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Affordable Canon PowerShot A3000IS- Still, Capable Of Producing Sharp and Clean Photos For the price of about $149.99, the Canon PowerShot A3000IS digital camera offers its potential users plenty of things that can really make them contented. Yes, it is true. This camera is capable of giving you a great performance along with its excellent set of features. And this is the reason why Powershot A3000IS is considered as one of the most affordable Canon compact cameras. A lot of people have already proven that the Canon PowerShot A3000IS digital camera performed very well in all conditions. In other words, even though some people have found out that this camera produces major distortion at the wide angle settings, it is still capable of shooting photos with acceptable colour accuracy as well as sharpness. As a result, the PowerShot A3000IS digital camera is indeed an excellent choice for those people who are new to the market, even though the quality of the photos along with its features it offers are not in the same level compare to a much expensive cameras that you can avail now in the market. In addition, even there is not much to hold on the front, the Canon PowerShot A3000IS digital camera still fits well in the hand. This is because that the PowerShot A3000IS camera is a small type of compact camera. As a matter of fact, the reason why this camera offers something for the finger to hold is the slightly raised area on the right side front of its body. However, despite of that, it is still highly advisable to make use of the wrist strap especially if the grip is not that firm. On the other hand, for those people who have larger hands, they may perhaps ends up touching the lens with their fingertips. With regards to the mode dial of Canon PowerShot A3000IS digital camera, it is located at the edge of the top of its body, making it easier to reach and turn with the left bracing the camera, even though it is more comfortable to do it with both hands being used. Since the rest of the body of the Powershot A3000IS is made up of plastic, even though the shutter button is well-placed, a lot of people have found out that it is a little hard to find it by touch. Therefore, you may also end up pressing the closest button which is the power switch accidentally. The overall performance of the Canon PowerShot A3000IS is not that excellent. It is because the waiting time between the shot is long. This camera can boot up and capture its first shot in an average of 2.1 seconds. On the other hand, taking your next shot has an average of 4.4 long seconds. Most probably, if you are a type of person who are considering this above all, this is not the best choice for you since there is a much faster in its price range. The shutter lag of the PowerShot A3000IS is approximately .65 second. But, photos is still delivered sharp, clean as what the pricier cameras can do.

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Affordable Canon PowerShot A3000IS- Still, Capable Of Producing Sharp and Clean Photos  

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