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Credits to Alvin Lee from Marina

So… What’s Project Eliminate? What’s MNT? With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. There were 59 countries affected by MNT

Last month at the May DCM, we held a Project Eliminate jar decorating contest. Members teamed up into groups consisting of people from other schools. The paired schools were: Edison & Marina, Fountain Valley & OCSA, La Quinta & Garden Grove, and Los Amigos & Segerstrom. The Divisional Board

but due to 20 years of hard work and dedication

was put in charge of judging the contest, and

of Kiwanis and Unicef, 31 countries has eliminated

the winner was . . .

MNT. Now there are 28 countries standing in the way of a MNT free world.


Kelly Ma, Lilli Nguyen, & Ashley Nguyen from Marina! Congratulations on making the cutest jar at the DCM!

Who raised the most money? Congratulations to Marina for raising the most money!! They raised a total of $1030 by carrying out various projects throughout the week, most notably their cat food challenge. In second place came Edison with their total of $170. They also had their own methods to raise money during the week, including a fundraiser at Frostbites and selling some super cute Project Eliminate pins. What’s that? You want to buy a pin too? Keep reading to learn how you can get one yourself. As a division, we have raised a grand total of $1754.05! Thank you to all the manatees who helped make this possible!


The annual Jet Divisional Banquet was

The 2014 – 2015 Jet Presibaes also performed

held on Saturday, June 12th at Kiwanisland in

their winning dance routine. Like always, it was

Garden Grove. There was delicious catering

a crowd favorite.

from Stonefire Grill, cute decorations, memorable pictures, an entertaining pageant, and of course, lovely manatees. A special thanks to both District Board and IP District Board for driving all the way to come to our banquet! It was wonderful to have you there to celebrate a successful year with us.

It was truly a night filled with our one of a kind Jet Manatee love. I want to thank everyone who came to join us to say our final goodbyes to the seniors and to celebrate our success as a division. I hope you guys had a terrific time! So unteal we meet again . . .

Shout-outs were available for $1 each, as well as merchandise for Project Eliminate. All the profits made from these will be going to Eliminate! Throughout the banquet members were able to walk around and take super cute pictures at our photo booth and also around Kiwanisland itself. After eating dinner, members gathered around the stage area to take part in the DCM. Congratulations to all the schools and manatees who were recognized for their hard work! Want to know who received special recognition? Keep reading to find out! After the DCM began the Mr. Manatee pageant where five talented guys competed for the title of Mr. Manatee.


has shown KIWIN’S spirit by participating in all five days for Eliminate Week and wearing blue face paint for Eliminate Week, despite not Steven Chun deserves the award

many other members joining him. He doesn't

for Member of the Month because

mind standing alone in his love for the club.

he has shown great enthusiasm in

Steven also shows great enthusiasm at events,

being a club member. Although he

urging his other friends to come along, and he

was originally a fervent member of Key Club (and he "still loves

has shown genuine care toward his club mates,

Key Club in his heart the most"), he joined KIWIN'S at Edison

such as asking me (club president) if I was

High School in order to perform more service. He plays on the

alright when I seemed down at an event. He

Key Club x KIWIN'S "rivalry." but still, it is obvious that his

has attended 4 service events this month with

loyalties lie to service, not a club. In fact, I like to call him, as

Edison KIWIN'S, missing solely one event, a

anime-lovers know, a "tsundere." He appears cold and

Spring Faire, in order to attend the OC

unaffectionate toward KIWIN'S, yet we can all see by his actions

Marathon with Key Club.

that he truly likes the club and helping out the community. He

Kim Nguyen, the Los Amigos

Fountain Valley definitely

Secretary, deserves to be the

deserved club of the month for

club officer of the month because she has shown leadership and taken on responsibilities that she was not expecting Kim has been

having the most service events and service hours for this month and also showing one of the biggest increases from last month!

the most reliable person on board and I always reach out to her when I need help. She has a positive attitude and never complains about having to look for events, attending events, or being the leader. Kim has grown so much from just two months of being on board and she has a great future ahead of her in KIWIN'S.


Kyle Le (’16) from Edison High School is the new Mr. Manatee! He showed off his talent throughout the whole pageant. He showcased his dancing skills as he did some b-boy moves and even some body rolls!! We could definitely see how spirited he is as he cheered his heart out for KIWIN’S. In the questions portion, he showed how genuine he can be and we could clearly see his love for this organization. Congratulations Kyle! You definitely deserved to be the next Mr. Manatee.


Hello Jet Manatees! I'm being forced upon my will by Richie to write this(haha just kidding), but here are my final notes for the division! Congrats to you whoever is reading this because you survived a year with me leading all 750 of us!!! Teehee :)))) First of all, I just wanted to congratulate all 8 clubs in having a successful year for the 2014-2015 term! I was really great to watch and read about how your clubs are having more projects or having a bigger board or any other way to expand in service! Second! I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me for my term as Lieutenant Governor and as well as the past four years of my KIWIN'S career. It really shows that with a handful of friends, a dash of dedication, a sprinkle of spirit, and a whole lotta heart can go a very long way when you give something you love 100% of yourself! I couldn't have done it without any of you members out there who really kept me smiling! And lastly, I wanted to just say as I fade into the past as an Immediate Past member, the love from the KIWIN'S family will always follow me around everywhere I go! Whether it be during my new path in Circle K or when I go to a park one day and see some of you KIWIN'S members as the Easter Bunny or Freddy the Frog! Thank you for being the people I can turn to in my times of need and I hope that you all can feel this KIWIN'S love that is so contagious as well. Like what the great Jeffrey Dimsdale once said, "Even though your time is done, you are not." And this quote overall means that you need to cherish the small moments you share with one another because you not have 4 years in this organization!!!


Edison – Eliminate Pins & Jet Pin

OCSA – Jet KIWIN’S Manatee Crew Neck

Wear your KIWIN'S pride with some cute pins! Buy

Help out your community, whether it be through

one to show your support for the Eliminate

beach clean ups or marathon prep, in these stylish

Project, or to show off your manatee pride! Grab

crew necks! They are black with light blue and

one for $1 each at the next DCM or whenever you

white designs. Pre-sale ends on August 31 so

see an Edison KIWIN'S board member. Don't miss

order yours now at

out on the beautiful buttons!

Crew necks sell at $20 pre-sale and $25 regular.

Fountain Valley – Jet Manatee Pins Why not show off your Jet spirit with a super cute manatee pin? Each pin will cost $1 and they will be

Segerstrom – Kiwanis International Fanny Packs

available for purchase at the next DCM.

Don't know where to put your phone? Have no place to put those keys or charger? A bag/backpack is too bulky for you? WELL NO WORRIES BECAUSE SEGERSTROM KIWIN'S HAS JUST THE THING FOR YOU! We're selling Kiwanis International Fanny Packs for only $10! Get yours

Marina - #askmehowifeel wristbands

ASAP as we have limited supply left!

What better way to show off your KIWIN'S spirit than an #askmehowifeel wristband! They look snazzy on everyone and compliment and outfit! They are $2 and you can buy them from any Marina KIWIN'S board member.


A Picnic Fit for a Soldier | May 25th, 2015 "On May 25, Fountain Valley KIWIN’S helped out the community by participating in Green Valley’s biggest event of the year. This annual Memorial Day Picnic, which has been going on for years, is a long kept tradition of Green Valley. Starting at 11:00 A.M., members participated in this event by working in both food and game booths. The different food booths included beverages, ice pops, and cotton candy. The cotton candy booth was especially exciting because members were put in charge of making the cotton candy itself rather than only selling it. The members helping out at food booths worked hard as children ran to the growing lines to purchase a snack after exhausting themselves from playing at the game booths. There were various games available for the public, including the traditional bounce house and the thrilling velcro wall. Here, members made sure that the kids were safe by following a few safety precautions such as making sure shoes were taken off before entering the bounce house and that the suits for the velcro wall were properly worn. Fountain Valley KIWIN’S continued working at their assigned booths until around 3:00 P.M."


Duck-A-Thon | May 16th, 2015 “On Saturday, May 16th, Marina KIWIN'S participated in volunteering at the 23rd Annual Duck-A-Thon located at the Huntington Beach Pier. Duck-A-Thon is a tradition of the city of includes an off-the-pier fundraiser that incorporates Huntington Beach, andall the great qualities of Sand, Sun, Surf, Food, and Rubber Duckies! In the beginning of the event, volunteers were able to manage booths and carnival activities such as jumper houses, face painting, and ring tosses. Luckily this year, Marina KIWIN'S had the awesome opportunity to participate another time in the rubber ducky pick up in which volunteers competed against how fast they could pick up a rubber ducky in time to return to shore to grab another. . Afterwards, volunteers headed towards where they met up to talk about the rules of the rubber-ducky pickup while being assigned their numbers. Minutes after the dumping of the rubber duckies, volunteers worked hard to pick up the duckies as fast as possible by collecting handfuls into baskets. By the end of the event, the volunteers were told that they finished in the quickest matter of time out all the years! In conclusion, all the duckies were collected, put away, and organized all due to the help of the volunteers.�




SCHOLARSHIPS Women SPEAK will award scholarships in the amount of $250-$500 to high school students and college students of any age who exemplify at least one of the key pillars of Women This year, Women SPEAK will award scholarships in the amount of $250-$500 to high school students and college students of any age who exemplify at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK through personal development, extracurricular activity, or interaction/involvement in his/her local community or campus SPEAK through personal development, extracurricular activity, or interaction/involvement in his/her local community or campus

PUBLIC SERVICE GRANTS Women SPEAK will award up to 2 public service grants in the amount of $250 to high school students and college students of any age who wish to carry out a public service project that addresses at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK. Public service projects can range in scope including but not limited to a community service project, awareness event, or creative arts project.

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER AWARD Women SPEAK will recognize one chapter for their outstanding work of furthering gender equity, awareness, and activism in their campus and/or community. This award is decided by the Women SPEAK Executive Team.



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