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How to Play a Dervish in Guild Wars 2? So you want to play a dervish now, well you have come to the right place in GW2 Game.

Steps 1. Get an elite. Choose the one you are most comfy with. (Try them out in PvP. Just get 3000 faction and unlock it) The dervish has pretty much exclusive access to the Avatar Forms, which are long-lasting, non-removable skills that do things like increasing damage, armor, attack speed, or changing damage type. 2. Get a max scythe (max is 9-41). 3. Get max armor (70 AL). Except in very rare circumstances, more armor is more protection, and is better. 4. Get good enchantments. Heart of fury and Zealous Renewal are examples, but check for more examples.

Tips 

Look for builds at pvxwiki. While these builds are often very common (and thus not innovative), they can give you a great sense of skill synergies within the dervish profession. If you are encountering too much damage, use a windwalker insignia (exclusive to dervish - adds additional armor for a certain number of enchantments), survivor insignia and rune of superior vigor.

Warnings 

Know the possible benefits and restrictions of each secondary. You have higher armor than most caster professions, but a usually lower energy pool.


Be careful of enchantment management. Enchantments are one of the Dervish's most powerful tools; take note of what happens when they begin, during their duration, and when they end.

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How to Play a Dervish in Guild Wars 2  

How to Play a Dervish in Guild Wars 2

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