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Treadmill motor

Important of Treadmill Motor Treadmill Motor is the most important part of the equipment. If your treadmill motor are not strong you fill face lot of problem. So always try to buy the proper motor. If you face any problem immediately change the motor because it affect so many parts. Based on the manual schedule service your treadmill in a quality expert.

Power rating There are two kind of rating used for home use treadmill motor .One is Peak and another one is continuous. Peak which is used to know the maximum power rate of the treadmill. Continuous is the used to know the normal output. If your motor running speed rate is less than peak capacity it will give long life span to the machine.

Some useful measurement Treadmill Duty Its used to measures the average user at an average speed over an average period of time. But because it is an average measurement, it is not a true representation of power. Peak Duty Its used to measure the highest rpm with the minimal load.

Maintenance tips of the motor • Dust your motor surface every week. • Always follow the maintenance schedule given in the manual. • If the motor brush cause any problem means immediately change or replace the brush. • If you face any problem means reset the timer and work.

Conclusion If want to increase your lifespan of your treadmill buy quality treadmill motor , belt and deck.

Treadmill motor  
Treadmill motor  

Few tips to buy and maintain treadmill motor