is Natalie Nguyen. I am Garden Grove High School KIWIN'S President. I remember coming into high school wanting to join KIWIN's because I've heard about it from other schools. When we didn't have one I never had to push to start one, till last year. Now I am the founder of KIWIN'S at my school. Honestly from the start it seems like a lot of work to start out a new club but in the end it was definitely worth it. Our goal is to now increase membership, have more active members than the amount of members in the club, & to have multiple fundraisers so we can give members the opportunity to participate in Fall Rally & DCON & to be able to donate to our causes such as PTP, Live2Learn & Project Eliminate. So I am an upcoming senior, yay for class of 2016 omg. I am also in other clubs such as Animal Safeguard Society & Class of 2016 (we do skits/dance sets for Homecoming & Winterfest). A side hobby I enjoy is dancing, which is why I am in c/o 2016. I was also involved in the Jet Presidents Talent show at DCON heh. It was honestly a great experience for my first year at DCON as well. For sports I'm in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field. Haha not only that but I love going out to support our school for other sports because of the cheer battles. I guess I really do bleed red LOL. Can't forget about those TV shows like The 100, Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars, & The Vampire Diaries. 10/10 recommend you guys to watch it. Let me know if you guys ever watch it so we can fangirl over how amazing it is & all the perfect people in it!!

Hi everyone!!! My name is Soros, but people probably know me as the girl with the really long last name! You may think I’m intimidating because of my puffy hair, but feel free to talk to me because what lies inside that hair is a bundle of… well that’s a

secret for you to figure out! ;) I am a person who will try to persist in the things I do, whether it be sports, academics, my hobbies, or a club like KIWIN’S. I would consider myself adventurous because I always love trying new things. For example, instead of joining track to do sprints, I decided to go with hurdling because it seemed different, and I wanted to challenge myself to overcome that literal obstacle, and I have never regretted ever since. Friendship and family is something I highly value because they both make life a whole lot better, so I always try to be there for anyone’s troubles. Ever since I’ve joined KIWIN’S as a freshman, I’ve experienced many cherishing moments from 4 AM events to the craziest spirit battles, and I want everyone to experience KIWIN’S the same way I did. These moments did indeed shape the person I am today, someone who is willing to lead for the sake of others’ fulfillment, to change their opinion of service, and to make them feel accepted into our family. As cheesy as it is, I really do think that we can, and we do make a difference together, so no one should ever be excluded. I really love not only meeting new people, but also actually getting to know them because I think everyone is super interesting in their own way! At the same time, I am a big believer in taking opportunities because you should never let that chance slip, so if you ever see me, just say, “Hi”! <3

Hello, my name is Tam Tu and I am the president of Los Amigos High School KIWIN'S. I have dedicated two years to this club and it allowed me to grow from a shy freshmen to a confident leader. KIWIN’S, to me, has always been about developing leadership skills, reaching out to the community, and helping a variety of charities. My goal is to reach out to younger teenagers who are trying to discover their passions and identity in order to provide opportunities for them to give back to the world and gain leadership skills. I have witnessed the compassion that every KIWIN’S member has when they are pouring their hearts into chanting cheers and volunteering at service events and I have been inspired by their excitement about the club. I took on the role of president because I want to bring Los Amigos KIWIN’S to greater heights—to transform a small underdog club on campus to a greater ambitious club. My goal this year is to have an increase in membership, more participation in fundraising for Project Eliminate, and participate in school events to provide the school with greater service. With help from my board and members, these goals are attainable. I am looking forward to an exciting year of service and impacting younger teenagers’ lives.

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Le, and I'm the president of Marina High KIWIN'S. Who am I? I'm that girl that makes lame jokes in the corner, then laughs to herself. Three things I love are fried chicken, KIWIN'S, and sticky notes. I'm also awkward and prone to dropping things and tripping, but I'm also very optimistic. Before high school started, I messaged my friend because I was nervous about going into a new environment. Were the upperclassmen going to bully me like in the movies? Did they really push people into lockers? What if they threw pennies at me? I have no idea why those thoughts occurred to me, because none of them were true at all. Well, maybe a few coins were thrown at me out of complete jest by my friends, but anyways, my friend told me to join KIWIN'S, which was the best advice I ever took. I immediately fell in love with the club, and supposedly told the president at the time that I wanted to run for president at my very first event, which was a beach clean up. I don't remember saying that at my first event, but finally, here I am. Becoming president of a club is something I never would've guessed I had the capability to do before entering high school, and I'm thankful to KIWIN'S for all the opportunities it has given me. I'm very excited to work with everyone for the new term to better something that we all love.

Hi everyone! I’m Renee Su and I’m the president of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) KIWIN’S. (Jeez I wish my high school’s name was shorter sometimes.) This term I’m super excited to be leading my club to newer and higher heights much to the dissatisfaction of my neglected Netflix queue. (I’ll be back for you Doctor Who, I promise.) I am a sophomore and have been a part of KIWIN’S since freshman year. However, I knew I’d be a part of this organization since middle school when all my friends were raving about how cool.

KIWIN’S members are (because c’mon we really are). I fell in love with KIWIN’S and couldn’t get up when I realized how much of an accepting ohana we really were and how dedicated each and every member in the ohana was. It was within KIWIN’S that I met some of the most hardworking people I have ever known and I aspire to be just like them. It’s no surprise why KIWIN’S members are so hardworking though, because they are working for an amazing cause. A cause that doesn’t just benefit their college transcripts but also benefits people all over the world. It was under this admiration for other hard working members and more importantly the causes they were working for, that I ran to be the president of OCSA KIWIN’S and it was with great honor that I accepted the position. Looking forward, I’m excited to put in as much hard work as I can to drive my home club to higher heights. Since the creation of OCSA KIWIN’S a mere 2 years ago, our club has stayed small but mighty. This year I’m looking to expand our numbers while keeping up our spirit and dedication to service. Besides KIWIN’S my loves include my aforementioned Netflix queue, watermelons, dogs, the beach, writing, and (on the down low) video games. I run a gaming YouTube Channel with my boyfriend and will never be seen without at least one, super cool pen. Trust me, I’m the girl you want to ask if you’re ever looking to borrow a pen. I’m super excited for the 2015-16 term because I know it’ll be a term of amazing service accomplishments and growth, just like every other year in KIWIN’S. I’m Renee Su, and I’m super excited to be meeting all of you! (Yes that was an intentional rhyme.) Hi, I'm Nha Dang and I'm ecstatic about serving as Segerstrom KIWIN'S 2015-2016 President! First off, I am really bad at introductions... BUT ANYWAYS, I am currently a sophomore, and last year, I served as Vice President. I'm co-president/founder of Girls' League at my school as well! Quick fact, KIWIN'S. isn't the first club board I've been apart of; I was on Red Cross board as Member Liaison last year! A few things about me: my favorite number is 13, and my favorite color is green. I like reading my horoscope and about my zodiac sign a lot, and I like long walks on the beach... just kidding, I don't really like the beach at all actually... OH! & I really, really like KIWIN'S! KIWIN'S welcomed me in freshman year as it was family oriented and had open arms for everyone. With this, I'm looking forward to creating the same environment for members during my term. I hope to stress the

importance of service and giving back while also helping us all grow to new heights as leaders. I want to show that old or young, everyone can make a difference. On that note, if you ever see me, be sure to stop by and say hi! I would love to be able to meet you all! Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s live up to our motto of "One family. One mission. One word: KIWIN'S." See y'all soon!

What is Project Eliminate?


MNT, Maternal and neonatal tetanus, is a

At the first DCM of the term last Sunday May

deadly disease that causes newborns to

17th, clubs participated in an activity

suffer painful convulsions stealing the lives

organized by the Lt.G and divisional board.

of nearly 49,000 innocent babies and

The activity was Project Eliminate Jar

women every year. Kiwanis International and

Decorating where schools teams up and

UNICEF have joined forces and started

competed to make the cutest jar in which

Project Eliminate in order to eliminate MNT.

schools will then take back and use to raise

This will require US$110 million to get the

money for Project Eliminate!

vaccines, syringes, safe storage, and more with the help from the Kiwanis family and UNICEF. The goal is to remove MNT from the face of the earth to give birth to a new generation of health families. Eliminate Week! Eliminate Week is a week dedicated to educating the general public on what Project Eliminate by participating in the various days throughout the week including wearing blue to represent Project Eliminate or fundraising for it! Here are what the clubs in Jet are doing

Fountain Valley Fountain Valley KIWIN’S had their Eliminate Week from May 11th – 15th. They helped raise awareness for Project Eliminate through various activities including their successful Souplantation Fundraiser! On Monday, their club pledged to eliminate MNT by writing their name on a sticky note, which was put on their Eliminate poster. Throughout the week they Edison This Eliminate Week, Edison KIWIN’S helped raise awareness for the Eliminate Project! Board members painted their faces a different shade of blue each day, and, when

sold goodies like cake pops and Baby Bottle Pops to raise money. In the spirit of Eliminate Week, they also posted baby pictures, a picture with their mothers, and they even had a blue-out at school.

asked by teachers and students about their spirited appearance, we educated others about the Eliminate Project and maternal/neonatal tetanus. Eventually, this led to students asking to get their faces painted too to spread awareness, and we were happy to oblige! In addition, we sold Eliminate buttons on Wednesday for a dollar each, and buttons began popping up on people’s backpacks and clothing everywhere.

Garden Grove

Even some teachers wore them! We sold out

This was our first ever Eliminate week and its

within the first day, but luckily we were able

going pretty well so far. On Tuesday we went

to get a second batch done by Thursday. In

around spreading awareness about MNT &

all, Eliminate Week has been successful in

asking for donations to put in our eliminate

raising awareness for MNT at our school!

mason jars. On Wednesday & Thursday we decided to make a video having people say why they want to eliminate MNT or if they pledge to eliminate MNT.

For Friday we decided to have members post a

week. Board members will also be selling

picture with their mother or a special female

boba after school to raise funds to save the

figure hash tagging #EliminateWeek

lives of mothers and babies. All proceedings


will go to Project Eliminate. A poster will be hung outside of our advisor’s classroom in order to raise awareness and members will be given the chance to write their pledge on the poster. Members who participate the most will also be given a prize. Marina On Wednesday, before school and during lunch, we tied blue ribbon around wrists to show that we pledge to Eliminate MNT. As more and more people got ribbon tied round their wrists, more and more people became interested in the blue ribbon and

La Quinta Members from both LQ KIWIN’S and LQ Key Club gathered in the lyceum, ready to watch our informational video based on eliminating

wanted to support the cause as well. We briefly explained what Project Eliminate was while we tied the ribbon, which piqued a lot of interest, and more people were willing to donate to the cause. This was a great way to

Maternal Neonatal Tetanus. Shortly after, they

get people who weren't in KIWIN'S involved

prepared to answer the questions based on

and aware of Project Eliminate, and we were

Eliminate Week in our Quiz Bowl to receive

so successful, that although we came with


four rolls of ribbon in the morning, we had to make a quick run for more rolls before school even started!

Los Amigos Los Amigos KIWIN’S will be hosting our Eliminate Week from May 25th to May 29th. Our members will participate by carrying boxes around campus to ask for donations and the member who raises the most money will be given a prize. Our goal this year s to fundraise $100 during Eliminate

OCSA For this term's Eliminate Week, Orange County School of the Arts KIWIN'S sought to spread the word about Maternal Neonatal Tetanus through face painting and post-it

pledging involves writing about why you want

They could also bring in dollar bills and

to support project Eliminate and pledging to

other types of coins to donate as well

spread awareness and donate to the cause.

(which would end up canceling out

One of the highlights of the week was when we

the opponents pennies). Members from

were able to fill out our entire poster with

both clubs quickly came up with a game

post-its. Some of the reasons students wrote

plan in order to win this event. There was

for pledging included "not wanting to break

lots of laughing, screaming, and donating of

the special bond between a mother and baby"

pennies and other coins. In the end,

and "to prevent destroying families." With a

everyone was able to raise a large amount

total of 50+ post-its our members were able to

of money for Eliminate Week. They all had a

reach out to not only the students, but several


staff members, teachers, and even the vice-principal. Face painting was also a huge hit as students lined up to get a blue heart or "MNT" painted on their face. While being painted members would explain to them the cause behind the Eliminate Project, to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus. OCSA KIWIN'S board members were also extremely supportive on social media by posting pictures of Eliminate Week and explaining what the Eliminate Project was all about. Overall this week was a great success for OCSA KIWIN'S and a good project to start the term off with as it helped advertise not only KIWIN'S' presence on the campus but also the importance of the causes we support. Segerstrom During Eliminate Week from May 4th to May 8th, Segerstrom KIWIN'S hosted a variety of events to help raise awareness for MNT. One of the events were Penny Wars against Key Club, which was held on Thursday, May 7th. For Penny Wars, members from both clubs were asked to bring in their pennies to donate.

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