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Diablo 3: How to Level Up Quickly In Diablo 3 for the PC, for some people leveling up fast is the name of the game. After all, if you want to play on Inferno difficulty, you’re going to need to max out your character as quickly as possible. I have put together some tips to level as quickly as possible. Some of these will be no-brainers, but I’m still going to include them because, well.. sometimes we need reminders about the simple things.

1. Stock Up On Experience Gear Nearly every equipment slot in the game can have a bonus to experience on it, so try to equip every slot with it if possible. Don’t worry about upgrading your blacksmith early on, because you won’t get much benefit from it until later, so spend your money in the auction house on experience gear.. it will pay off in the end. Keep replacing it every few levels if you can as well. There will come a point when you won’t be able to afford having this stat any longer, but that won’t be for a long time.

2. Don’t Pick Up Junk You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with leveling? Well, it primarily has to do with wasted time. If you are picking up junk grey or white items, then your bag fills up faster. The faster your bag fills up, the more trips you have to make to town. The more trips you make to town, the less time you spend grinding out levels. Don’t spend less time grinding levels!! You don’t get crap for them for selling them anyway, and they can’t be salvaged, so leave the junk where it belongs.. on the ground.

3. Keep Upgrading Your Weapons It’s simple math.. the more damage you do per second, the faster you kill mobs, and the faster you’ll get experience. Invest your money in the

auction house if you need to, but always try to have the best weapons available for your class.

4. Get Kill Streaks Kill streaks give you experience bonuses. Sure, they’re not stellar, but any experience is good experience. Kite your group of mobs into the next group of mobs if possible to get a better kill streak for a little more experience.

5. Use Experience Shrines Every time you click on one of those experience shrines, bust your ass around the map and kill everything in sight until it runs out. 25% experience boost is nice, so don’t waste it opening chests and crap.. those will be there for you when you come back after the boost wears off.

6. Don’t Die I mean, this goes without saying, but dying is wasted time and wasted time is less experience gained. You should always have a ton of potions, and pretty much every class has an ability or two that gets them out of harm’s way. Normal difficulty is stupid easy anyway, so you shouldn’t be dying either way, but you should still play smart and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

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Diablo 3-How to Level Up Quickly  

Level Up Quickly