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referring to the variable ND filter!? The Variable ND filter of Hoya fashion photographer you mentioned is about $ 200, but there are more good ones that don't, I don't know. On the website of hoya also didn't see mention of the variable ND filter!?

I saw some people select clamp type lever in because when looking at the position of the lever, I knew it was the plate was fixed to the clamp. It also uses the screw knob must be carefully examined before shooting rather than screw lock forgot if the boom. I saw Quick Shoe of Markins has said about Jaw length, for example QR-48 (screw type, jaw length: 48mm), QL-60 (lever type, jaw length: 60 mm). So the jaw length how influential for the selected P/LPlate? Yes, the e mounted UV for each lens purchase right from the lens, it's all F-Pro 010 1 x UV, CPL of Cokin is mounted on the filter holder and turn the holder should e just a CPL is enough. (Sorry, e loan CPL and should not be taken immediately to your doctor). Italy e is when water shooting into the filter, round filter, (whether B + W) County water stagnate on the filter, not collected or middlemen. Also Lee or Cokin, water will flow down, not form.

Filter holder it like this P series

DSC00003 by Thanh Thai Vo Ngoc, on Flickr

Adapter ring like this (it is true that need adapter ring for each diameter lens) but each adapter ring are very cheap.

DSC00006 by Thanh Thai Vo Ngoc, on Flickr

Add 2 to the output like this

DSC00007 by Thanh Thai Vo Ngoc, on Flickr

Cokin's is at the same time load 4 filters: filters and a circular filter square. So how many Cokin ND and GD because you can add 2-3 filters (while Lee fitted 1 piece onto the filter holder)

DSC00008 by Thanh Thai Vo Ngoc, on Flickr

Tied up air, like this:

DSC00012 by Thanh Thai Vo Ngoc, on Flickr

The A, P, Z and X is the size the maximum lens diameter filter holder line that can add up. Lens dSLR cameras now have several tubes in excess of 82 mm??? Z and X, and is often used for professional camcorders. Second, the filter holder also uses such as hood, so if the holder is too loud compared to the lens, the light rays are still placed in between the gap of the filter and adapter ring and reflector lights in them (e was tied up when the flare Cokin Jupiter 37A 49mm, but 58mm isn't being) (only with the Cokin, Lee then had the rubber Cushion cover is closed). So simply P is enough, not bigger is better going backwards, to the adapter ring to keep it floating holder and filter, Furthermore, no adapter ring from 67 down to Z series and 82 for X series. Other reasons: the higher the value, the bigger the filter I Ă 1. buy the Z while just P then will take the availability of user fitler system.

Also how much does the ND filter service stop the arbitrary interpretation of Uncle, e then e do all for it enough (most memory is at it should be)

In fact filter system Cokin and Lee are the professional practitioner used a lot, it's just much less commonly in VN. Cokin are many places that sell, Lee is less (mainly due to money on the Sun), not necessarily to buy direct from Cokin or Lee's uncle.

"many lens" is one way of saying uncle, Italy e is your doctor want to use filter types for all lens or not? If needed, instead of your doctor buy for every lens filter Kit 1 from UV, CPL and ND then I buy 1 set all shared, just replace the adapter ring. (save that quite well).

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