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The Sociology of Social Media

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Food for thought regarding Social Media ď ˝

ď ˝

How does Social Media and its elements fit into your Marketing Plan? Do you have a plan for Social Media, or are you just Facebooking and Tweeting as you go?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

Richism - ”Social Media is Virtual Word of Mouth” It is sill the best & most powerful form of advertising.

Any form of electronic communication that starts, maintains and perpetuates a conversation, with one or multiple individuals & interactions. Social Media is “VIRTUAL WORD of MOUTH”.

Social Media Marketing is like eating an Elephant.

How do you eat an Elephant?

One bite at a time!

Bite off only what you can effectively manage. As time goes on and you become proficient, add new bites. Most people & companies have a Facebook page, it might be time to look at taking that next bite.

Great Ad Concepts



Bad Advertisers

Have caused customers to change how they search for and how they receive information. George Louis is “Mr. Big Idea.” George is one of the advertising industry MEGA leaders. He launched the “I Want My MTV!” campaign in the early 1980’s. He also launched the little known TOMMY HILFIGER clothing line, which soared to the top seemingly overnight.

In Advertising & Marketing, there are a few Big Idea’s or great concepts. These concepts tend to set the industry standard. Soon the market becomes flooded with copycat ideas. More often than not the copycat promotion lacks the substance and the passion of the original Big Idea. Thus they fall short of expectation, take up space & just make noise.

ď ˝

ď ˝

We Create ads, buy placement, insert & hope for results?.... When that fails! We buy BIGGER ads, RAISE our Voice, & make the Phone Number Bigger!

We are throwing our products at the consumer with the tact of a Carnival Barker! People have Tuned Us Out!

Do not let history repeat itself! As you move in to the world of Social Media, don’t make the same mistakes as we did in advertising.

SOCIAL MEDIA is People Connecting with People Your company can & should have a personality. Be transparent, let your fans, friends & followers know who you are, and what you believe in.

To be successful in the emerging world of Websites & Social Media … You must make your fans, friends & followers FEEL SOMETHING. Invite them to follow you & when they do, be sure include them in conversations & thank them.

Websites and social media can be very cold and devoid of emotion … As human beings we have a hunger for socialization we have a need to be involved and accepted as part of a group.

In order to find customers online you MUST learn to THINK like an online customer. Shift your thought process, for a moment become a stranger to your product. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never been to your area, never seen your hotel, never experienced your attraction or product.


Communication methods have changed drastically, therefore our sociology and behavior patterns have also been changed drastically. John Antonios, marketing consultant has created a WONDERFUL graphic depiction of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and how they relate to Social Media.


The Internet = Entertainment! It is 24-7/365

ď ˝

It’s gone Mobile, which makes decision making and information gathering instantaneous.

Think of Social Media & Websites as Hounds & Hunters.

Social Media sites are the Hounds.

Your Website is the Hunter.

The Hounds purpose is to drive traffic/business to the Hunter. The Hunter, then in turn takes care of business.

1. 2.


Content- Topic what you are saying. Conversation- Engaging the guest, what you are speaking about usually becomes a running dialogue that can last minutes to months.

Credibility- Ranking, Comments & Social Bookmarks- Who is endorsing you & what they are saying about you and your product.

Content is the information or text that is on your website, blog, and or your social conversations, it is…

“The Topic or… What you are Saying” 

It can and should include images, pictures, graphs… anything that is relevant and can help catch the eye of a potential client.

Content is one of the many factors that the search engines use when assigning a value to or the ranking of your website. Content/Keyword strategy is a must, it should be well thought out & planned. (TIP) Build it in your Social Media Marketing plan!

The Organic Search - Google looks at many factors when page rank and search relevance are concerned:   

 

Page Title Meta Data Content & Keywords Photos with Alt tags Search Engine Friendly URL’s

A conversation is a two or more sided exchange of information. In most cases it is a running conversation between a company and several guests or followers simultaneously.

In my opinion the next GREAT metric to influence web rankings is the credibility factor. Search engines are beginning to pay very close attention to Social Media Sharing. o

Shared Social Links


Social Bookmarks


Comments & Rankings

This is Google’s latest solution to the Social Media question. Google is a search engine that organizes and ranks web content. Google realizes the web is changing, “Virtual Word of Mouth” sharing of information in social circles is growing at an inconceivable rate.

To stay on top of the information game, Google has to have a piece of the social action.


= Self Publishing


= Online Branding


= Short Quick Publications


= Control Product Depiction

Linked In-

= Global Ideas/Corp. Research


= Reputation Management

ď ˝

Blog- is a self-publish platform which allows relevant content and information regarding your business to be digitally uploaded or broadcast on the web.

(Tactic)–Great place to insert a link to another website or package partner.

Blogging is a KEY element in any Social Media Strategy, it can be used to 1.

Add relevant Keyword-Rich content to a site.


Link relevant information from site to site.


It is Content, it is Conversation & with the proper social widgets, adds Credibility to your overall web presence.

Facebook- (Best Practice) Use it for online branding; Facebook’s strength lies in it’s ability to convey passion & elicit emotion. Leverage your contacts friends list. “Share the Love” well-planned commentary can excite peripheral clientele as never before. 

Make your Fan’s Friends - Your NEW Fans

Be who you are, be transparent… people fall in love with people, not companies & soulless creatures.


Receives More Traffic than Google Each Day.


500 Million Active Users, 50% Logging in Each Day


700 Billion Minutes of Time Per Month


69% of Users are a Fan of One or More Business Pages


46 Years of YouTube Video are Watched Each Day


Women are Likely to Visit Multiple Times per Day

o 280 Million Registered Users o 460,000 New Accounts Created per Day

o 1 Billion Tweets per Week o 182% Increase in Twitter Mobile Users in One Year o 75% of Twitter Traffic Comes from Other Collaborating Social Networks o Twitter’s Search Engine Receives 600 Million Search Queries per Day

o 400 Tweets per Minute Contain a YouTube Link

o490 Million Unique Users Worldwide per Month with 92 Billion Page Views.

oRegular Visitors Spend 15-25 minutes per day. oAuto Tweets result in approximately 6 new sessions. oVideo Consumption Across Social Networks Equals 46.2 Years per day.

o 50 Million Monthly Visitors across 18 Travel Brands o Hosts 6 Million Candid Photos o Properties with More Than 20 Photos Get 150% More Engagement

o Vast Majority of Traveler Comments are Positive o 65% of People Surveyed State a Management Response would Sway Travel Decisions

If a social media platform is not bringing in business but still carries weight and has value, (Tactic) - utilize it as a tool.

Remember- 65% of People Surveyed Stated “A management response would sway travel decisions�

In the overall scheme, TripAdvisor provides businesses with a great venue to show off their public relations & customer service skills.

Bad online comments are like my golf game, I have a tendency to slice. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! I had better come up with a way to cope with it.

(Best Practice) Come up with a simple solution where you can encourage “Happy Guests� to comment on their experience. Fight Fire with Fire!

WHY? 1. Free Local Platform from Google to help local search results.

2. Easy to use page display with map & location. 3. Allows for customer reviews and management responses. 4. Google Places is Google’s answer to Trip Advisor and Yelp.

For the purposes of Tourism Marketing, I suggest the use of these 4 tools to publish and broadcast your information. 1.

Blog- Ties to your website / Home to your content.


Facebook- Leverage fans relationships.


Twitter/In- Broadcast message in short form.


YouTube – Visual representation for the guest.

Build a blog, make it the solid foundation of your information/ content creation. (Best Practice) Host your Blog on the same server as your website. Just because it’s Social doesn't mean that there are no SEO benefits.

I believe in a 12 month planning cycle, September is a great time to lay out your plan of action. ď ˝

ď ˝

It is deep enough into your season that you have solid statistical data to use as a reflection. It is also close to the end of the year, if there is a need to adjust plan for an emergency campaign it can be accomplished. If you are not comfortable planning 12 months out, I suggest at least a 6 month planning cycle.

Are designed to feature relevant/targeted information, delivered with strategic timing. 

(TIP) Acquire event calendar from your city or chamber of commerce, publish engaging info. (TIP) Feature your destination, write unique relevant content that will position your destination and your facility as a “MUST Do!” Guests are HUNGRY for information they want you to be their Online Concierge.

Your online efforts/plan should be ready 90 days out. Broadcast information with enough advance notice that you give your clients, followers & fans enough time to plan and be able to forward information to their friends.

Whether you are posting a daily chat, planned post, or scheduled E-newsletter ALWAYS make it easy for your fans, friends & followers to Share your information. (Tactic) Meet with your Website administrator, have them create a “Share or Add this” account. Use these widgets on all website pages, blog pages & E-newsletters. Both Share & Add this widgets have analytic reports. Be sure to sign up for these reports.

◦ Ask to be “Followed”. ◦ Ask them to “Like” video or post.

◦ Ask them to “SHARE” information with their friends. ◦ Ask for their “Thoughts & Opinions” ◦ STOP - LOOK - LISTEN

Stop -Yelling at your Customers! Social Media is not about the “Hard Sale” If your standard post is “Buy Now” I guarantee most people have tuned you out!

Look -Find out what is important to the

guest by read their reviews & comments.

(Best Practice) Learn from the client. The more you study them as a group, the more likely you are to find that they share common points of interest.

Listen -

To your co-workers, many of them have their finger on the pulse of the consumer. 

If you are a hotel– go see the concierge or front desk staff, find out what guests are asking for? If you are an attraction – go spend some time with admissions staff. They hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from the guests.

• Cross promote all Videos on Blog- by linking videos from YouTube Channel to Blog.

• Each time you produce a new video, send a message to fans & followers on Twitter, Linked-In & Facebook.

Not any more, is a tremendous resource for creating cost effective presentations. Turn digital stills into great video.

Once you produce your video, upload it directly to your YouTube Channel ?feature=mhee#p/u/4/SOfKQR4iKI4 ?feature=mhee#p/u/0/5tIk1VRNlZw

Richism� Analytics are your Social/Web P&L Statement� Be sure that your company is using some kind of analytics program on both its web site and its blog. I.e. Google Analytics, Webstats, Urchin. Get used to measuring traffic, know what information generates the greatest traffic. (Feed the visitor more of what they like, keep engaging the visitors.)

2011 Actual Facebook -Likes

Insert Present # of Likes

2012 Goal

Insert Goal #

Facebook -Likes

2011 Actual YouTube Views

Insert Present # of Videos viewed

2012 Goal

Insert Goal #

YouTube Views

2011 Actual Tweets & Followers

Insert Present # of T & F

2012 Goal

Insert Goal #

Tweets & Followers

2011 Actual Blog Followers

Insert Present # of Blog Followers

2012 Goal

Insert Goal #

Blog Followers

2011 Actual E-News Subscribers

Insert Present # of Subscribers

2012 Goal

Insert Goal #

E-News Subscribers


Start Date


End Date

Acquire local event calendar from City or Chamber of Commerce. Look in house at events or special occasions that your property is involved in.


DOM- Writer



DOM - Writer

9- 06-11

Interview Front line workers to verify guest’s wants and needs, incorporate into 12 month blog posting plan.


DOM –GMFrontline- writer


 

Create 12 month blog posting outline Decide how many times a month you will post. Again only bite off what you can manage..1x -2x4x ???


DOM - writer


By topic decide where you are going to distribute, Facebook, Twitter … What video will you produce if any and when will it drop

 

When writing always remember to address the Who, What, Where, When & Why of the topic. Keyword research, find 5 great terms that help promote your property and event. Create a twelve-month plan around special events or a series of “How-to” posts.

Publish upcoming events 90 days out in blog posts and in e-newsletters. Send E-mail to subscription list, this is where you can push the “Hard Sale” include Share Button.

Blog  Company Facebook Page  Company Twitter Page  Company YouTube Channel  Google Places Account  Add this or Share Widgets  Social Bookmark Widgets  Develop 12 month Blog Post-Plan of Action  Analytics-Web/Social P&L Statement  Cross Promote  Commitment 

Social media is a Commitment If you decide to utilize social media as part of your online marketing, realize that you can not start and stop this activity. You must:

Post on a regular basis

Reply to all guests

Keep it Professional & Personable (Don’t whine online)

Keep it Pertinent (Answer their questions & comments)

Keep it Passionate (Always write with a smile)

Keep Business site & Personal sites SEPARATE at all times (865) 242-1700

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2011 TN Govenors Conference on Tourism  

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