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WE’VE COME A LONG WAY! When I set up shop in London Bridge in 1978, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were top of the charts, and my mission was simple: employ friendly people who have a passion for music and love sharing their knowledge, keep overheads down and buy big so my prices were razor sharp. My aim at the time was to enable as many people as possible to afford the thrill of great sound, and 35 years on my team and I still remain as committed to this as ever. We now also stock a wide range of wireless streamers, projectors and smart TVs to complete your audio-visual experience. And with more products than ever on display so that you can see, touch and hear before you buy, plus demonstration rooms in every store and installation teams that will visit your home, we have never offered a more comprehensive service. In recent years, supermarkets, department stores and the internet have expanded your choice of options, but, despite that, our business continues to grow. As our loyal customers appreciate, we’re not a faceless, foreign-owned website that expects you to make a major purchase on the back of a spec sheet without even seeing what you’re buying or hides behind an email address when you need help. We’re not like most supermarkets where no-one knows what they’re talking about, offering a “bargain” on a brand you’ve never heard of, or a department store with staff who may lack the specialist knowledge our enthusiasts have. We pride ourselves on being there for you, face to face or on the end of a phone, with stock to take home today and prices at least as good as, if not better than, anyone else’s price on the web, in addition to our bullet-proof price promise. Shopping in one of our stores has never made more sense! On a personal level, I’m also as passionate about music as ever. Great music, played live or through a quality sound system, will always be one of life’s great pleasures. Rest assured we’ll always do our best to make sure Richer Sounds remains your first choice for the biggest brands, best prices and expert advice!

Why Richer Sounds What makes Richer Sounds different? Biggest brands We only stock products we believe in, so if you’re after the best in audio and visual entertainment kit, we’ve got you covered. Best prices We check rivals’ prices daily, online and in stores. We take the hard work out of getting the best value for you – and in the unlikely event that you find the same thing cheaper elsewhere within seven days, we’ll beat the price! See our ‘price beat’ online. Expert advice Our staff are chosen for audio-visual expertise and enthusiasm, not slick sales patter. They’re truly passionate about helping you go home with kit that will make you happy! Try before you buy All our stores include demo rooms where you can try potential purchases in a comfortable setting that’s as close to a home layout as possible.


Take it home today From headphones to big screens, get what you want today, without delivery charges or waiting in for couriers.

Satellite speaker (top): Monitor Audio MASS Satellite speaker (middle left): Cambridge Audio Minx Min11 Multimedia speaker (middle right): Monitor Audio WS100 iPod dock (bottom left): TEAC SR80i iPod dock (bottom right): Philips DS3120

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4 / Our Passion

FROM OUR ROOMS TO YOURS For an unrivalled range of kit, friendly advice and unbeatable prices – welcome to Richer Sounds. Just why is Richer Sounds so different from the “big box” retailers, department stores and supermarkets? There are many reasons, but at the heart is a very simple premise: “Biggest Brands, Best Prices, Expert Advice and Take It Home Today”. As specialists we only stock products we really believe in – and we don’t try and stock all the electronic goods in the world. If you need a washing machine, drill or baby monitor, look elsewhere. If you’re after the best in audio and visual entertainment kit, we’ve got you covered like no-one else. All of that kit is priced competitively – so competitively, in fact, that every day we check deals online and in-store with our rivals. We take the hard work out of getting best value for you – so much so that if you find something you’ve bought from us cheaper elsewhere (including online*) even within seven days, we’ll not only match, but beat that price! How do we do that? We have lots of stores but they’re not huge or flashy. And we work directly with manufacturers, cutting out the middle man, and using our size to keep costs low. For example, Cambridge Audio is distributed exclusively through Richer Sounds in the UK, so we can sell award-winning separates from this great British brand at much keener prices than you’ll find overseas. But we’re not just about shifting the cheapest kit. We are passionate about delivering audio and video thrills to our customers at all budgets. That’s why our staff are chosen for audio-visual expertise and enthusiasm, not slick sales patter. That’s also why we stock such a vast range – so we’re bound to have the right TV, hi-fi, home cinema or streaming solution for your needs and budget. And that’s why all of our stores now have demonstration rooms – where you can try out potential purchases in a comfortable home-style setting, and where you can experience our wide range of options for yourself. *Delivery charge added if mail order offer only.

Speakers: Tannoy Mercury V4

“We sell solutions, not boxes. Just tell us what you want to do and we’ll find the system of your dreams.” Steve, Holborn store

6 / Installation Service

DELIVERY & INSTALLATION? NO PROBLEM Our custom audio-visual experts can turn your dreams into reality. Enjoying great music and movies should be a simple pleasure, but sometimes it can be more complex: you want more from your system or you want to do something a bit different. Whatever you want, our custom installation team is here to make anything and everything easy. That could be something as simple as helping you unpack and set up your new system, or making the most of an odd-shaped room by installing a pivoting flat screen mount, or wall-mounting your TV and hiding the wires. But it could be something much more exciting. Perhaps you want the ultimate audiophile system, controlled by your phone or tablet, but don’t know where to start? Or a fully-featured home cinema, to replace a dusty, disused garage? Or music throughout your home, with songs that follow you from room to room? Whatever the project, small, big or huge, we’re here to help with budgeting, planning and mess-free installation.

Bespoke blockbusters

Blu-ray player: Sony BDPS490 AV receiver: Sony STRDN1030 Speaker: Q Acoustics Q7000

Just some examples of what our custom installation experts can help you plan… Multiroom audio Wireless or wired, convenience or extra quality, we can do it all. From simple and modular wireless systems like Sonos to bespoke and custom multiroom systems with hidden wiring and wall-mounted controls, we can make sure your music seamlessly follows you around your home. Ultimate home cinema Want a 3D projector? Cinema-style seating?

Automated blackout blinds? Turn your spare room, cellar or garage into a stunning cinema with our help. Smart system Want all your music, and internet services, wherever you are at home, controlled from your tablet or smartphone. Hidden hi-fi separates or a serious content server? We can set you up with a super-smart system that’s a doddle to use.

Hidden technology Speakers buried in the walls or ceiling, TVs that fold away and projector screens that roll out of sight – our custom install experts will do it without mess or fuss. Ultimate stereo set-up A pure stereo remains the best way of listening to music. We can advise on hi-fi specific amps, components and cabling that will dredge every last

detail from vinyl, CDs and lossless digital files. And we can set it up for you perfectly. Great sound anywhere Awkwardshaped rooms and open-plan spaces are a sonic challenge. We can visit your home and design a speaker set-up that will really work in it. Then we’ll install the system and optimise each speaker for where you sit.

““Our O home installation experts can do everything from helping you get the best from your new gear to planning and building a stunning home cinema in your spare room.” Robin, London Bridge store

Bracket: Vogel’s Thin 245

8 / Get Connected


You have a world of entertainment at your fingertips, we have the knowledge to help you make the most of it. TV: Samsung UE55F8000 Speaker: Monitor Audio BX5

Streaming system: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100

Isn’t technology marvellous? Your phone carries your life, you can work on a slender tablet and you have instant access to all the music, video and news of an entire planet’s history. But during the headlong rush of change, you may have found disconnects – old and new tech don’t always talk to each other and the music in your pocket just doesn’t sound as good as it should. Instant access to media means you can end up playing music you’ve just discovered through the tinny speakers on the back of your phone, suddenly unable to capture the excitement of the tracks you heard. Maybe you’ve used a streaming service to catch up on a favourite TV show on a laptop, only to find previously thrilling drama rendered tiny and dull. Or perhaps you’ve bought a flat screen TV and been impressed with the big picture but found it sounds worse than your old gogglebox. It doesn’t have to be that way. At Richer Sounds, we’ve been experts in audio since the seventies. We’ve sold the best in visual entertainment technology for a decade too. And ever since broadband, wi-fi and smartphones came along, we’ve been finding clever ways to connect everything. We can knit all your exciting new technology together seamlessly, to make sure that no matter how you stream your TV, or where you store your music, you can experience it as it was meant to be experienced. We can wirelessly link your phone and hi-fi for the perfect combination of instant access to all your digital files and a world of YouTube videos and Spotify tracks, via the best speakers in your home. After all, great music can inspire passion – but when was the last time you felt truly moved by music listened to on a phone’s speakers? It also means we can train your TV to be smarter, hooking in to a world of content: websites, YouTube videos and catch-up content from BBC iPlayer, 4oD and others. And we can wirelessly send music through your home to multiple rooms. Technology should free you to experience your music, your TV, your movies wherever you want, whenever you want, in the best possible quality. It’s time to get passionate about the things you love again, while the technology just gets on with the business of giving it to you simply.

What do you want to do? You’re already halfway to having the system you want… Got broadband? With wi-fi at home, internet radio, multiroom music and movies on demand are easy. Dock: JBL OnBeat Xtreme

Got a smartphone or tablet? Wirelessly stream your music and video straight to your hi-fi, audio dock or TV. Got a flat screen TV? Blu-ray players and set-top boxes bring catch-up services and video streaming to your big screen, while surround sound systems put you in the middle of the action.

Headphones: Grado RS1

10 / Hi-Fi Speakers: Mordaunt-Short Aviano 6 Amplifier: Cambridge Audio Azur 651A CD player: Cambridge Audio Azur 651C


It has the power to inspire like nothing else. That’s why Richer Sounds is so passionate about audio quality. The quest to help our customers get the very best sound is in our DNA. Richer Sounds was among the first to bring hi-fi knowledge to the high street, when Julian Richer first set up shop in London Bridge in 1978. Passion for music runs bone deep through everything we do and everyone at Richer Sounds, from the stock room controller to the boss. Our colleagues aren’t salespeople in sharp suits, they’re music maniacs, truly passionate about your audio experience. They’ll share their encyclopaedic knowledge of hi-fi and AV with you, and chat about favourite albums.

And many of them are musicians too. We’ve lost count of the number of bands formed in Richer Sounds stores’ back rooms over the years. We’ve now grown to over 50 stores across the UK, which means there’s bound to be a Richer Sounds near you, but our focus hasn’t changed: a passion for sound, expert advice and no pushy sales patter. Pop in for a coffee, a chat and a listen, and experience Richer Sounds’ famous blend of expertise, friendly faces and great kit for yourself.

Hi-Fi / 11 “Pick up an amp to see what it weighs. Solid metal chassis and powerful transformers tend to be heavy. We may not sell hi-fis by the pound, but weight does give you some idea of quality.” Anca, Watford store

Speaker: Q Acoustics 2010i

Audio options | A few of the ways we can enhance your listening pleasure. Sonic perfection A separates system will always be best for sound quality. And it’s modular – so you can add new tech or upgrade components over time.

Stream from smartphone or tablet Store your music in your pocket? Enjoy it at home too, in top hi-fi quality with a standalone dock or wireless streamer, or plug it into your existing hi-fi.

A world of music and movies With wi-fi, streaming music and video from the internet to your living room – everything from the best of BBC iPlayer catch-up TV to obscure bluegrass radio stations – is easy.

Ultimate home cinema We have the biggest and best TVs, surround sound speakers to do your popcorn justice and the expertise to find the right system for you.

Want something a bit different? Our custom install team can turn your wildest dreams into reality – from something as simple as making speakers ‘disappear’ to building an entire dedicated home cinema room.

12 / Separates

SIMPLY THE BEST If music is your passion, there’s no better investment than a serious stereo system.

Amplifier: Roksan Kandy K2 Amp CD Player: Roksan Kandy K2 CD Speaker: Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

Speaker: Q Acoustics 2050i

Music has the power to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Remember that first gig? The first notes of the tune you met the love of your life to? The revelation that you really can hear a million raindrops behind Jim Morrison’s vocals in ‘Riders On The Storm’? If you’re as passionate about audio as we are, a “separates” system is still the best way to get maximum sound quality. Real hi-fi isn’t outdated. In fact, the advantage of separates is you can mix and match individual components, upgrading bits one at a time, so your system is nigh-on future-proof. A well-chosen amp and speakers might last decades, while you add sources or connections as technology changes. Speaker: Tannoy Mercury V4

DAC: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

HEART OF GOLD The amplifier is the heart of any hi-fi system. You connect multiple “sources” – such as a CD player, turntable or radio – and a good amp will deliver the maximum detail and audio fidelity from those sources to your speakers. A proper hi-fi amp produces a much more powerful and precise signal than you can get from mini systems or standalone docks. That means less distortion and a more lifelike performance, whatever the volume. Our experts can help you work out what you most want and need from your amp. Some double as home cinema surround sound “receivers” and handle high definition visuals as well as audio. Others have extra outputs for wired speakers in multiple rooms. And some simply lift every last detail out of your vinyl collection. Consider your amp as an investment – the heart of your hi-fi that will serve you for many years. Now, what to plug into it…

“If you carry your music on your smartphone, ddon’t just use a dock or streaming device. Add an external DAC – digital-to-analogue converter – to make your digital files sound even better on your hi-fi.” Matt, Holborn store

Amplifier: Cambridge Audio Azur 351A CD player: Cambridge Audio Azur 351C

Key components | Plug these into your hi-fi amp, or home cinema receiver, to make your music sing. Smartphone dock Listen to digital music in maximum detail, with a dock that turns your smartphone or tablet into a hi-fi source and charges your device simultaneously. Or if you want to surf while you listen, use one of our high-quality wireless streaming receivers. CD Player Range in price from tens to hundreds of pounds. As well as better build quality, high-end players have superior DACs (digital-to-analogue converters) and other circuitry which squeezes more detail out of the digital files on CD, so you hear every nuance of every note from every instrument. Building an AV system? Some DVD and Blu-ray Disc players do a great job with audio CDs too.

Network music player Access digital music no matter where it’s stored. This internet-connected source can access files from your computer or a standalone NAS hard drive in another room, and also streams music from online services such as Spotify, Napster and, plus thousands of podcasts and internet radio stations from all over the world. Turntable If you love listening to vinyl, old or new, add a turntable (record deck). The signal from a turntable is very quiet, so you’ll either need an amp with a phono input or you’ll need to add a small, affordable box called a “phono pre-amp”.

Speakers Speakers are as important as your amp in terms of the sound you get from your system. Great speakers can make your music truly sing. Modern loudspeaker engineering means you no longer need huge floorstanders to get a decent amount of bass. Big is beautiful, but small can sound great too. Interconnects The right cables are vital to get the best sound from your system. As well as speaker cables, you’ll need “interconnects” – cables to connect your sources to your amp. Our colleagues in-store will help you find the best match from our wide range to make the most of your system.

14 / Mini Systems

Music server mini system: Brennan JB7 Speakers: Brennan BSP50


Mini systems, DAB radios and docks can be perfect for smaller spaces.

DAB radio: Roth DBT-003

Less sometimes is more. There are times when you want simplicity and a smaller size, with great sound, rather than the ultimate audiophile experience of separates. For second rooms, or smaller living spaces, there are some superb options that let you have quality audio and exciting features without a system that takes up much space. The most obvious option is the mini or micro system. These are either small separates or one-box-does-it-all wonders. They look great and often have smart tricks to fit with your lifestyle – from smartphone docks and an alarm clock for the bedroom to an internet radio for the kitchen. Mini systems typically let you enjoy music on CD or radio, or from a smartphone or tablet (sometimes with an optional

extra cable or cradle). Some also act as modular multiroom systems – buy two or more compatible units to wirelessly stream music round your home, enjoying the same song as you move from lounge to bedroom to kitchen. Smaller than a separates system, with good quality audio, and all of the extras you need – minis are great. But what if you want something even smaller and simpler? Then you might want to look at a wired or wireless speaker dock. These will play music from your smartphone or tablet, with some also streaming music from your desktop or laptop, and handling internet radio. But they don’t come with a CD slot, and with separate speakers mini hi-fis remain a better option on pure audio quality grounds.

Mini system: Yamaha CRX550 Speaker: Q Acoustics 2020i

Mini system: Denon DM39 Speakers: Cambridge Audio S30

“Add a wireless Bluetooth receiver to your mini hi-fi and you can stream music from any smartphone or tablet. No forking out for a pricey Lightning Adaptor.� Matt, City store

16 / Docks


Wired docks offer a simple, affordable connection to your phone or tablet, while wireless docks give supreme quality and convenience. Dock: Teac SR80i

If all of your media is stored on, or streamed via, your phone or tablet, a dock may be perfect for you. They’re smaller and simpler even than micro systems, but can still turn out great sound. And their streamlined, modern design is perfect for smaller spaces. There are two types of dock:

Dock: Philips DS3120

Wired: Most wired docks are for iPhone and iPad, although Android docks are becoming more common. Slotting your device physically into the dock means you can’t keep using it while it’s playing music, but it also means the dock recharges your phone or tablet as you listen – making the smaller docks ideal, for instance, as bedside table options. Wireless: Wireless docks come in two flavours, AirPlay or Bluetooth. AirPlay for Apple devices; Bluetooth for pretty much all phones, tablets and laptops, including Apple; and some wireless docks now do both. The advantage of a wireless dock is you can sit where you like, continuing to use your phone or tablet to surf, watch videos, catch up on emails or simply keep it in your pocket where it belongs, while you listen. The sound quality is often superb. Plus some wireless docks can be linked together for multiroom music.

DAB radio: Pure Chronos iDock Series II

Which wireless How to choose the wireless dock to suit your device and your music collection. AirPlay Only for Apple devices and computers running iTunes, Airplay not only wirelessly sends high-quality files (including Apple Lossless), but also track information including artist name, song name and – for docks with screens – album cover.

Bluetooth Bluetooth is now capable of playing audio of a quality to match Apple’s rival AirPlay and Bluetooth docks will play audio not also just from Apple devices, but from just about every modern smartphone, laptop and tablet. For that reason it’s ideal if your family and friends aren’t all diehard Apple fans. Some docks feature both AirPlay and Bluetooth.

AptX Want the best possible audio quality? If your device supports Bluetooth with aptX and you store your music in a lossless or other high-quality format, then a dock that does the same could well be worth it. NAS drive ‘NAS’ stands for ‘Network Attached Storage’. These are just like traditional hard drives – they’ll store your music – but are also able to beam your files to your chosen device wirelessly.

Streaming system: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

Streaming system: Marantz MCR603

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD There’s a near-infinite supply of great music and video, easily accessible if you know how.

With broadband and a wi-fi router already in your home, you have access to a world of content – but are you actually getting it? And, more importantly, are you getting that content where you want it, when you want it and how you want it? Most of us aren’t using a fraction of what’s possible. Your humble internet router could be your gateway to a world of audio and video. From watching BBC iPlayer catch-up TV on the big screen, to streaming any song you want to hear from Spotify, to discovering new and wonderful music on internet radio, wi-fi opens a door to a world of entertainment. Streaming services don’t mean you have to throw out vinyl or CDs – they’re a great way of trying new music before you buy them on disc. Although some streaming services do offer CD, or better-than-CD, audio quality. And support for these services is increasingly being built into new amps and network music players so it can be added easily to existing components – our in-store experts can help hook you up.

Music Streaming / 19 Streaming devices & services

Streaming system: Cambridge Audio Minx Xi

Spotify is an online music service that lets you compile playlists, browse artist catalogues and search for new albums and songs from millions of tracks stored in “the cloud”. Premium users can even stream music in a high bitrate format for superb quality. And many modern networked music devices let you browse Spotify and queue up playlists straight to your hi-fi. Napster is another popular subscription-based service. You can stream music on demand from its library of over 18 million songs. As with Spotify, you can stream to home devices or pay extra for a premium service that lets you enjoy this near-unlimited music library on the move too, on smartphones and tablets.


BBC iPlayer and other catch-up services make it a doddle to enjoy TV and radio programmes broadcast in the last seven days. Many Smart TVs, consoles and Blu-ray players have iPlayer built in, as do dedicated streaming devices such as network music players, wireless docks and multiroom devices. Sonos is the best-known and arguably the simplest wireless multiroom music solution. And it lets you stream your own music, or music on demand from Napster or Spotify, effortlessly. Whichever Sonos multiroom component you choose, high-quality audio can be streamed to hi-fis and speakers in different rooms – with different rooms playing different music simultaneously, or set to play the same track in party mode.

NAS drives Store all your digital music and movies on a standalone hard drive and with a streaming playback device you can access your digital media over your home wi-fi even when your computer’s switched off.

Music server streaming system: Cocktail Audio X10

DACs Standalone digital-toanalogue converters (DACs) slot next to your existing hi-fi, squeezing maximum sound quality from streamed digital music files from laptops, smartphones and other kit.

“Some download sites are starting to offer better-than-CD-quality audio at, for example, studio quality 24-bit/192kHz. Stick the files on your computer or a NAS drive and you have the ultimate modern, high definition music experience.” Denise, Birmingham store Streaming system: Sonos Play:5

20 / Home Cinema

SOUND THAT PUTS YOU IN THE PICTURE Our heritage is in hi-fi, but we’re passionate about making the most of movies, sport and games too.

AV receiver: Cambridge Audio 551R Blu-ray player: Cambridge Audio 751BD

Every home now has the potential to double as a stunning cinema – with friends and family enthralled by the very best in big-screen thrills. As flat screens have got better and better, and cheaper and cheaper, it’s easy to imagine they’re much of a muchness, but they’re not. Richer Sounds has been as passionate about visuals as it has about music since we first stocked a TV a decade ago. Our experts are just as likely to be obsessive about capturing every visual detail of the latest blockbuster or delivering clear but punchy surround sound that perfectly complements the biggest and best of dramas as they are about pin-sharp stereo music. And we have

come to firmly believe that not every big TV or surround sound speaker is created equal. Today, you can buy a cheap big screen TV in the supermarket, but grocers know nothing about home cinema (and we know nothing about cheese). Here at Richer Sounds we offer better value, better quality and a huge range – with TVs chosen not just for price, but for quality of components and specification too. From HD ready to 1080p, Smart TVs and 3D, even new 4K screens and projectors, we stock a full range of the latest and greatest screens, and the home cinema kit to make the very most of them.

Home Cinema / 21 Visual options | A few of the ways we can enhance your viewing pleasure. Big screens We stock everything for your living room, from the biggest and latest 4K “ultra high definition” screens and 1080p TVs – including Smart and/or 3D ones – to smaller HD ready screens, ideal as second TVs in other rooms.

Streaming video Catch up with TV from BBC iPlayer, Sky Anytime and other streaming services, watch your laptop’s videos wirelessly on the big screen or send video over your home network from your PC.

Surround sound Great picture is only half of the equation for great cinema. Nothing delivers movie thrills like a good-quality surround sound system, giving you a truly immersive experience.

Cinema screens Projectors offer the biggest picture of all. Choose from portable projectors you can set on a table for special occasions to ceiling mounted ones with motorised screens for a serious home cinema set-up.

Something different Our custom install team can turn your wildest dreams into reality – from something as simple as making surround sound speakers ‘disappear’ to building an entire dedicated home cinema room in your home.

TV: Panasonic TXP50GT60 Speakers: Q Acoustics Q7000

22 / Headphones


Great headphones will transform your listening on the move, at work or at home. There are moments when you don’t want to inflict your music on other people. There are also moments when you want to shut the world out and focus on what you’re listening to. For those moments, and many more, you need great headphones. The tinny in-ear buds you get free with your phone won’t deliver the passion of great music when you’re on the train – there’s no depth to their bass, no subtlety to their midrange and not enough isolation from all the distracting noise around you. Investing in a great pair of headphones delivers a world of audio detail you simply won’t get in many situations without them. And we passionately believe there’s a perfect pair of headphones for every occasion, and just about every budget.

Headphones: AKG K550

Headphones: Grado SR325i

Headphones / 23

Streaming system: Sonos Play:3 Headphones: Sennheiser HD25SP

Which headphones for you? The right place, the right time, the right headphones… Home listening For audiophile listening it’s a close-run thing between great speakers and great hi-fi headphones. While speakers offer a wider, more natural soundstage, headphones can give even greater clarity and detail – you’re literally closer to the music you love. Great wired hi-fi headphones will also offer extended listening comfort, superior isolation from external noise and a chance to truly focus on your music. Wireless comfort For full-on movie action, crystal clear dialogue and bass-heavy sound effects that don’t annoy the neighbours, wireless headphones can be ideal. Good ones are comfy, sound great and you can even keep listening while you put the kettle on. Phone talk Want to listen to music on your smartphone? Many hi-fi headphone manufacturers are putting their audio expertise into new designs specifically for smartphone owners

on the move. Styles range from in-ear headphones with excellent isolation and custom earmoulds to over-the-ear headphones for superior detail. Either way, they feature an inline mic – so you can talk as well as listen. Planes, trains and washing machines For noisy environments, particularly where the sound is repetitive or mechanical, noise-cancelling cans win the day. These clever headphones don’t just cut out external noise, they combat it by subtracting the noise profile of sounds outside the headphone from the audio inside. These can cut over 90 per cent of external, repetitive noise. That means far greater clarity of audio in loud spaces and you don’t need to turn the volume up to 11 to hear over the noise around you. Wireless wandering Wireless Bluetooth headsets are a great alternative to wired smartphone headsets. The audio quality is usually very good and you can shove your phone in a bag or pocket without getting in a tangle.

Headphones: Shure SRH1840

24 / TVs


TV: Samsung UE46F8000 Speakers: Cambridge Audio Minx Min21 YouView box: Humax DTRT1010 Stand: Sonorous MD9095

Find your perfect TV thanks to our wide range, expert advice and demo rooms.

TVs are constantly improving – getting brighter, bigger and cheaper – and there’s an increasingly bewildering array of types. Don’t worry though, our experts are here to help you sort out your LCD from your OLED, your HD ready from your 1080p and your 3D from your 4K. What’s most important to understand is that bigger and cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Picture quality is vital – as is sound. After all, it doesn’t matter how many inches your TV measures, or how many pixels that picture’s made up of, if the picture is flat and muted. And without clear dialogue and solid bass, the passion and drama of great films, TV and games can fail to engage. That’s why at Richer Sounds we’re passionate about you trying out the TV you want to buy in our stores – our demo rooms let you check out the picture and speaker quality of your chosen screen as well as experiencing surround sound set-ups and even projector alternatives too. That way, you know exactly what you’re buying and why.

The science bit Don’t know where to begin? Here’s our handy TV jargon buster… LCD Still a popular flat screen choice for good reason, with brilliant pricing, big screen sizes and good picture quality.

HD ready These can display the lower resolution “720p” (1280x720 pixels) high definition standard.

LED This is basically a new type of LCD TV that uses LED backlighting for a brighter picture, better contrast and slimmer profile. LED TVs are becoming increasingly popular in bigger sizes and more premium sets.

1080p “Full HD” or 1080p sets have a 1920x1080 resolution – that’s what you want for most current highdefinition content,

Plasma LED TVs are evolving fast but that doesn’t mean plasma’s on the way out. At larger screen sizes, plasma’s mix of slim profile, good contrast and low pricing can be winning. OLED Super-thin, low-energy and a stunning picture, OLED technology is fairly new and only beginning to appear in large-screen sizes. Expect to pay a serious price premium for it too.

4K If HD ready is good and 1080p is better, then 4K is best. These new “ultra high definition” TVs have four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen (3840×2160). You can buy 4K TVs and projectors now, but so far there are no TV broadcasts or disc content that makes the most of them (there will be soon). Meanwhile, many 4K TVs “upscale” ordinary high definition content, converting it to 4K in realtime for an even sharper picture on big screens.

“HDMI cables are ideal for cutting clutter because one cable carries both the high definition picture and surround sound signal to your flat screen TV.” Pete, London Bridge store

26 / Smart TVs

TV: Panasonic TXL42E6


Smart TVs connect to the internet and let you do much, much more than update your Facebook status. TVs aren’t just getting bigger and better, some of them are getting cleverer too. Smart TVs use your internet connection to pull in more content. From streaming catch-up TV, to renting films, to watching music videos, key sites and services from the internet are available on the big screen, often in a simplified format you can use with your remote control. New “apps” and capabilities are being added to the main manufacturers’ Smart platforms all the time. They’re also making it easier to access all this different content by searching through everything available at once, rather than one app at a time. Some Smart TV systems even let you search for TV shows and movies based on what you’ve already watched, or your friends’ recommendations. The most widely-used apps are to stream video – nearly all Smart TVs let you catch up on the last week’s TV with services like BBC iPlayer, as well as watch YouTube on the big screen and access streaming services such as Netflix and LoveFilm. On top of that, you can access content stored on your network – putting family photos and video from a computer, NAS drive or even USB stick on the biggest screen in the house. Smart TV isn’t just about viewing though. Other common Smart TV apps let you socialise on Facebook, Twitter and via email. Some apps even let you view social media comments about a TV programme as you watch – so you can share watercooler TV moments with friends instantly. Skype functionality is also found on some Smart platforms – plug in a webcam and chat to faraway friends on the big screen. Great if fitting your whole family in front of the computer is a squeeze. There are often apps for music streaming and internet radio too – so if your TV is connected to an amplifier, going Smart can be a good way of getting great music from all over the world onto your hi-fi.

“Different ff brands have different apps. Tell us what you want to use your Smart TV for and we’ll help you find n the model with apps for all your favourite services.” Sean, City store

Blu-ray player: Sony BDPS490 AV receiver: Sony STRDN1030 Network streamer: Apple TV


Got a great TV that isn’t Smart? There are plenty of ways to stream video on it.

Smart TVs aren’t the only way to get video, apps and the internet onto your big screen. There are lots of other ways to get a world of entertainment into your living room, from set-top boxes that give “dumb” TVs an IQ boost, to Blu-ray players that deliver Smart functionality, and add-ons that connect your computer to the big screen. Set-top boxes add services like Google TV to your television, giving you a web browser, video and photo streaming, and popular apps. Some come with a handy mini keyboard too. If you use an iPhone or iPad, Apple TV is a favourite because it also lets you stream and mirror direct from your device to the TV. Blu-ray players can often connect to the internet, adding Smart TV functions to your television. Games consoles like the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii U can too. Sky On Demand means that, if you have satellite TV from Sky and you also have broadband, a whole extra menu of video streaming options becomes available. You can watch catch-up TV from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, 5 and Sky at no extra cost. Plus, if you get Sky Movies you can watch hundreds of films whenever you like..

Video Streaming / 29

Network streamer: Apple TV

TV: Panasonic TXL47WT50 Soundbar: Panasonic SCHTB20


Many of the latest TVs are “3D ready”. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

TV: LG TM2792

TV: Panasonic TXP50GT60 Speakers: Q Acoustics Q7000

Want even more wow factor from your TV? The extra features now found in many higher-end sets could really boost your enjoyment. And it’s not just about movies. Are you a sports fan? An increasing number of sporting events are broadcast in 3D which is stunning to watch. Whether you’re watching in 2D or 3D, a high definition broadcast on a Full HD screen gives stunning clarity that really captures the emotion of sporting crowds, the sweat on a player’s brow and more. Flat screens that feature higher than average refresh rates (100Hz or more) are ideal for fast-moving sports without jerky video.

Into video gaming? If you love gaming there’s loads you can do to enhance your experience. For instance, while 3D games haven’t taken off yet, several 3D sets use the split image technology to great effect for two-player gaming. Forget old-fashioned split-screen mode, because both players can watch different pictures full screen in 2D at the same time just by wearing special glasses. Again, 100Hz refresh rates or higher are vital for keeping up with high speed gaming action, and surround sound is ideal for getting vital positional detail – you’ll know precisely where your enemy is because you can hear their footsteps!

3D TVs / 31

3D, three options New TV due to be 3D? But which type?… Active You wear glasses that have ‘shutters’ over each eye, with electronics in the glasses wirelessly synchronising each eye with the TV. This means each eye gets the screen’s full resolution and you get impressive 3D “depth”. Passive Polarising glasses, like the 3D ones you get in the cinema, let you see half the vertical lines of pixels on the TV in one eye, half with the other. This means the glasses are lightweight and affordable – ideal if you want to buy lots of pairs so friends can come round for movie nights or the big match. Glasses-free Lenticular lenses in front of TV screens deliver 3D without the need for special glasses. An exciting prospect but the technology is at a very early stage, the 3D “depth” is shallow and the effect is weaker if you’re not sitting directly in front of the screen.

Speakers: Boston Acoustics Soundware XS


A cinema wouldn’t be the same without stunning sound. So why settle for less at home? It might seem strange, but trust us – sound is at least half of the immersive experience of truly great home cinema. Stunning visuals are easily equalled by stunning sound – and for a cinematic experience, nothing beats full surround sound. You’ll experience the deep rumble of bass that accompanies action movie car chases and explosions, you’ll thrill to music swelling all around you, your nerves will be left in tatters as something creeps up behind you. And dialogue is literally centre stage – picked out in perfect clarity. Surround sound systems are the perfect partner for a flat screen. TV makers are under pressure to make their screens slim, so audio is squeezed in around the edges – there’s not enough space for decent speaker enclosures and a full sound. Besides, having all your sound coming from the front doesn’t do the latest movies justice. If you went to the cinema and the auditorium’s rear speakers were broken you’d demand a refund, so why settle for second best at home? Hollywood blockbusters aren’t the only thing to get extra oomph from the surround sound treatment. Sport is stunning in full surround – with the crowd’s reactions a cocoon of noise that puts you right inside the stadium the sounds of the players still picked out in the front and centre channels. Games get better with positional audio – so you can hear where your enemies are coming from. Even TV feels bigger, more dramatic. Surround sound needn’t mean massive speakers either – modern, small “satellite” speakers and compact subwoofers deliver surround thrills in smaller spaces, so surround sound isn’t just the preserve of mansion dwellers. Just think, with six small speakers, no matter the size of your living room, you can have all the thrills of the cinema, at home…

The numbers game

How many speakers and where do they go?

5.1 The most common home surround set-up – two rear speakers for ambient atmosphere, front left and right deliver stereo action, and a centre speaker for dialogue makes 5. The .1 is the subwoofer for bass emphasis.

7.1 Takes 5.1 and adds two extra speakers, one on either side of you, for more subtle surround effects. 5.2/7.2 Add a second subwoofer to the mix for even bigger, more dispersed bass.

Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS and more There’s a wide array of surround sound formats found on Blu-rays, DVDs, TV broadcasts and more, but most play nicely with a wide range of speaker set-ups.

Surround Sound / 33 Speakers: Cambridge Audio Minx Min21

“The speakers that come built into most TVs are tinny, llifeless and dull in the audio department. Surround sound is, after all, how movies were made to be heard.� Teresa, Edinburgh store

TV: LG 42LM670 Soundbar: Sonos Playbar

Soundbars / 35


A slim soundbar discreetly improves on the audio from your flat screen TV. Traditional 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel speaker systems remain the top choice if you’re looking for the very best surround sound experience. But if you want to avoid the complexity, cost or space implications of a full surround system, there is an alternative – the soundbar. These flat, slim speaker bars mount directly below or above your TV and offer a significant improvement in sound quality. After all, you really can’t expect great sound from the tiniest speakers squeezed around a flat TV and designed to take up as little space as possible. Good soundbars have dramatically more space for speaker enclosures, yet don’t make too much visual impact on your living room. The extra space lets them deliver a whole lot more bass depth, much better left/right stereo effects,and much greater clarity and separation to all-important dialogue. Some even bounce sound off walls to achieve a “pseudo surround” effect. Some soundbars also double as smartphone docks, wireless streamers or as part of a multiroom music system. And many come with a separate subwoofer (bass speaker) that can be placed somewhere discreet in the room, delivering bass that’s again a big step up from your TV’s tinny built-in speakers. If you’re considering a soundbar, also take a look at our wide range of “sub/sat” systems. On the whole, these offer a significant step up in performance, with five or more small “satellite” speakers positioned in the room to give you true surround sound and a subwoofer that can be tucked out of site to give extra bass oomph.

Soundbar: Yamaha YSP2200

“Don’t let sound quality ruin your relationship! If one of you wants audio perfection and the other hates speakers, we have stylish soundbars aand even living room ffriendly rie custom installs to satisfy you both.” Jules, City store

36 / Projectors

JUST ADD POPCORN Choose a projector for the ultimate big screen home cinema experience.

Projector: BenQ W1070

Projector: Epson EHTW6100W

“Projectors now look great even in daylight, but for best results install blackout blinds or curtains and turn the lights down!” Marco, Chiswick store

Projector: Panasonic PTAT6000

Want a truly big screen? Nothing beats a projector. For a fortune, you can now get a 200-inch flat screen TV. But for a tiny fraction of that, you can buy a projector that will create an image far bigger, yet still capable of handling fast, high definition action and even 3D. Modern projectors don’t need the kind of space that they used to, either. Pop in and talk to one of our experts about what you need and your room layout. We’ll help you find the right projector for your space – and because we literally think about the bigger picture, we’ll make sure you leave with everything you need to get started, like the right screen and cables.

Dream screen

Which projector is right for your home? Short throw These projectors have a wide lens angle because they’re designed to produce a big picture not very far from the lens. This makes them ideal for putting on a coffee table and projecting onto a roll-away screen, or even a plain white wall, for special occasions. A superb option for movie nights, the big match or multiplayer gaming sessions.

Long throw More likely to be 1080p high definition and 3D compatible, these projectors are designed for fast on-screen action and deep, rich colours. Either sit them on a shelf on the wall opposite your screen, or more likely mount them upside-down from the ceiling. It makes them a more permanent fixture, but also gets them out of the way, plus they’re set up and ready to use at the flick of a switch.

38 / In-store

HELP, I NEED SOMEBODY! From our stores to your homes – how we can help.

Step into one of our stores to see what we can do for you. Richer Sounds isn’t just about selling a vast array of wonderful high-tech audio-visual equipment (although we do). And it’s not just about finding you the very cheapest price (although we guarantee that we do). It’s also about helping you choose the set-up that’s precisely right for you, that will deliver what you most want from audio and video – your ultimate stereo and perfect home cinema. Our specialists are all passionate about making your music sound miles better, about making your TV and film-watching full of drama and excitement, about helping you get more from your technology. And that needn’t be complex or pricey. We’re here for the little things, like the dock that lets you play music from your phone in top quality through the best speakers in the house. But we’re also here to show you much bigger possibilities, like stunning surround sound that doesn’t break the bank, and stereo systems that will rekindle your love of hi-fi.

Try before you buy Our demo rooms are set up to, as closely as possible, feel like home. And they’re full of the latest kit from a wide range of product areas – from multiroom music set-ups to smartphone docks, from home cinema projectors to Smart TVs. You can try out a wide array of our products in a space similar to your living room. And our experts will be on hand to help you choose what to try, figure out your needs and offer a helping hand through our range. Try before you buy? We strongly recommend it!

Our huge range, our unbeatable prices and our friendly expert staff are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

In-store / 39

“Our demo rooms are ideal places for getting a feel for the difference home cinema and surround sound can make.� Lee, Weybridge store


Speaker: Dali Zensor 1 Speaker stand: Mission Stancette

TV: Philips 40PFL5537

40 /

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AKG & JBL Arcam Audioquest The Chord Company Cyrus Cambridge Audio DALI Denon Humax Focal JVC LG LG Multi-Function Monitors Logitech Marantz Monitor Audio Onkyo Panasonic Pioneer Pro-Ject Q Acoustics Roksan Roth Samsung Sennheiser Tannoy Sonos Sony TP-LINK Wharfedale Yamaha Our Stores

Great sound, from Harman JBL brings decades of experience making speakers for public spaces to its personal, home and car audio. AKG pro headphones and mics have been used for over 60 years by everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones, to Missy Elliott and Kanye West. Its headphones give your music the richness and subtlety of the original performance.


(1) JBL OnBeat Xtreme Wireless Dock This high-performance wireless speaker dock has Bluetooth for wireless streaming but also a connector that lets you position iPad, iPod and iPhone screens either vertically or horizontally for video. And it delivers astonishing sound – great for video chat and gaming as well as enjoying music and movies.

“Fun, dynamic and versatile, the JBL OnBeat Xtreme may be the ultimate tech dock” – Stuff magazine (2) AKG K451 On-Ear Headphones High-power drive units and closed back design give an intense, powerful sound. Yet subtle detail is carefully revealed and nuances can clearly be heard. Great to use on the move, with in-line mic and volume control for phone use, and a folding design with detachable cable.

“Good-looking, good-sounding on-ear headphones” – (3) AKG K550 Closed Cup Headphones These home headphones may be big, but they’re surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. The large earpieces deliver total audio immersion while 50mm drivers and a closed back design give a deep, powerful bass that’s tightly controlled and realistic. Yet, surprisingly for a closed back design, music sounds spacious, accurate and engaging.


Also available (4) AKG K490NC Noise Cancelling Headphones These high-performance headphones are the ultimate travel companion. Combining comfortable ear pads with active noise cancelling – ideal for train and plane journeys - you can appreciate their exceptional sound quality and powerful bass response, with detail audible without cranking up the volume. Lightweight, folding and rechargeable too.


“For the price, the excellent AKG K490NC noise cancelling headphones outperform everything below – and several models above” – PC magazine

/ 41

Bringing music and movies to life Arcam designs and builds world class hi-fi, home cinema and streaming music products that delight music and movie lovers the world over. This great British brand’s products deliver an audio and video performance so convincing and lifelike that it connects you straight to the emotional power of the best music and films.




(1) FMJ A19 Integrated Amplifier

(2) FMJ CD17 CD Player

(3) Solo Neo One-Box Music System

One of the best-sounding amplifiers in its class, the A19 uses components normally found in Arcam’s top-of-the-range products. For example, a muscular, toroidal transformer for a powerful sound suitable for a wide range of speakers. It’s easy to upgrade too, into a digital hub that also handles Bluetooth and USB.

Arcam’s experience of building CD players for more than 20 years is brought to bear in the CD17, along with the very latest DAC technologies. High-end components and clever engineering ensure it extracts every detail from every genre of music. And the FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) solid casing cuts resonance and screens interference for enhanced sound quality.

This sleek music system combines high performance, style and ease of use with superb audio performance. Play CDs, radio, internet radio and digital music – from USB stick or streamed from your computer. The Solo Neo offers a truly stunning package that delivers music in a way that will thrill any listener.

“A player of many talents, namely detail and finesse” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine “An extremely talented performer” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

42 /

“Expands the feature count while taking performance up a notch too” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

Experience the difference AudioQuest has been making top-quality cables since 1980 and, more recently, top-quality DACs (digitalto-analogue converters) too. Like a cable, a good DAC can dramatically improve the whole system’s performance. AudioQuest has a “do no harm” philosophy – every cable and component should preserve, not degrade, the original audio signal.



(1) DragonFly USB DAC Storing music on a computer is convenient, but your sound card is often the weakest link to sound quality. PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, plug in the DragonFly to bypass your sound card for an instant upgrade to hi-fi quality. A preamp and headphone amp are built in too.

“All hail hi-fi’s newest superstar” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (2) FLX-SLiP 14/4 Speaker Cable The sound from this speaker cable is smooth and refined. And it’s practical: surprisingly easy to bend round corners and, thanks to braided ends, easy to feed through tight spots. Ideal for installations, or giving any system a serious sonic boost.

“Does finesse and subtlety just as well as dynamic heft and punch” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine


(3) Pearl HDMI Cable Upgrade your home cinema with this surprisingly affordable HDMI cable. It handles 3D, high speed data and has an audio return channel. Most importantly, it’ll help your kit produce a stunning picture that’s detailed, accurate and handles motion well.

“One of the more wallet-friendly HDMI options. But it’s a top performer” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (4) Tower Analogue Interconnect Available as RCA to RCA for connecting components to your amplifier, or 3.5mm to RCA, perfect for connecting the DragonFly for a complete computer audio upgrade. Clever engineering and high-end materials makes for a clean sound with minimal noise contamination.


/ 43

Moving sound & vision Based just a stone’s throw from Stonehenge, Chord is a British company that designs, hand builds and tests the very best cabling money can buy. It has made interconnects and speaker cables for over 25 years, scooping awards thanks to its obsession with consistent manufacture, rigorous quality assurance and testing, and warranty on all products.

(1) SuperShield High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet This won What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine’s 2009 Cables Product of the Year. And now Chord has made it even better with silver conductors, ethernet and 3D capability (full HDMI 1.4 spec). Expect stratospheric performance, without a painful price tag.

“You’d never guess this cable’s budget status from its looks, build or performance” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (2) Carnival SilverScreen Speaker Cable This scooped What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine’s Best Speaker Cable Award four years on the trot and a Best Buy from audiophile bible Hi-Fi Choice magazine. The design incorporates multi-strand oxygen-free copper, and uses extensive foil shielding for a pure signal protected from interference, to deliver a stunningly accurate performance.


“Sound packed with authority, clarity and insight, detailing is excellent, tonally balanced.” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

(3) Crimson VEE 3 Analogue Interconnect An improved version of the multi-award winning Crimson, the all new Crimson VEE 3 is affordable, yet uses heavy-gauge foil shielding inspired by Chord’s reference standard cables (that cost about a grand). So it’s great for longer runs and particularly impressive for subwoofers. Plus its new VEE plugs have a unique ABS enclosure and a special, non-compression cable clamp for enhanced definition and detail plus improved rhythm and timing.

44 /



Engineered to entertain Cyrus has met huge critical acclaim, winning 35 major awards since 2005. It designs and manufacturers all its products in the UK to superior quality standards. You can even return products to the factory for future upgrades. Cyrus separates are instantly recognisable by their die-cast aluminium half-size case that’s compact, attractive and practical; two units can be placed side by side in the space of a traditional hi-fi separate.


(1) 6 DAC Integrated Amplifier All the features of the award-winning 6a amplifier but with five digital inputs, including USB, so you can play music direct from laptop, PC or Mac through its high-end DAC. Sound is impressive and the innards of the sturdy, half-width aluminium box can even be upgraded in future with a higher-end power amp. “Fast, very detailed and has remarkable clarity” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

2 (2) CD6 SE2 CD Player Surprisingly affordable for a quality CD player, the CD6 SE2 confidently outperforms its peers. It uses a custom-designed disc reading engine, created for Cyrus’s top-of-the-range player, to gather maximum data without errors. And as with many Cyrus products, you can upgrade it in the future if you want a higher spec DAC, transformer or power supply.

“Cyrus has once more raised the bar” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

(3) Stream X Network Music Player The X streams stored music beautifully and effortlessly, whether from computer, NAS drive or iPhone. It can stream high quality FLAC and WAV files at up to 192 kHz/24bit, better than CD quality. Plus there’s internet radio, an iPad/iPhone control app, and USB for a direct digital connection to iPad, iPhone or iPod that’s superior to a dock or analogue input.


/ 45

Established in 1968, Cambridge Audio is the UK’s best-selling hi-fi brand. Every product is designed in its London-based R&D centre by a team of music-loving enthusiasts who strive to ensure your favourite songs sound just as good as they did in the studio – whatever your budget. Cambridge Audio can satisfy all your home entertainment needs with a wide and wonderfully flexible range. From music systems that will stream digital music from your mobile phone, laptop and the internet, to several fresh new speaker ranges and, of course, the legendary integrated allin-one systems and hi-fi separates for which the company is most famous, each and every model combines stunning performance with incredible value. Whatever your priorities and budget, there’s a wide range of Cambridge Audio systems and accessories to suit. Here are a few of our favourites…

“To say we were impressed is a gross understatement.” Luke Peters, Editor T3

“ Well, Bose is about to get a sound thrashing from the British boys at Cambridge Audio, whose brand-new Minx is even smaller than Acoustimass – especially the subwoofer – and simply better. Much, much better.” Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times

Minx is on a mission to unite the disconnected worlds of rich, luxurious hi-fi sound and design miniaturisation. For the very first time, you can experience extraordinary levels of power and refinement from staggeringly small speakers. Minx brings all your favourite music, movies, sports and TV shows to life in a way you’d never imagine. Such advances are made possible by fundamental developments in acoustic science. Minx delivers a quality and depth of sound which has previously been the preserve of much larger speakers.

46 /

Created at Cambridge Audio’s London research and development centre by a team fuelled with a passion for incredible sound, Minx completely rewrites the rulebook of what’s possible from miniature speakers. Designed for universal connection to any home cinema receiver or amplifier, Minx offers incredibly simple set-up for instantly impressive results. With two beautiful satellite speakers and three earth-trembling subwoofers, there are endless combinations of Minx to suit any home.

Your music + our passion “This Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 is, for me, the best one-box stereo ever”

“How does it sound? Fantastic… it’s hard not to recommend the Minx 200”

Financial Times

The Independent

“The little grey box making a big noise, this looks and sounds like a serious rival to Sonos’ Play range… the all-in-one wireless speaker will suitably fill your house with rich audiophile standard sound” T3 Hot 100



(1) Minx Air

(2) Minx Xi

If you’re serious about need Minx Air!

The Minx Xi delivers stunning audio quality from every analogue, digital and wireless source that today’s music lover demands, all wrapped up in a seriously stylish package.

Minx Air is a revolutionary wireless system that plays all your music wherever it is – smartphone, tablet or on your computer. Minx Air combines Cambridge Audio’s expertise in hi-fi design with the latest wireless streaming technology. That means your smartphone can stay in your pocket, or you can keep using your tablet while your favourite songs fill the room. So whatever device you’re using, you can enjoy your music wirelessly in amazing quality.

Streaming 24-bit/96kHz audio, including a wide range of lossless formats, from smartphone and tablet apps wirelessly, it uses Bluetooth for total flexibility. It also boasts serious audio componentry to ensure it sounds amazing and USB ports that will even charge your phone. However you like your music, it’ll sound great on the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi.

/ 47


(1) Azur 752BD Universal Upsampling Blu-ray, DVD & CD player Our best ever universal player gets the utmost from video and audio discs, digital files and streaming. One box to do it all and do it all brilliantly - the ultimate universal player is here! No matter what format you have your video and audio in, the Azur 752BD universal player will bring it to life in your living room. Every source - digital, networked or analogue - and every format, whether audio or video, stereo or surround sound - also benefits from the 752BD’s high-end video and audio processing powers. Its Marvell Qdeo video processor upscales any video source to Full HD. The result is that all video and audio that passes through the 752BD is delivered in stunning detail.

48 /


(2) Azur 751R Upsampling Home Cinema Receiver The ultimate home cinema receiver - the Cambridge Audio Azur 751R will make your music sound as great as your movies, with both sounding out of this world. It’s perfect for pumping out audiophile stereo and the biggest of big-screen surround sound action. And it’ll squeeze the maximum detail from any audio and video source you throw at it. It’s rare to find an amp as versatile as the 751R in its class - equally at home delivering the passion and fidelity of truly inspiring stereo music as it is at making you leap out of your seat to big-screen surround sound action. And the 751R is designed not only to deliver the best possible picture and sound from the latest sources, but also to upsample and scale older, even analogue, sources. Allowing you to find new details in old media.

Your music + our passion


“It looks good, is easy to use, sounds great and has a list of uses longer than your arm: the Stream Magic 6 is an unequivocal success”

“As network audio players go, the Stream Magic 6 is as close to perfection as I’ve yet seen” BBC Music magazine

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine



(3) Stream Magic 6 Music Streamer

(4) 851A Class XD Integrated Amplifier

This doesn’t just stream music, it improves it to betterthan-CD quality. High-end twin Wolfson DACs and an Anagram Technologies upsampling circuit offer more detail and depth than you thought possible from digital audio. Stream your own music (over ethernet, wi-fi or optional Bluetooth) or access internet radio and services like BBC iPlayer Radio.

Cambridge Audio has something of a sensation on its hands with the all new 851A Class XD integrated amplifier. Its totally unique technology platform takes the very best aspects of two popular amplifier designs and dispenses with their inherent weaknesses to bring you a high-end amplifier which sounds sensational. The 851A combines a big, gutsy and powerful performance with unprecedented detail and staggeringly low distortion. Unlike many high-end amplifiers which are developed to enhance a particular type of music, the 851A was created by music lovers for music lovers and is designed to bring out the best of every musical genre, and because Cambridge Audio also designs its products to work with yours, the 851A is capable of driving virtually any speaker with ease.

(5) 851C Digital to Analogue Converter/CD Player/Pre-amplifier The 851C is the heart of your digital music system. Enabling you to experience incredible quality music from your computer or from CDs, it also allows you to connect other digital audio devices like music streamers and digital iPhone/ iPad docks for the most sensational sound reproduction ever. A mouth-watering component specification and truly uncompromised design ensures the 851C is capable of retrieving every last detail from your music. Highlights include the highest specification digital-to-analogue converters, a digital sound processor and Swiss upsampling technology which improves the quality of every digital music format. So whether you want to listen to Spotify or iTunes using your PC, enjoy lossless files from your iPhone or simply listen to a favourite CD, your music has never sounded better.

/ 49

In admiration of music DALI loudspeakers have the understated refinement and accomplished design synonymous with Scandinavia. The look may be cool, but the performance is all about passion. DALI’s driving force is music and its honest reproduction, a desire for creating pure and authentic sound – with nothing added and nothing taken away.




(1) Zensor 1 Bookshelf Speakers

(2) Zensor 5 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package

(3) Ikon 6 MK 2 Floorstanding Speakers

Look at the construction and components and it’s easy to see why this class-leading budget speaker has earned rave reviews. Partnering the impressive bass unit is a similarly high-performing treble unit – with a soft dome that delivers high notes smoothly, yet precisely. Simply one of the most realistic sounding speakers at its price, ideal as a rear surround or a quality stereo front.

A ready-to-rock 5.1 package with every speaker perfectly chosen for its role. Zensor 5 floorstanders serve as front left/right, delivering stereo music thrills and an impressively precise home cinema front stage. The Vokal centre “performs brilliantly across the board” according to What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine. Two Zensor 1 speakers handle rear surround. And an E-12F subwoofer covers the bottom end, delivering serious emphasis to action and deep, rich bass notes to music.

This powerful floorstander utilises DALI’s hybrid tweeter system - the clever use of both a ribbon and a soft dome tweeter offers listeners unrivalled treble performance, which helps to produce a true three dimensional sound image which has to be heard to be believed. The former handles the very highest frequencies, freeing up the latter to handle slightly lower ones for an effortless treble performance full of rich detail. Meanwhile twin wood fibre woofers provide natural midrange and powerful bass. Few other floorstanders at this price will sound so natural yet powerful.

“Combine splendid attention to detail with an easy listenability” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine “A brilliantly realised set-up – and cracking value too” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

50 /

Passion, artistry, technology For Denon, audio-video reproduction is not just a business. It is passionate about creating products that deliver enjoyment to others. This quest to create the perfect entertainment component leads Denon to innovate, and to anticipate consumer needs. In recent evolution, this has included incorporating mobile technologies, so that customers can enjoy the best possible quality reproduction in any format. Bringing purity of sound and joy to customers’ lives is what Denon is all about.

(1) PMA-720AE Amplifier/DCD-720AE CD Player



This combination of midrange amplifier and pure CD player are ideal for the start of a serious move into hi-fi stereo separates. The amp incorporates core elements of Denon’s high-end expertise, with a high-speed, high-capacity power supply, while the CD player uses original Denon AL32 Processing for crystal clear and detailed playback and a high precision 32bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter.

(2) AVR-X2000 7.1 AV Receiver From the Denon X Series for eXcellent performance and eXcellent usability, the AVR-X2000 is a 7.1 150W per channel amplifier. The newly developed and carefully soundtuned power amp lets you enjoy surround sound in a new dimension. And comprehensive network features include AirPlay and Spotify, plus 4K and 3D video on board, making it the perfect solution to enjoy every sound, every source, every moment.

(3) D-M39DAB Micro Hi-Fi This micro hi-fi not only does everything, it does it brilliantly – and better than ever. CD player with reduced vibration, DAB+/FM radio and Apple-approved front USB for best sound quality and device charging even while in standby are all part of a high-power, stunning sounding package that delivers 30W per stereo channel.

“The champion micro for so many years is back, and better than ever” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine


/ 51

Free to experience more One of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital set-top boxes, Humax specialises in digital TV technology. Research and development is key to Humax’s success, ensuring their products are innovative, future-proof and of the highest quality, making it easy and convenient to enjoy digital content anywhere in the home.




(1) HDR-FOX T2 Freeview+ HD PVR

(2) DTR-T1010 YouView HD PVR

(3) HDR-1000S Freesat+ with <free time> HD PVR

This wily Fox gives you over 70 Freeview digital TV stations without a monthly subscription, including four in stunning high definition. The built-in 500GB PVR (personal video recorder) records up to 300 hours of TV, and lets you pause and rewind live TV. Twin tuners let you view one channel while recording another, or even watch two channels at once.

The T1010 adds an exclusive silver fascia to the already stunning specifications and instant YouView ease-of-use of the award-winning T1000. Enjoy both live and on demand TV in an effortless, intuitive way with over 70 digital TV stations, including four in high definition, with no monthly subscription. There’s a comprehensive range of connections, plenty of hard drive space for high definition recordings and YouView’s intuitive electronic programme guide, letting you catch up on programmes broadcast in the last week, and schedule recordings for the next week.

Stop searching, start watching… This new Freesat+ box comes with <free time>, Freesat’s smart new TV guide that makes it even easier to find the programmes you love. It even lets you browse backwards in time and watch shows that have been broadcast in the last week. With 150+ channels, free HD channels and USB connection for hard drive content.

“If you want twin-tuner recording, it’s your best bet” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

52 /

“A wonderful Freesat PVR… capacious HDD, flexible recording functionality and outstanding picture quality make it one of the best Freesat PVRs we’ve tested” –

/ 53

The spirit of sound Since 1979, Focal-JMLab have been world leaders in high-end loudspeakers. Focal’s philosophy: tradition, innovation, be the world’s best in everything that it creates. Loudspeakers and drivers are in Focal’s DNA, bringing together innovative high technology, leading-edge engineering and space-age materials. Focal has solutions to bring high quality sound to any room in your home, in beautifully designed style.



54 /


(1) Chorus 705 Bookshelf Speakers

(2) Chorus 714 Floorstanding Speakers

(3) Chorus 716 Floorstanding Speakers

Compact and dynamic, these are the ideal bookshelf speakers for smaller rooms, with a dynamic, lively bass and a rich, refined midrange and highs. This compact but powerful speaker is 100 per cent hand-made. And as well as stereo, the Chorus 705 is ideal for surround effects, free-standing or wall mounted.

Maximum power, minimum space – the smallest of the Chorus 700’s range of tower speakers are very narrow to take up as little space as possible. Sharp but balanced, these take full advantage of their two 2.5-way 5-inch woofers to provide solid bass. Expect high quality sound, high power handling and low distortion bass.

A premium hi-fi speaker, elegant and refined, built using 2.5-way technology in a premium hi-fi configuration: the two 6.5-inch woofers cover bass together (only the upper speaker is used for the midrange), for double bass power. Just like the other speakers in the Chorus 700 range, these benefit from a simplified, updated design for better integration, while retaining there acoustic properties of neutrality and low vibration.

Creates excitement and peace of mind An innovator throughout the analogue age, exemplified by the JVC-developed VHS videocassette format. JVC has demonstrated the same innovative flair in the digital age. From acclaimed home cinema projectors to groundbreaking digital camcorders, JVC continues to offer a succession of distinctive products that deliver sound and images with the power to move people.


(1) DLA-X35 3D Projector With 3D and JVC’s revered D-ILA projection system, this is where serious home cinema begins. This 3D Full HD 1080p projector uses the D-ILA system to deliver a stunning combination of clarity and scale, image brightness and depth. JVC’s Clear Motion Drive is also standard, giving more stable images with less blur. Available in black or white finish. 2

“This JVC offers a stunning level of performance for the cash” – Home Cinema Choice magazine (2) DLA-X55R 4K Resolution Projector This multi-award-winning 4K resolution projector features e-shift2 Technology including Multiple Pixel Control image processor. While improved 3D viewing minimises crosstalk and features an array of 3D picture adjustment to produce more natural-looking 3D content with greater amount of impact. But don’t take our word for it, let us show you.

“One of the most desirable projectors we’ve ever seen” – (3) DLA-X75/95R 4K Resolution Projector Powerful combination of 4K resolution and 3D with THX 3D certification, ISF and seven-axis colour management, these projectors are the home cinema connoisseurs’ choice. Ultra high definition picture quality with e-shift 2, seven-axis colour management for perfect pictures all the time, and a THX stamp of approval for their 3D picture. Plus a host of high-end features including stunningly high contrast ratios, Clear Motion Drive stability for fast-moving action sequences and high-power bulbs to deliver absolute clarity.


/ 55

For 55 years, LG has been at the forefront of home electronics. In 1988, it released the world’s first 60 inch plasma TV. In 2007, it introduced the first dual format HD disc player. In 2012, LG produced the world’s first ever 4K Ultra HD TV. LG is truly an innovator, especially when it comes to high-quality flat screen TVs and the Blu-ray players and soundbars that complement them.


(1) LA960W LED 3D Smart TV This range-topping pair of 47 and 55 inch full high definition LED TVs boast an unbeatable picture, plus top-notch Smart TV features. Picture quality is maximised with the latest edge-lit Nano technology – tiny holes control dimming beautifully for deep blacks and a high contrast ratio. Plus the 1200 MCI (Motion Clarity Index) panel is supreme at fast-moving action. Inside is a dual-core processor, built-in camera as well as built-in wi-fi, and the new Magic Remote with voice control keeps you in charge.

56 /

Life’s good



(2) LA740V LED 3D Smart TV

(3) LA690V LED 3D Smart TV

This stunning, slim Smart TV has 800 MCI (Motion Clarity Index) processing, which means fast-moving action scenes have less blur and 3D images are sharper. The Full HD screen is edge-lit with LEDs for high contrast and deep blacks. And there’s Smart TV with dual core processor and Magic Remote for voice control – at last a TV that does as it’s told! Built-in Freeview HD and 2.1 sound with separate subwoofer are included too. Available in 47 to 60 inch screen sizes.

Want a bigger TV? This Smart Full HD 3D set comes in 47 to 60 inch sizes and boasts a great picture and even voice control. It’s edge-lit with LEDs that can dim unused parts of the screen for higher contrast, offering deeper blacks. And extra Smarts come from a dual core processor and Magic Remote with hands-free voice control. Built-in Freeview HD, 3D with dual play, and 2.1 sound with separate subwoofer are included too.

/ 57


(4) 84LM960V 4K Ultra HD LED 3D Smart TV Our first 4K Ultra high definition TV, with double the resolution of 1080p Full HD TVs. And you really can appreciate all that extra detail and realism on the huge 84 inch LED screen. It also boasts all of LGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top Smart TV features including passive 3D with Dual Play, Magic Remote Voice, a 2.2 speaker system, superb apps and connectivity.

58 /

Life’s good




(5) LA620V LED 3D Smart TV

(6) LN575V LED Smart TV

(7) Magic Remote

A well-performing Full HD, Smart and 3D TV available in sizes from 32 to 55 inches. LED backlighting makes for a slim screen with higher contrast and deeper blacks; passive 3D gives a wide viewing angle and bright picture with 2D-to-3D conversion; while optional dual play glasses let you play two-player video games without splitting the screen. Smart TV apps include BBC iPlayer. Facebook and YouTube. Plus there’s Magic Remote, wi-fi and easy connecting to smartphones, tablets and more. A great all-rounder. *Magic Remote sold separately.

All the features you need, at a surprisingly affordable price. There’s no 3D but the picture quality and Smart TV offering more than make up for it. The Full HD picture uses cuttingedge motion processing and Smart TV apps include BBC iPlayer, movie streaming from Lovefilm and Netflix, and social apps like Facebook and Twitter. Plus you can use the Magic Remote like a mouse pointer to navigate the web with ease. And wi-fi with DLNA lets you connect to smartphones and tablets etc. Available in 32, 39, 42, 47 and 50 inches.

Universal Control, Point, Scroll, Gesture and Voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote.

/ 59


(1) BP730 3D Smart Blu-ray Player This top-of-the-range player is ideal if you’re looking to get a Smart TV without replacing your current flat screen. As well as doing a blistering job spinning discs – Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and upscaled DVD all look stunning – it has the same features as LG’s premium Smart TVs. On top of apps and Magic Remote for gesture and voice control there’s wi-fi and DLNA for connecting smartphones, tablets and more wirelessly with ease. And Private Sound Mode uses a smartphone app to let you listen to audio, like DIY wireless headphones. Smart just got Smarter.

60 /

Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good


(2) BP630 3D Smart Blu-ray Player A 3D-capable Blu-ray player and so much more. It plays discs, of course. It plays them beautifully, in fact. Its video DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) and video enhancement mode make the most of Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD discs, upscaling the latter to full high definition. Plus there are Smart features including BBC iPlayer and Lovefilm, wi-fi streaming video from smartphone, tablet or computer, and app control.

/ 61



(1) NB2520A Soundbar

(2) NB3530A Soundbar With Wireless Sub

This all-in-one audio upgrade offers a dramatic improvement on the sound built in to any flat screen TV. Its powerful amplifier and built-in subwoofer give it an impressively deep bass, while its other drive units give an expansive sound that’s detailed and dynamic to compliment your screen’s high definition picture. USB and 3.5mm input make it easy to play music from memory sticks, iPods and more.

A step up from an all-in-one soundbar, this comes with a separate wireless subwoofer (bass speaker). Sound is immersive, with the slim soundbar providing good stereo separation and clear dialogue, and the subwoofer offering beefy bass. Plus it’s great for music, with Bluetooth for wireless streaming from smartphones and tablets, and two optical inputs for top-quality sound direct from Blu-ray, consoles and more.

“More than just a basic upgrade to your TV sound, this soundbar is worth every penny” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

“The best soundbar we’ve tested” – Which? magazine

62 /

Life’s good


(3) NB4530A Soundbar With Wireless Sub A premium soundbar ideal for larger screens – it matches the width of a 47 inch TV, yet it’s super-sleek at just 35mm high. The array of drive units inside give an expansive, detailed and dynamic sound that complements big-screen action beautifully. And it comes with a wireless subwoofer for powerful, cinema-style bass without extra cable clutter. There’s Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from smartphone or tablet, and a bi-directional HDMI socket, so you only need one cable between soundbar and TV to hear the sound from the TV’s onboard receiver. Big sound, minimal wires and elegant design – a stunning soundbar.

“LG deserves the plaudits for squeezing plenty of features into, and excellent sound out of, this remarkably thin soundbar” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 63

Life’s good LG has the hardware and equipment to keep you connected and productive at work or home. Its computer monitors bring crisp picture quality to your media and a new dimension to your gaming. While its smaller TV screens condense all the features you’d expect from larger models into a compact package perfect for a smaller space.


(1) 27MS53 LED Smart TV This compact 27 inch screen is great for smaller spaces, yet boasts all the Smart TV functions and crisp Full HD picture you’d expect from larger models. IPS technology makes for a lifelike image while a response time of just 5ms reduces motion blur, great for gaming and fast-paced action. Virtual Surround Plus sound and Smart apps complete the bill.


(2) 22MN43D LED TV The great picture quality you’d expect from the latest big screens, squeezed into a slender 22 inch portable TV. As well as a superbly detailed 1080p Full HD picture with high contrast, there’s impressive and spacious audio despite its diminutive size. Plus heaps of connections including PC and USB. A mini marvel. (3) 24MN43D LED TV Just a shade bigger than the 22MN43D, this 24 inch Freeview 1080p Full HD TV is sure to impress. Again it’s small but well connected, including HDMI. A PC input so it doubles as a monitor. And a USB socket on the side for playing music, pictures and even DivX HD high definition videos.

64 /


Get immersed in the digital world! Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. Logitech’s interface devices are the “last inch” between you and your computer, games console, digital music or home entertainment system, with a focus on creating a better experience for you that’s richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful. iPhone not included


(1) Harmony Ultimate Touchscreen Remote The most powerful Harmony ever. Use RF to control devices behind closed cabinets, both infrared controlled hi-fi and AV kit and Bluetooth-controlled game consoles. With a 2.4 inch colour customisable touchscreen, backlit buttons and long/short button presses to double the number of functions, this is the Ultimate home control. Plus the included Harmony Hub offers smartphone and tablet control, as well as being able to control Philips Hue Lighting! (2) Harmony Touch Touchscreen Remote 2 iPhone not included

Unlike some multi-remotes, Harmony Touch is both feature-packed and easy to use. It features 50 customisable icons on a colour touchscreen with smartphone-style swipe and scroll movements as well as an ergonomic, backlit keypad for common functions. And it handles up to 15 devices, from a database of over 225,000 devices from more than 5,000 brands. It’s good to be in control. (3) Harmony Smart Control Remote Turn your smartphone or tablet into all the remote controls you need. One app controls up to eight devices – with the Harmony Hub turning wi-fi signals from your device into infrared for your set-top boxes and AV devices, as well as Bluetooth for games consoles etc. And because it’s wi-fi, you can tuck your devices out of sight – no more clutter under your flatscreen TV. Plus additional simple Harmony remote included.


/ 65

The realistic reproduction of music is Marantz’s goal. True hi-fi is about recreating the magic of a performance, experiencing music as the artist intended, even in the cinema. Specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, excitement and emotion of music. Marantz’s heritage of technical excellence means it can create components to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics, in fact the very essence of a recording.


(1) CD6004 CD Player & PM6004 Stereo Amplifier The CD6004 takes all that was good in its award-winning predecessor to an even higher level with new power supply, solid metal base plate to cut vibrations and improved DAC (digital-to-analogue converter). You can even plug a smartphone or digital audio player into that high-end DAC for an instant sonic upgrade. Its ideal companion is the audiophile PM6004 amplifier. Again, Marantz has taken an award-winning component and improved it with separate pre and power amp sections, delivering uncommon clarity and level of detail. Plus a Moving Magnet phono stage, twin recording loops and tone controls with bypass.

“Simply superb, affordable hi-fi separates system” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

66 /

Because music matters



(2) Melody Media MCR603 Micro System

(3) NR1504 AV Receiver

A good-looking, great-sounding CD micro that plays so much more: MP3 and WMA files from CD-R/RW; FM RDS, DAB/DAB+ and internet radio; and a USB port for iPhone etc. It’s Napster compatible and can stream music from your PC. There’s also an optional upgrade to Apple AirPlay wireless streaming.

This superbly connected 5.1 channel receiver offers DTS-HD and Dolby True HD processing plus great connectivity and near-unlimited network streaming capabilities. Enjoy Apple Lossless, Gapless, FLAC HD 192/24, as well as services such as, Spotify and internet radio, Apple AirPlay wireless streaming and a remote app for iOS and Android devices too. Fabulous sound, great video quality and stylish, slim-line appearance – the NR1504 has it all.

“Great to use, listen to and live with, this Marantz micro is a high-tech marvel” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 67

Monitor Audio blends quality you can hear with design you can live with. Across a range rich in choice of style, size, shape and application, their award-winning heritage of technical expertise guarantees great sound, with audiophile tonal accuracy that is shared by each and every speaker system.


(1) Mass 5.1 Speaker Package These satellite speakers use hi-fi quality C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium) drive units found in Monitor Audio’s bigger speakers such as the Bronze BX range, for smooth, detailed treble, lifelike vocals and a powerful, rhythmic bass response. They’re teamed with an impressive subwoofer containing two drive units for a deep sound in a small cabinet. Superb home cinema surround sound, great looks, from surprisingly small speakers.

68 /

“For such petite speakers, we were blown away by the big and confident output of sound… If you’re looking for a home cinema system that won’t burn a hole in your bank balance, this Monitor Audio style package is definitely worth considering. For the money, it delivers heaps of atmosphere and detail – you’ll be endlessly entertained” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

Design for sound


(2) Bronze BX Speaker Range The Bronze BX range is a class apart, combining breathtaking fidelity with slender lifestyle design. The range features improved crossovers, reflex ports, tweeter design and more, to set a new standard of performance and quality in their price class. The range includes BX1 bookshelf, award-winning BX2 standmount and BX5 floorstanders and is also available as a 5.1 package, based on your choice of BX2 or BX5 front speakers, teamed with sub, centre and rear speakers from the Bronze range.

“Some of the most engaging speakers you can buy at this money… instruments sound natural and, despite having ample opportunity, refuse to harden up. The BX2s are also on top of their game as far as resolution is concerned. They’re wonderfully insightful and take great care in peeling back the layers of a track, unearthing a ridiculous level of detail for the money” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (Bronze BX2)

/ 69

While many manufacturers are intent on building components at ever cheaper prices, Onkyo has a different vision. Its approach is to perfect the basics, leave out the frills, pay attention to details and use only the ďŹ nest quality parts. That is why Onkyo is at the forefront of the home cinema and digital revolutions.


(1) Envision Cinema LS3100 2.1 Channel Speaker System If space and budget matter nearly as much to you as sound quality, this neat 2.1-channel system is worth a closer look. Your days of thin sound will be over, with SRS technology creating an immersive soundfield from just two speakers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; perfect for movies and games. But the system is also great for music, with Bluetooth wireless streaming from smartphones and tablets.

70 /

Sound harmony




(2) TX-NR525 5.2 Channel Network AV Receiver

(3) TX-NR626 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver

(4) TX-NR727 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver

More features, better sound for first-time buyers. This has everything you need in an AV receiver and more, from wireless-ready networking, to six HDMI inputs with 4K ultra high definition video pass through and support for the latest hi-res audio and 3D video codecs. But most importantly, the TX-NR525 delivers great sound without blowing the budget.

This delivers a knockout punch of value and performance for movies and music. It’s feature-packed, from wi-fi and Bluetooth to internet radio and music streaming services. On the performance side, there’s video upscaling to 4K ultra high definition and Full HD, hi-res video from phones and tablets via MHL, and breathtaking 7.2-channel surround sound.

Extract every last drop of performance from your home cinema budget with this THX Select2 Plus-certified receiver. It’s bristling with components designed to deliver a cinematic experience that’s so realistic you can almost smell the popcorn, including upscaling up to 4K. Music lovers aren’t neglected either, with wireless streaming up to 192kHz/24-bit quality. Stunning.

/ 71

Everything matters… Every detail counts, because at Panasonic developing further technologies for products is never done. There is always room for enhancement. Panasonic aims to create truly exceptional products, so there are no compromises and corners are never cut on any aspect of development, manufacturing or performance, because everything matters.


(1) WT65 LED 3D Smart TV This fully-featured LED Smart VIERA TV comes with state-of-the-art design and screen sizes of 47 or 55 inches. The IPS panel combined with a phase filter delivers excellent brightness, colour and contrast, even when viewed from an angle. And the latest technology delivers smooth, flowing and flicker-free images. But the WT65 isn’t just pretty – it’s Smart too, acting as a portal to a wide variety of internet content. You can even talk to your TV: voice guidance recognises key words.

72 /


(2) VT & ZT Plasma 3D Smart TVs From 50 to 65 inches, the VT and ZT ranges represent the state of the art for plasma TVs – no wonder they keep winning awards! Key to their stunning picture quality is “Focused Field Drive” delivering flicker-free, super-sharp pictures even during high-speed action sequences and sports. How? High refresh rates up to 3000Hz with Panasonic’s Ultimate Black and Infinite Black Ultra technologies for maximum contrast. Key models also include THX 3D certification and all include Panasonic’s Smart portal connectivity.

“The TX-P65VT50 is every inch a flagship TV. In fact, it’s probably the best TV for watching films on we’ve ever seen” – “In performance terms the P55VT50B is peerless, with the kind of inky blacks that other manufacturers can only dream about” – “Panasonic’s TX-P50VT50 is the best plasma TV you can buy” – EISA Best Plasma TV Award 2012-2013

/ 73


(3) DT & FT LED 3D Smart TVs Ranging from 42 to 60 inches, these Smart TV superstars deliver everything you want from an LED â&#x20AC;&#x201C; slim and elegant design, A+ energy efficiency and, most importantly, stunning picture quality. Screen processing rates over 1000Hz, with Backlight Scanning, deliver smooth pictures, while the IPS panel delivers wide viewing angles and high contrast, brightness and colour. And both ranges connect to the internet for additional content.

74 /


(4) ET & E LED Smart TVs LED is increasingly replacing LCD TV for those on a budget too – after all, for the same price, why not get a slimmer, brighter and more energy efficient telly? The ET and E ranges from Panasonic feature the IPS panels and wide viewing angles of their higher-end siblings and some of the key features too – Smart connectivity, A or better energy ratings, and some models feature 3D too. Screen sizes range from 32 to 55 inches.

“Beautifully designed with good picture performance and a great line-up of ‘Smart TV’ internet features” – (review of TX-L42ET50B) “A good value TV… a few rungs in front of the competition… it’s the sterling and ultra-versatile picture quality that truly convinces” – (review of TX-L32E5)

/ 75


(1) PT-AT6000E 3D Home Cinema Projector This 1080p full high definition 3D home cinema projector has been redesigned from the ground up to achieve stunning 2D performance and has unique features that deliver the 3D quality demanded by Hollywood professionals. Top 2D picture quality comes with 500,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,400 lumens brightness. And 3D crosstalk is reduced with Overdrive Technology, while a dual-core processing engine brings picture enhancements to 3D too. The ultimate home cinema projector – for 2D and 3D viewing alike.

76 /

“Detailed, dynamic and confident with any content you throw at it, 2D or 3D” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine




(2) SC-HTB20 Soundbar

(3) SC-HTB527 Soundbar With Wireless Sub

Not only stunning sound but also amazing speaker placement versatility. The main speaker can be split into a left and right speaker simply by removing the centre connector, which enables 4 different installation options to suit your room.

With its silver hairline finish and stainless mesh speaker this soundbar is perfectly designed to partner your flat panel TV.

Try the speakers as one horizontal bar or split as left and right - both can be either free-standing or wall-mounted. The separate down-firing subwoofer delivers a powerful and dynamic bass sound no matter how you choose to place your speakers.

A wireless subwoofer gives you the option to neatly place it anywhere in the room without trailing speaker cables and its 120W RMS of powerful bass will transform the audio from your TV.

(4) SC-BTT500 Blu-ray 5.1 Channel Surround System with 3D Playback A complete home cinema system in one box. The Blu-ray player comes with an integrated iPhone 5 dock, built-in wireless access to VIERA Connect Smart platform, 2 x HDMI inputs to easily connect your current games console or AV products and features a built-in LincsD-Amp to deliver pure sound to the speakers. Its 1000W RMS 5.1 speaker set-up is further enhanced by Panasonicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique Cinema Surround technology creating a combined 30 real and virtual speaker points for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

/ 77




(1) DMR-BWT735 3D Blu-ray Recorder & PVR The ultimate Blu-ray recorder? This not only records 3D movies, it also features twin Freeview HD tuners to record two channels simultaneously to its built-in 1TB drive; you can even set those recordings remotely via app. On top of that, it comes with Panasonic Smart features to stream content to your TV, smartphone or tablet. “In a class of one when it comes to 3D Blu-ray recorders” –

78 /

(2) DMR-PWT530 3D Blu-ray Player & Freeview+ HD PVR A Blu-ray player with 500GB hard drive so you can play, record, sort and stream different content from different sources. With VIERA Connect Smart functionality, twin Freeview HD tuners, full 3D playback and 2D-to-3D conversion, this Blu-ray player delivers extraordinary functionality and extraordinary freedom. Wi-fi ready, DY-WL5EK dongle required.

(3) DMR-HWT230/130 Freeview+ HD PVRs These hard drive recorders have twin Freeview HD tuners and huge capacities (1TB and 500GB) for hundreds of hours of high definition recording. But that’s not all – add on 2D-to-3D conversion, Smart functionality with VIERA Connect and remote timer recording via smartphone app.




(4) DMP-BDT500 3D Blu-ray Player

(5) DMP-BDT330/230/130 3D Blu-ray Players

A 3D Blu-ray player that delivers maximum quality on all fronts. From stunning video playback from a wide variety of formats (Blu-ray 3D, DivX and MKV) to the latest in audio codecs and digital audio formats (DTS-HD Master Audio, FLAC and MP3) with surround sound remastering to 96kHz, this Blu-ray player will bring out the best in both your music and video.

This trio of high-quality 3D Blu-ray players will do it all and do it all well. With VIERA Connect for Smart functionality as standard, external hard drive content playback and network audio streaming too, they’re powerhouses. The 230 and 330 offer you Miracast - mirror the content of your smartphone and tablet onto a large screen TV*, and the 330 also boasts 4K ultra high definition upscaling. *Compatible with Miracast-certified Android devices version 4.2 and above.

(6) DMP-MST60 Ultra Compact Digital Media Streamer This digital media streamer transforms your existing tv into a smart TV. Miracast enables you to mirror the content of your smart phone or tablet onto a large screen TV.* With the MST60 you can also browse websites and enjoy other internet-connected services via VIERA connect on your big screen. Wi-fi built in. *Compatible with Miracast-certified Android devices version 4.2 and above.

“A truly captivating performance” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 79

Pioneer develops and manufactures innovative products for all your hi-tech entertainment needs – in the home, in your car and at the club. By combining cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design, their products can transport you to a world of fun, entertainment and interactivity.




80 /

(1) SC-LX57 9.2 Channel AV Receiver

(2) SC-LX77 9.2 Channel AV Receiver

(3) SC-LX87 9.2 Channel AV Receiver

This 9.2 channel THX Select 2-certified AV receiver offers audiophile grade Class D amplification and an ultra high-end DAC for unsurpassed audio fidelity. It’s also bristling with modern multimedia features including an HDMI ‘HDZone’ output for HD/3D/4K video distribution, MHL v2.0 smartphone link, 4K ultra high definition pass through and upscaling, Apple AirPlay streaming, award- winning control applications and support for a wide range of audio, surround and video file formats.

Incorporating Direct Energy HD Class D amplification, THX Ultra2 certification and legendary sound-tuning from AIR Studios – the LX77 is a stunning home cinema receiver, including all of the features of the LX57 and then some: more power, more connections, 12 configurable speaker pattern set-ups and 3D space frame chassis construction for superb rigidity.

Stunning sound quality that guarantees a genuine, class-leading home cinema surround experience, with much more on top. The LX87 adds to the long feature list of its siblings a USB-DAC that handles stunning high-resolution 192kHz/32-Bit playback of lossless, better-than-CD-quality files, analogue 7.1 multi-channel input, an immense power supply and gold-plated connection terminals. A true heavyweight.

Move the heart and touch the soul



(4) BDP-LX55 3D Blu-ray Player

(5) BDP-450 3D Blu-ray Player

The experts’ choice in Blu-ray. To totally immerse yourself into a film, crisp and high definition sound is just as important as vivid image quality. Equipped with Pioneer’s finest audio components, the BDP-LX55 offers just that and further adds 3D playback, advanced networking features and support for Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio.

If you’re looking for a truly captivating film experience, the BDP-450 is likely to fulfil your every expectation. It even upscales DVD video to Full HD and streams MP3 and DivX Plus HD via your home network, with Sound Retriever Link and Stream Smoother enhancing any compressed audio/video files, while Qdeo video processing delivers consistently high quality video whatever the source.

“Triumphantly designed and built” – Home Cinema Choice magazine

“A consummate performer when it came to digital video and audio… there really is nothing else that comes close at the price” –

/ 81

Go analogue and get the experience Pro-Ject Audio Systems is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of analogue turntables and boasts a wide range of products for every standard and budget. It’s design ethos is one of merging classic technologies with the latest innovations, using only the best quality materials available and avoiding any unnecessary ‘features’ that take away from the sound performance. Pro-Ject is there for when you want to enjoy your existing record collection in the best possible way, or when you’re new to the joys of vinyl and want to get started with something that puts the audio first.


(1) Debut Carbon Turntable The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late 1990s, was a revolution – a “mass market” affordable turntable. The Debut Carbon sets new standards for the next decade with a carbon tube tonearm to increase stiffness and decrease unwanted resonance – a feature never before seen at this price point.

“How does Pro-Ject do it? The use of a carbon fibre arm is usually reserved for far more exotic offerings than this” - What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

82 /

Love movies. Love music. Love Q Acoustics. Established in 2006, Q Acoustics has been a success from the very start. Its first products, the ‘1000 Series’, sent a seismic shock through the UK loudspeaker industry, received unprecedented praise from reviewers worldwide and scooped prestigious awards. More awards and international acclaim followed…




(1) Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

(2) Q7000 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package

(3) 2050i Floorstanding Speakers

These use the same drivers as the award-winning 2020i, improved crossovers and, most importantly, a unique isolated cabinet. It’s effectively a cabinet within a cabinet, separated by a special resonance-cancelling compound that dramatically cuts distortion. As a result, the Concept 20 simply sounds clearer, more natural and a whole lot more expensive than its price tag suggests.

Q Acoustics demand unrivalled sonic performance and breathtaking value for money. With the award-winning 7000 Cinema Pack, its designers have surpassed themselves. Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass make it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiasts and discerning music lovers.

Visually striking, these are both sonically and aesthetically enhanced by an integral steel plinth and “top configurable” floor spikes. Twin 165mm drivers deliver exceptional bass extension, midrange openness, clarity and smooth detailed high frequencies. They are ideal for both music and high energy movies. The sonic performance of these outstanding loudspeakers belies their affordable price.

“Do not buy any speaker at this price point without first testing these” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

“You’ll be hard pressed to find the same level of performance from any other designer 5.1 system at this price” – Home Cinema Choice magazine

“Great value for money, these are well worth a listen for the quality they deliver” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 83

Discover the music Roksan started life as a record player manufacturer. It now boasts over 30 different products which include analogue and digital sources, electronics and amplification for pure audio, as well as speaker lines. Roksan products are universally recognised for both excellent build and sound quality.




(1) K2 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

(2) K2 Power Stereo Amplifier

(3) K2 CD Player

Designed to match what you would expect of stereo amplifiers costing twice the price. The new K2 sounds more accurate, delicate and powerful than its award-winning predecessor, with totally revised internals that further reduce noise interference dramatically.

Derived from its integrated sibling, this sets the new standard for affordable high-end power amplifiers. Refined far beyond expectation, new circuitry provides immense power with excellent resolution and negligible distortion. An excellent standalone power amp, but also a perfect match for the K2 integrated amp in multi-amp configuration.

Impressive performance with excellent rhythmic control – the excellent ability to extract detail from every disc ensures each individual performer is easily distinguished. The overall effect you get from your CDs and the K2 is of vocal refinement combined with a realistic soundstage – it’s as if you’re sitting front and centre!

“Delivers musical delicacy and drama in flawlessly balanced proportion… and for a very reasonable outlay” –

84 /

Turn it up Since launching in 2007 Roth has established itself as one of the audio industry’s most innovative and exciting brands. Based just outside London, all product designs are implemented and driven by its UK-based team, working with specialist acoustic engineers and designers across the world to create audio products with high-end performance, beautiful styling and a feature set that’s second to none.


(1) Sub Zero Soundbar Flatscreen TVs look great, but the sound often disappoints. The Sub Zero produces high definition audio to accompany your HD picture. Its analogue and optical inputs connect easily to any TV or audio sources. There’s 64W power, and two built-in Ultra-Bass drivers for serious bass and Fractal Expansion sound processing for a wide soundstage. (2) Bar 3 Soundbar


High-power audio for your living room. With six midrange drivers, two high frequency tweeters and a wireless subwoofer for a total of 240W power, no detail will be lost. As well as analogue and optical inputs, there’s Bluetooth for wireless audio from smartphones, tablets and more. Plus multiple digital signal processing options – to give you the sound you want, to match your room. (3) Oli Powa 5 The 40W per channel amp built into these active speakers fills a room from any source. Dual optical and dual analogue inputs let you listen to TV, consoles and music sources, plus there’s Bluetooth for wireless streaming from smartphone and tablet. Sound is impressive and can be beefed up further thanks to the subwoofer output. Available in gloss black, white or red.

“Excellent sound quality for very little money. They blow most rival style-driven systems and docks out of the water” –


/ 85

ards 2012 Aw

Samsung is ceaselessly innovating. Its new TVs give you a great picture quality, superb Smart features and content, and unprecedented control. Some can be voice or gesture controlled, some update themselves with new features and, uniquely, Samsung offers the best range of catch-up TV services.


(1) F8500 Series Plasma 3D Smart TV The world’s best Smart Plasma TV delivers the most advanced TV experience. An intelligent range of cutting-edge technologies includes personalised content recommendations, voice and motion control and Smart Evolution – so your TV evolves to keep pace with the latest features. Plus, of course, stunning picture quality too!

“Striking design with a cutting-edge Smart TV platform and the kind of big and bright images that we never thought possible from a plasma” –


86 /

Experience the future of TV

1) S Recommendation* with Voice Interaction lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It intelligently learns your preferences – the more you watch the smarter it gets. All you need to do is ask your TV to find you something to watch, it will respond to your natural voice and instantly search live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and online content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it.

2) As soon as you turn your TV on, Samsung’s Smart Hub provides immediate access to your favourite programmes through the ON TV panel. It intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy-to-navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.

3) Your TV is Future Ready with Samsung’s Smart Evolution. Unique to Samsung, the Smart Evolution Kit completely reengineers your TV without having to replace it. Now you can renew your TV to the latest technology in terms of performance, content and features ensuring your TV remains cutting-edge for a fraction of the cost of a new TV.

4) Samsung’s Super Contrast Panel will increase the brightness level of any image by up to 250% - under any lighting condition. Blacks will appear richer and deeper, fast moving objects will appear fluid and smooth as they zoom across the TV screen. Now enjoy picture quality that is as bright and vivid as a LED TV.

5) The filter of Samsung’s new Real Black Pro panel reduces reflection and ambient light in your room, enabling you to view deeper blacks and every detail in the image, even in the brightest of rooms. *S Recommendation provides recommendations based upon popular content until it has built sufficient insight into viewing preferences to enable it to make personal recommendations. S Recommendation requires a Freeview, Freesat, Virgin Media or Sky TV input to operate. Recommendations and content based on channels available. Internet access and collection and use of personal data required

/ 87

ards 2012 Aw


(2) F8000 Series LED 3D Smart TV There’s more to discover about the new LED Series 8 TV. Create your own world of entertainment. With features like S Recommendation* and Voice Interaction your TV learns your preferences and makes suggestions, presenting your recommended content through Samsung’s intelligent Smart Hub. And to make sure you keep finding more to love, there’s Samsung’s unique Smart Evolution – so your TV automatically upgrades itself with the latest features.

“If you want the best TV, there’s currently little doubt that the Samsung F8000 is it.” –


88 /

Experience the future of TV

1) S Recommendation* with Voice Interaction lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It intelligently learns your preferences - the more you watch the smarter it gets. All you need to do is ask your TV to find you something to watch, it will respond to your natural voice and instantly search live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and online content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it.

2) As soon as you turn your TV on, Samsung’s Smart Hub provides immediate access to your favourite programmes through the ON TV panel. It intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy-to-navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.

3) Your TV is Future Ready with Samsung’s Smart Evolution. Unique to Samsung, the Smart Evolution Kit completely reengineers your TV without having to replace it. Now you can renew your TV to the latest technology in terms of performance, content and features ensuring you’re TV remains cutting-edge for a fraction of the cost of a new TV.

4) Intelligent viewing technology lets you enjoy best-in-class picture quality irrelevant of source or type of content that you are viewing. It reduces picture imperfections related to the source and optimises the picture clarity based on the type of content your viewing. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy what you’re watching.

5) Smart Interaction lets you interact with your TV in a whole new way, through advanced Voice and Motion control. Simply talk to your TV to control it or, using everyday language, just ask it to find you something to watch for an amazing personalised TV experience. Motion control lets you simply wave at the TV and take charge. You can change channels and the volume level with ease, swipe though the 5-panel Smart Hub and grab and select the content you want, just like you would on any Smart mobile device. New two handed gestures recognise natural movements enabling you to zoom in and out and rotate images, making the sharing of your latest holiday pictures easy and fun.

/ 89

ards 2012 Aw


(3) F6500 LED 3D Smart TV Get more from the TV you love! S Recommendation* with Voice Interaction learns what you like to watch, responds by searching and suggesting content, then provides instant, easily accessible, personalised selections via the Samsung Smart Hub. To make your TV experience truly immersive, Active 3D technology gets you closer to the drama and the action.

90 /

Experience the future of TV

1) S Recommendation* with Voice Interaction lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It intelligently learns your preferences - the more you watch the smarter it gets. All you need to do is ask your TV to find you something to watch, it will respond to your natural voice and instantly search live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and online content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it. 2) As soon as you turn your TV on, Samsung’s Smart Hub provides immediate access to your favourite programmes through the ON TV panel. It intelligently

organises and manages all your content into five easy-to-navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps. 3) The Smart TV with the best range of Catch-Up services, ITV, BBC iPlayer, 4oD & BBC Sports, with Demand 5 coming soon, meaning you can be sure you’ll never miss your favourite drama, comedy, documentary, sporting event or radio programme again. 4) Samsung “One design” styling ensures you see more of the picture and less of the TV frame as the

slim bezel merges seamlessly into the background. Encased in an attractive Chrome silver edge frame combined with an appealing silver quad stand, this beautifully designed TV will compliment any room in your home. 5) Samsung Active 3D brings your TV to life get closer to the action, immerse yourself in the drama - from every angle the Samsung 3D experience is the same, without compromising on superior 2D high definition picture quality. Lightweight 3D glasses enable you to experience outstanding picture quality, amazing depth and vibrant colours - the full 3D experience.

/ 91

ards 2012 Aw


(4) F5500 Series LED Smart TV The latest technology in feature-packed Smart TVs, at an astonishingly affordable price. With S Recommendation* that learns your viewing habits, Smart Hub so you can see all your content instantly and, exclusively, the best range of catchup services.

92 /

Experience the future of TV

1) S Recommendation* technology lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It intelligently learns your preferences and instantly searches live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and online content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it. 2) As soon as you turn your TV on, Samsung’s Smart Hub provides immediate access to your favourite programmes through the ON TV panel. It intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy-to-navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses

vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps. 3) The Smart TV with the best range of Catch-Up services, ITV, BBC iPlayer, 4oD & BBC Sports, with Demand 5 coming soon, meaning you can be sure you’ll never miss your favourite drama, comedy, documentary, sporting event or radio programme again. 4) Samsung’s Dual Core processor supports multitasking, faster internet connections and drives

superior picture quality. Your TV can now truly multitask so you can continue to enjoy TV content while downloading a new app, or use one app while downloading updates to other apps. Surf the net as quickly and efficiently as you would on any other device, just enjoy the luxury of a much larger, easy-to-view screen. 5) Built-in wi-fi provides hassle-free access to all your Smart TV content, no wires required, just turn the TV on, connect to your home wireless network and enjoy.

/ 93

The pursuit of perfect sound Sennheiser creates the greatest and most exciting sound experience – whether at home or out and about; on stage or behind the DJ console; in a museum or in a concert hall. For 65 years, the name Sennheiser has stood for the highest quality products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction.


(1) Momentum Brown Headphones If you don’t compromise in life, why compromise on sound? Momentum is the perfect musical companion to a mobile lifestyle – as clear and striking as its wearer. All of Sennheiser’s audio experience went into developing these unique headphones that incorporate pioneering innovations such as the dynamic one-way transducer. The result matches the finest workmanship to exceptional materials and modern high-end technology. Momentum makes every note and beat an unforgettable experience. And the closed back design means background noise doesn’t ever intrude on your music. An integrated smartphone remote and microphone cable is also included.

“Smooth, punchy, refined all-rounders – and great-looking too” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

(2) Momentum Black Headphones Momentum Black headphones – the perfect accessory for demanding urbanistas. Minimalist design, choice materials including premium brushed stainless steel and the finest genuine leather, and rich detailed sound – it’s the perfect combination. While the closed back design is perfect for blocking out the sounds of the city. An integrated smartphone remote and microphone cable is also included. “Some of the best headphones money can buy” –

94 /


A statement in engineering excellence The word Tannoy is synonymous with sound, appearing in the dictionary as, ‘a communications system with loudspeakers’. Discerning music and movie lovers all over the world choose Tannoy’s technically advanced home theatre and hi-fi loudspeakers for their accuracy, clarity and expansive imaging. From compact AV systems to stylish, premium performance home theatre and audiophile stereo speakers to custom install, Tannoy leads the way.

(1) DC6T SE Floorstanding Speakers This special edition takes the five-star, award-winning DC6T one stage further, with a brand new, purposebuilt stand, improved crossover and improvements to the woofer design. The Dual Concentric drive unit and the secondary woofer both now have double magnets for a faster and more dynamic bass response. A new stabilising plinth cuts resonance and is easy to adjust. And superior crossover components give an open and transparent sound.


“They build on an award-wining design and take it to another level” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (2) DC6 Revolution Standmount Speakers Tannoy’s famous Dual Concentric drive units, which put the titanium dome tweeter in the throat of the woofer, give an open and spacious sound with remarkable consistency and vocal realism. Trapezoidal cabinets break up internal standing waves for a less boomy and boxy sound. And quality crossover components add to the natural, distortion-free sound. No wonder they’re award-winners.

2 “Easy to listen to, endlessly enjoyable, nigh-on flawless speakers for the money” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (3) HTS101 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package A new breed of home cinema loudspeakers designed to look as good as they sound. The HTS101 is a discreet, exceptionally compact wall- or shelf-mount system, ideal for smaller spaces. The HTS satellites integrate seamlessly with the centre channel speaker, designed to bring out the best in cinema dialogue. And the potent yet discreet HTS active subwoofer completes the package, delivering deep and potent low frequency effects.

“Persuasive in the extreme” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine


/ 95

In 2002, Sonos set out with a goal – to reinvent home audio for the digital age. Its vision was simple – fill every home with hi-fi music and bring listening back. Sonos is making it easy for everybody to listen to the music they love in every room of their home, wirelessly.



(1) SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Hi-Fi

(2) SONOS PLAY:5 Wireless Hi-Fi

Tuck this all-in-one player in the corner and it’ll blow your roof off. Like other Sonos “ZonePlayers” the Play:3 wirelessly connects with your smartphone, computer or tablet and play to its siblings dotted around your home. Control your music with one remote control or smartphone app, play high quality digital audio, or listen to Spotify, Napster, internet radio and more. And smaller doesn’t mean sound quality suffers – the Play:3 is renowned for crisp highs, natural midrange and surprisingly punchy bass from such a small system.

The bigger room, bigger sound, all-in-one. Five drivers combine with a single woofer to give a full-range, expansive sound quality. Like other Sonos players, it can wirelessly stream music from phone, computer or streaming services, and internet radio too. Connect to other Sonos players for an instant, wireless multiroom system.

“As a multiroom audio solution, we don’t think it can be bettered” – “Sonos’s most affordable ZonePlayer is also a cracking little performer” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

96 /

The wireless hi-fi system





(3) SONOS PLAYBAR Soundbar


The soundbar for music lovers – the Playbar’s nine built-in speakers deliver richly textured, epic, room-filling sound. And, of course, it acts as part of a Sonos wireless multiroom system. You can even combine it with the Sonos Sub and a pair of Play:3s for the ultimate wireless surround sound home cinema system.

Turn an existing hi-fi or home cinema amplifier and speaker system into part of a wireless multiroom system. This connects wirelessly with your Sonos network and comes with outputs to give your hi-fi full Sonos functionality.

(6) SONOS SUB Soul-shaking sound, heart-pounding design and one-button set-up. Wirelessly pair the Sub with any other amplified Sonos player for deep and clear, room-filling hi-fi sound. And smartly, it works laid flat – so it can even be placed under your sofa.

(5) SONOS CONNECT: AMP “Will massively improve the sound from your TV… and give you immediate access to more music than you could ever possibly hope to listen to” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

Just add your favourite speakers (and subwoofer) to the 55 Watts per channel Connect:Amp to listen to your digital music how you want to. And connect to other Sonos players in other rooms to create a wireless multiroom system.

/ 97

Sony is a leading global manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products. Its mission is to bring new technologies, content and services together in unprecedented ways that enable people to re-shape their perception of the world and enhance their lives – above all else, enriching life through technology.



98 /

(1) R4 LED TV

(2) W6 LED Smart TV

Take your entertainment to a higher level – with all the emotion of 1080p full high definition. Experience a Full HD resolution picture enhanced by a suite of technologies to produce sharper images, smoother action and sumptuous colour contrast – with Sony’s Clear Resolution Enhancer, Motionflow XR 100Hz, and Direct LED backlighting. In 40 and 46 inch screen sizes.

A quality Smart TV for everyone – the W6 is packed with technology to make everything you watch clearer, smoother and more full of life. This Edge LED backlit TV comes with X-Reality PRO upscaling to Full HD, Motionflow XR 200Hz for smoother and sharper motion, and you can mirror your smartphone or tablet to the big screen using wi-fi. In 32 and 42 inch screen sizes. Available in black and silver.




(3) W8 LED 3D Smart TV

(4) W9 LED 3D Smart TV

Where enhanced picture quality meets Smart connectivity. This Full HD and passive 3D TV uses Sonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s X-Reality PRO upscaling technology to make everything you watch look better. Dynamic Edge LED backlighting gives super-sharp contrast, while Motionflow XR 400Hz makes for ultra-smooth motion. Plus thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one-touch smartphone screen mirroring with NFC. In 42, 47 and 55 inch screen sizes. Available in black and silver.

Experience a wider range of colours. See every colour as it really is in bold, natural detail with a Triluminos display. It creates truer, deeper, more natural hues, including hard-to-reproduce shades of red, green and blue. Faces look better too, with satisfyingly natural skin tones. Boasts Active 3D, NFC smartphone mirroring and Motionflow XR 800Hz too. In 40, 46 and 55 inch screen sizes.

/ 99


(1) BDV-N590 Home Cinema System Upgrade your home cinema experience with sharper sound and vision, including a Full HD/3D Blu-ray player, 1000W 5.1 surround sound speakers and Smart internet content with wi-fi. The picture pulls you into the action in Full HD, with authentic colour and micro-sharp detail including enhanced web video and room-filling audio so you’ll hear every explosion!

“Massive spec, yet micro-priced… quite simply the biggest bargain in home cinema” – Stuff magazine

100 /





(2) BDP-S3100 Smart Blu-ray Player

(3) BDP-S4100 Smart 3D Blu-ray Player

(4) BDP-S790 Smart 4K & 3D Blu-ray Player

Are you ready for real adventure and excitement for a night at home? With Full HD, built-in wi-fi and Blu-ray disc as well as all the best in streaming content, you’re all set to explore endless content on the big screen, in transfixing detail. Careful now – you may never want to go out again!

From cartoon superheroes to thrilling fantasy adventures, the latest movie blockbusters are increasingly shown in immersive 3D. Now you can enjoy the experience from your sofa with a smooth 3D picture with real depth. Plus this plays 2D Blu-ray discs, is wi-fi ready for online content and can upscale DVDs, YouTube and more to stunning Full HD resolution.

Ready for the future of home entertainment? Give your movie collection the red carpet treatment with the best picture quality on 3D Blu-ray disc, DVD or streamed online. And with picture enhancement and ultra high definition 4K capabilities, including upscaling all your content, the S790 is ready for the next generation of viewing beyond HD.

“Superb… positively revelling in great features and excellent picture performance” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 101

The reliable choice TP-LINK is the world’s biggest provider of wi-fi and broadband gizmos. If you’re not familiar with the brand, take a look at the little connection box in your house from your phone company, it probably says TP-LINK on it somewhere. It’s now putting that expertise into home networking, with great new products that have won it an iF design award and a CES 2013 Innovations Award.



(1) AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit The PA4010KIT creates a high speed network with no new wires or drilling. Simply plug these credit card-sized gizmos into your power sockets, press a button to pair them, and you’re connected. It’s ideal for multimedia entertainment, with speeds of up to 500Mbps for HD streaming and even 3D movies, while 128-bit AES encryption gives network security and data protection. Its patented Power-Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85%, making it green, as well as convenient. “A great-value HomePlug adaptor kit” – (2) WPA4220KIT Wi-Fi Powerline Extender Extend your wireless home network simply by plugging this pair of AV500 300Mbps units into power points. Then connect either with Ethernet cable or wi-fi. Data rates of up to 500Mbps wired or 300Mbps wireless are ideal for HD video streaming and online gaming. You can even set them up with a single network name and password, so your devices can roam freely as you move around the home. (3) WA890EA Wi-Fi Home Entertainment Adapter Smart TVs and the latest games consoles, set-top boxes and streaming hi-fis demand an internet connection. And if they demand a wired connection, this little adapter is ideal. It connects to your existing wireless network using N600 dual-band wi-fi, with speeds of up to 300Mbps ideal for HD video streaming. Then four Ethernet sockets let you plug in all your home entertainment boxes.

/ 102


Britain’s most famous loudspeakers This British brand has been going since 1932 when Gilbert Briggs built his first loudspeaker in Ilkley, Yorkshire, in the valley of the river Wharfe. It’s pioneered many technologies over the years, including roll surround cones and ceramic magnets, and is famous for its multiaward-winning Diamond series of speakers that have been wowing critics for over 30 years.



(1) Diamond 121 Standmount Speakers Diamond speakers redefine expectations of small speakers yet again. With a new woven Kevlar bass driver, ribbed for rigidity, giving a superbly precise sound, a treble unit surrounded by a deeply dished waveguide for improved imaging, and a new style of bass reflex port underneath, via the integral plinth, so you can position the speaker anywhere in relation to walls.

“Brilliant performers” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine (2) Diamond 155 Floorstanding Speakers Like the 121, this has new woven Kevlar bass drivers, ribbed for rigidity, for a precise sound. But there are two of them in each floorstanding cabinet – ideal for larger rooms or just for deeper bass. Again there’s the redesigned treble unit for improved imaging and new-style bass reflex port via integral plinth. And it’s bi-wireable for even greater detail. (3) DX1 HCP 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package This small, gloss black or white sub/sat system delivers a big sound. Each of the four satellites is a genuine two-way speaker, with separate silk dome tweeter and polypropylene woofer for crisp treble and uncompressed midrange. The centre speaker boasts twin woofers for a wide sound and easy-to-follow dialogue. And the powerful subwoofer has a 150W digital amplifier and 20cm cone for deep, agile bass.

“A terrific space-saving system” – 3

/ 103

Creating “kando” together – a Japanese word meaning an inspired state of mind. Yamaha continues to enrich culture with technology and passion, born of sound and music, together with people all over the world.




(1) YSP-2200 Soundbar

(2) YSP-3300 Soundbar

(3) YSP-4300 Soundbar

Dramatically improve the sound from your flatscreen TV, without adding clutter. This soundbar is only 79mm high, so you can place it in front of your TV without blocking the picture. And the powerful-yet-slim subwoofer can be used vertically or horizontally, so you can tuck it away anywhere.

Like the 2200, this uses an array of 16 speakers controlled by Yamaha’s YSP technology to deliver excellent sound quality with clearly positioned dialogue and superb surround effect, without the need for rear surround speakers. The 3300 adds two more powerful 6.5cm woofer units in the main cabinet, a wireless subwoofer and wireless iPhone/iPad streaming.

Stronger, louder, clearer – the 4300 is a stunning soundbar for those serious about getting the best possible sound quality without the clutter of surround sound speakers. 324W of power includes 22 beam drivers, two 75W woofers in the cabinet and a wireless, dynamic 130W sub. There’s support for HD audio formats, USB, wireless streaming from iPhone/iPad, plus FM radio. And it comes with IntelliBeam which uses a microphone to monitor and optimise the sound set-up, automatically setting the best beam angles, levels and frequency response for easy audio perfection.

“Excellent detail, clear dialogue and the superbly integrated sub complete a stellar performance” –

104 /

125 years of passion & performance



(4) A-S500 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

(5) RX-V673 7.1 Home Cinema Receiver

One of the best-sounding amplifiers in its class, the A-S500 separates the power for iPod dock and main amplifier, improving sound quality for both. The reinforced case has substantial anti-vibration technology and a large power supply with dual heat sinks. Built to last, sounds great too!

The latest technologies combine with Yamaha originality in this award-winning home cinema amp. State-of-the-art features include upscaling to 4K resolution. And it’s not just the picture that’s pin-sharp – YPAO-Reflected Sound Control and Yamaha’s Dialogue Lift and Level Adjustment deliver superb surround and brilliantly clear dialogue. And there’s loads of connectivity, including Apple AirPlay.

“Yamaha cracks the budget stereo amp nut: a stunningly capable product” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine “A formidable and hugely desirable home cinema amp” – What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine

/ 105

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Demo Rooms - All our stores include demo rooms where you can try potential purchases in a comfortable setting that’s as close to a home layout as possible. Opening hours Our opening hours do vary so please visit our website at to ensure you don’t have a wasted journey. Call us early We know how important it is to speak to our customers! To give you the best service possible, our in-store experts will be answering the phones, irrespective of our opening time, from 9am Monday - Saturday and 11am on Sundays. You can even book an early morning demo from 9.30am. 03 Numbers are not premium rate numbers! 03 numbers connect you directly to the store you call and are charged at the same rate as you are charged for numbers starting 01 and 02. 03 numbers are included in all bundle rates for mobile phones and landlines.

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