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Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

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Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Colton Thompson puts a tire on a radio-controlled car at Jorgensen’s Honda in Richfield. The RC craze continues to grow, and Jorgensen’s offers products for everyone from entry-level novices to expert racers.

Jared Jorgensen, left, Austin Beach and Camron Jorgensen look at the online inventory of Jorgensen’s Honda. The company is branching out into online sales, including auction houses.

Jorgensen’s — More now than ever Jorgensen’s Honda has long been one of the leading motorcycle and ATV dealerships and repair centers in the state. However, Jorgensen’s offers a lot more for people who want to have fun. A lot of people enjoy traveling in their RVs and camp trailers, but the hassle of getting one ready for a trip can be a drag. Not at Jorgensen’s, where they have a one-stop solution for prepping RVs and trailers. Tucked behind Jorgensen’s is an island that has two dump stations, fresh water refilling, propane recharging and even washing services. “We do just about all repairs,” said Chuck Lipsey, RV tech at Jorgensen’s. He said in addition to mechanical maintenance, Jorgensen’s officers siding, roofing and other repairs to keep RVs functional and comfortable. “If you don’t want to do it, I’ll take care of it for you,” Lipsey said. He said while he deals with the required maintenance and prep on RVs, families can enjoy a game of bowling. Outdoor recreation is a place where people build memories. In the past it’s been difficult to capture the fun of ATVs, waterskies and other outdoor sports. However, with the innovation of the GoPro camera system, people can capture their most extreme sports in high definition video to share with friends and family for years to come.

Brock Hansen stocks a GoPro camera at Jorgensen’s Honda in Richfield. Hansen said the innovation of GoPro cameras allow people who are interested in preserving their outdoor recreation experiences a way to do so in high definition video.

“There are all kinds of mounts available for them,” said Brock Hansen, sales specialist. He said with the right equipment, GoPro cameras can be used anywhere, including underwater. Capturing video has also seen improvements with the popularity of radio-controlled vehicles. Jorgensen’s offers radio controlled drones and copters that can be used to film video. Some of the drones can even be controlled using a tablet.

Jorgensen’s Honda RV technician Chuck Lipsey shows off a new pump station that allows people to dump their RV sewage, refill fresh water and recharge propane in one stop.

For those who prefer to keep their RC adventures grounded, Jorgensen’s has a huge selection of remote controlled cars for every interest and skill level, from beginners to experienced racers. “We even have a track for people to use,” said Colton Thompson, RC specialist. The track, located east of Cove View OTHERS THOUGHT IMPOSSIBLE Golf Course, is open to people to use at no charge. “It’s a lot better than driving them up and down the street,” Thompson said. Local races are organized at the track through text messages and social media. He said RC cars have a wide range of products available, from electric to gas powered. Cars are specialized for many different applications, including sand, climbing and racing. Jorgensen’s also offers expert support and advice when it comes to exploring the RC hobby. Jorgensen’s is also branching out into online sales. Utilizing online auction houses and other types of Internet sites, the business is finding success Flick it over faster and stay on top of the deep stuff. in selling to a worldwide The 417-pound 2014 Polaris® PRO-RMK ® with ™ QuickDrive Low-Inertia Drive System. customer base. “It’s been really good,” See the Mountain Like Never Before. said Camron Jorgensen, online sales specialist. He said the online sales idea 980 South Cove View Road • Richfield • 435-896-6408 is a way for Jorgensen’s to keep up in the ever-shifting TERRAIN DOMINATION world of retail.


Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2013 Polaris Industries Inc.


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Kick off your boots and stay a while Located on a hilltop in Torrey at the junction of Scenic Byways 12 and 24, nestled between Capitol Reef National Park and the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, the Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse offers travelers a great place to kick off their boots, enjoy great steak and the best views in town. The 50-room motel with its adjoining steakhouse also boasts an indoor pool and hot tub, gift shop with locally crafted goods, beauty salon and conference center. “Our goal is to make your stay here as comfortable as possible — kick off your boots and stay awhile and let the Broken Spur Inn be your home away from home,” said Francine Hallows, who owns the inn, along with her husband Gary. “Our steaks are cut daily in our steakhouse and our beef is aged to perfection. Our hilltop location has the best views in town and because we are located away from the main highway. It is a quiet oasis.” A lifelong cattle rancher and one-time president of the Utah Cattleman’s Association, Gary has always taken pride in good beef cattle, and always had a dream of one day owning his own steakhouse.

“When the Sandstone Inn came up for sale in 2011, he suggested we buy it,” Francine said. “It was a giant leap, but after much consideration [we] took the plunge, and purchased it in August of 2012.” Being in business is much better with a partner, so Travis and Holly VanOrden joined the business and the Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse has been creating a unique stay for travelers in Wayne County since spring 2013. Francine said that experience is continuing to improve as additional improvements, including a bakery, Laundromat and a new entryway with big pole beams and metallic horses have been ongoing this winter. “Our future goals would be to continue to make the Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse not just a great place to stay, but a destination for guests to want to come,” Francine said. “We want guests to feel at home and that they are important to us.” Francine said the business also prides itself on providing a boost to Wayne County’s bustling travel-oriented economy. “We employ approximately 20 people throughout the season, including housekeeping, laundry, waitressing, dish washing, front desk and bakery help,” Francine said. “We are glad to be able to help with local employment.”

955 East SR 24 • Torrey • (435) 425-3775


65 West Center • Richfield (435) 896-5476

The Richfield Reaper celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013. In 125 years, the paper has seen numerous changes and weathered many challenges. In more than a century, the mission of The Reaper hasn’t changed — to provide the very best in quality community journalism to the residents of south central Utah. Since the founding of the United States, newspapers have served as one of the cornerstones of how representative democracy works. The freedom of speech and press were guaranteed to the American people in the same breath as freedom of religion. Even with the transformative popularity of the Internet, it is not a substitute for a thriving local newspaper. The Internet is merely a tool, but if one wants reliable information from a source that is responsible, the local newspaper is still the best bet. When people are looking for information about the region, the first place they come is to the newspaper. Newspapers and readers form a symbiosis. Newspapers keep elected and law enforcement officials accountable, while the readers hold the publication accountable for what it prints. The result is that people who read the paper understand more about the world around them in terms that are factual, documented and in context rather than the result of gossip. While not as immediate as television or radio, newspapers are still the place where people turn to get in-depth stories. In the last decade, the Internet has also become a powerful player in the mass media, but it has an inherent unreliability as a source of information. In 125 years, many things have changed for The Richfield Reaper. There was a time when printing a picture was a difficult process and color was unheard of, but now those things are common. The Reaper was one of the first local businesses to have a continually updated and maintained website, which serves as a hub of information for both locals and those seeking information about the area. This led the paper to branch out into social media with a Facebook page. The future of the newspaper is going to continue with changes, growth and enhancements to better serve the readership. Starting this February, The Reaper will become the regional distributor of The Deseret News National Edition and the LDS Church News. These publications will be included in area subscribers’ weekly copies of The Richfield Reaper. The Deseret News National Edition is a weekly publication with stories based on family values, faith and other general interest topics. The LDS Church News contains material focused on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Andy’s Market

515 North Main Street Monroe, UT (435) 527-0933

Before Photos





After Photos




When Crisp Grocery closed up shop in 2011, it was an end of an era in Monroe — one that native John Hansen said he and his wife Trudy hated to see disappear. “We took the loss of the grocery store kind of personal,” said Hansen, who grew up in Monroe and now resides in the Woods Cross area. “When the grocery store was going out of business, we had a lot of ideas how they could change things to make it better. We love Monroe, and we thought we had an idea that will work.” From those small ideas, Hansen said the concept bloomed, he purchased the old Crisp Grocery building in October 2012, and remodeled it to become a new grocery store. The product of that investment, Andy’s Market opened its doors to the public Feb. 2, 2013. “I grew up going to Andy’s in Monroe,” Hansen said. They had penny candies and high quality cuts at the meat counter, I absolutely loved it. I can’t think of any other name more fitting, so I named the store in memory of Andy’s Market and Andy Winget who owned it. He was one of my heroes growing up.” Hansen said he wants Andy’s Market to be more than just a grocery store in Monroe, he said he wants it to become a staple in town. “I feel like it’s become a community gathering place,” Hansen said. “It’s hard for me to see businesses on Main Street go away, and I hope this has helped to reverse that. I love to see people stay home and shop.”


Hansen said he feels since Crisp Grocery and Lin’s both disappeared over the past few years, that people had been missing a grocery store that has more of a hometown feel, and he hopes the introduction of Andy’s filled that void. Along with the groceries, Hansen said Andy’s features a bakery, a grill, a craft and consignment corner where people can sell homemade items, and a bookstore and exchange. According to Hansen, the book exchange and consignment shelves opened along with the groceries, followed by the bakery and grill departments. “We are very service oriented as well,” Hansen said. He said Andy’s has a home delivery service especially in the Monroe Area. “We are willing to deliver to other areas as well, but will combine those orders and deliver only one or two times a week.” Hansen said a personal shopper program is also available at the store, with conditions for delivery being that the customer must purchase at least $25 of goods per order. “For the personal shopper, we try to accommodate anyone at any time, but we are staffed for doing it in the late afternoon or early evening,” Hansen said. “That’s the type of service Andy used to provide, and I want to bring that back to this area,” Hansen said. “We hope to create strategic partners with people in the valley, and offer something that people feel like they have an invested stake in and can enjoy.”


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65 West Center, P.O. Box 730, Richfield, UT 84701 (435) 896-5476

Look to us for local news that makes a real difference in your life.


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

T h s e e k D a i f M f e y r l e i n m c e a F Our Values are Your Values ... Come Feel the Difference!

Jorgensen Ford is a family owned and operated business — starting at the top with Dennis and Mike Jorgensen. The Jorgensen family has owned the Ford franchise in Richfield since 1997. It was a natural for them because of their experience in successfully building their Honda motorcycle dealership from a modest beginning to becoming one of the largest ATV dealers in the western United States. It was a no-brainer to pick up the Ford dealership because of the strength of the brand in rural America. The Ford truck line is the powerhouse brand in central Utah and has been such for decades. The new ultra modern and high tech line of Ford cars and SUV products powered by the economical and powerful EcoBoost family of engines has done nothing but enhance the Ford mystique in our area. The family ties at Jorgensen Ford do not end with the ownership of the company. Jeff Brewer, general manager of Jorgensen Ford, works closely with his son JJ Brewer, a salesman at the dealership. “It has been very rewarding teaching my son the ropes of an exciting and challenging occupation,” said Jeff Brewer. “Understanding the intricacies of the auto business takes years, but the rewards of doing it right serve our customers well and brings satisfaction and success to the dealership.” The family ties continue at Jorgensen Ford with Jay Johns, parts and service director, who works closely with his son Justin Johns, service adviser at the dealership. The bottom line of these relationships is a better buying and service experience at Jorgensen Ford.

at Jorgensen Ford, Dean Aston, financing leader can to secure the best y will do everything he possibl needs. er’s tom cus a t financing to mee

Jeff Brewer, left, general manager, and son JJ Brewer, in sales at the dealership, bring their positive values and ethics to each sales transaction at Jorgensen Ford.

“Family takes care of family and that includes our extended family of customers,” Brewer said. Jorgensen Ford keeps this commitment with their customers in a variety of ways — including making cars available for customers to use when their vehicle is in for a collision repair or service. Customer needs are met because that is what the Jorgensen Ford family believes is the right thing to do. Jorgensen’s shares the same philosophy when it comes to service — knowing that their service department is second to none. They strive for total customer satisfaction. They build bridges with customers through the entire sales process. “We beat Salt Lake City prices and we invite you to shop and compare,” Brewer said. He said with access to prime, subprime and special finance lenders, the Jorgensen sales team will work diligently to get their customers into a new car. “Local service and local values mean you will get what you need, not pushed into things you don’t want,” Brewer said. “The Jorgensen difference really does make a better car buying experience.”

Justin Johns, left Jay Johns, part , service adviser, and his fath s and service di er the father-son rector, compris team, which is e part of the fam connection pr ily oviding custom ers a better se experience at rvice Jorgensen Ford .

is ready to help ing and transport manager, Jack Hansen, Jorgensen’s tow ers are at a full tom cus n whe t sigh e is a welcom in the time of need. Hansen stop along the highway.

the Exper JOR ien G


EN Ne Di S Bes ver W ffer e EN tV alu alk P nce Fre r e F o r G gr e R ee oad Tow uaran am, Fre s e O ide A ing, tee, il C ssis han tan ge ce,








Mike Jones, le ft, manager at Jo rgensen Collisi on Repair Center ; M. Hansen, estim ator; and Anthon y Monsen, rental car service; make it easy for customers. “When our customers need repair work, w e will make sure it is not an inconvenie nce by offering a rent al to get them by car un the repairs are til co plete,” Jones sa mid.

1000 South Cove View Road, Richfield, Utah

(435) 896-8436 1-800-237-2678


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Everything For The Home! Electronics


Floor Coverings


U Taste sed at o the c f Home — hef lo ved i t

Boil water in less than 90 seconds*

Induction technology is more responsive than gas or electric, and the Power Assist function generates rapid heat, so you can bring water to a boil quickly — in 90 seconds!


More Energy-Efficient

Cooking with induction is 70% more efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric.

More Responsive

Cooking with induction is more responsive than gas or electric — you can instantly adjust the heat to a delicate simmer or bring it to a quick boil.

Exceptional Temperature Control

Adjust heat with greater accuracy than gas or electric cooktops, especially at lower settings. Perfect for melting chocolate and cooking delicate foods and sauces.


Cooktop Stays Cooler

With induction cooking, heat is transferred directly to the cookware, so the cooktop stays cooler to the touch — making it easier to clean. * 10” induction burner with Power Boost, 6 qt./10” diameter pot, 1 qt. tepid water.

Speed Queen washing machines are the only brand still on the market that still offers the consumer the choice to select how much water they use to clean their clothing. As of Jan. 1, 2015, federal restrictions on the amount of water used in washing machines goes into effect, and other brands have already been producing machines that comply with these new energy efficiency standards. “By this time next year, there won’t even be an option,” said Ryan Barclay, appliance manager at Ogden’s Superstore. Barclay said the new energy efficient machines are effective at cleaning a regular load of laundry with less water. However, he said with larger loads and dirtier clothes, the newer models aren’t as efficient at getting the job done. “With really dirty clothes, consumers aren’t realizing the efficiency savings because they are having to wash multiple times to get their clothes clean,” Barclay said. He said many consumers are buying the Speed Queen machines because they are realizing they provide them more control of how they wash their clothes.

Sleep Center

New products provide beauty and comfort for the home

Energy efficient and less water

Ogden’s Superstore in Richfield provides the difference between enjoying time at home, and just having a roof overhead. Jerry Larsen, owner of Ogden’s Superstore in Richfield, constantly watches the trends and new products available in the home improvement industry — all while seeking products that will offer great value and variety for customers. One of these is a new flooring product from Mannington. This new flooring offers the beauty of a hardwood floor with increased durability and is much easier to maintain. On top of the increased durability and simple maintenance, it is easier to install than traditional hardwood products, and is much more resistant to water. The flooring literally clicks together or glues down in a variety of easy to use sizes. Beautiful to behold, durable and quietly comfortable for all who trek across it, Adura from Mannington is the perfect flooring product to give any home or office a totally new and richer look. Adura is a luxury vinyl flooring that can be installed in places that hardwood flooring or ceramic tile may be less desirable such as kitchen areas and bathrooms. Sleepless nights can be stressful and affect every aspect of life, from one’s health to how well a job is performed. However, getting a good night’s sleep can help promote health both mentally and physically. The most common sleep issues people experience, as discovered by the National Sleep Foundation, include — • Tossing and turning • Lack of support, resulting in back pain • Sleeping too hot or too cold • Partner disturbance • Mattress roll-off or sag The correct mattress can address the issues people have during sleepless nights. The iComfort® Sleep System by Serta® is made with a revolutionary Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam — the world’s first memory foam infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta’s MicroSupport™ gel. This breakthrough gel memory foam is designed to provide enhanced cooling comfort and support where needed for a cool, comfortable and supportive sleep experience. Serta offers a variety of iComfort models designed to find the level of comfort and support that works best. Plus, for a totally customizable bedroom experience, the Serta Motion Perfect® Adjustable Foundation allows for the adjustment of the foot of the mattress using a wireless remote. Serta® offers a 120 day in-home trial and a 25 year limited warranty.

STORE HOURS: MON.–SAT. 10am – 6pm

Complete Home Furnishings

Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014



Serenity S

Burns Saddlery


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

AUTHENTIC & REAL SINCE 1876 BURNS SADDLERY & BURNS COWBOY SHOP A Family Legacy Honoring Traditions of the West BURNS CUSTOM BOOTS, HATS, & SADDLES Same Family Owned Since 1876 Burns Saddlery headquartered in Salina Utah is the oldest same family owned western retail business in the world. Miles Lamonie Burns founded Burns in 1876. “Moan” was a cowboy, fine leather craftsman, blacksmith, musician, husband, father, and visionary. His dream of settling a territory in Utah started in Nephi and ended up at the gateway of Capitol Reef near Torrey where he opened the first Burns retail shop in the spring of 1876. In its 138 years, Burns has had six different shop names, six generations of ownership, and one family, one legacy, one culture: COWBOY. Burns has locations in Salina Utah, Park City Utah, Carmel by-the-Sea California, and now their newest location, in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA. Generations 5 and 6 along with many talented team members continue the Burns cowboy legacy, with multiple operations including four retail stores, three mobile units, and two manufacturing facilities that build custom saddles and quality hats from the ground up. Generation five owners, Scott and Danna Burns- Shaw, expanded the business 20 years ago when they hauled product on the road, setting up and selling at equestrian events. The business soon grew to three rigs hauling from California to Texas, representing Burns Saddlery at world-class horse events.

Burns Saddlery, a landmark on Salina, Utah’s Main Street, specializes in custom, handmade cowboy boots, cowboy hats and saddles. Burns Custom Saddles and Burns Custom Hats are all custom handmade by Burns Team Members in Salina, UT, carrying on the tradition of Miles Lamonie Burns started in 1876. The store carries everything for horse and rider. Stop by and let us outfit you, today.


THE CUSTOM LEATHER AND CUSTOM HAT TEAMS TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEIR UNIQUE CUSTOM DESIGNS The Burns Custom Leather team will custom-create anything-- the sky is the limit, saddles, photo albums, pocket books. If you have the vision Burns can make it happen. Burns specializes in custom, hand-made saddles and belts. The client can help design their own product. Burns has a talented design team to direct clients through the process. The Custom Leather team takes pride in quick turnaround and quality, quality, quality. Many hometown ranchers use the products along with numerous clients across the western United States.

In 2008 Scott and Danna moved from Salina to start the next Burns adventure in Park City Utah. Burns represented many parts of the western industry; manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and horse events. Park City, a resort town, was a new medium, selling to tourists, instead of working cowboys. This location inspired another storefront in Carmel by-the-Sea, CA and the newest location in Newport Beach, CA. The Cowboy Shop and 1876 inventory is very different from the Salina location: custom made boots designed in house, handcrafted leather belts, solid sterling silver and gold buckles, unique oneof-a-kind bags, jackets, and fine jewelry all handmade by outstanding western artists. Burns is known for the best selection of quality boots with professional service to ensure proper fit.

Jake and Olin Hannum are also a big part of Burns calf roping and bulldogging saddle designs. Burns Custom Hats can be custom made to your style. The hatters only use premium rabbit blend and beaver bodies. These hats will last a lifetime. Burns listens to the customer and is dedicated to meeting all of their needs. The Burns team seeks to embrace and drive change. These teams take pride in excellent customer service and offer a 100% guarantee on product workmanship. Custom Leather Team and Custom Hats: Matt Wanner, Head Saddle Maker and Design; Zane Osborn, Production Manager; James Sorenson, Head Chap Maker. Leather Craftsmen: Ben Boore, and Audie Ekker. Shop Management: Erik Horne. Master Hatters: Braydan Shaw and Jake Quarnberg.

BURNS SADDLERY 95 West Main Salina, UT

BURNS COWBOY SHOP 363 Main Street Park City, UT

South Side, Ocean Avenue between Lincoln & Dolores Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

BURNS 1876

Fashion Island 915 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA

VISIT US ONLINE 800.453.1281 Find Burns on Facebook & Twitter

Burns Cowboy Shop and Burns 1876 specialize in cowboy boots, classic leather jackets, and unique leather handbags. CUSTOM DESIGNED EXOTIC LEATHERS Hand-Tooled, Giraffe, Hippo, Crocodile, Alligator, American Bison, Full-Quill Ostrich, & Stingray . . . just to name a few.




Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Contact Your Local Rep at: Richfield Office: 435.896.9606

Toll-Free 1.888.261.1447

Wholesale Distributor for: · Agriculture · Landscaping · Irrigation · Waterworks · Industrial Supplies · Plumbing Products · Livestock Handling · Equipment & Tools

Discover Our Expansive Plumbing Showroom with brand favorites like Moen, TOTO, American Standard, Aquatic, Elkay and more!

Visit us at 2140 South Redhills Drive · Richfield, UT 84701 or contact one of our Mountainland Sales Representatives at (435) 896-9606




• 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive • 4-wheel ABS disc brakes with Duralife rotors • 17” wheels and tires • StabiliTrak with Electronic Sway Control and Hill Start Assist • Rubberized-vinyl floor covering • Power locks and windows and cruise control • Six speaker audio system with 4.2” diagonal color display, AM/FM radio, 2 USB ports, auxiliary jack and SD card slot • 2 Year/24,000-mile Scheduled Maintenance • 5 year/100,000-mile Powertrain Warranty, Roadside Assistance, and Courtesy Transportation • 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score as rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)


Adjustable Power Pedals Remote Vehicle Starter System 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Locking Rear Differential Vortec 5.3L V8 Engine Trailering Package Heavy Duty Cooling Auto Dual Zone AC Bluetooth for Phone CD Player w/USB Port Rear Vision Camera System Steering Wheel Radio Controls Off-Road Suspension Package




Automatic 400 Horsepower Sunroof Remote Start Black Stripe Package Heads-Up Display Rally Sport Package

Cruze F E AT U R E S


North Main, Richfield 896-5486 or 1-800-748-5044

6-Speed Automatic Transmission Cruise Control USB Audio Interface Leather Wrap Steering Wheel Bluetooth for Phone Leather Trimmed Shift Lever Steering Wheel Controls Power Seat Adjustments Remote Vehicle Start Rear Parking Assist 40 MPG Highway


Adjustable Power Pedals Remote Vehicle Starter System 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Locking Rear Differential Vortec 5.3L V8 Engine Trailering Package Heavy Duty Cooling Auto Dual Zone AC Bluetooth for Phone CD Player w/USB Port Rear Vision Camera System Steering Wheel Radio Controls Off-Road Suspension Package





275 North Main, Richfield 896-5486 or 1-800-748-5044 CHEVROLET


275 North Main, Richfield 896-5486 or 1-800-748-5044


Automatic 400 Horsepower Sunroof Remote Start Black Stripe Package Heads-Up Display Rally Sport Package

All New 2014

Cruze F E AT U R E S

6-Speed Automatic Transmission Cruise Control USB Audio Interface Leather Wrap Steering Wheel Bluetooth for Phone Leather Trimmed Shift Lever Steering Wheel Controls Power Seat Adjustments Remote Vehicle Start Rear Parking Assist 40 MPG Highway



Check Inventory at


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Monroe Canyon Assisted Living Center in Monroe is celebrating its fifth year serving the residents in southern Sevier County in 2014. Opened in 2009, the center is located at 535 South Main Street, offering residents a quiet neighborhood where they can be cared for by the center’s family of caretakers. “We have a homey atmosphere where the elderly are cared for by staff that have a great attitude and work as a team,” said Nancy Curtis, owner and operator. “Our center provides quality care for your peace of mind and a loving place to live for your loved one.” Intermountain Heath Care’s South Sevier Clinic has been in operation in the southwest corner of the center since August 2012, offering residents an additional benefit of onsite health care amenities with physician assistant Kevin Anderson. Locally owned and operated, Monroe Canyon Assisted Living Center offers residents large rooms with private showers, massage therapy and great food. Curtis said the center has also received a perfect score on its public health inspections. “We have an awesome activity program at the center, which offers a variety of activities to try to meet the interests of all our residents,” Curtis said. “We also host monthly parties, which are a lot of fun.” Curtis said another excellent feature at the center is the resident council, which allows those living on site an opportunity to express their opinions and have a say in what happens with their care. “Our goal is to offer outstanding quality care in a beautiful, home-like setting,” Curtis said. For more information, call (435) 527-8870 or log onto (435) 527-8870 • 535 S. Main, Monroe

th t h r e o f 4 y d a a n e nual r t e G B E S E T H C T O F N O TEST T S E B

2 0 1 4


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You choose local winners by voting for your favorite businesses in more than 100 different categories.

How do I vote?

Simply fill out the ballot in this week’s newspaper issue, or online at, and return it to The Richfield Reaper office on or before Friday, April 18.* *Only one online and one paper entry are allowed per person, per week.

Best of the Best is a reader’s choice awards contest sponsored by


65 West Center • P. O. Box 730 • Richfield, UT 84701 • (435) 896-5476 •


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014


when you buy a qualifying Laundry Pair and Convertible Freezer.* Rebate is a Prepaid MasterCard Card


Thoroughly soaks and cleans with WaterFall™ Wash.

Reduces wrinkles with DrySense™ Technology.

High High Efficiency EfficiencyWasher Washer FAHE4044MW FAHE4044MW

Matching Dryer Matching Dryer FARE4044MW Electric Electric FARG4044MW Gas Gas

Converts from freezer to refrigerator to meet your needs. 17 Ft.Upright Upright 17 Cu. Cu. Ft. Convertible Freezer Convertible Freezer FKCH17F7HW FKCH17F7HW

*Via mail-in rebate. Rebate is a Prepaid MasterCard® Card. See in-store sales associate for details. At participating retailers. Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of MasterCard Card. Cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from MasterCard International and managed by Citi® Prepaid Services. Cards will not have cash access and can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. The MasterCard expires 6 months after issuance.

Complete Home Furnishings FrigidaireLDRYFrz_Q114_Flyer.indd 1

12/19/13 4:07 PM

STORE HOURS: MON.–SAT. 10am – 6pm

360 South Main • Richfield, Ut 84701 • 896-5164 • Join us on Facebook!


Continually Striving to be the best ...

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Best News Coverage Best Editorial/Feature Column Best Sports Column Best Sports Photograph Best Use of Ad Color Best Advertising Idea

... Bringing you the best in

quality community journalism.


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Serenity Springs Assisted Living strives to create an environment that resembles life at home. The facility has the look, feel, and smell of a loving, clean home. By providing care and assistance to no more than nine residents, we offer a much smaller setting and a sense of comfort and familiarity not found in traditional assisted living options. It is the ideal environment for your loved one to remain safe and independent. Serenity Springs is family owned and operated and the owner lives onsite. We work to ensure that your loved ones experience the warmth and loving kindness they deserve. Our facility allows residents to become familiar with their surroundings and with one another. They can choose to spend quiet, private time in their own room, socialize with other residents in the casual relaxed common areas, or engage in a variety of outings and recreational activities. In addition to protective oversight/care our residents enjoy: Peaceful country surroundings Private rooms with private 1/2 bath Preparation of all meals/snacks Scheduled activities Transportation to all events/appointments attended by our residents Complete nursing assistance: Long-Term Care Day Care Respite Care Hospice Care Arranged Physical Therapy Arranged Skilled Nursing Care Mobile Lab House Physicians 24-Hour complete and personalized care: Assistance with showering/bathing/personal hygiene Medication management Linen and laundry services Mobility assistance

Serenity Springs Assisted Living 151 East 300 South, Loa, Utah 84747 435-836-3600 • 435-221-3600

Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014



Jones & DeMille Engi

Larsen’s Ace Hardware


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Celebrating 10 years serving your community Come help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary serving the Six County area. Stop by and ask about our new products and service lines, which include tablets and smart phone repair. Coming Soon: Home and Business Surveillance The staff at Intermountain Computer Services has a combined total of 15+ years in the IT industry. • Ralph Shoop, our assistant manager, is certified in PC repair. There isn’t much that he doesn’t know or hasn’t seen in his time as a technician. Ralph keeps the shop running smoothly and occasionally helps with service calls. • Troy Baxter, our newest technician, is certified in Networking and PC repair. He spends most of his time fixing laptops and replacing screens.

Troy Baxter

Noah Smith

Ralph Shoop

Liberty Shipp

• Noah Smith, our receptionist, is working toward his certification. Noah is a friendly guy and works hard at making sure you end up with the right computer that fits your needs. • Liberty Shipp, the store manager, is certified in Networking and PC repair. Liberty spends most of her days out in the field doing service calls to help all our customers stay up and running, when it isn’t possible for them to bring their computers in.

We pride ourselves on the very best customer service and knowing that we offer quality and excellence.

I N T ER MO U N TA I N COM P U T ER SER V IC E S 70 N o r t h M a i n • R i c h f i e l d • ( 4 3 5 ) 8 9 6 - 4 4 5 1

Serving SEVIER COUNTY since 1982

Civil Engineering Project Leadership Funding Procurement Environmental GIS - Surveying Construction Management Materials Testing

Richfield   Price   Manti   Roosevelt   American Fork   800.748.5275

Shaping howLife Moves


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Richfield Directory Larsen’s Ace Hardware

Jorgensen Honda

The Richfield Reaper

1155 South Hwy. 118 • Richfield (435) 896-8456

980 South Cove View Road • Richfield (435) 896-6408

65 West Center Street • Richfield (435) 896-5476

Sevier Valley Medical Center

Richfield City

Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce

1000 North Main Street • Richfield (435) 893-0531

75 East Center Street • Richfield (435) 896-6439

250 North Main Street • Richfield (435) 896-4241

Snow College Richfield

Jones & DeMille Engineering

High Country Auto

800 West 200 South • Richfield (435) 896-8202

1535 South 100 West • Richfield (435) 896-8266

275 North Main Street • Richfield (435) 896-5486

Ogden’s Superstore

Jorgensen Ford

Cove View Golf Course

360 South Main Street • Richfield (435) 896-5164

1000 South Cove View Road • Richfield (435) 896-8436

1315 West 1800 South • Richfield (435) 896-9987

Sevier County EMS

Intermountain Computer Services


50 Westview Drive • Richfield (435) 893-9166

70 North Main Street • Richfield (435) 896-4451

2140 South Redhills Drive • Richfield (435) 896-9606


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014



Sevier County Commission

Utah State University

Sevier School District

250 North Main Street • Richfield

Ephraim • Junction • Richfield • Panguitch

180 East 600 North • Richfield (435) 896-8214

Sevier County Sheriff

Richfield KF Block Co.

835 East 300 North #200 • Richfield (435) 896-2600

1595 South Airport Road • Richfield (435) 896-4701

Wayne Directory Serenity Springs Assisted Living

Garkane Energy

Brian Farm Service Center

175 East 300 South • Loa (435) 836-3600

120 West 300 South • Loa (435) 836-2795

33 East 300 South • Loa (435) 836-2884

Broken Spur

Cache Valley Bank

Brown Brothers Construction

955 SR 24 • Torrey (435) 425-3775

105 South Main Street • Loa (435) 836-2394

90 North 200 East • Loa (435) 836-2685

Wayne County

18 South Main Street • Loa (435) 836-1300


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Better Your Life With Great Products and Service

Brennon Nielson, left, and Toni Brewer are the ones to see for guns and other sporting goods equipment. Larsen’s has expanded its sporting goods area to include a larger variety of merchandise.

Jeremy Globke, left, service technician, and Brandon Bateman, parts manager at Larsen’s, are better able to handle sales and service for everything from chain saws and trimmers to riding lawn mowers and tillers. The experts at Larsen’s can help customers select the right tools for the job.

Larsen’s Ace Hardware in Richfield is the place to go for prod-

ucts to get the job done and to have time to enjoy life to its fullest. There are few stores in south central Utah that carry the diverse product lines as does that of Larsen’s. They have what the do-it-yourself builder needs for a variety of household projects, as well as fun products for the garden, great fishing tackle and an expanded sporting goods department. The sporting goods area at Larsen’s is a larger and easier place for shoppers to find the items for which they are looking. The actual gun display area is now expanded with even more guns and ammunition to be found. The shooting sport accessory area is also larger with more of what today’s hunters need to enhance their shooting skills. One area that will be greatly appreciated this spring is the service center adjacent to the garden center. The new service center is designed to keep your chain saws, mowers, tillers and trimmers running for spring and summer yard projects. The remodeling of the center allows for a better and more secure area for customer repair items as well as an increase in accessories and parts. One of the great success stories at Larsen’s has been their greenhouse area. Every year, they expand the square footage available to grow plants, and every year the market for those plants has expanded as well. Larsen’s philosophy has been to grow plants on the premises, which means no freight or shipping issues. This results in savings that can be passed on to customers. When energy bills seem to be way too high, Larsen’s Ace is the place to call. The insulation team at Larsen’s can make any home more energy efficient — summer or winter. The trick is having the right insulation in the right places in the home. Many times, having a properly insulated attic can make the difference with minimal cost to install — and most of the time, attic insulation projects take only one day to complete. Like any business, success hinges on their people and Larsen’s Ace Hardware is no different. Larsen’s has the kind of expert advice and product knowledge necessary to help their customers have the best possible buying and building experience.

With a large variety of cabinet designs and granite counter tops to choose from, Michael D. Sharp of Larsen’s Ace Hardware can help customers get just the look they want when building or remodeling their kitchens.

Larsen’s Ace Hardware insulation crew member Alonso Terrazas blows fiberglass insulation into a sealed off wall space at C&L Storage in Richfield. Properly installed foam and fiberglass fill added to any living space can help increase energy efficiency — and insulation manager Kenley Coleman and his team can make it happen.

1155 Utah 118, Richfield, UT 84701 (435) 896-8455


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

We’ve Expanded! with the opening of our new

OutpatiEnt SErvicES Wing If you missed our Open House event, we invite you to stop by and find out more about the expanded services we are offering to the community.

Services Include: • Physician Offices • Retail Pharmacy with Drive-Thru Window • Infusion Therapy

Sevier Valley Medical Center is honored by

The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health


• Respiratory Therapy • Treadmills, Stress Testing, Echocardiography

CONgRATuLATiONS MARk W. gREENWOOD, MD uTAH MEDiCAL ASSOCiATiON DOCTOR Of THE YEAR! Thank you Dr. greenwood for the excellent care you have provided to your neighbors and for the commitment you have made to the expansion of critical medical services in our community!

• Laboratory Services • Radiology Services • Hearing Screening

Hospital and healthcare consulting organization, Cleverly & Associates has recognized Sevier Valley Medical Center with its


1000 North Main Street | Richfield, Utah | 435.893.4100 | |

Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014



Sevier County EM

Monroe City

Civic A


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Welcome to Wayne County, Utah Wayne County is working to enhance visitors’ experiences as they come from all around the world. With Capitol Reef on one side, and a National Scenic Byway on State Route 12, one of Wayne County’s top industries is tourism. Currently the county is pursuing a funding package with the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board to create an information center in Torrey. Located at the junction of State Route 12 and State Route 24, the center will act as a hub for tourists to find information about all that Wayne County has to offer. In conjunction with the information center, the county’s travel council is developing maps for a trail system for use by both visitors and locals.

During 2013, the Wayne County Travel Council and the city of Torrey brought the area into the international spotlight by hosting one of the anchor points of the Tour of Utah. The tour, which made its first foray into southern Utah in 2013, is one of five Union Cycliste Internationale sanctioned races in the United States.

In 2014 the county is planning for a return appearance of the tour, as well as its own Capitol Reef Classic, a two-day stage bicycle race. The county is also planning to host several special events through 2014, including the Utah Symphony, the Wayne County Fair and Torrey Town Apple Days. Wayne County has also seen two proposals for veterans memorials come to fruition in 2013. Lyman Town constructed a memorial, while Loa Town is currently building a memorial on its Main Street.

What’s in it for you?

Upcoming 2014 Events: Torrey Town Apple Days in July; Wayne County Fair, August 11-16.

Joining the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The mission of the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce — comprised of representatives from businesses that serve the North Sevier area — is to provide an opportunity for its members to have a voice in the community, as well as offer its members a chance to strengthen their networking capabilities.

Salina Area Chamber of Commerce plays an active role in the community by hosting speakers who deliver informative presentations designed to help local businesses grow, while delivering an opportunity for networking with other business and community leaders, and keeping up-to-date with area projects, activities and functions.

Monthly luncheon past presenters include: Lori Nay — Mayor of Gunnison City Dave Ogden & Lydia Jacovac — Old Spanish Trail Ken May — Sufco Mine/Arch Coal Rick Nelson — Survivor contestant Evan Griffin — Orange Soda, online marketing Mike Turner — Advertising and social media Gary Beck — Sevier Valley Medical Center upgrades Graysen Fox — Custom Fit Training opportunities

2014 Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Officers President LaRea Rasmussen

• • • • • • • •

Graysen Fox, Snow College Richfield Small Business Resource Center, addresses Salina chamber members regarding opportunities available through the Custom Fit Training program.

Gary Beck, Sevier Valley Medical Center administrator, outlines the upgrades taking place at the hospital and what the changes will mean to the south central Utah community during a Salina chamber luncheon last year.

Secretary/Treasurer Sherri Sampson Utah Independent Bank

North Sevier favorites

Balloon festival Car show Hometown 4th of July ATV trails Snowmobiling Blackhawk Arena Four distinct seasons Self-sustaining community

• • • • • • •

Outdoor swimming pool Livestock auction Mining Trucking Community center Public library World famous and historical businesses

Salina Area Chamber of Commerce P.O Box 113, Salina, UT 84654 (435) 529-7459


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Monroe City

At your

fingertips The Richfield Reaper e-edition

Monroe City continues to keep busy making improvements to and upgrading our “Little Green Valley.” Plans for 2014, as well as milestones in 2013, include — • Monroe will be celebrating its Sesquicentennial year; pins commemorating this event are available at the city office for $1. • Daniel Peterson received the 2013 Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems Employee of the Year award. Daniel has been an employee for Monroe City Power since 1984. • Monroe City received the Smart Energy innovation award from Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems. • The city’s hometown traditions of the annual Pioneer Day celebration, public power appreciation picnic and holiday tree lighting continue to be successful. • Monroe City completed the Cold Springs Hydroelectric Project. The hydroelectric facility was put into operation January 30, 2013. This will help Monroe City produce more of its own power from its culinary water. • Plans from last year to finish sidewalk on 500 South have been completed. • Progress is continuing at Mountain View Park to add sport fields.

Our e-edition is easy to use and allows access to your Richfield Reaper from anywhere with Internet access. Whether you’re using your desktop, computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet you can turn the pages of the paper like it’s the real thing!

Customer Service Superstar of the Year

Business of the Year

Becky Yergensen – Fresh Market

Steve’s Steakhouse

Customer Service Superstars

Businesses of the Month

Becky Yergensen – Fresh Market Chad Harbison – Aaron’s Alison Merchant – State Bank of Southern Utah Christina Swilor – Knight Interiors Lacy Dawn Keisel – Lotsa Motsa Vidal Salas – White’s Sanitation Inc. Cher Ross – Mountain America Credit Union Ralph Shoop – Intermountain Computers Josh Penman – Aaron’s Rachael Scott – Winger’s Roadhouse Grill

Steve’s Steakhouse Hampton Inn Dezigner Trends Monroe Canyon Assisted Living Flying J Richfield Floral Sevier Valley Realty Big 5 Sporting Goods TURN Community Services Western Ag Credit

100 Percent Attendance at Luncheons

New Board Members for 2014:

Holiday Inn Express Mid-Utah Radio Snow College Richfield The Richfield Reaper

Robert Wheeler – Western Ag Credit Mike Jump – Flying J Tyler Juluson – Stonehenge of Richfield Forest Turner – Workforce Services

Buffy Brown, right, congratulates Michael Torgerson as she passes the gavel for President of the Richfield Area Chamber Commerce at the 2013 Annual Dinner.

The Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses that have joined together for business promotion and information. The Chamber is the legislative watchdog, sales office, networking tool, community liaison, business partner and resource area businesses. The Chamber holds a monthly luncheon meeting for its members where they are able to gain valuable information from speakers while networking with other area businesses. There is a business honored as Business of the Month, as well as a Customer Service Superstar, who is honored for superior customer service above and beyond what is expected in their daily routine. The Chamber honors new and relocating businesses with Ribbon Cuttings. The Chamber holds an Annual Dinner for the membership every year in November. The Business of the Year and Customer Service Superstar of the Year are honored. The Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce works closely with the Sevier County Economic Development Council and the Sevier County Tourism and Events Office. The Chamber attends annual State Chamber Conferences and the Executive Director is serving on the State Chamber Board of Directors. The Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the hospitality room for 1A and 2A Girls and Boys State Basketball Tournaments and the Invitational Preview Tournaments, Chamber Super Bowling Tournament, High School Club Volleyball Tournament, Grand Slam Baseball Tournament, Mulligan Masters Golf Tournament, Mid-Way West Carnival, Girls’ Softball Tournaments, 1A Baseball Preview Tournament, Fish Lake Relay, dinner for the Rocky Mountain Jamboree, Santa, Christmas Tree Lane and the Christmas Light Parade. The Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to a prosperous and productive year in 2014 for the Chamber and its business members.

Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce 2014 Board of Directors Michael Torgerson, President Roxanne Waybrant, President-Elect Jan Peterson, Vice-President Buffy Brown, Past President Jim Hare Blaine Michaelsen Heather Madsen Willy Akers Kevin Arrington Malcolm Nash Matt Creamer Cade Douglas Joe Anderson Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce 250 N. Main, Suite B42 Richfield, UT 84701 Telephone: (435) 896-4241 Fax: (435) 896-4313


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

South Sevier Directory

Rich’s A-1 Fix It

Monroe City

515 North Main Street • Monroe (435) 527-0933

2398 North Washburnville Rd. • Monroe (435) 527-1633

10 North Main Street • Monroe (435) 527-4621

Flying U Country Store

Bullies Drive In

Monroe Canyon Assisted Living

45 South State Street • Joseph (435) 527-4758

46 North Main Street • Monroe (435) 527-8844

535 South Main Street • Monroe (435) 527-8870

Andy’s Market

Andy’s Market

North Sevier Directory

The Parts House

Burns Saddlery

Generator Starter Service & Supply

65 North State Street • Salina (435) 529-7464

79 West Main Street • Salina (435) 529-7484

50 East Center Street • Aurora (435) 529-7875

Salina City

Mason Diesel Service, Inc.

Salina Chamber

90 West Main Street • Salina (435) 529-7304

261 South 200 East • Aurora (435) 529-7477

P.O. Box 113 • Salina (435) 529-7459


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

e h S

s ’ f f i r

& e




’S F F I ER T H N S E Y T EM It is our mission N T U A O T and our duty as a member S C R N IE of Sevier County Sheriff’s Office SIO S I SEV M to serve the county with integrity, courage,

c fi f O

dedication, pride, and showing compassion when appropriate. As a team we will protect the rights and welfare of the citizens of our county. We will be professional as we serve with honor and sacrificing our time and resources to improving the quality of life for the public we serve and the county we live in.

The Sevier County Jail The Sevier County Jail is a place the General Public rarely thinks about unless they know someone who is incarcerated. The jail provides inmates with: nutritious meals, clean clothing, clean bedding, board games, hygiene products and opportunities to shower and shave, television, access to telephones, religious meetings, and access to a GED program. The jail hires some of the better behaved inmates for janitorial duties. They get paid anywhere from $20 to $30 a month. Some luxuries are allowed to inmates as management tools. It gives them incentives to behave or they will lose certain privileges. The jail can hold a maximum of 146 inmates; 70 of the 146 beds are occupied by State Inmates. Sevier County receives $1.2 Million annually for housing the State Inmates in the Sevier County Jail. At one time this summer we had 142 inmates, just 4 beds shy of being full. In the past year we have had a total of 1,062 inmates booked. 167 of the 1,062 were repeat offenders, some returning to jail multiple times. The total jail time served this year is 41,509 days, making an average inmate stay of 39 days.

The Sevier County Alcohol & Drug Program The Sevier County Alcohol & Drug Program is a vital part of the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. The staff, including Virginia Stewart, LSUDC & Program Director; Keith Hayes, SUDC Intern; & Secretary Julie Tebbs, work hard to help any person with a substance abuse problem. The Program works with between 80 & 100 clients per year. Treatment is individualized to meet the needs of each client, and the number of clients can change frequently. Different programs associated with the A&D program include: Individual Counseling, Life Skills classes, Prime For Life Alcohol & Drug Offender School & Social Detoxes. The staff is available for all Law Enforcement Agencies & all Public Entities for help with Educational Presentations. Our goal is to help People with addiction find a new direction.

Sevier County Patrol Division The patrol division has 14 full time deputies and 5 detectives who provide 24 hour coverage and answered 5,498 calls in 2013. The sheriff’s office handles court security and civil process and has 5 clerical staff members.

The Sevier County Animal Shelter The Sevier County Animal Shelter provides shelter needs for all kinds of animals in Sevier County, from the smallest kittens all the way to horses. The animals typically stay until the owners come and pick up their pets. Sevier County ordinance allows the animals to be held for 3 business days. If no one claims the animals after the 3 days, we begin looking for a new home for them. We work with the public in searching for their pets, finding their new pet, and with animal rescue groups from all over the country to make sure the pets go to a good home. We do everything we can to adopt them to a caring home. Search for us on Facebook to find out more info on the animals at the Sevier County Animal Shelter.

Search and Rescue Home of the Utah Search and Rescue Conference. 130 + Search and Rescue team members from 19 different counties participated during the 2013 conference. From dive training, to first aid, helicopter searches and landing and more, this has become the premier conference for search and rescue in the State of Utah. This year in Search and Rescue, a new set of statewide training standards were developed and adopted by the Utah Sheriffs’ Association. Sevier County continues to be on the forefront of Search and Rescue.

EMS Sevier County EMS is comprised of four squads and an inter-facility transport unit. The squads are geographically oriented at the Richfield, Salina, Monroe and Koosharem areas. Available are 10 ambulances that respond to all emergency situations. We run three additional response vehicles that help fulfill emergency needs and special incidences. Sevier County EMS employs 75+ EMTs to cover the four squads and transports 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The services that we provide are 911 medical responses, inter-facility transports, standby for High School sports and other special events. CPR and First Aid courses are available throughout the year. We assist more than 1,400 patients and standby events every year.

Sherrie Okerlund Sherrie Okerlund has decided to retire from Sevier County EMS. Sherrie certified as an EMT in 1993. Sherrie gave more than 20 years of service to the citizens of Sevier County. We want to take this time to thank Sherrie for her service and friendship.

Coming Soon!!


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Walking/biking path extends to Rotary Pa rk

Airport project

75 East Center Street (435) 896-6439


ished to b r u f e r k n a t r e t Wa re use u t u f f o s r a e y ensure

a fitting l a i r o m e M s n a Veter erved s o h w e s o h t o tribute t

Richf ield Cit y

nears completi

I am very enthused to be the new Mayor of Richfield City. I have lived here all my life and love our city. The past mayor, council, city administrator and employees have worked hard to make 2013 a year of great accomplishment. The airport expansion is well on its way to completion, important street and walking path projects came in under budget, our 3.7 million gallon steel water tank was refurbished, and we all celebrated the completion of our beautiful Veterans Memorial. It’s great to look back, but our focus is now on the future. As Richfield celebrates its sesquicentennial in 2014, we see a year filled with progress; a year where all our efforts will be aimed at enhancing the quality of life of our citizens and visitors. Join us in making this new year one of exciting accomplishments. — Mayor Dave Ogden

Cove View Golf — 2013-2014 Green Fees:

Adult Green Fee — 9-hole (Mon.-Thurs.) Adult Green Fee — 18-hole (Mon.-Thurs.) Junior Green Fee — 9-hole Junior Green Fee — 18-hole Adult Green Fee — 9-hole (Fri.-Sun.) Adult Green Fee — 18-hole (Fri.-Sun.)

Punch Passes:

10 Rounds (Adult) 20 Rounds (Adult) 10 Rounds (Junior)

$12.00 $24.00 $7.00 $14.00 $13.00 $26.00

$110.00 $205.00 $60.00

Cart Rental:

9-hole Cart Single Occupancy $6.50 9-hole Cart Double Occupancy $13.00 18-hole Cart Single Occupancy $13.00 18-hole Cart Double Occupancy $26.00 20 Punch Pass Regular (40 Seats) $225.00 20 Punch Pass Senior (40 Seats) $210.00


Pull Cart — 9-hole Pull Cart — 18-hole Clubs

Range Balls:

Small Large 10 Large Punch Pass

Season Passes:

Men’s Regular Men’s Senior Women’s Regular Women’s Senior Junior Married Couple’s Regular Married Couple’s Senior Family

$3.00 $6.00 $7.00 $4.00 $6.00 $50.00 $550.00 $500.00 $450.00 $400.00 $250.00 $900.00 $850.00 $1,000.00

*All prices include state sales tax

Cove View Snack Bar Menu

Cookies $.80 for 1 or $1.50 for 2 Cinnamon Rolls & Bagels $1.60 Hamburger $4.50 Cheeseburger $4.75 Chicken Sandwich $5.50 Ham/Turkey Sandwich $4.50 Philly Cheese Steak $6.50 Chicken Basket w/Fries $6.50 Shrimp Basket w/Fries $7.50 Fish Basket w/Fries $7.50 Side of Fries $2.00 Corn Dog $2.00

1315 West 1800 South, Richfield, UT 84701 (435) 896-9987

The new clubhouse at Cove View Golf Course offers people an opportunity to get out of the office during the workweek to enjoy the spectacular views and some good food on their lunch break. The golf course also offers a catering menu for on-site events. The shop offers competitive prices and great options for all types of golfers, as well as great discounts through punch passes and season passes to help settle the addiction golfing creates. The golf course hosts many tournaments throughout the year, utilizing a variety of different formats to provide a good outlet to settle that competitive itch. Cove View also offers league nights for men and women, which are open to the public. The women’s league plays on Tuesday nights and the men’s league plays on Wednesday nights, with both leagues starting at 5:30 p.m.

Make any meal a combo for only an additional $2.00 Snack Bar is open 7 days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014


Sevier County

Sevier School District

Civic B


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014











• IT Support & Web Development

• Agribusiness • Business Administration • Education

• Business Administration • Education • Natural Resources

• Education



– 2010 Education Pays Study, The College Board





Jacob Christensen (435) 238-7592

Chris Jessen (435) 577-2901

Anne Ford (435) 893-2266

Jennifer Fischer (435) 676-1325


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Our Teachers are the Difference SEVIER SCHOOL DISTRICT 180 East 600 North Richfield, Utah 84701 (435) 896-8214

Thank you to all 232 teachers • 102 aides

12 principals • 18 secretaries

40 school food service workers

33 custodians • 23 bus drivers 6 administration

6 maintenance employees Visit our Website: Follow Superintendent Douglas on Twitter: @CadeDoug Like us on Facebook:

“Inspire the Mind, Create a Passion for Learning, Educate for Success in Life” High Schools Cedar Ridge North Sevier Richfield South Sevier

Middle Schools North Sevier Red Hills South Sevier

Other Schools Elementary Schools Richfield Preschool Ashman Koosharem Salina Preschool Monroe Monroe Preschool Pahvant Central UT Youth Center Salina

North Sevier Community Center Classes

Balloon Festival June 20, 21, & 22, 2014

Located in Salina, Utah, the Blackhawk Arena has more events and new facilities, it is the place to see all the events of the year.

Monday — Extreme Fitness: 5:30-6:15 a.m. 8:30-9:15 a.m. Zumba: 7:30-8:30 p.m. Martial Arts: 4:30-7:00 p.m. Tuesday — Pilates: 8:30-9:15 a.m. 6:30-7:15 p.m. Low Impact: 11:00-11:45 a.m. Wednesday — Extreme Fitness: 8:30-9:15 a.m. Zumba: 5:30-6:30 p.m. Martial Arts: 4:00-8:00 p.m. Thursday — Pilates: 8:30-9:15 a.m. 6:30-7:30 p.m. Zumba: Low Impact: 11:00-11:45 a.m. Martial Arts: 5:00-6:45 p.m. Friday — Extreme Fitness: 5:30-6:15 a.m. 8:30-9:15 a.m.

Some of theSe eventS include: • Rockin’ and Ridin’ Rodeo • Little Britches Rodeo • Extreme Barrel Racing • US Team Roping Qualifier • Horse Cutting Competitions • Horse Reining Competitions • Utah Paint Horse Association Shows • High School Rodeos • Junior Rodeos • Red Hills BMX Racing Feb. 28, March 1 & 2


for dates, times, and a full schedule of events.

Change in Command

Mayor Dustin Deaton

Police Chief Eric Pratt

Salina City Veterans Memorial Under Construction


Wednesday/Thursday, January 29/30, 2014

Clear Creek Road & Sevier River Reconstruction Project

This project improved stream channels, stream bank stability, and reconstructed some sections of the road for improved safety and road surface. Recent flooding created the need for these improvements.

BMX Racing Track

A more permanent location was developed at the county fairgrounds for youth BMX racing. This track will bring hundreds of racers to Sevier County for competition every year. Combined with the Blackhawk Arena in Salina, BMX activities are now available throughout the year. All youths are welcome to use this track.

Horse Racing Track Resurfacing

New cover material donated by Hales Sand & Gravel/Staker Parson was placed on the track significantly improving the surface for horse related activities such as training and racing. Sevier County is home to the nicest track in south central Utah.

Quitchupah Road

In a $29 million financial partnership with Arch Coal, this road connects the SUFCO Mine to State Highway 10 into Emery County. The road reduces the haul length for trucks in an effort to support the critical mining and trucking industries in Sevier County.

Whistle Stop Trailhead

In partnership with Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah State Parks and Recreation, and US National Parks, Sevier County developed a 2-acre trailhead to help with access to the Candy Mountain Express Pathway, the Sevier River, and the ATV trail system.

2014 Progress  

This section provides readers with information about the many services they offer.