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SEPTEMBER LUNCHEON— Former KC Chief & NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Bell Just in time for a hoped-for great season for the Kansas City Chiefs, the North Kansas City Business Council will be host to former Chiefs great, Bobby Bell, at its September 27 Monthly Membership Luncheon. Bobby Bell was the first Chiefs player to be inducted

into the NFL Hall of Fame. He serves as an Ambassador for the Chiefs and is a frequent motivational speaker. Prospective new members are encouraged to attend. Call the Business Council office at 472-7700 before noon Monday, September 24 to register.


Cleaver visits council

U. S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, whose district will include North Kansas City and Gladstone for the first time after the November election, attended the August 23 Monthly Membership Luncheon and shared a few comments. Congressman Cleaver addressed the critical importance of completing legislation to avoid severe financial conseCongressman quences. He also spoke about the need Emanuel Cleaver for the public to insist that candidates campaign and serve in a civil manner in order to find ways to solve critical issues. His Republican opponent in the November election is Jacob Turk.

City Administrator Update City Administrator Matt Shatto was the featured speaker at the August 23 Monthly Membership Luncheon. He gave his perspective of how the City has been addressing the significant deficit between spending for operational needs and sources of revenue. He spoke about the need to avoid relying on revenue from Harrah’s and that the City had made great progress in the last two years in balancing the budget. Much credit was given by Mr. Shatto to City staff for finding ways to deliver the same service—or more—with fewer people. He also gave an update about various development projects in progress. The proposed Meierotto project will give a large boost to sales tax income for the city. The Meierotto’s development company is now in the process of negotiating to buy the necessary property on the southwest City Administrator Matt Shatto corner of I-35 and Armour Rd. Concerning the ADM “Brownfield” project, a developer is expected to be named within the next month. The developer that is selected will lead the way in determining the exact “mixed use” of the property. In response to a question, Mr. Shatto indicated it was not the goal of the City to continue to own property set aside for development that could be sold to developers with a good plan that benefits the city. Not to be ignored was the plan by the City to assess the current and expected future value of North Kansas City Hospital. He pointed out that the proposed budget for 2012-13 validates that money from a possible sale of the hospital is not needed in order to have a balanced budget. Any potential sale would not be for the purpose of rescuing the city’s finances. He was unable at this time to make further comments. In response to a question he confirmed that except for some ambulance fees and some utility fees the City gets no income from the hospital and that the hospital gets no financial assistance from the City.

The Big Event Reception and Auction When you see the next newsletter (Nov-Dec) we will be just 5 weeks from The Big Event Reception and Auction on Thursday, Dec 6. Most of the same 14 restaurants that provided food for the event last year have already committed for this year. There will also be two new food providers. The Program Committee is

Solar Energy Comes to North Kansas City Submitted by Jennifer Keller, North Kansas City Business Council Staff

“As the technology for solar cells gets better, this form of clean, renewable energy will find more applications that take up less space and produce more electricity to meet the energy needs of our homes, schools and businesses.” —Samuel Bodman What do the Gardens at Northgate Village, Screenland Armour Theatre, The McCrummen Immigration Law Group, Walsh & Associates, and Fuji Sericol all have in common? They are all on the forefront of using solar energy to help power their buildings. Saving both money and the environment is not always easy to do. The Gardens at Northgate Village is doing just that by harnessing the power of the sun. The seniors’ apartment complex hosts three 25-kilowatt solar energy systems - demonstrating their commitment to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, while also reaping financial benefits. Each 25-kilowatt system, designed and installed by Kansas City-based Brightergy Solar, consists of 135 solar panels mounted to the roof. These systems will be used to power the common areas of the complex. This is the largest solar installation on a multi-family development in the Kansas City area. Based on an estimated power production of 102,500 kilowatt hours per year, by using clean solar energy instead

actively putting together items for an appealing preholiday auction. Please plan to attend. Thursday, Dec 6, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., in the Ballroom at Finnigan’s Banquet Venue. It is a great way to begin the holiday season and to find a few good buys for gifts (or for yourself). If you have a good idea for an auction item you would like to donate that would promote your business, please contact Jennifer or Margie at 472-7700. of power generated by the burning of fossil fuels, the combined systems will prevent the emissions of more than 2,018 tons of carbon emissions over the lifetime of the systems. This is the equivalent of 6,565,524 miles not driven by the average car or planting 34 acres of trees. The panels have 25-year warranties and will produce energy for decades. The McCrummen Immigration Law Group is also working with Brightergy Solar at their 2005 Swift offices. They will have 99 panels on the south side of their building, which will produce approximately 25 kilowatts of electricity. KCP&L is currently paying a utility rebate of $2.00 per watt, up to 25 kilowatts, for qualified solar systems. There is a 30% federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) available through 2016. According to Debbie Fassnacht their estimated utility savings for the first year will be over $5,000.00 and their estimated time for payback of the solar system with the energy and tax savings is approximately four years. Butch Rigby is also taking advantage of the rebates from KCPL and the U.S. government for his installation of 100 panels on top of the Screenland Armour Theater building by Gladstone-based KC Solar Energy. According to Butch, “Our decision was highly influenced by the availability of the rebates. I have a strong desire to make all of my buildings very green. However, the cost is very, very expensive. If it were not for the rebates, I could never afford to put the money into the panels. Further, I feel that the technology will get better and better, so I can see a day when we would want to upgrade the panels, and if we were still servicing debt 10 years from now, we would

New Members of the NKC Business Council Centerpoint Properties Jim Cross & Melissa Roman CertaPro Painters Steven Hamadi

Daily Safety Check Marco Stanich

Insure One Alvaro Rodriguez & Kimberly Kirkwood Kessinger/Hunter & Company, LLC Pat McGannon Lil’ Johnny Appleseed John Lochert

The Masters Law Firm, P.C. Stan Masters

Voyages Plus Travel Shoppe Toni Cracraft

be unable to upgrade. As it is, we will likely take a few years to pay back the costs, but we feel it is an investment well worth our time and money. Of course, it will help keep our costs stable, as we are making a portion of our own power. While it is a new technology and we cannot tell exactly how effective it will be, it is very exciting to think that we are harnessing the energy that has been available to us throughout all of the existence of this planet.” While it’s unrealistic to think we will all be able to run everything on solar power right now, the forward thinking actions of these North Kansas City business leaders is a step towards making North Kansas City a “shining” example of solar energy use at reduced cost.

Masoud Shabazi of KC Solar Energy at the Screenland Armour Theater building.

NKC Triple Play Team Fun Night

A team from Southwest Technologies, Inc. participating in last year’s Triple Play Team Fun Night.

The deadline to get this newsletter to you the first week of September precluded publishing the final results of this year’s “Triple Play” event. Forty-two teams signed up to participate from 20 separate organizations. The AMF Bowl staff geared up to make it a fun evening with plenty of food, fun rotations of bowling, billiards and mini-golf and free go-kart rides for anyone who was interested. Trophies and gift cards were given to winning teams and a large traveling trophy went to the overall winning team.

Healthcare Legislation & Small Businesses

Business Council member Krueger & James Insurance sponsored a Business Focus Forum event on August 21 at the Screenland Armour Theatre to help small business owners and managers have a better idea of what to expect and how to prepare for the implementation of healthcare legislation (aka “Affordable Healthcare Act” or “Obama-care”). Some of the uncertainties about implementing healthcare insurance reforms were clarified by the presenter, Craig Kovarik, an attorney with Husch Blackwell LLP, who has become an expert on the topic. If you would like additional information on this topic contact Deena James or Jason Forge at Krueger & James Insurance.

Farmer’s Market Celebration of National Farmer’s Market Week

The North Kansas City Farmer’s Market will continue to operate until the end of October. It has been a difficult summer for anyone trying to raise and sell vegetables and fruit, but the vendors serving the North Kansas City Farmer’s Market have continued to provide good choices and have commented about the great support they have received this year. A recent “scavenger hunt” focused on some of the lesserknown offerings of some of the vendors and was our way of helping to celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week in August.

Upcoming Events

Changes Are Coming First, “new” furniture came to the Business Council office, donated by the North Kansas City Historical Society. The classic desk, credenza and bookcase once served the mayors of North Kansas City. Soon, new computers and a new website are on their way! Innovative Networks will be replacing the Business Council’s computer hardware and software so we can “keep up with the times” as well as your questions and requests. In September everyone will be able to check out our new website designed by Tilpro. You will be able to access all of the same information that is on our current website, and more. We are most excited about the new interactive map that will allow anyone to click on a member’s “pin” and access information about that member, including a link to their website! We are eager to get everything up and running and we look forward to being able to serve you faster and better. Both of the firms providing the technology upgrades are members of the Business Council and both are located in the 1321/1327 Burlington business center operated by member Wholesale Data Center/The Carney Group. Innovative Networks will be hosting the First Friday Coffee on Friday, Oct. 5, in celebration of their new facilities in Suite 300 at 1321 Burlington.

First Friday Coffee—Country Club Bank, Fri., Sept. 7, 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Business After Hours—American Inn, Wed., Sept. 19, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monthly Membership Luncheon—Thur., Sept. 27, Finnigan’s Banquet Venue, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Bobby Bell, former Chiefs linebacker and member of the NFL Hall of Fame First Friday Coffee—Innovative Networks, Oct. 5, 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. This will also be the Grand Opening celebration of their new facility at 1321 Burlington, Suite 300. Business After Hours—Armour Loft co-sponsored by liNKCity, Wed., Oct. 17, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monthly Membership Luncheon—Thur., Oct. 25, Finnigan’s Banquet Venue, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. State Senate Candidates Ryan Silvey and Sandra Reeves The Big Event Reception & Auction—Finnigan’s Banquet Venue, Thur., Dec. 6, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Executive Level Sponsors

Recent Business Council Event Hosts

Thanks to Jennifer Keller and Margie Maasen, who share the Administrative Assistant’s position at the North Kansas City Business Council, for hosting the First Friday Coffee on Fri., Aug. 3, at the Business Council office. The staff was pleased to show off the office furniture donated to the Business Council by the NKC Historical Society that was used by the Mayors of NKC for several decades. Thanks to Don Lewis and Penny Green at Morrill & Janes Bank for hosting the Business After Hours on Wed., Aug. 15 and treating attendees with food from Smokin’ Guns BBQ. Thanks to Deena James, Kirk Krueger and staff at Krueger & James Insurance and theatre manager Mike Woolley for hosting the Aug. 21 Business Focus Forum on healthcare legislation at the Screenland Armour Theatre. Attendees became aware of the theatre as another downtown alternative for lunch and as a place to hold special events.

NKC Business Council 406 Armour Road, Suite 240 North Kansas City, MO 64116

Executive Director’s Comments, by Rich Groves

As I approach the anniversary of two years as Executive Director of the North Kansas City Business Council, I continue to appreciate being a part of such a unique and vital community. Here are some of the qualities I have noticed: • Small town feel; yet less than 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City and within 20 minutes of almost any place in the KC metro area, thanks to major highways through the City and bridges adjacent to the city. • Relatively small residential population; yet more than 20,000 workers who gladly come here every day to work. • Showered with a windfall of income from Harrah’s; yet valiantly finding ways to achieve financial balance without depending on the casino. Rich Groves • Vital high school community, with representation of over 40 languages. • Elected officials and city staff who are approachable and supportive. • City-owned hospital that has become a highly-respected regional hospital, continuing to upgrade itself with important new services and gaining significant recognition such as the College of Cardiology Foundation’s “Get With The Guidelines (GWTG) Platinum Performance Achievement Award for 2012”, one of only 164 hospitals in the U.S. to receive this recognition. • Home-town friendly service by every business I encounter. • A wide selection of great eating and drinking establishments – mostly locally-owned, many within easy walking distance. • Home town of one of the leaders of the medical information systems industry – Cerner Corporation • A town that is proudly celebrating its Centennial in 2012. • The unique distinction of having a city-operated utility providing high speed internet service throughout the city that giant Google is just now introducing in a much less comprehensive way to neighboring cities. • A proud tradition of excellent police and fire safety. • A balanced and supportive Board of Directors of the North Kansas City Business Council. • New or re-locating companies knocking on the door to be part of this community. • Land-locked; yet with many acres of accessible, developable property for more commerce and industry. I could go on, I suppose, but my hope is that you have experienced some of these same positives that I have experienced.

September - October 2012  

The newsletter of the North Kansas City Business Council

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